Also see Meme-mangling 101.

When a former site hosted a community I tried to get going, I ended up unwittingly and to my horror, attracting people I didn't want to it. People who were not there for the mission of mangling memes, but for their own entertainment. It had been "Christians Breaking Chain Forwards" and then something went weird, I had configured it wrong and couldn't undo it, so, started another one, "Chain Smashers" which was a shorter, easier name to remember anyway.

Trouble was, maybe they thought the name was catchy, punchy, edgy, cool etc. Or maybe they thought it was some kind of chain letter appreciation site, since for some people, the word "smash" can have a completely different and opposite meaning to the way it is intended here. I only found that out later, and that's why I've opted to use "mangle" instead. "Smash" is still perfectly fine when used as intended, but with "mangle" there should be no doubt this is opposition to memes.

When it was still "Smashers" people treated it like a fandom to the point where so many were signing up with "Smash" somewhere in their nicknames, which drove me up the wall.


To add to the problem, many people have a very narrow view of what constitutes a chain letter. They tend to call forwarded/re-shared messages with a religious bent "chain letters" or "chain email" along with the forward-or-die, good/bad luck/wish kinds. But then they call re-shared images, catchphrases and any non-religious, non-superstitious re-shares "memes" probably to make them seem less annoying and dopey as "chain letters" while Christians get tossed in the stupid pot for spreading the memes that target them.


If it's viral, it's a meme. If it's a meme, it's a chain letter.

Ex-members on the former site seemed to ignore the more adult chain letters that my friend and I mangled. Instead, they chose to concentrate on only the most elementary, the parodies, known as anti-chains, the forward-or-dies, and some memes specific to lame sites such as Kik and Quotev.

Quotev. Oh, Quotev. *Shudder* The horror that is Quotev!

But it probably helps to explain why their posts were so juvenile and underwhelming, and why they were not interested in taking on more of the sorts of memes I get exposed to from my contacts or by merely browsing the web.

Mostly, they just reacted to a few silly anti-chains, which I prefer to spend very little time on since they are so ridiculous that they just about mangle themselves anyway.

The very rare time a glurge meme mangle was attempted by one of them, it was lack-lustre.

How Not To Deal With Memes

Posting Memes Without mangling Them

Don't ever do this!


Poster: Received via chain e-mail: I'm passing on this email that I received

Ocean Elf: Uh, no!

Reposts of any memes anywhere in an online community I run, with the promise of "I'll mangle this/these later" or just an "I got this and am reposting/sending it here." is actually replicating the chain letter AKA spamming. At best, it's lazy or gullible. Worse, it's trolling, which is exactly what mangling opposes.


Sweet Nothings

Using non-worded punctuation/icon dealies in place of a properly written out sentence/paragraph is lazy and adds nothing to why you're making the post in the first place.



Fangirl: ??


Chain: R.I.P.

Fangirl: ...


Chain: Three likes- hair color.

Fangirl: ...

Mike&Clarissa's memes: WARNING! Carry on reading! Or you will die, even if you only looked at the word warning!

Commenter: -_-

Ocean Elf: Just what the heck is that supposed to mean? That isn't mangling memes, but replicating them, Aka spam.

This is not Quotev, Kik, Twitter or Instagram. Quality of contributions matters.

If you can't be bothered to actually think and write out coherent reasons to mangle a chain, if you are really that lazy or apathetic and devoid of passion for this mission of opposing viral junk and the trolls who start it, if you're just here because you are bored and want to be entertained, get your can out of here!

This is a real mangling of the Valentines meme. this is a real mangle of the Clarissa chain, and this is a mangle of Stinky Mike.


Oh, the uber annoyance! The facepalm-inducing plague of anti-chains!

Anti-chains are what they claim to protest and they only add to the problem, and even promote rather than discourage the belief in and recirculation of chain letters.

Whether it's a lazy repost of something somebody fought was a funny chain letter mockout or some stale idea in their own words, because they actually don't realize everyone else has pretty much the same idea/punchline already, you'd be surprised how many people perpetuate these things!

It doesn't take any effort or great mental capability to react to the Sarah Ostrich anti-chain, and I believe it took even less effort to create it in the first place. What I don't understand is why it and other anti-chains like it got so popular. If it seemed so ridiculous that it might've been kind of funny at first, the joke gets real stale, real fast.

I don't want to see any more of Sarah/Ostrich, A Bunny Named Elf, and for goodness sake, don't make up anti-chains. "Kassidee" and "Christina" along with short anti-chain reactions were made up by former members, clearly they just weren't getting what meme-mangling is about. Making up anti-chains was the most common type of fail, followed by continuing to post reactions to the most notorious gibberish ones already in circulation. The memes I mangle go way beyond that, I am not running a kindergarten playground or glorified entertainment/babysitting service for bored tweens and high school/college kids. I'm sick of people not willing to put in any real effort at countering memes.

Whether a one-sentence deal or a whole article, trying to mangle a chain letter by way of an anti-chain will always end up as a fail.

* * *

Fangirl: An affectionate "parody" of a certain chain

Ocean Elf: *Grimace* Grargh! You do know what 'affectionate' means, don't you? And chain letter parodies, bleck. Anti-chains! Not cool!

We are not at all affectionate toward chain letters

She posted Christina, the awful embarrassment and invited a mangle. When she got it, and I had tried to go easy on it since she was a newbie, or so I had thought at the time -

Fangirl: I am truly sorry for writing this now.

Ocean Elf: That put me in the most awkward position of feeling forced into trying to be as nice to her as I could be. After nearly a year of so much fail, something finally had to be done about it and now I'm not holding back.

Fangirl: I just got bored and decided to make my own.

Ocean Elf: boredom is always the excuse for making up anti-chains, hoaxes, trolling and other crud. It doesn't cut it here. And when it was pointed out the anti-chain would actually pass for a hoax rather than one of those lame parodies of hoaxes, she had this to say:

Fangirl: For sure, I definatley won't forward this on any websites. Besides, the people on here are smart anyways, and they won't forward it. :p

Ocean Elf: *Wince* Ugh. Spare the attempted butter-up, I just wished that anti-chain had never been written and spewed out on manglers as if it was something cool. *Cough* "affectionate" *cough, cough*.

Then she said something that made me want to hit my head against a wall until I put myself right out of commission.

Fangirl: I guess I should make a real anti-chain after al!!

Ocean Elf: *Facepalming* NO! No no no no no!

This WAS already a real anti-chain. Clearly something isn't computing with you.


This forum discussion also got hit with some fail. Two re-posts of the Teddy meme, and the following:

OhMiOhMai Level 120 Bera Luminous 3

i am a heron. i haev a long neck and i pick fish out of the water w/ my beak. if you dont repost this comment on 10 other pages i will fly into your kitchen tonight and make a mess of your pots and pans Gm event: ola ola =d TehBella's Bishop guide to LHC

Ocean Elf: Gah, another stupid anti-chain...


Then there was this pile of trash in reaction to this stupid chain letter forum post. An anti-chain and blasphemy all in one:

spot: If you don't send this post on to at least 10 other people then G** will kill Rebecca and Billy and Karl and Chrissie and Terri and all the other little children it quotes.

Ocean Elf: !!!!!!! And to make things even more aggravating, without that stupid annoying blasphemous trash, the rest of that post was good!


A doofus put a dumb anti-chain comment on a link to a typically substandard little rant against chain letters...

Yochanan June 5, 2012, 1:39 PM

Chain-mail Tehillim?:

Send this to 10 people and you will meet your Bashert. But if you don’t, the ghost of Sara Rivka will choke you with her snood.

Ocean Elf: For anyone who doesn't know what a bashert or a snood is, I looked them up. A bashert is your soul-mate/destiny, and a snood is a scarf.

So just how was this opposing spam? Stupid anti-chain was only adding to the problem, as usual. On that same blog was another stale old anti-chain, the "chain mail" pun. bratschegirl June 8, 2012, 7:47 AM Can’t even see the title of this post without envisioning bearded men in Arthurian jousting garb trying to fit a streimel or a Borsalino over the chain mail. Does a ‘coif’ count as a yarmulke?

