The Fury Of A Brotaku Fanbrat Scorned

It was a network/forum - for opposing and mangling memes. And bronies are a fandom to a 4chan-created meme, the adoration of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic. 4chan is a troll pit that was originally started by otaku, for otaku, which is anime fandom.

I don't like memes, or fandoms. But never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that setting up a forum for mangling memes would attract otaku or bronies. I wanted a place where people could come and make friends as they vented about memes, and about fandoms, though the latter really never came to mind until...

To my horror, one member turned out to be a fangirl extraordinaire, even after it should've been clear that was not okay on the site and why. She could not mangle a meme without turning the subject to anime. She was also fond of creepy pastas, or just scared of them, and wanting me to do the heavy mangling for her, I'm not exactly sure.

I told her about my displeasurable exposure to otaku and why I didn't like them. She kept up the anime crud anyway. She was giving me flashbacks of Senna and other otaku that turned me so off much of anime and all of that fandom subculture. I told her how I felt about otaku and why, complete with the Senna stuff, but she just said a cute little "I'm sorry you had a bad experience" and then just went on doing exactly what was irritating me.

In the end, I kicked her out.

She posted some kind of rant where she was sorry for herself because some guy was supposedly "mean" to her during some anime discussion I couldn't have cared less about. She posted silly otaku Youtube fights, and out-otakued them. She used "weeaboo" all the time, too.

All this after I had made it clear how I feel about fandoms and 4chan.

Then, she thought it would be cool to "smash" rant back at an article that didn't speak favourably about the brony subculture. This after the subject had been brought up briefly once before and I had said in no uncertain terms that if I never came across MLP again, it would be too soon.

Apparently, she thought it would be all cool if she just ignored that, and either forgot about it, or maybe she just hoped I would forget, and change my point of view...

So, she came on a meme-mangling site, to defend a ginormous meme and its fandom!

Not cool...

The clincher came when she started posting profile anime pics, and getting praise over them from some other dude who never bothered contributing anything until he got excited about the cute pics. They were turning my site into some kind of childish fandom hangout and completely forgetting that I was there to mangle memes and oppose fandoms.

I finally had it and kicked them out, and she threw a hissy. Even in her hissy-fitting she couldn't stop bronying. Whereas in the "One-Eyed Mother" glurge chain she tried and failed to mangle satisfactorily, she had called the main character "Shinto" that had to be some anime character. "One-Eyed Mother" had nothing to do with anime. She gave yours truly the same sickening treatment. She assigned me the name of some silly MLP character called "Babseed" in her rant.

I have never been an MLP character in my life, nor will I be.

She made a cute little rant on one of her apparently many Quotev pages. Quotev sucks anyway, as did merely any site she indicated frequenting. Anime Youtube videos, which aren't necessarily bad in themselves, but it became obvious she was not just a casual fan nor was she intending to be... Quotev is really cringy. And she just didn't seem to get meme-mangling.

Every time she'd try to mangle a meme I hadn't already done, it always came from there, and the exposure to some of the dreck over-running that site was bad enough when I checked it out on my own to see what it was about. Knowing it was her favourite hang-out, plus the sad Youtube channels she went to, made so many posts from her just cringe-worthy.

There was another member who just seemed to know too much about 4chan for comfort, and I started wondering if these people were actually fans of that site.

But that's not the best of this barffy experience.

In her Quotev lair, which was discovered by accident when doing a search on Google for my forum, I found she had - uh - turned me into some sickening little MLP character called "Babseed" because Babseed and I are supposedly "not nice to our friends"

uh, Eww! No! I never said I was her friend. I never even pretended to be her friend. I was only being as nice as I could for as long as I could, while waiting to see if she would choose to grow up and abandon fan-brattery or stick with it. If the latter, she was going to be removed, sooner or later. It just took several months of observation and staying quiet but for dropping a few little hints and warnings occasionally, and hoping she would get the hint to choose one way or another.

Because she made sure not to all out mention me by name in her rant, I'll give her another handle.

From the start, Nariko's behaviour was suspicious. First, her anti-chain disaster. After that, she did so many things that went completely against what the site stood for.

