Igarashi Ganta

This flood of Facebook messages erupted when Igarashi Ganta, a silly otaku joined an anti-otaku group to whine.

Here it is, minus the f-bombs. I'll insert a few comments.


Tsureboru Gómez Cortés posted in Anti Otaku 8:00pm Jul 7

flare all the otakus!

Capri 11:22pm Jul 7

Watch your language. No f-bombs, please.

Tsureboru Gómez Cortés 11:44pm Jul 7


Capri 3:12am Jul 8

Do I have to spell it out for you? No group I run or help run allows this extremity of foul language.

Igarashi Ganta 12:17pm Jul 15


Ocean Elf: Don't shout. It's rude.

I'll never understand people who do this - deliberately go onto groups specifically for expressing one thing, just so they can shout out the opposite. Troll, anyone? It especially makes no sense since there are scads and oodles of sites for otaku to indulge themselves all they want.

Igarashi Ganta posted in Anti Otaku 12:17pm Jul 15


Ocean Elf: You already said that. It doesn't make anime any more awesome, nor does it cause me to like it, or you...


Ocean Elf: Whoever doesn't like it has already given it enough of a chance to form this opinion. Shouting in all caps isn't going to change my mind and suddenly start watching it. It just doesn't interest me, and you fan-brats are uber annoying!

Gino Beppe 12:21pm Jul 15

First of all none of us think that anime sucks,we're just against otakus.And in second no one gives a flare about what you think about anime.

Igarashi Ganta 12:23pm Jul 15

y yal against otaku's?

Ocean Elf: Oh, boy! This is the answer you really don't want to know about.

Gino Beppe 12:24pm Jul 15

Read the description of the group.That's why.

Igarashi Ganta 12:25pm Jul 15

i am an otaku. i am normal. i have a gf. i am in beta

Ocean Elf: You are a normal otaku in the sense that you are normal for an otaku, not actually normal. I don't care if you have a gf or not.

Gino Beppe 12:26pm Jul 15

and i don't give a crap.

Ocean Elf: I've known otakus who had spouses and girl/boyfriends, and the same is true for some Twi-tards - but that doesn't make them normal. You can be an otaku, or you can be normal, it is impossible to be both. There's being a fan, and then there's being a crazed fanatic. Otaku fall into the latter category.

Igarashi Ganta 12:27pm Jul 15

so you base this site on false statements about people?

Ocean Elf: Wrong. This guy better decide what he wants to associate himself with before he rampages in with this false accusation.

Gino Beppe 12:27pm Jul 15


Gino Beppe 12:28pm Jul 15

Otakus are not all the same.And this is the proof that otakus are fanatics:you came here saying that anime is awesome and our shows suck

Igarashi Ganta 12:29pm Jul 15

theno how come i am an otaku. i am normal. when i said that you cursed at me as if you did not care about the truth.

Ocean Elf: The truth is that you take your stupid anime way too seriously, and you expect us to as well. The truth is whether you like it or not, some of us don't care for it, and we are annoyed by your fandom, and that is our right. Don't like it? Go back to your fandom and leave the rest of us alone. There's your truth!

Gino Beppe 12:29pm Jul 15

If your were something normal,you should ignore us.

Ocean Elf: Actually if he's something normal he shouldn't be offended, and maybe even join the decent anime fans in being irritated by the way the fanatics behave.

Igarashi Ganta 12:30pm Jul 15

but y should i ignore you when you are lying about my culture?

Ocean Elf: *Rolling eyes* Culture? Otakuism isn't a culture, it is a syndrome. It is mindless obsession. A mere subculture.

Gino Beppe 12:30pm Jul 15

I know a lot of otakus.

Gino Beppe 12:31pm Jul 15

No,we are not lying.

Gino Beppe 12:31pm Jul 15

All otakus i know are exaclty how this group says they are.

Gino Beppe 12:31pm Jul 15

And you said that " ANIME IS WAY BETTER THAN ANY OF YOUR SHOWS".Isn't this fanatism?

Igarashi Ganta 12:33pm Jul 15

i am not as the group says

Ocean Elf: You are exactly as this link describes to at least some degree.

Igarashi Ganta 12:33pm Jul 15

even though i am an otaku

Ocean Elf: If you weren't like the descriptions of otaku in this link or the group, you wouldn't be an otaku. You prove and reaffirm that otaku are fanatics by your ranting childishly about why you think anime is better than any other show, and trying to deny anime fanaticism exists.

Igarashi Ganta 12:33pm Jul 15

it is pathetic that yal made a page to lie

Ocean Elf: It is pathetic that you refuse to see the truth.