-- Earth-blowing anti-chain on timlepczyk.com

The "Crazy Uncle" joke anti-chain was reposted on:





Another stupid anti-chain fax from hot100fm.com is along the same line, but this time it's your stereotypical Nan or aunt/grandma who "doesn't know (insert recipient is a senior or American" *Rolling eyes*

Democraticunderground anti-chain

This anti-chain FB page is full of the "Every time this happens" and Chuck Norris micromemes. We do not like it!

On Yahoo Answers

B K: what i hate more is people wh make a big deal out of it and ask about it on yahoo answers. lol

Ocean Elf: Yeah, so hilarious I'm forgetting to laugh again, troll…

The anti-chain answers found at that link follow.

killer peaches bored tyrant: if you delete this Shreder will get a life

genaddt: Let's see.... by now my life should be in shambles and I should be dead at least 20 times over as the first thing I do when I see chain emails is hit the "delete" button.

SavvySue: Yes! I blame all my bad luck on them. They wished it on me! Delete, delete, delete!

The Reckoning [Pro Humanity]: "an angry mob of mongooses will raid your house."

Blue Daze: How to fix this problem

1) Google.com

2) google pictures of gorey deaths like headshots, etc or scat porn

Ocean Elf: *Glower* You're among the losers who actually deserve to get chain letters! Sheesh, DISGUSTING! ABHORRENT! *Facepalm*

Blue Daze: 3) attach picture to chain letter email

Ocean Elf: And show the idiot who sent it to you that you're far worse of an idiot who utterly lacks taste and self-respect.

Blue Daze: 4) hit reply

Ocean Elf: And hopefully you'll hit reply-all and get a ton of people hopping mad at you and blocking your stupid emails from ever contaminating their inboxes again. Better still, get reported for harassing people by sending them utterly disgusting porn trash!

Blue Daze: 5) they will never bother you again. I guarantee this.

Ocean Elf: Actually, the entire human race would do just as well not to bother with you at all.

Blue Daze: Source(s):

I do this everytime.

Ocean Elf: Welcome to my blocked list.

On Yahoo Answers

NSangel: if you don't forward this answer to at least 1,999,999 of your closest friends, nothing will happen.

Ocean Elf: gah. See, everybody does these kinds of things in discussions about chain letters.

The rest of that answer was excellent, good enough to quote on another link.

On Yahoo answers

skye-delilah: yes. someone sent one saying that if I didn't fill out a survey and send it back I would die.

so I sent the survey back without filling it out and said I had enjoyed knowing them, good-bye.

But I'm still here???

Ocean Elf: So is the doofus who sent it. Spammers. Sheesh...!

Post on Boltomatic: "like if you died from not forwarding a chain letter

repost if you dont get it"

Ocean Elf: Stupid anti-chain…

The chain that bullies kids with bogus death threats to their parents and laughs at people who have lost theirs, was discussed on this Experience Project page. A couple of schmucks thought they were being really cool by posting these stupid anti-chains…:

OldMemberOldMember 41-45: They don't work, once I received one said if I don't post a 200 of them my wife at the time was going to do, so I didn't post any and shes my ex now and I think I'm going to die before her :(

hunkalovehunkalove 61-65, M: Yeah, I tear them up and the old bag is still around!

Ocean Elf: *Scowl* So funny I forgot to laugh…

Gah. All the stupid anti-chains!

LEILA GASKIN: If I could remember the amount of chain letters/posts I have ended, I should have died a horrible death while being labeled a baby-killer and being placed on the express elevator to hell.

Ocean Elf: Gah!

This video could've ended up in a much more favourable part of this site because the girls in it dislike chain letters. But they still admitted to being creeped out by some of them, and what earned it a place down here was the anti-chain they used about a third of the way in. The "I hate it when I die every night I get a chain letter" thing... Blah.


Even Breakthechain.org, a site I loved when it used to be around, wrote an anti-chain in their article debunking that "Irish Friendship Wish" chain.

Breakthechain.org: OK, fine, keep reading! See if I care, but know that continuing to read this article will give you bad luck for a kajillion years (that's a long time). Your hair will fall out and your skin will turn purple. Your dog will spontaneously transform into a cat and all your credit cards will melt the next time you use them.

Ocean Elf: Oh, BreakTheChain. How could you!?


No more of these stupid anti-chains!

Reference Laziness

On the forum, I was getting sick of people telling me nothing new. When requesting they tell me where they found memes being reposted, I didn't want them telling me they found them on the very same pages I had already mentioned, which had a big wall of chain posts. I already know about the bluedamage.com site and their page loaded with the same stupid anti-chains reposted zillions of times, so it isn't worth mentioning again. They were supposed to let me know of newly discovered meme re-shares on sites other than that one..

* * *

Post: Here's the chain letter I saw on a site, BlueDamage and also Yahoo Answers.

Post: So here's again a chain letter from BlueDamage, and featured in Yahoo Answers as well.

Ocean Elf: Don't tell me about page links I already know are there, jerk(s)!

* * *

Micromemes And annoying/Creepy Fandom antics

Community members couldn't even mangle a few forward-or-die memes well.

* * *

Ladder Chain

Chain: Okay, you are starting to drive me crazy...

Fanboy: IKR?

Ocean Elf: *Scowl* Shorthanded micromeme, "I know, right?" It sounds really dumb, is way over-used, originated from "Mean Girls" a sucky show, first person who used it to the max on the old forum turned out to be a huge otaku, so just don't even.

* * *

The dreaded "Seems legit" meme,


The Maisie chain.

Chain: 17 people broke this chain and died by Maisie's hand.

Commenter: So, you're telling me, one spike can hold 18(incl. Maisie) people's bodies. Seems legit. --

The Scary Breakup Sarah chain.

Chains: she said “Goodbye Jason.” She cut his throat before he could scream.

Commenter: So, Sarah got like Mr. Fantastic powers. Seems legit. --

The Scary Breakup Sarah ostrich anti-chain.

Chain: packing her children into a briefcase.

Commenter: Packing.Children.In.A.Briefcase. Seems legit to me. --

The Teddy Poulter chain.

Teddy Poulter: He was premoted promoted to head officer manager at his job

Commenter: By sending a chain letter. Of course. Seems legit. Can't even spell "Promoted" properly. --

The Teddy anti-chains, Hetalia version.

Canada: Spain came to his room and tried to rape him.

Commenter: A country, that isn't even alive, raping a guy. Seems legit.


Ocean Elf: Oh, please, don't use "Seems legit" any more. Since I've seen it popping up in other places and found out that it is indeed a meme, it's really not cool.

* * *

Other such faux pas included a "Ur mom" a "Chuck Norris" joke when the member clearly ran out of brain power to mangle a dumb questionaire chain, and the meme "The Cake is a lie" during an otherwise good attempt by another member to mangle the Carmen Winstead sewer girl hoax. An obnoxious micromeme from a ridiculous game. Get it out of here, meme cakes are still memes, and there was no dang cake in the Carmen Winstead hoax to begin with.


* * *

Fangirl: This is exactly what I hate about Facebook right here. People getting butthurt over stupid letters which are compiled together to form words, which causes sentences. >:/

Ocean Elf: *Scowl* If you're going to write that stuff at all, put it in quotes, do something to make sure you are mocking/mangling chanism, not actually using their lingo and memes as a means of some real expression. Besides, what on earth did that have to do with the hoax she was supposed to be mangling? I didn't get it.

Gah. She "weeaboo"ed all over the site too. The reason it went on as long as it did was because I didn't know where that expression had originated and wasn't curious enough about it to check it out right away. Once I learned about it, I told her to cut it out and she just went selectively deaf, merrily "weeaboo"ing away.

"Weeaboo" is 4chan's made-up substitute for yet another of their made-up words, "Wapanese" which basically means 'white/western Japanese anime extreme fanatic'.It's the idiot troll/otaku way of propping themselves up to try looking better than their fellow anime fan idiots"Look at those weeaboos!" Yeah right, you're all idiot otaku, go away.

* * *

Referring To Chain Letters As Scary, Creepy, Good, Relinquishing Power To Hoaxers By Implication

Don't start topics like this: "what are the creepiest chain letters?" "Which chain letter scared/creeps you out the most?" "Top 10 scariest chain letters"

That's already being done everywhere else by trolls, gullible little scaredy-cats and anti-chains. That attitude is why chain letters keep spreading and fooling/scaring people.