There is plenty of good reason for my dislike of these subcultures starting with trolling and other childish fanaticism.

Senna Marie Maxwell was my introduction to anime, what fan fiction really seems to be about, and what anime and fangirling is. Girls going totally bat-crap CRAZY over some characters in Japanese cartoons, not because of virtue, which they seem to sadly lack, but because they're "soooooooo kawaii!" That means basically cute, hot, SSEEEEEEEXXXXXXXXXYYYYYYYY! No fan gpage, pro or anti any anime or its characters have managed to get me interested in anime. It all seems too random, and pointless, and all out weird, not in a way that gets my curiosity up. This holds true even after watching the odd Youtube clip and reading Wikipedia articles. I don't get it, and after seeing more than enough annoying fandom crap, I don't want it.

Snufkin and Marcia Ubong did nothing to improve my opinion of otaku.

Then, after I had, or should've made myself clear on my POV, these brats thought they could use the forum I had at the time to howl and whinge about people who didn't like anime, MLP, and their nasty little subculture fandoms. Gah! You don't come to a place that mangles memes, to defend a meme...

I want no part of MLP other than to oppose it in a reasonable manner, and establish a community that supports people who are sick of getting bullied and harassed by fandoms for not liking anime, MLP, the latest fad video games, YA fiction or crummy trendy movie/show.

anti-bronies, a troll subculture, many of which, belong to other fandoms anyway, are not welcome. Those subcultures have the whole rest of the internet to spew, and I am not interested in making another site just like theirs.

Nariko mention her age a lot, something lots of trolls who spread chain letters do as well, because if they claim to be only 11/14, they'll get a pass.. Though the site was meant to be open to all ages, no one is exempt from the rules, and I'm sick of people trying to excuse everything they do with "I'm only 12" or somewhere around that age. Since fan-brats run their mouthes everywhere else. They do not need to join any community I run.

Did a search on "Kicked off forum" concerning my forum, to see if there might be any signs to brace for Bozo The Clown (Not Nariko Rainbow) trying to get in here again. Came across this rant from Nariko Rainbow.

* * *

Nariko🌈🐴Rainbow: Chain Smashers Stuff My old smashes from a website I was banned from.

Ocean Elf: Banned for good reason.

Nariko🌈🐴Rainbow: Chain Letters Youtube How I Met a Real Life Babs Seed

Ocean Elf: There's no one on the forum with that handle, including all the Youtube spam you msted.

Nariko🌈🐴Rainbow: Hi there. I am (or was) the maker of all of these stupid little commentary things here.

Ocean Elf: Uh, yeah.

Nariko🌈🐴Rainbow: I am mainly here to tell the story of how I met a real life Babs Seed.

Ocean Elf: First 'weeaboo' now 'babs seed' and you wonder why I thought it best to keep the forum from hemorrhaging IQ points at an alarming rate thanks to your fangirl and 4chan stuff, not to mention you going directly against our mission. *Cough* Slender. *Cough* To name one example.

Nariko🌈🐴Rainbow: I first met her on a website called Chain Smashers, but I'm not going to use her name. So, from here on out I'm going to be calling her Babs Seed.

Ocean Elf: 'Babs' is short for 'Barbara' and that's not my name. I wouldn't even use that on anyone named Barbara. But you get a nick change here in turn. And I was very close to going with "Rainbow Fright"

Nariko🌈🐴Rainbow: (A side character on my favorite show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Ocean Elf: *Grimace, gag, skin-crawl* When I started the forum/network for meme-mangling, I had no idea brotaku would even be remotely attracted to it. They shouldn't be. Put it this way, if you're going to be a brotaku, you might as well believe in chain letters too.

I'm fine with people who grew up with the original 80s thing and are sensible fans, not part of a big cult movement, and as long as they don't go on the defensive but recognize the bronyism nutters religion for what it is.. This sickening fad, giant 4chan meme, making MLP show up everywhere is nauseating - and - you're into it and you have no intention of changing. So, you're out.

Opposition voices to this insane trend are very much out-shouted by the fan brats, but I'm not the only one who thinks this gigantic chain letter craze AKA MLP FIM and bronyism is utterly screwed up batcrap

Nariko🌈🐴Rainbow: who isn't very nice to her pals.)

