Jim Campbell And His Epic Fail


How not to mangle a meme.

DancingCzars Jim Campbell does an absolutely awful job trying to mangle the Julianna Smoot pro-Obama campaign chain. His post is so full of fail, utterly lacking in originality and intelligence, Not to mention his stupid food-cop cat-calls on his fellow food-cop Michelle Obama.

"Mooshell" Sheesh, talk about puerile, unoriginal and thick-witted. Suggesting "Mooshell" "skip a few meals" means he thinks she's a fat cow. "Put a feedbag on the ho" is another stupid sexist dig he makes. Calling her not only a fat cow once again, but a hooker as well, and that is unacceptable. It's shallow and stupid when one girl wrongly uses that insult against another in an attempt to deliver some kind of killer stroke. It doesn't make the girl who receives the insult bad. It makes the one dishing it out a foul, sleazy troll.

It's no different for the likes of Jimmy Campbell. He doesn't look like a jealous Mary Sue but a sleazy, foul, misogynistic drip who has also been brainwashed by food-cop zealotry, which is actually part of the liberal set of agendas.

Food-cops are always neenering anyone who doesn't resemble a supermodel and trying to tell everyone else what to eat, warning against "high fructose corn syrup" and anything they claim will make you "fat" or "morbidly obese" while touting vegan diets they call "healthy" and trying to get good-tasting foods banned while whipping up public fear and panic over them.

Oh, he called me some really pretty little gutter-minded names and accused me of pc-ness of all things when I gave him my honest opinion, replying to an email he sent, (which I never asked for BTW,) asking me why I commented negatively on his dimbulb site post.

A public comment, and he thought it might be cool to email me privately over it?

Uh, no. If I don't like your site and I make a comment that's meant to go public with the other comments, it is no invitation for you to send me private emails. If I'm unimpressed with you and express it publicly, what the heck makes you think I want to hear from you in my private inbox? Don't use that route to try avoiding getting exposed for the idiot you are while carrying on an email war, because I do not hold email trolling to the same unwritten internet rule as real emails from people who actually earn my respect.

According to Jimmy, it is "politically correct" to object to food-cop propaganda when it's directed toward a democrat in the form of a nasty name like "Mooshell."

He also played the numbers thing "Neener neener, I got lots o' followers, how many you gots?" thing. Pathetic. who cares? I'm not here to win any popularity contests. If I was, I'd go along with these annoying partisan trends and call "Mooshell" or "Teab***ers" and agree with and parrot all the same nonsense and chain letters as the rest of the massive idiot choir on the internet. He used the humor excuse too, but really, everybody falls back on that when they post something stupid that eventually gets called out for being utter crap.

In his obnoxious email rants, he confirmed what his idiotic post had indicated, belief in right-wing chain letters, which is exactly what the Smoots of this world are counting on.

I told him to take his stupidity and fly a kite. The pottymouthed, clued-out dweeb hasn't written back since, thank goodness. I wouldn't either if I was him. Not after that silly tantrum filled with obscenities he pitched.

So let's mangle his stupid little rant.


👹Dancingczars Jim Campbell jcscuba@gmail.com: Perhaps in your desperation you might suggest Moooshell skip a few meals and quit flying around campaigning.)

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: You moron, you sound like a food-cop and probably believe every Michelle Obama chain letter out there too. I suggest you mind what goes into your own mouth and stop with the elementary school name-calling. 'Mooshell' oh really… And yes, you deserve to get called a moron for that.

👹DCJC: Our day will be made when somebody gets the testosterone to nail Obama’s bony ass to the wall for treason. Seeing him shot or hung would make more than the 2/3 of people with a brain’s day. Believe it. Lines are already forming to pull the trigger or the pin. Here is my Email Address: liberalsareclueless@gmail.com.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Yeah, count yourself among the clueless, and the email drivel you sent me came from jcscuba@gmail.com.