An ex-member misused the forum to talk about how scared she still was of Slender Man, and asked what are the creepiest chain letters we know about, in a topic she started…

* * *

Post: The scariest chain letters

Ocean Elf: Chain letters are not scary, they are manipulative, stupid and irritating, and a lot of other things worthy of wrath. The bullies who make them up and replicate them are trying and succeeding to scare people or work on some other emotion meaning to get them reposting those chain letters. MTM is here to oppose them, not to help them do that.

* * *

MLP/anime fangirl extraordinaire&Slendy scaredy-cat held up the Slender Man mangle story, and when asked to revise her part, she really screwed it up in a horrifying My Little Pony rainbow lights purity wand ending that was all shiny glittery and no substance.

It caused a jaw-drop and a "What - the heck!"? reaction, and then when I eventually found out it was MLP-inspired, I ran for the puke pail.

First, that chiseled all of the characters out of giving slender the proper beat-down he needs and deserves. She was supposed to show her bravery and confront Slender Man. Everyone was supposed to have their turn, and then he would be ended.

Second, it was incredibly anti-climactic.

Last but not least, it was attempting to fight one meme with another, a big no-no! MLP is a gigantic chain letter.

Then, she just sat there and did nothing further to brave up her part when asked for another revision.

She was so unwilling to give Slender Man a real confrontation that when I asked if she just wanted me to write it for her, she said yes. Urgh.

Just stop


Criticizing Chain Letters For Not Being Chain-letterish Or Creepy Etc. Enough

There is a difference between pointing out how un-scary and laughable a chain letter is, and wanting it to be more creepy or contain more chain letter elements. The former is correct, the latter is fail.

* * *


Response that started out very well: "How? This is very Vague. WHat time? By what made up Person with a sad backstory?"

Ocean Elf: But then it was blown with:

Response: "This lacked many key chain letter aspects."

Ocean Elf: *Facepalm* It doesn't matter how many of the typical 'aspects' are there, to qualify it as a chain letter, This one had two biggies, only one of which would've even been needed. One being its viralness, the other being the "Share this or you will die/have bad luck/get hurt/" etc. coercive crap.

* * *

Clarissa Chain: Now send this link to ten people

Commenter: I thought it was a chain letter.

Ocean Elf: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! *Facepalm! Headdesk!* Just because that version of Clarissa said the word 'link' instead of 'chain letter' sure as heck doesn't make it any less of a chain letter or less of an annoyance. Links do get included in viral pay-it-forward schemes AKA chain letters, but you even failed to point out that Clarissa didn't provide a link in the first place. That Clarissa is a chain letter, no ifs, ands, or buts, period…

* * *

Babysitter Jenny Phone Scare Meme

Chain: Once she picked up the phone and said, "Hello...hello...," several times, the person on the other end refused to talk. Jenny could tell that someone was, indeed, on the line, because she could faintly hear breathing. After a moment, she hung up the phone, figuring that maybe the person on the other end of the call had not recognized her voice as the one belonging to 'the lady of ths house.'

Fangirl: I would rather want Jenny to get scared rather than her shrugging it off.

Ocean Elf: That's not a mangle. These prank call sitters in chain letters always end up getting scared sooner or later……….


Chain: Jenny would return to their room later, retrieve the book and check to see that the kids were asleep.

Fangirl: that's a specific detail right there. Something could go amiss, like the killer hiding in the room or something.

Ocean Elf: Which is exactly what some versions of this chain story have happen to freak out the readers. Don't you get it? Mangling is going for the opposite effect!


Chain: Jenny's Mom had the good habit of phoning her daughter at least once during Jenny's babysitting hours - just to check on her and offer any support, should anything out of the ordinary be happening with Jenny and the kids.

Fangirl: normally, if this was the Baby-sitters Club, something bad would happen to make the chapter more interesting. This story doesn't do that. Grade: F.

Ocean Elf: *Facepalm, frustrated sigh* Sounds like you want a scary chain letter... That's a grade F...

The Jenny story had no ending, just Jenny trying to escape the house - without the children.

I began adding on, but will skip that and show what she added..


Fangirl: Then, extra carefully, Jenny turned around and saw a weird figure emerging from the house. It was the killer. He was grinning evilly, with a bloody knife on his hands.


Ocean Elf: (I knew I had to end it right and prevent her from writing just another wanna-be scary chain letter story just like all the others out there.)

* * *

Clearly those people were out of touch with the mission.

Criticizing a chain letter for not being chain letter-y enough, implying a wish that it was scarier, is as bad as anti-chains and defending/encouraging hoaxers. All of that is the opposite of mangling.

This is Chain mangling, this is not Chain Boosters, this is not Chain Helpers, this is not the Chain Letter Empowerment Club!! Mangle is not here to 'make supposedly better chain letters' and help them scare or dupe people.

MTM is here to mangle memes, and hopefully weaken their emotional impact on people, turning the tables on the hoaxers who make up this junk.

* * *

Praising/Going Easy On Hoaxers/trolls/brats

FakeAWish is a celeb death hoax site. They explain how ir hoaxes are made and generated.

FakeAWish: and do not have a database associated with this website - it's just a series of flat html files using a domain name / DNS trick.

Fangirl: Which is pretty smart and trollish.

Ocean Elf: No, it was childish and trollish.

* * *

Responding to a mangle with arguments/explanations that seem to justify/defend/excuse/promote rather than mangle chain letters.

* * *

From the angel In A Pink Dress/Gown Smash I included a comment from the old Snopes board, in the days when I used to sort of frequent there a bit.

NZUL: To be fair, the message is more about the author thinking the girl was being ignored, not whether she was or not. The 'fact' that she was ignored by all because she didn't exist is irrelevant, because he still thought she was ignored and acted upon his desire to help her out.

Does everyone else read it as a guy?

Ocean Elf: *Rolling eyes* Uh, that's a bit like pointing out that a sad story is sad. I'm aware what the tear-jerking angle is here, and it only serves to make it particularly odious. The unrealistic parts of this soppy story make it especially ripe for a thorough mangling.

The sad little trickster was not really a poor deformed dirty little girl, and she wasn't actually being ignored, not if no one else could actually see her. The story teller drew his own two wrong conclusions about the whole thing.

When you try to mix psychology with science with physics with spirituality with magic (and you stink at all five) to make a story that basically tells you that nobody cares for poor lost little girls and that for the one that does, he/she gets to see angels, and that to show you care along with this hero, you must pass the drippy story on, it's still a huge contrived manipulation and it stinks!

The others around that public area simply didn't see this angel.

She is a manipulater and her whole game plan was to single out somebody among the crowd and reveal herself to this person to make them feel like he/she had just done something monumentally compassionate so he would start a chain letter about it and everybody would get duped into passing it along.

The fact this angel was literally not seen by the others is completely relevant. It should be what helps break people free from the urge to glurge AKA re-share the meme, forward it along.

On the old forum, a member tried to undermine my smash of Jeff The Killer, where I made the most of a very badly written story and its back-trackking fail.

* * *

Fangirl: This is great!! >:D

I actually read the whole Jeff story on Quotev (yes it's there), but I have to clarify something.

In the beginning of his origin story, he did not have a wide smile or raccoon eyes.

That happened later in the story.

But it's okay to get confused! I'm just clarifing this, that's all.

BTW... was that you playing the games in the links?

Ocean Elf: Where was the mangle-attempt in that? Nowhere. Excusing bad writing that's designed to freak people out, is not mangling the meme. It is an attempt to excuse/defend/justify it, which is the exact opposite of what MTM does.

If Jeff only got his ringed eyes and carved out smile later on, then that should've been made much clearer, rather than introducing him as looking that way right off, only to suddenly explain it later on. What I'm saying is, he's not scary, he's dumb looking, and by his own choice. If he's going to be introduced that way in order to try making him sound scarier, I'm going to make something of it to show how un-scary he is.

* * *

Going easy on hoaxers, trolls and the like is rotten in and of itself. when coupled with implied judgements against mangling chains or implied promoting of uncool reactions to menes such as anti-chains, it really bombs.

* * *

Poster : i liked this one i am weird so don't judge me but i memorized the poem part

Ocean Elf: So if someone doesn't like chain letters and doesn't understand why you do, they are guilty of "judging" nice to know… Why join a site for mangling memes when you like a meme?