Ocean Elf: *Rolling eyes* Awww, how adorable… Not. I'm not a My Little Pony and I sure don't want brotaku basing their vomit-inducing characters on anything me, nothing good about me, nothing bad about me. Nothing at all.

Besides, know what this whole "Friendship Is Magic" stuff sounds like? A cheesy glurge chain letter!

Nariko🌈🐴Rainbow: Anyways, we did some collaborations on some and she was generally a nice person.

Ocean Elf: Oh, sure, just as long as I bent over backward trying to come up with positive things to say about the non-anime content that was good, and as long as I could hold my tongue and not say what I really felt whenever anime was brought up in a fan girlish way, but I knew if things just kept going the way they were, something would have to give. I'm just sorry it took me so long to act. My fault for holding out hope that things would change for the better.

That little tantrum on the profile page "Is it so bad to like anime?" when another member pointed out this obsession, made it clear I would have to do something, preferably sooner then later.

Nariko🌈🐴Rainbow: Until I found out that it was all just a facade.

Ocean Elf: Not a facade. I didn't pretend to be anything around you, but as you weren't actually mouthy toward me, you had forced me to be as nice to you as I could manage, and I cringed inwardly so many times while you just pulled way too much stuff. Some of it I only learned originated from chan late on, shortly before kicking you, otherwise I wouldn't have let you hang around so long. You indicated a lot more knowledge of what goes on there, way more than I did…and, well, that just didn't look too good for you. You were told at the beginning that MLP, otakuism and chan was not cool, and that Slender Man was to be throttled, not for being scared of. You didn't listen. I told you right on your profile page. You ignored. I edited the pages outlining this stuff many times. Those edits showed up in the feed. You should've taken the time to read those pages, and listened. You didn't.

Nariko🌈🐴Rainbow: She was really, really mean spirited inside

Ocean Elf: Mean-spirited toward characters I dislike. Absolutely. Mean-spirited toward memes? Definitely! Mean-spirited to trolls? Yes. Disgusted and annoyed to no end with brotaku? You bet. Your *cough* mangle attempts on chain letters were wussy next to me, but HOL-LEE CRAP, the arrogant tantrums and meanness coming from you at Amanda Marcotte's MLP article and those "anime haters" as you called them, your mean spirit was tame next to K Bieber's on that rant you guys did against the people who dislike anime. That rant has since been mangled. The only reason I didn't kick her out immediately was because I was trying to "be too nice" and avoid a fight. I didn't know how close the two of you were, and you were irritating with the fangirl stuff as it was. You were more interested in being a brotaku than mangling memes, forgetting that some evil-spirited (not just mean) otaku are what makes me dislike them. You were told that right off. You just said "*whimper* Sorry" and went on being one.

Nariko🌈🐴Rainbow: and after 11 or so months of dealing with me,

Ocean Elf: That's exactly what it was. Dealing, coping, as long as I possibly could until you had done your best to turn the site into something I didn't even recognize any longer, and I just couldn't take any more of it. I had offline stuff going on at the same time, so at least if I could get this site back to some modicum of level-headed normal, even if it meant kicking people who had been here mucking it up for months, that was what it was going to have to be.

Nariko🌈🐴Rainbow: she kicked me off the site.

Ocean Elf: Yep, had to.

Nariko🌈🐴Rainbow: No questions asked,

Ocean Elf: You were given plenty of warning to cut out the chan-talk and the otakuism. I didn't confront you directly with "I'll have you kicked if you blaspheme in the tags and use 'weeaboo' again' maybe I should've been as brutally honest with you about that as the meme-mangles. But what part of "Anything 4chan is not welcome here" do you not understand? That includes using 'weeaboo'.

The Slender mess - you derailed the whole damn project because you refused to brave up and give that evil meme character a good dressing-down, and learn to ditch your fear and take back the power from him. And your nauseating MLP ending where you godmoded everyone, oh, my, gosh! We all just aimed rainbow lights and zap, he was gone - holy saccharin deus ex machina! Later when I realized that was influenced by MLP anyway, well, just, yuck! I needed a barf bag!

