Gushing Over Gundam Wing

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This is one of those mushy gushes over the anime series Gundam Wing of all things.


Zechs picks his nose.

Even when picking his nose, Zechs still manages to make it look good.

My Gundam Rant

Gundam Wing is my new anime obsession. When I had first heard about it I wasn't too thrilled about watching it but I decided to give it a shot. I was hooked from the first episode.

Gundam Wing was like nothing I had ever seen before. I was amazed at the deepth of the characters and how realistically this plot was played out. Unlike so many other of today's cartoons, the audience was not hand fed their opinions. There were no "bad guys" or "good guys". No overly glorified league of super cool heros for us to cheer for nor arch nemesis for us to bet against.

There was no definite line between good and evil drawn for us. We were simply shown a man in a mask, a young girl coming home to Earth with her father, a calm colonel and his lady with their own agenda, and five daring young pilots with secret missions. We are simply shown what they are and are then left to come up with our own assumptions.

Through the eyes of these characters we get to see several different viewpoints about war and also the human spirit. Gundam Wing gives us a unique blend of politics and war, comedy and angst. And from its rich variety of characters we meet everyone from the Queen of the World to the God of Death. It shows us the harsh reality of life. There is no happy ending to this fairy tale. From this we learn that in war, sometimes there is no right side. That when we shoot a large beam cannon at the Earth it will leave a scar and there is no hero's welcome for those brave enough to fight for what they believe in.

People are so fickle and those who we fight for can change their views so easily. The right becomes wrong and the world changes faster than we can change with it. In the end, the princess does not always get her knight in shining armor. And those who fight for justice rarely get what they fought so hard for. But for those who fight diligently and with pure hearts, peace will eventually come. And our heros will fade away until they are needed again.

So many different lessons can be learned if we but look and remember. So for you young warriors, this site is dedicated. For your valor and tears. Your triumphs and frustrations. For your hardships and your doubts and your courage. For the lessons you've taught us. Yes, we will remember.


Who needs anime telling us life isn't always fun? This is like people getting wowed over sappy chain letters that go on and on about what friendship or love is.


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