* * *

Post: But just so you know, I do not think you are an idiot just for creating a chain-letter and passing it on,

Ocean Elf: Then what in heck were you doing on a site against memes? If you're fine with people starting and spreading chain letters, scram.

Post: but I sure do think you are one of those people who like to scare others which is not the nicest thing to do.

Ocean Elf: DUH! That's the whole point, it's why idiots make up hoaxes. if they didn't want to scare and manipulate people, they wouldn't be motivated to start and replicate chain letters in the first place.

Post: But to those who do make up those scary chain-letters,

Ocean Elf: If you're going to write it that way, please put quotes around the word "scary" and put descriptors like "so-called" or "supposedly" heck, even better, "fake" "bogus" "attempted" etc. before it. Otherwise, you are only perpetuating the same wrong idea as the trolls and anti-chains, the idea that chain letters are scary. Not cool.

Post: I am going to return the favor.

Ocean Elf: What? 'Return the favour' meaning all you'd do is send the chain right back to them, that's anti-chain and it's spam. NOT COOL!

Post: I will be breaking some of them not all of them, you can create as many as you want.

Ocean Elf: Huh? Creating hoaxes is not allowed...!

And the lack of meme-mangling going on by people who joined was horribly underwhelming. Much of that tiny bit of participation wasn't even good. Just enough to make this compilation of fail.

Post: To me, as long as you bust a chain-letter, it does not matter how you done it as long as it does not bash others, then you still did a good job.

Ocean Elf: It matters. There are so many ways people fail at it, starting with your post, which really ticked me off. You definitely aren't cut out for this mission.

1. Too many people think they are "busting" chain letters via anti-chain.

2.Too many people rant back at chain letters and put plenty of cussing and bawdy or other sorts of off-putting stuff into their rants, without necessarily "bashing" anyone.

3. Often, vulgar rants do include bashing of Christians and mocking God. That's the most common type of bashing that goes on in bad rants against chain letters.

Do any of those things, and get utterly disqualified as a meme-mangler. That is nothing like doing a good job at "busting" chain letters.

4. You are not "bashing" people by mangling chain letters. "bashing" is not at all the same as mangling. Bashing isn't even making stupid little posts that nit-pick another member's typos/spelling, and there was a member who did that too often when he made posts. It was really annoying. But even he wasn't bashing. Just being a pest about typos, when he could've mangled memes instead.

mangling VS. bashing, let's give some examples.

mangling includes yelling or laughing at any aspect of the chain letter from its bad grammar to its characters' actions, to the hoaxer or otherwise terribly misguided person with the terrible attitude who made it up. You can say "Hey idiot!" to Bloody Mary. You can call the hoaxer out for being annoying, obnoxious, manipulative, hypocritical, a liar, a bully etc. You can rant at some forwarder for sending you chain letters when they couldn't otherwise be bothered to write you. That is not bashing.

Venting frustration at forwarders for forwarding isn't bashing them. These are valid feelings and if more people would stop to realize how getting chain letters makes others feel, there would hopefully be a lot less junk clogging cyberspace. But then again some people are just really inconsiderate.


Bashing is making fun of physical appearance, or features when those features. The only time this is not bashing is when such features are over-emphasized by design. See The Mary Sue page.

The only way poking fun of looks qualifies as a mangle is when it is being done to help people realize how a chain letter character looks ridiculous instead of scary. Making fun of Jeff the Killer's ringed raccoon eyes and long smile is to help make him un-scary to anyone who might have allowed themselves to get creeped out by his description in the stupid creepy pastas.

Bashing is also deliberately trying to make innocent people out to be villainous, especially to perpetuate an identity politics-driven agenda.

Examples of bashing are the slogans Peta uses against people who use and consume animal products, and the "Baby killers!" screech coming from anti-abortion activists.

Here are bashers who in turn, get mangled. DMReporter Twitter Hack Hoax DragonflyJonezA Twitter Chain Anonymous Coward's Hate Letter Dayna Morales bashed an innocent couple to pull off a gay victim act. Senna Marie Maxwell, otaku fangirl for Lady Une of Gundam Wing, huge troll and bully Otaku Snufkin And Marcia Ubang bash each other over a malicious chain letter Marcia fell for. Igarashi Fangirls Throw Tantrums Over Dislike Of Anime Otaku Desu Fight Brony Rants At Amanda Marcotte FlutterDerpy20, brony whose hatred for Sonic is out of control. Carolyn Bourne The Bieber File, bashers are hoaxes and hatists that come before and after the Anne frank House Museum section. Jim Campbell bashes Michelle Obama about her looks instead of opposing her democratic agendas with anything resembling intelligence. John Bershad's crummy Todd Akin satire Melinda Bird and Katrina Nugent's ham sandwich fight Tiffanie, Michelle, and Wendy Anita Dunn and Stephanie Wolfe MisterTrueRomance - anything but. This troll spreads chain letters and bashes Christians. People Of Walmart The "Blacks Don't Read" chain letter Hailey Martin hates the male gender.

The "Fake News" meme

When Nasty Is Considered Heroic

CNN, Van Jones, "Whitelash"

Hillary Clinton's Horrendous Harangue Against Conservative Women Happened

And for their bash-fests, they deserve to be called out for the nasty nits they are.

* * *

Foulness, blasphemy, Vulgarity

Too many rants against chain letters turn out to be even worse than the chain letters themselves, which is one of the reasons Mangle came into being.

Frogman's anti-chain has these undesirable characteristics and so does Neal Fletcher's Stupid Rant

An ex-member was far too quick to "Oh God" over everything, and put the "God Help Me" tag on so many posts.

BP: Gah, yes! *scowl* That 'God help me' tag really ticked me off. I was wondering who had started using it all of a sudden...and knowing it was her…well, it makes sense.

Ocean Elf: Yes! It took me a while to realize this because I often just fly past the tags looking for the 'reply' button. Then it took time to get proficient at editing topics and posts, and figuring out which to edit in order to get rid of the offensive tags.

Don't get me wrong, there are times when an utterance of "Oh God Help Me" etc. is appropriate, when uttering an actual prayer/outcry to God. But not just splatted around so liberally as if it was no different from "Oh crap!"

I quietly removed the tags. She put more in again.


Collectivism, Trendy Fanatical Fandoms

Everything they do is annoying and embarrassing.

I'll be going along, reading what I anticipate is going to be a good and funny meme-mangle, and then it happens, somebody drops a stinky by proving to be another fan of something mega trendy and annoying, and stupid to boot.

* * *

Ladder Chain

Chain: Okay, you are starting to drive me crazy...

Fanboy: Taylor Swift drives anyone crazy. (Insert Sarcasm )

Ocean Elf: *Pfft* What the heck does Taylor Swift have to do with this chain? Please. Not saying we can't go off subject, we definitely can.. But, just like that *Wham!* bringing Taylor Swift into this? really?

* * *



Commenter: Yes I am reading, its a good book called the 'Hunger Games' have you heard of it?

Ocean Elf: *Grimace* Ewwww! BLECKH!

Hunger Games = yet another post apocalyptic dystopia story where kids kill themselves and one another and they call it entertainment and games.

So much for talking about Clarissa being unpleasant and the result of a sick mind, Hunger Games is definitely no better.

The character names are stupid too. Katniss. Really? Peeta? Ugh. Way too close to an animal rights group.

No thanks.

No more Hunger Games, even that title is cringe-worthy. Hunger isn't a game… I don't get it, I don't want it, just - eeeeewwwwww! No more! Away with it!

* * *

One-eyed Mother

Chains: "GET OUT OF HERE! NOW!!!"

Fangirl: ***Shinto now gained BACKBONE***

Ocean Elf: *Scowl* No he didn't. He's still the same evil, gutless, selfish, slimy, waste of skin arsehole he always was! He's a two-year-old in a man's form. It doesn't take guts to rant at a heart-broken mother who just wants to get back in touch with her family. Sheesh!

And "Shinto"? *Rolling eyes* anime/Japanesque on the brain much? She did this all the freaking time, it was just pathological. Such is the non-life of an otaku or brony or other type of fan-brat.

* * *


Chain: I knew better.

Fangirl: Because quiet and simple-minded people are creepy, ne?

Ocean Elf: *Scowl* No 'ne?'s allowed! Otakuism… I recognize that mannerism from my especially displeasurable intro to crazed anime nutso fandom. And yes, she was warned. She - just - decided - to - go - on - ignoring - and brought her otakuism here anyway. Until I finally had more than I could stand.