The way you flew off the handle when somebody pointed out on your profile how obsessed about anime you are. Good gosh! if I had said anything more direct to you than what the other member had, you would've gotten offended and I would've had to kick you anyway.

Yeah, there was plenty of reason to kick you, and that doesn't even account for all the other kinds of fail done by various members who just never really seemed to get it. Trouble is, it was as if most people only signed up because the forum/network name seemed cool and edgy enough, and they were bored and wanted to be entertained. *Rolling eyes*

Nariko🌈🐴Rainbow: no warnings.

Ocean Elf: There were plenty of warnings. Both direct, and subtle. You just refused to take them as hints, and I didn't want to come out and yell at you and possibly get a row going. I held out, hoping you'd eventually get the gist of the site and grow up a bit. That never happened.

Nariko🌈🐴Rainbow: Just pure mean-ness.

Ocean Elf: When you get kicked out, it always feels like the kicker is being "mean" but I'd had it to here with you, and yes, I admit, that was a long time coming. You pushed me to the breaking point. You either didn't see what you were doing wrong, or just didn't want to…

Nariko🌈🐴Rainbow: And what did she do after that? Make a Wall of Shame about me, filled with all of my flaws and my strange obsessions,

Ocean Elf: Strange obsessions, sure, but flaws? No. What you did here wasn't flaws. It's called being an annoying, embarrassing little twerp and going directly against what the site was meant to do, mangle hoaxes and all other memes, and sound off at trolls - and yes, fangirls/boys are among that lot, whether you like it or not.

As for this so-called "wall of shame" it was constructed by you, all over the site. You and some others showed almost no interest in really mangling memes, but when it came to anime, MLP etc. you and some others had way more to say. I was the one ashamed and embarrassed, frustrated and very disappointed.

But really, nobody knows who Nariko is, you're just upset because it's you. The fact you even tried to get back on the forum again just shows it was good to change the settings. I did that because I was afraid you might. And I had enough going on offline without having a fight with you over your gauche behaviour as well. You should've read carefully, should've taken the hints, you didn't… I can't spell it out any clearer.

Nariko🌈🐴Rainbow: not to mention bashing bronies and otaku in general,

Ocean Elf: *Rolling eyes* The fact that our position on those idiots even bothers you just goes to show I was right to kick you. You You threw a fit over the Slate brony article. You bashed a couple of sensible people you called "anime haters" and some other dude who was also "mean" to you over something to do with anime. Something that had absolutely nothing to do with hoaxes and was so meaningless that it went in one ear and out the other. Then you thought it was so kewl to post a stupid otaku Youtube comment fight in which you were determined to out-otaku them. What on earth made you think anyone but another otaku would give a flying hot crap?

Go ahead and rant on your own site when someone who doesn't like your favourite shows and the stupid fandoms you've decided to be part of, but not on any community I run.

Meme-manglers are not just against chain letter stupidity, but against chain letters plus other stupidity and obnoxiousness in general.

Nariko🌈🐴Rainbow: without having met any fans

Ocean Elf: *Rolling eyes* You don't have to 'meet' someone in person to get a pretty good idea they are idiots, trolls, fan nutters, whatever. You were told I don't like otaku and why. You were shown why. You failed to listen. Your silly whinge here is just as absurd as your mad rant against the "anime haters" where you pretty much condemned them because they didn't waste their time watching a bunch of crap they wouldn't like, as if you have to chill with a bunch of fanbrats and watch a load of their favourite crap before you're allowed to say that you maybe kind of don't like MLP/anime and brotaku.

You've done absolutely nothing to change my point of view, except reaffirm it. Other otaku stupidity gets mangled by me, and since you've made your choice, to stick with them, something I've suspected all along, you don't deserve any different just because I put up with you for way too long, which, yes, was entirely my fault. I won't make that mistake again.

Nariko🌈🐴Rainbow: or watched any of the shows prior. So here am I.