Cut the freaking testosterone thing. I'm so sick of this sexist trash everyone spouts. What sort of evil sexist influence has hypnotized so many people into thinking "grow a set" "get a pair" "get the ba||s" "have the testosterone" was somehow cooler than "get a backbone" "have the guts" "have the spine"?

Yes, there were the days when we used to talk about people getting the guts/spine/backbone to stand up for what's right or justice or even themselves. Now, everybody's into this stupid "Get the ba||s/grow a pair/set/get the testosterone" to do this or that.

Clue, world, get back out of the dark ages, toss the testosterone thing and wake up to the fact that you don't have to become a man to get things done!

Even "Man up!" should only apply to men who are being deadbeats, wusses, or cowardly abusers of some sort. The expression "man up" should only be used to scold such men, and not used as a general expression for some normal person or segment of the human race to get some kind of personality and set something right.

Get a brain, get a spine and lose the pair thing.

👹DCJC: Sadly, ObamasaMarxist@gmail.com and Yahoo were both taken.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: I'll make sure to disallow you on my site, sexist troll. why do you assume it takes testosterone to get anything done, jerk? That whole idea is so sexist and brainless, and unfortunately all too common. I've even seen women espousing this line of 'thinking' and I use that term loosely. I do not ever want to read or hear anyone telling anyone else to "get/grow a pair/set of/some (insert male genetalia term)" again. Kill that sexist figure of speech and go back to telling people to get some guts or a backbone or spine!

what treason? Oh, right, Obama was committing treason just by existing as far as a brainless maggot like yourself is concerned… You're exactly the same as the whackos who want to impeach or even kill Trump. As far as your stupid ideas for usernames, there you go with that Marxist thing again, like every other far-right drone. The left have their stupidity where they believe everyone who is not a democrat must be a racist, cross-burning white redneck. The far-right believe if you don't side with them then you must be a marxist. Both sides are constantly pointing at each other, yelling "Nazi!" or "Cross burner!" or "Marxis socialist commies!" and I'm sick of it.

👹DCJC: Be clear, put a feed bag on the ho,

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: There you go again, honestly, you spout off like a typical cheesed-off liberal. You disgust me, loser!

You couldn't mangle a meme right if your life depended on it, not with all that food-cop, sexist drivel and your clueless belief that obama has committed treason and should be impeached. You have to commit a crime for that while in office, and neither Obama nor Trump did.

As for your stupid 'ho' thing, what, you think Michelle Obama is not only a cow, but a prostitute? Because, rocket scientist, that's what a ho is, a prostitute. So, did you proposition her and get rejected? That would sure explain your misogynistic harden you have for that woman, and why you only see women as c---s as you called me in your garbage email. Or as cows and hookers. I suppose you believe women should be barefoot, preggers and lodged firmly in the kitchen, put in their place, too,. You disgust me! So don't give me the usual stupid joke excuse. It's only the same idiocy just about every other troll falls back on when they know they did something stupid and can't get people seeing things their way. You're a Chauvinistic jerk and besides being on parr with the average liberal fanatic for pottymouth, you are the exact cardboard cut-out idea of a conservative liberals love to perpetuate. You have just managed to re-enforce the leftist stereotype that all republicans are ignorant, Chauvinistic males that see women as commodities and sex objects. Trolls like you need to be run out of the non-left and put down where you belong, with the liberal trolls.

You stink, your site sucks.


-- Liberals are acting exactly the same way about Trump, demanding he be impeached, wishing he would be shot etc. The disgusting thing is that the shame stream media is not calling out their hatred for the hatred it is. Jimmy Campbell is exactly the sort who needs to be drummed out of the right and centre-right, and tossed in with the left, since he does everything to fulfill their fantasies of a big bad boogey republican misogynist...

Our aim is not to get a stupid rise out of the snowflakes. It is to oppose them and help turn anyone away from following them before it's too late.

If opposition to SJW and bad politics was a car, Trolls like Jimmy Campbell and Gavin McInnes would be the holes causing a flat tire..


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