Chain: A day before his death, Gabe came to me, terrified.

Fangirl: Wonder why? Did Kyubey make a contract with him or something?

Ocean Elf: Oh my freaking gosh *headdesk* I had to look this one up. It's two kinds of dreadful all in one.

Kyubey is a Madoka Magica (anime series) meme! Again with the friggin' Madoka Magica. Bleckh! The whole idea of manglers is for *gasp* mangling memes down, not promoting them!


Chain: Don’t believe me?

Fangirl: No, I don't. Even a Chuuni can make a better story than you.

Ocean Elf: Yet another weird reference that just went in one ear and out the other after my brief thought in slightly uninterested passing of "What the heck is a Chuuni? *Rolling eyes*

* * *

Her very first post on the mangle of the "Daddy It Hurts Misty Sarah Chris child abuse hoax thread was:

Fangirl: Whenever I see the name "Misty" it makes me think of Pokemon. :p

Ocean Elf: Whaaaaaaat!? I just mangled a malicious hoax that stole a poem and applied it to pictures of real kids who have nothing to do with it, and this girl totally derailed the thread before it could even get started, with that? Since then, I got curious about Pokemon due to something else unrelated to this smash, and actually like it. But I don't even want to discuss that with any otaku.

That put me in the awkward position of trying to keep the thread active with something. So, trying to get the subject away from the otaku addiction, trying not to encourage it, I said I didn't know there was a Misty in that series, but had a couple of pets named Misty in the past. Though that wasn't what I was really wanting this thread turning into, either.

The pets thing did take off because it was a tiny bit of common ground, but still, she must have mistaken my mere "statement of not knowing about the anime Misty, for interest, which it wasn't at the time. It was a brush-off.

She replied with:

Fangirl: Yeah. Indeed. I'm not a big fan of Pokemon, but I know this for a fact. Here she is: http://pokemon.wikia.com/wiki/Misty_%28anime%29

Ocean Elf: *Facepalm* Then why the heck bring it up in the first place?

And pokemon is the one I actually like. Not just the anime though, it's a complex series but is geared toward kids so is in good taste has characters that are truly interesting and cute.

* * *

A chain from Scary4Kids I mangled got this.

Chain: I can remember her face clearly. It’s really depressing.

Fangirl: Oh, that last sentence reminds me of this one part in this series I watch called Joshiraku.

Ocean Elf: *Rolling eyes* I keep ignoring you when you do this and you never seem to take the hint. Have you not noticed how I never bring up the subject of anime or your Japanese live action TV, not even to ask questions? Ever notice how anything I say back in response is lukewarm at best? Ever wondered why?

Fangirl: A girl asked her dentist about his pay, and then he made a sad face. The girl remembers it clearly and she gets sad every time she tells the story to someone.

Ocean Elf: So… This show is like a weird chain letter without a point, yeah, sounds like something I’m just gonna rush out and watch. Not. Anyway, this isn’t mangling the chain.

Fangirl: Mind you, it's a comedy anime. A very Japanese one at that.)

Ocean Elf: And why on earth did you think I would care? You’re the one always going on about “Japanese Japanese Japanese” as if anyone might think you’re super impressive because you watch Japanese shows. *Rolling eyes*

This one sounds pretty run-of-the-mill anyway, weird-color haired girls with quirks ranging from obnoxiously cutesy to violent coolheadedness, yes, one girl was described that way, doing cutesy random stuff. Zzzz. Though I think I remember her saying something about girls killing each other in this series? Lovely. It might’ve been a different series too, I don’t know or care. "Hunger Games" "Lord Of The Flies" anyone? No thanks! Bleck!

* * *

She misused the forum to whinge about some apparently terse response she got from some big anime dude over something, I don't remember what. But it had nothing at all to do with chain letters she had once believed in and now realized they were crap. It had nothing to do with chain letters at all, nor was it something even remotely interesting to anyone who is not addicted to anime.

That chick was really this far off the map, couldn't get anime off the brain for probably a single waking second. What an embarrassment to this site.

BP: *sigh* You know, it did seem like she had kind of lost sight of the goal. That was my first thought when she posted that Brony rant thing. "Wait a sec- what does this have to do with chain letters? What is this-?" And even when her posts did have something to do with chain letters, there always seemed to be the anime element. C'mon- I love a good anime as much as the next sensible fan, but this is just ridiculous. There's a time and a place. This is neither.

Ocean Elf: Yes - it's one thing to be reminded of and bring up the odd book or show, whatever genre, but like every otaku, she just went way overboard. Tags, posts, profile comments, it was always so much Japan stuff or K/J-pop or "weeaboo" "weeaboo" "weeaboo". She "weeaboo"ed all over the tags too. 4chanism. *Scowl*

She had a hissy on her profile when her obsession was politely noted by another member, I might add. Something to the effect of "Is it so bad for me to like anime?"

It is when you get this touchy and you misuse the Idiot Showcase to call people idiots for not liking your fandom choices, and then doing your best to out-otaku various fanatics when you hardly seem any better yourself then engage in endless banter over some silly anime icons.

Meme-manglers may be casual fans of some anime same as anything else within reason, but we are not otaku, and do not stick in gibberish no one other than some pathetic otaku is going to care or even know about.

And this whole back and forth business she and FM had going with those anime girl icon/pics was really sickening! She wanted attention and to be entertained, being bored easily, she kept changing the anime girl pics on her profile. FM flattered her over it and begged for more pics. And he never was active on the old site until this icon nonsense. That is not what the site was for!

It was meant for mangling chain letters and having general conversation, not anything like an otaku or pic-trading hangout.

And these two had gone way off the rails.

Considering all the shocking stuff she knew about the dirtier side of anime and the way he gushed on his site over how "cute" crying girls from kiddy shows, with distorted faces were - eewww. She had told us many times she was just barely old enough to be on FB or Youtube. I didn't know what, if anything they might've been doing that was questionable, and was more than a bit uneasy about it. If they wanted to carry on with this sickening crap, they were not doing it on my site, under my watch! I can't prevent them from indulging in this nauseating stuff elsewhere on the net, but it is not done on sites I run… If it wasn't flirting via profile pics, it could possibly develop into that, which shouldn't involve anyone under age. And it's not okay on any site I run. Even if it's a couple of adults, they can go elsewhere for that sort of thing.

Neither took my subtle hints, or my sterner warnings to cut it out - and I did leave a pretty stern rejection of 4chanisms on her profile, right where they were bound to read it, too. It was their profile picture banter that finally got them kicked.

manglers is not fandom craze-friendly.

Otaku, bronyism, etc. etc. Ewww, get away!

manglers vehemently oppose that stuff, we don't like it. So if you're going to mangle a pro-otaku chain letter, or anything for that matter, you can't be an otaku yourself.

Their competitiveness with other fans, "You said that Japanese word wrong. It's actually (insert word) you baka! Get it right before you post again, ne? Desu!" "You probably only watched one episode of this anime, I'm a bigger fan, I watch all anime!" Elitism. "I only like the newer non-mainstream stuff!" "Subs rule! Dubs suck! If you watch American English-speaking dubs, you are stupid and not a real anime fan. It's got to be Japanese subs!" Their showing off about how much they claim to know of anime and of Japanese, and they are completely blind to the fact that nobody outside their fandom knows what they're on about or gives a crap.

Fangirls dumped on the old site with these piles of muck that they called *cough* "smashes" which in turn, badly needed to be mangled:

Otaku whizzing matches

Trying to "smash" fandumb chain letters with even more fandumb

You can't neutralize poop stink with another poop stink.

You also can't try to replace the smell of cotton candy with the stink of poop, that just doesn't go over well, but that's analogus to what the fan-brats did when they tried to "smash" things that didn't need it and had only hurt their poor little feelings.:

Fangirls Throw Tantrums Over Dislike Of Anime

Brony Rants At Amanda Marcotte's MLP Article

Then they have their collectivist mannerisms!


Writing in a weird mix of English and Japanese, see above examples with 'ne' 'baka' and 'desu'.

The 'sweatdrop,. The 'glomp'. The 'nosebleed'. YUCK! The anime smilies. '^_^'.

the stupid otaku-style honorifics stuff, I.E. calling me "Ocean-san", "Ocean-sama" or "Ocean-chan" instead of just just "Ocean".