Ocean Elf: Oh, blah, blah, blah, same old "You gotta watch a zillion of my favourite thing before I will allow you to say anything, and even then, how could you be so mean as to dislike it!?" More of the same elitist crap in the sorehead rants bashing the "anime haters". Please. I know what anime is. I know what MLP is. I've read enough about various anime from synopsis pages to what fans wrote about it to know for sure watching those shows would be an utterly annoying and boring waste of time. I've seen enough of the fandoms on the internet to have my point of view. I don't even know why you stuck around for as long as you did, I'd hoped you'd take a hint and grow out of this idiotic faze or just leave on your own when I failed to encourage your fangirl-ness… Neither happened.

I was never her friend to begin with. Her lapses into fanbrat-ism made that impossible. I never meant to give her the idea that we were friends. If she had kept her eyes open and listened to the wake-up calls in the form of my decidedly lukewarm, even cold responses to her stupid "Waaaaah, dis person's such an anime hater! Waaah! She talked bad about the MLP fandom!" and weird rants-back at other otaku where she basically tried to out-otaku them, it might/should have occurred to her that just maybe something was a bit wrong with her attitude.

The way I responded with much more encouragement to real meme-mangling done by sensible people who reject fan cultism and all its idiotic ugliness, is worlds away from the kind of tongue-bitten, minimal feedback her pro-fandom crud got from me. I never pretended to like her or anything she posted. She got encouragement for some her few meme-mangle attempts and the usual nice small talk made with strangers or acquaintances. that was about all I could manage. I was uneasy with her the whole time.

The joint-mangles we did for a while were her idea. Even then, it was in the back of my mind that if she got back on the pro-fandom thing, those mangles would have to be amended with her stuff taken out. and she botched them up too.

I wasn't being two-faced. I just didn't come out and spell out the whole truth, much as I kept trying to convey it in more subtle ways.

If I really was a two-face putting on a facade, I would've pretended to be a big brotaku and totally into being scared of the pastas and using chanisms, only to turn around and kick her out for no reason later.

Maybe she stuck around, hoping to eventually change my POV on fandoms too. that I didn't kick her right away, (and why would I when she didn't overtly troll me?) maybe she took that as my mind changing from dislike of otaku to thinking maybe they're really not so bad.


"I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with those otaku. But I'm a nice otaku, give it a chance, you might learn to love it, I really really really hope!"


one can be forgiven for falling for the odd hoax, (not the stupid 'forward-or-die' kind),.

Not so for fanbrats, and when you've seen one fandom nut, you've pretty much seen them all. She had the same irritating Japanese-obsessions and posturing with the "I speaks better Japanese 'cause I know lots more than you" thing as Senna (who also has lots in common with Anatolia in terms of sadistic attitude) the same "I'm smarter than you" posturing against other otaku as Snufkin and Marcia Ubong, and had the same "Me poor little misunderstood victim, you big bad mean villain for disliking our sacred fandoms and all the shows we hold sacred!" as Igarashi, and all of them for that matter.

Her brotakuism was exactly what kept us from being friends. My big mistake was holding out, hoping she would ditch the fandoms in favour of the meme-mangling mission and eventually becoming friends with me, but that was just not going to happen. She made sure of that, and it became apparent the longer time went on.

This is not a "wall of shame" as she put it in her rant. It is a rant. Until something was done about it, these fangirls with their posts which were always publicly viewable had tried turning this whole forum into a "wall of shame" - very proud of their fandom causes, and I was the one ashamed of what they were turning the site into. If there ever was a "wall of shame" they built it themselves throughout the site.

Nariko Rainbow misused the Confessions section of the forum to whinge about some apparently terse response she got from some big anime dude over something, I don't remember what. But it had nothing at all to do with chain letters she had once believed in and now realized they were crap. It had nothing to do with mangling memes at all.

Nariko Rainbow also misused that section of the forum to talk about how scared she still was of Slender Man. now how the heck is that mangling him? How is that doing any good for her or anyone else? It isn't, that's what. It's just perpetuating the same stupid Slenderfan submissive/adoration mindset seen everywhere else.

She asked what are the creepiest chain letters we know about, in a topic she started…

That's already being done everywhere else by trolls, gullible little scaredy-cats and ">anti-chains. We don't do that here.

On the forum, I tried to get everyone involved in a story project I thought they would go for, since it should have been clear what the site stood for. Turned out there was only one other person who really got it, but she was hampered by time constraints. When she can find the time and can collaborate on writing and mangling projects, she is simply awesome!