Gino Beppe 12:33pm Jul 15

You're an exception,something like the 2-3% of otakus.

Ocean Elf: There is no exception. Either you're an otaku, a crazed fanatic, or you're not. Igarashi is no exception... Don't knuckle under to his victim act and accusations of "LIES!"

Gino Beppe 12:34pm Jul 15

Or you're not an otaku.

Ocean Elf: He is an otaku... Otherwise he wouldn't have thrown such a tantrum on a group against otaku.

Gino Beppe 12:34pm Jul 15

You can like anime while not being an otaku.

Ocean Elf: Very, very true. I have a friend, whom I consider a very good friend, who likes some anime, and she is definitely not an otaku. She's a level-headed casual fan.

Igarashi Ganta 12:36pm Jul 15

otakus are cool. bye

Ocean Elf: No, they are not cool. And, he said "bye" but he didn't leave on his own.

Gino Beppe 12:36pm Jul 15

Like a little kid.Grow up little sh--.

Igarashi Ganta 12:39pm Jul 15

wow. i do not curse because i choose not to. you need to grow up and learn how to accept otakus. i am 22. you are a troll. lying about otakus on the internet and cursing like a little kid bye

Ocean Elf: Growing up means accepting otakuism? Uh, no. Especially when otaku are the masters of double-standards and hypocrisy. If they want to be 'accepted' it cuts both ways and they must learn to 'accept' people who don't even like anime. A normal anime fan can do that, but can an otaku? Not so much.

As for his boast about not cursing, that really doesn't matter much when he is disagreeable in another way, by being an otaku.

Gino Beppe 12:44pm Jul 15

We are not lying.I hate otakus.Nothing can change this,except myself.TRolling in a group is stupid.Thinking that all otakus are cool,socially ok and happy is stupid,Oh,you're 22 and you still watch anime? ahahah this is pathetic.You're 22 and you insult people that thinks something different than you?This is pathetic.I'm 14,i don't watch anime and i read a lot of books about economy and politics.I think that you're the one that should grow up.

Ocean Elf: Hahahaha! Otaku has just been pwned!

Igarashi Ganta 12:46pm Jul 15

wow you are pathetic to type that much

Ocean Elf: *Chortles* And this is all he can come up with? He's clearly run out of ammo in the battle of wits.

Gino Beppe 12:47pm Jul 15

oh well,go f--- off.Go to watch anime for little girls.

Ocean Elf: Well, that was stupid. Clearly Gino Beppe has been worn down by the persistent otaku stupidity and is out of ammo too.

Igarashi Ganta 12:50pm Jul 15

bloody gore anime is for girls? wow you retarded

Gino Beppe 12:52pm Jul 15

Watching a cartoon with blood is really for REAL MEN.

Ocean Elf: Cut the gender BS already. Any adult can watch whatever they prefer.

Igarashi Ganta 12:52pm Jul 15


Ocean Elf: Aaaagh! The dreaded Mean Girls/otaku expression "IKR". Kill it!

Gino Beppe 12:53pm Jul 15

Guess what i play call of duty,so now i'm a badass too,there's a lot of blood there.

Ocean Elf: Bully for you. I don't give a crap.

Igarashi Ganta 12:54pm Jul 15

call of duty has hardly no blood

Ocean Elf: One says there is lots, the other says there isn't, I don't know who to believe. Oh well, apparently both people love gore.

Gino Beppe 12:55pm Jul 15

black ops pls

Ocean Elf: Meh.

Gino Beppe 12:55pm Jul 15

nazi zombie is really badass

Ocean Elf: It sounds really stupid.

Igarashi Ganta 12:56pm Jul 15


Igarashi Ganta 12:56pm Jul 15

it is retarded

Gino Beppe 12:59pm Jul 15

I was joking.i'm not badass because i play cod,and watching anime with blood sounds just stupid.Is a f---ing cartoon with some f---ing blood.

Ocean Elf: I know, you ran out of thought ammo.

Igarashi Ganta 1:00pm Jul 15

wow you really are a retard

Ocean Elf: So just why should anyone accept this otaku again?

Gino Beppe 1:01pm Jul 15

So? The one that is proud of watching cartoons "with REAAAAAL BLOOD" is you.

Igarashi Ganta 1:02pm Jul 15


Capri 12:08am Jul 16

Look, if you want to be a whiny little otaku, join a different group. You're not giving anyone any reason to want to give you a chance let alone the anime you obsess over.

Capri 12:10am Jul 16

No one gives a 'hoot' or even a 'damn' or a 'blast' or a 'care' or a 'rat's hiney' I'm going to start booting people out who toss f--- bombs in here.


Ocean Elf: And that's it.

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