A piffling piece of dreck posting called "Ignorant Anime Hater Smash" rant that never should've been dumped on manglers in the first place had an ex-member using the -chan in the following.

Sensible Person: the way they move, how the girls look like a pedophile's delight,

Fangirl: Remember when you took a glance at Eri-chan?

BP: Eri...CHAN? *facepalm*

Ocean Elf: *Tch* I noticed she used the freaking -chan too. *Chagrinned*

If you must use an honorific on me, please, stick to one any english-speaking, non-anime freak can understand. I get "Miss" at work, so that's good enough here, but, not necessary. Just don't give me the -sama/-san/-chan stuff. You're not impressing me with that and I'm not an honorary otaku, nor do I ever want to be.

And this doesn't apply to just me. Unless you are Japanese, and not an otaku, don't use those on anyone, real or fictional alike. Period.

"everypony" and sticking ponies and rainbows everywhere - My Little Pony fandom AKA bronies/pegasisters.) "bro" - (Pewdiepie fandom.)

obsessions and crushes (they can never stop talking about some fictional character(s) or real life celebrity(yes) they think are "hot", writing horrible fan fictions about themselves in fictional character form, marrying their character crush.

And on.

Too frequently, I've seen fangirls showing attitudes that are downright creepy. Like, having crushes on sadistic characters, anime or otherwise. Being proud sadists themselves. All things manglers is utterly opposed to.

There was the odious Anatolia.

Then there was Jakara Redish with her past Jeff The Killer Crush - eewww, just no.

She rarely contributed anything while on the old site, and when she did, she said something awful in one thread, admitting she used to have a crush on Jeff the Killer *Scowl* a big no-no right there...

And she had this crush until she found out what he did to Jane, and then she changed her mind.

At the time I originally wrote this, I didn't know there were two Janes.

The Jane I knew of was Jane Richardson, who didn't even go after Jeff. She killed innocent people, fantasizing they were Jeff during the carnage.

So this was my initial reaction.

"*Repulsed look* Jane? Really? As far as I know, Jeff didn't do anything to Jane. She is just as bad as Jeff. what about all the innocent people they both brutally killed? Interesting how there was no sympathy for them, if there had been, a crush on this creep would've been impossible."

BP: *splutter* What the-!? So, a homicidal maniac who chops up children for fun is totally attractive, but as soon as he takes a knife to a fellow sociopath, that's no-go? Sheesh...I honestly don't get it. Why do people find those psychos at all appealing? *shakes head* Ugh...

Ocean Elf: Indeed. It's messed up. Crushing on a creep, and then suddenly not liking him because of sympathy for his fellow creep, with the both of them killing innocents for giggles and kicks, no. Bad crush, bad reason for ending it, sorry, but manglers' official position is: we can't wrap our heads around that…If people can crush on these horrid characters to begin with, well… No, just, no.

That fangirl might've meant Jane Arkensaw, whom Jeff did a heck of a lot to, but even she's a freak since she found killing "relaxing" after having done a kill in self-defence. But she only did that one kill in self-defence, and hasn't killed anyone else as far as I know. She is often erroneously referred to as "Jane The Killer" and calls herself "Jane Everlasting" but should be simply "Jane The Avenger" or "Jane The Vengeful".

Well, all of the Jeff and related stuff can be found here.

Simply put, everything about Jeff The Killer, Laughing Jack, Slender Man and the like is loathsome.

Having little fan crushes and then growing out of them is understandable when the crush is decent, whether real or fictitious. But not crushing on Creepypasta characters and the like, not even if one claims it's in the past, and in this case, even the reason for outgrowing the crush was just whacked. No pasta/horror movie creep crushes, not then, not now, not ever.

There are plenty of other places online for people can go who:

1. adore them

2. don't mind them

3. Are creeped out by them and want to stay that way

4. Think being creeped out by pastas and other chain letters is cool and as it should be

5. Only dislike Jeff because he's not creepy enough for them.

That's the vast majority of the internet on these disgusting characters.

MTM doesn't go with that flow.

MTM is not scared of fictional characters, despises sadistic ones, and is not changing that position any time soon.

Examples of such substandard rants so prevalent on the net and why they are rejected here.

Fandoms get defensive and upset when someone isn't impressed with them and/or whatever they're into. This reaction can range from childish to militant.

They get absolutely no sympathy here.

When the list where I was introduced to otaku stupidity disbanded, I ran gladly away from that crappy *cough* subculture and never looked back. I dislike inadvertently running into them anywhere on the net and certainly don't want them following me around or trying to associate with me or any site I run. They have more than their fair share of internet sites that welcome them or at least just don't care who or what is on them, they do not need to get into my internet space. I don't connect/identify with them at all.

If they want to replicate chain letters on their own niche sites such as Otaku Lounge, 4chan, Equestria Daily, Quotev, fine. If you're going to be a fan-brat, you might as well believe in chain letters too.

If I happen on any chain letters that come from such places, the chains will get mangled on my own site, I will not knowingly make accounts on sites that specialize in catering to otaku, bronies etc. to mangle memes there.

but once they spread chain letters to some generalized site that's meant for everyone, I'm going to speak up and mangle the meme for the benefit of anyone who isn't a fan-brat or 4chan denizen.

I don't care what kinds of junk they spew onto their own specialized subculture sites, so they can go ahead and knock themselves out there, but keep out of my sites.

If I wanted to hang out with them, I'd join whatever sites they frequent. Yeah, that was a big hint. I want nothing to do with these drips. , ever again, Chain-manglers can't be fan-brats.


All of the following don't add anything of value to the meme-mangling effort and don't reflect very well on the commenter making them either, and are an utter embarrassment and irritation to manglers.

Blasphemy, Misuse of God's name

Chain: She was crying in the street for 3 days.

Fangirl: How can someone cry in the street? God, this person's grammar sucks! (I bet that smelly loser has no home or parents either.)

Ocean Elf: It wasn't the grammar that was the problem, it was the trying too hard to sound really really sad. Don't get mad at God for that.

and being homeless wouldn't have made her a "loser" either. Get annoyed when a glurge plays up that particular angle, but you also have to be sure you don't come off looking like some snob who hates people for being poor.

* * *

Gabe Chain: Tumblr, meet Gabe.

Fangirl: What, he's just a regular kid.. (*** forbid.)

Ocean Elf: *Scowl* Cut the blaspheming!

It should go without saying that other obviously bad responses with foul-mouthed language and indecent ideas/suggestions are unwelcome too. By all means, smash an indecent chain for its indecency and stupidity, but don't come up with indecency yourself as your idea of a problem solver, whitty comeback, etc.

Off-color And General Offputting-ness

Post: What makes me a good mememangler?

Ocean Elf: if you even got the urge to go on the defensive and tell me how good you think you are, that's a red flag right there


Ocean Elf: Discussing? More like defending yourself right off before you even had anything to back this up, and screaming your fool head off. With this attitude, why shouldn't I suspect you of being just another fangirl from Quotev, Wattpad, Tumblr or Deviantart who is more than likely a friend of one of the fangirls who got kicked out of here? Why shouldn't I suspect you might be a troll?

Post: So pretty much, yeah.

Ocean Elf: So pretty much, no. You really bungled the "Michael" smash-attempt with that flip the bird thing. Then at the end you said "Tell a bully to beat you to the death" not cool.

Chain: A SCARY WAY TO BREAK UP!!!!! DO NOT stop reading this or something bad will happen!!!!!!!!

Post: So you got the Teddy fetish. That's pretty bad.

Ocean Elf: Nah, she's just a copycat. Fandoms on the other hand are all fetish. And I'm really not sure which meaning of the word the poster was going for, especially considering the flip-bird blunder in a substandard mangle-attempt. 'Fetish' could be used innocently enough, - or - not so much.


Pure ignorance that can result in indirectly putting innocent people down for things they can't help and shouldn't have to be put on the spot about.

* * *

About the one-eyed mother in this horrible glurge:

Fangirl: I'm surprised that she's still alive. Wouldn't it be impossible to live with only one eye?

Ocean Elf: What the…? People can live very nicely - without both eyes, in fact. I have a friend with two glass eyes. Even if someone is born with a deformity where they have only one eye and eye socket in their head, that won't harm them, unless it's a side-effect of some other medical condition - sometimes people's deformities are visible signs of underlying conditions that require special attention.