The other people on the forum were just useless lurkers, or when they tried writing anything, it showed strong indications of being trolls or perhaps having been trolls in the past, too interested in necromancy, or else just fandom and childishness.

So, trying to get them working to write a story giving Slender Man what he had coming, turned out to be a much bigger challenge, and not for lack of trying on my part. Through that, I learned what "migusta" meant - something I'd never heard of before, but then, I don't frequent 4chan...

Instead of bravely standing up to Slender Man, Nariko turn it the whole thing on its head by writing her bit as a pro-slender anti-chain, where she was scared of him. That's only being done on every other site. That isn't mangling the meme or encouraging anyone reading to realize he's repulsive as all get-out but he's not worthy of anyone's fear.

When asked to revise her part, Nariko really screwed it up. We weren't anywhere near ready to end the story, and she just godmoded everyone into a super quick but frightfully cringe-worthy My Little Pony ending, purity wand, rainbow sparkles and all! Just iming rainbow lights at Slendy, so that instead of actually facing her fear and facing him down, the MLP meme magic and rainbow lights just ZING - made him disappear!


This was so anti-climactic and took about 30 seconds worth of reading,

No kidding, in all that fiasco, all she ever said to Slendy was "Nice to see you here," This after he caused her to shudder and he was the first of the two to say that exact phrase. And "Nice to see you" is *NOT* what anyone looking to clobber Slender Man says to him, unless it's said in a way that sneers and insults him.

The only other things she said were - an order to her wand:

"Purity wand! Shine!"


"We did it!" Nariko yelled out loud happily.

She put in smiles all around for the rest of us and I think she had my character reply with "Yes, we did!"

*Cringe, twitch* Ugh!

No... We did not.

I had made no secret of my dislike for MLP and its crazy fandom when she posted that horrible pro-brony rant against Amanda Marcotte. After that, I had completely forgot about MLP, moving up and onward, and so, I thought, was the site and its members.

Imagine the sickening feeling that came over me when it dawned on me that she had just tried to get us all involved in a meme fight with a 4chan one winning over the somethingawful.com one.

WTH was she thinking?

"I can't promote one chain letter and the fear of it in here so I'll just get you all to kill it for me by way of another chain letter"

*Scowl* No! That's like trying to get rid of the smell of the kitty litter box by filling it with horse dung.

Then, she just sat there and did sweet nothing further to brave up her part when asked for another revision.

What she did next was little better than nothing.

in the rewrite where she was supposed to send Slendy reeling, it was another member who ended up with most of the dialog, and Nariko still never said anything to Slender Man, she just stood there, staring. We were never actually shown she was brave, but merely told.

There was no dialog or battle that any of the other characters could witness, everything she wrote was all said and felt inside the respective minds of Nariko and Slender Man, until this last bit:

As the song ended, Nariko stepped back proudly. "My job here is done, guys," she smirked.

After that, she teleported zippity-split back home, quicker than a scared rabbit.

Finishing up with a "My job is done" and then swooshing out of the scene. What? Not even sticking around to watch/support anyone else who was going to confront him next? It was disappointingly clear, she was scared out of her pants of that stupid character.

Contrast that with this from BP:


"Your little teleportation trick won't work here, Slendy." She laughed, shaking her head. "You know what? I'm gonna tell you something funny. No really- you'll get a kick out of this one." She knelt in front of him, looking directly at his patchwork face. "I used to think you were creepy- scary, even. Before I knew what you were- what you really were. Nothing more than an altered image- someone's little Photoshop project. You're a sham, Slendy. A fake. It's time you realized that."


And this from Ocean Elf:


"What's the matter, Slender Boy?" a female voice cut through the silence.

He looked up, and to the other side, then took in a sharp surprised gasp.

It was her…

And he was fully awake!

Ocean Elf sneered. "Did you really think you could just get rid of me by waking up?"


Slendy gets to say some pretty awful things too. This from BP:

*** His roar increased to deafening proportions, distorting and warbling like some demented synthesizer experiment. "I will rip your pathetic bones from your body--I will hang your dripping carcass for the maggots to devour! I WILL MAKE YOU PAY!"