* * *

Teddy's chain: I have no eyes and blood all over my face.

Poster1: If that is true then how the heck are you typing all of this and how would you know there is blood on your face? LOL!

Poster2: Then how did you write? You can't see at all, so you're pretty much as harmless as a kitten

* * *

Katie's chain: I have no face just long black hair.

Another poster: How can you be typing this if you have no face? If you have no face then you have no eyes, therefore I can already deduce that this is a bunch of rubbish.

* * *

Ocean Elf: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! *Headdesk&frustrated, irritated Sigh* I wish people would cut this out. It says more about their ignorant opinions about blindness than it does about every stupid hoax where some dealive kid claims to have no face or no eyes. Gah! Blindness doesn't mean utter helplessness, you know.

Even if one can't see, one still feels. You'd feel it if you had blood all over your face and your eyes were shut. More to the point, just because one can't see doesn't mean one can't type, or learn to. There are programs called screen-readers that read out what's on the computer screen to a large degree. It doesn't recognize images or controls on a badly designed web site or program, but it manages most text and well-labeled buttons and controls, so yes, blind people can even use the internet! Wow, imagine that!

I happen to use a screen-reader. I also have known people with glass eyes. Even if for some reason, they didn't have their glass eyes in, they could still type.

So no more of this sort of crud. It ticks me off to no end, and I'm very tired of having to explain it. Cannot see does not equal cannot type/have a life. Got it?

* * *


Fighting idiocy with idiocy doesn't work. It just backfires, putting egg on the face of whatever movement is supposed to be opposing the extremism/stupidity.

Here is a typical exchange where a liberal asked a derisive question about "conservative chain propaganda."

It was met with the following bad response from BigRichGuy.

BigRichGuy: Don't try to fool us. We know you don't have to go anywhere but up the basement stairs to sneak onto your parents' computer. At any rate, the answer to your question is "no".

Ocean Elf: Such insults only make you look bad and very unoriginal, and like you don't have anything intelligent to say, in addition to the fact that you apparently don't even have an argument to why he/she is wrong about his/her assumption.

For all we know, BigRichGuy probably agrees with and spreads those chain emails.

The correct way to handle this:

A. If the liberal is ranting about a true story he/she believes is a lie from a conservative chain email, point out various legitimate sources covering the story(ies) to show they did not come from the viral rumor mill and are true.

Here's a list of resources.

Better yet is if you can point them to an official site the meme is about, debunking the rumour, providing that site isn't itself full of propaganda and other nonsense.

Liddel's response to this liberal's conservative chain email rant was excellent.

Liddel: Let me a google that for you:

Ocean Elf: This was a Google page with lots of results, including news sources, besides fox, but excluding CNN and NBC since they are horribly biased to the left.

Anti-fandoms, especially anti-bronies.

They do exactly the same sorts of things as the fandoms they are supposed to be against. Troll/flame/cyber warfare, cussing, dirty-mindedness, shallowness and hormonal.

The Disgrace Of Anti-fandom

Here's another example of idiocy. This stupid troll in the park in the video isn't opposing feminism. He's being a sexist troll, and reaffirming the extremist opinions in the minds of feminists as to why they think men are evil. Not only that, he is providing a glaring example for anyone on the fence about this issue, why they might think there could be something to what feminists are saying. The person who put up the video whined about the way this troll was treated as a result. Yeah. He asked for it. The troll squealed about how he wasn't harming anyone. Yeah sure. maybe not in the direct sense. But he is harming opposition to feminism by way of his crappy, childish antics. He's more interested in getting a rise out of angry feminists for his lulz-fix than he is in actually opposing an extreme sexist hate cult.

What has he taught anyone about the dangers of feminism?


If anything, he's probably managed to make feminism look somewhat right to anyone who hears his chauvinistic tripe. "But it was a joke" Well it's not funny, especially when it could get more people on the feminism side rather than against it. I can't put into words how sick I am of people trying to defend/justify stupidity and even bullying with the joke or the bored excuse.

Instead of doing that, how about doing something intelligent and helping people to understand what they're letting themselves in for if they want to go with feminism?

The Feminism Agenda

How about debunking the lies instead of standing around trolling like a chauvinist pig brat and then whinging "Waaaaaah! dey takin away mah free speech!" like a big cry-baby when getting one's sorry arse kicked?

Idiots like those should be drummed right out of any movement against fandoms/feminism/chain letters.

I will not put up with stupidity from anyone who's supposed to be on my side of an issue. If all you want to do is be shallow, lulz-addicted trolls, get lost. I am not your babysitter, or even your friend.

Want to see a culmination of all this stuff in one nasty little tantrum?

Jane The Killer's author's reaction to a pathetic Jeff fangirl was all kinds of stupid.

* * *

MrAngryDog: if i wanted to get your two cents worth, i would reach for the take-a-penny tray.

Ocean Elf: Well, that sort of depends on where she put her rant. If she stuck it on her own site/journal/blog, then you have only to ignore her and move on with your life. If she posted it on your own journal/blog/site, I can sort of see why you'd get ticked, but really, Jane is a Sue, whether you like it or not.

MrAngryDog: as far as your useless rant goes, that's your period talking.

Ocean Elf: Okay, you've just used that stupid sexist trope, and that means you've given me the right to pull no punches when tearing your precious Jane to pieces. I have no respect for guys who dismiss anything negative coming from a girl as being on her period. You really blew it, dude.

MrAngryDog: i don't trust anything that bleeds for seven days and doesn't die.

Ocean Elf: Good gosh, you really buy into that whole stupid misogynistic stuff that should, along with feminism, be gone with the dark ages. That stupid meme has been around since I was a kid. With such a caveman brain, it's no wonder your character and stories suck so badly.

MrAngryDog: pi55 off. (edit)

Ocean Elf: Wow. I see a lot of angry Jane in you. she must be something of a self-insert. To some degree anyway.

Shirawolf1: Well that was very *Cough* Mature,Angrypuppy.

Ocean Elf: *Jeering*

1. He used two misogynistic micromemes, one right after the other.

2. He's a fanboy, a pasta author, even.

3. His character Jane The Killer is a uber Mary Sue and he just can't handle that.

4. He swore.

* * *

Jenn In Your Closet Chain

Chain1: He stabbed

Chain2: by stabbing

Chains: her in the back,

Chain2: raping her,

Commenter: Yeah, the guy overdosed.

Ocean Elf: You call that a mangle? Come on. Overdose or not, this guy would have to be evil by nature to do this.

* * *

This infant mortality chain letter got an appalling fail.

Fangirl: Ohmygosh. This actually exists? What a pathetic attempt to make awareness over something so mundane!

Ocean Elf: *Shocked expression, turning to a scowl*

'Mundane'!? Losing a baby. The cause of fighting infant death, is mundane!?

*Scowl* No!

No, it is NOT!

Compare her statement here to what she said in her awful, suckish attempt at another rant, which, like so many of her posts, wasn't even a smash at all.

A chain letter said that Disney should make a gay prince and she wrote in response that was, in her words "a great idea!!" She then went on to suggest the originator should tell Disney instead of making a chain letter about it.

Well excuse manglers for not wanting Disney in charge of raising kids when that's the job of the parents; let alone annihilating classic stories as we know and love them, with SJW leftist political agendas!

So, which of these causes is really 'mundane'?

Pushing some lefty political agenda in the media is mundane. Not a day goes by without that particular agenda being blasted all over the world.

But a cause that tries to save more lives? Not mundane at all, but pretty dang important! It's just that using chain letters is a horrible way to promote it. Her horrendous fail at a rant-back was just as bad as the chain letter itself, worse if she had any idea what 'mundane' means. If not, well then, perhaps spending less time trying to show off how much Japanese one thinks one knows, how much anime one watches, and how everyone else ought to be impressed by that, one could spend a little more time making sure to have a firmer grasp on one's own native language so they don't say something monumentally inappropriate by using the wrong word in a rather deep subject.

BP: What the-!? Mundane!? *scowl* I don't- how could someone consider infant death mundane? It's almost like she was just saying what she thought people wanted to hear...in the worst possible way...

*fuming* I know someone who has suffered with this- it isn't something you just throw out there in some craptastic chain, hoping to wow the world with your *cough* sensitivity. To reopen wounds like that so carelessly...it's absolutely sick.

I'm glad you updated the post- it had to be said. *grim nod*

* * *

Justin Bieber Hoax

Chain: The story went out on Twitter

Fangirl: The unrealistic and logic-stripped story that never exsisted in the first place,

Ocean Elf: Whoa! Redundancy plus context blunder. 'Unrealistic" or "logic-stripped" would've done nicely, both weren't necessary. The story exists, it just didn't happen.

Chain: & Justin met her and she told him the story

Fangirl: That never exsisted AGAIN. Also. Take a brief look at Bieber (which I know you won't want to.) Doesn't he look a tad... younger? It's true. This story is almost a year old (mid-2012), and if people still believe this... they must have no brains at all.

Ocean Elf: *Facepalm* As if one year is going to age someone so quickly that it is actually noticeable, oh, come on! That argument would've made more sense if the picture was maybe five years old. Some hoaxes have been going around for 10 years and counting.

Her fixation on newer being better just by being newer always annoyed the heck out of me too.

* * *

The Clarissa chain should be so easy to mangle. So why did people pwn themselves instead?

Chains1/4: AND SHE WAS

Chain5: Clarisa

Chains: SAT

Chains1/4: THERE


Chain5: for hours in agony

Chains1/4: UNTILL

Chain5: before

Chains: SHE

Chains1/4: FINALLY

Chain5: slowly

Chains: DIED.

Commenter: So somebody can die from agony in hours? This does not look possible at all.

Ocean Elf: They certainly can. But something specific has to cause it, like a fire or a beating.So not even that can make this baldardash story true.

Commenter : Hours? Only Hours? A guy was trapped in solitary confinement for 2 years and didn't die. You Expect me to believe a little girl died in a few hours?

Ocean Elf: Uh, wow, the difference between solitary confinement and sheer agony. Where do I start? Sorry, bud, you kind of bolloxed it up there. Solitary can drive people insane after a long period. But it's not the same as say, sitting in some restraint that does something to cause you agony and then kills you after a few hours because your body finally gives out. Ugh. *twitch* Moving on please?

Commenter: You should have killed her normally.

Ocean Elf: Ugh. How would that work? The government killing some little girl normally? Nothing about this is normal in any sense of the word, but you already know that. Clarissa is a seriously mucked up ridiculous story.



Chains1&2: BUT

Chain4: by

Chains1, 2&4: SLOWLY


Chains1, 2&4: CUTTING


Chain4: you

Chains1&2: UR BODY

Chains: open

Chains4&5: and

Chain5: slits their throats.

Chains1&2: THEN

Chains1&2: WATCHES

Chain4: watching

Chains1, 2&4: YOU BLEED TO DEATH

Commenter: Believe me, that is more humane than a frickin machine.

Ocean Elf: I wouldn't be so sure about that. Stabbings are horribly brutal.

Commenter: And 12:00 exactly? What if she gets stuck in traffic?

Ocean Elf: A 10-year-old girl, stuck in traffic? What's she doing driving? Oops. Another muck-up. What are the chances any adult would say yes to a little girl asking "Will you drive me around to this and that person's tonight so I can kill them for not passing on my chain letter?" It's not like traffic is all that bad at midnight anyway.

* * *

Other General Childishness Trying Too Hard To Be Funny And Failing

* * *

Clarissa&Mike's Chains: : Carry on reading or you will die!

Commenter: You know, teachers tell me that same thing, but do I listen? NO!

Ocean Elf: So funny I forgot to laugh. How is that mangling this meme?


Chain: Because she killed her mom and dad

Commenter: I would do that.

Ocean Elf: *Wide-eyed* WHAT!? So NOT COOL! Get out of here, this is nowhere near a decent attempt at a mangle! *Grimaces in disgust*

Chain: She got so bad that she killed all the staff

Commenter: Holy skittles!

Ocean Elf: Is that all you can say? I don't even know if you're laughing at the ridiculousness of this chain letter or if you're freaking out.

Chain: And the government decided that they should get rid of her so they set up a special room to kill her, as humanely as possible-

Commenter: WHoa, dude, stop there, stop there. HOw do you kill someone humanely?

Ocean Elf: That was the best you've done so far with this chain, too bad it got canceled out by what you said about killing your own parents earlier.


Chain: bleed to death.

Commenter: Oh, to death. Well, I'm already dead.

Ocean Elf: Bleckh. Anti-chain. Or at least a poor attempt at humour. Didn't crack me a grin.


Chain: She will haunt someone else who doesn't pass this on like you did.

Commenter: I see.

Ocean Elf: *Facepalm* That's not a mangle, not at all. "I see" could mean anything from "I understand" to "I agree" and. Oh, I am so convinced you really want to oppose trolling viral dreck... Not! You didn't even say you didn't pass it along.


Chain: A few nights later, on a monday night, she was woken up by loud footsteps and heavy breathing.

Commenter: Must be my dad.

Ocean Elf: *Pfft* You just put in a dig at your dad, you didn't mangle the meme… After your appalling attitude toward your parents earlier on, I'm anything but receptive to this trash.

Chain: Clarissa was standing there with a huge knife and well...Jenny is history now.

Commenter: Oh, not my dad.

Ocean Elf: Oh, give it a rest. You're supposed to be mangling Clarissa…

Commenter: Well, I hate HIstory. And huge knifes. I like sledgehammers. And I just mangled this chain letter with one.

Ocean Elf: No, you didn't. You have done some decent mangling on one or two other chain letters, but this attempt utterly stink-bombs and doesn't come anywhere near qualifying as a mangle. It devalues the others you attempted as a result.


I don't understand why so many people found Clarissa so difficult to mangle.

* * *

The Jenny phone sitter chain.

Chain: Jenny's Mom had the good habit of phoning her daughter at least once during Jenny's babysitting hours - just to check on her and offer any support, should anything out of the ordinary be happening with Jenny and the kids.

Fangirl: that mom is very stupid. Why didn't she say anything the first two times!?

Ocean Elf: Because the first two calls weren't her. DUH! How to pwn yourself 101.

* * *

On the One-eyed Mom chain about a kid who hated his own mother because she had only one eye. The big theory-fail as to why the one eye, and why the mere "rudeness" coming right up.

Fangirl: Well, unless if you're alien from outer space, which explains the rudeness of the kid.

Ocean Elf: No. He didn't get his rudeness from her. Any simpleton reading this could figure that out. This isn't just rudeness, it's all out hate, bigotry and it's something she sure didn't teach him or pass on through genes, and has nothing to do with aliens, of all the lame ideas. This illogic doesn't even compute to begin with. If she's a one-eyed alien, how come her abominably awful hateful kid has two eyes?


Chain2: I'm sorry that I came to your house and scared your children.

Fangirl: I wouldn't have been sorry. Yet again, this is sadistic me.

Ocean Elf: *Scowl* I didn't see where sadism came into it for not being sorry about coming to visit. Some people aren't sorry because they're oblivious or just don't care. Anyway, the point is being sadistic is nothing to be proud of, and it is most common just from what I've seen, for fangirls to be unabashedly sadistic.

Fangirls Throw Tantrums Over Dislike Of Anime (one makes death threats) Sadistic creep clown fangirl Snufkin and Marcia Ubong typical fangirl fighting Senna, the sadistic bullying otaku and Mary Sue anime fangirl who cast the first and injuring horrible impression of anime fandom and fangirls on me, and subsequent fangirls have done nothing to improve my opinion.


Later, the chain letter said the mother had sacrificed one of her eyes, donating it to him so he could have two eyes, something that is not possible in reality.

Fangirl: So she wasn't an alien. But I like my theory much better.

Ocean Elf: I didn't. It was unnecessary and unimaginative and added nothing entertaining or even useful to mangle this odious meme. This mother was already picked on so horribly by her own poisonous hateful bigoted kid, she didn't need an alien theory about her one eye adding to that.

Fangirl: (I'm sure that he lost half of his heart in that accident too.)

Ocean Elf: half his heart - what heart? He can't lose something he never had to begin with and even someone with half a heart wouldn't have been this abominable.

* * *

Brats trying too hard to be funny/whitty just can't cut it in here. They only demonstrate how to be bratty and ignorant. Not cool.

Over and out.


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