Nariko Rainbow was so unwilling to give Slender Man a real confrontation that when I asked if she just wanted me to write it for her, she said yes. Urgh!

But she wasn't the only one to drag the project down to parody. A couple others were, well, there were indications that they really weren't meme-manglers, and might have even been into 4chan. They also didn't have actual names on the forum until after theirs and Nariko's Slender Bungles had been written. I assigned proper names in place of the handles. I also put in reactions from my character, who was looking on, and consistently being underwhelmed.

Contrast the bungles with the other sections in NoodleHeads

Nariko Rainbow was far too quick to "Oh God" over everything, and put the "God Help Me" tag on so many posts.

BP: Gah, yes! *scowl* That 'God help me' tag really ticked me off. I was wondering who had started using it all of a sudden...and knowing it was Nariko...well, it makes sense.

Ocean Elf: Yes! It took me a while to realize this because I often just fly past the tags looking for the 'reply' button. Then it took time to get proficient at editing topics and posts, and figuring out which to edit in order to get rid of the offensive tags.

Don't get me wrong, there are times when an utterance of "Oh God Help Me" etc. is appropriate, when uttering an actual prayer/outcry to God. But not just splatted around so liberally as if it was no different from "Oh crap!"

I quietly removed the tags. She put more in again.

She "weeaboo"ed all over the tags too. 4chanism. *Scowl* Tags, posts, profile comments, it was always so much Japan stuff or K/J-pop or "weeaboo" "weeaboo" "weeaboo".

Nariko Rainbow actually agreed with this absolutely whinging "Disney Should Do" chain letter that basically wanted Disney to completely turn all the classic fairy-tales upside down and add in several heaping helpings of liberal political propaganda and spoon feed that crap to kids. The closest she came to resembling a meme-mangle in that one was by saying the person should send their suggestions to Disney instead of making a chain letter about it.

Well excuse Mangle for not wanting Disney in charge of raising kids when that's the job of the parents; let alone annihilating classic stories as we know and love them.

Those profile pic/icon animegirls that Nariko was always changing because she "got bored" so easily, and the way FM encouraged her to get more of them - well what does that look like? FM kept telling her how cute they were and she just ate it up.

Neither took my subtle hints, or my sterner warnings to cut it out - and I did leave a pretty stern rejection of 4chanisms on her profile, right where anyone participating in the profile pic banter was bound to read it, too. This was a public comment that wasn't meant only for one person, but applied to everyone. Ditto for my warnings to cut out the anime stuff on the forums…Meant for everyone. I was conveniently ignored and they just kept on.

So, considering all the shocking stuff Nariko knows about the dirtier side of anime, revolting things she brought up that I didn't even know about and neither should she at a young age, and her taste in American shows I.E. "Game Of Thrones" "The Walking Dead" (tortureporn&gore-fests) FM's blog gave me the shudders too,

Nariko Rainbow had told us many times she was just definitely under-age, and an innocent kid (Oh, really?)

I don't know if or how much any given members also use the private inbox to message among themselves but I just didn't like the way things were going with these members and couldn't just trust it coming to nothing. I can't prevent people from indulging in whatever nauseating stuff elsewhere on the net, but it is not allowed in any community I run…!

During my quest for more sites where people oppose bronies and other fandom stupidity, the search engine unfortunately pulled up yet another Quotev tantrum by Nariko, this time she was mad about my having put up additional articles that oppose bronyism. I didn't even bother to click and read her stupid rant, what the search engine showed in that result was enough to get the hint it was just more of her self-pitying pro-fandom crap. That she would even write a second rant just shows I was absolutely right to kick her, and what's so frightening is that it took me so freaking long to do it! I keep asking myself why I didn't kick her at the first sign of trouble. The answer is always the same - because I'd hoped she would grow up. I had hoped she wasn't such a big fangirl yet and if she was looking into it, she might reject it. No such luck. she may deny it, but she is a real fangirl. Only a fangirl/boy brat would throw offended fits over these links, and I realize more and more that she never belonged on that forum. I don't think most of them did.

The host eventually shut down, though not completely. You can still go there and sign up, but it is mostly a non-English site.


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