Juli Briskman Woman Who Gave Donald Trump The Middle Finger Salute Loses Her Job

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Article Title: Juli Briskman, woman who gave Donald Trump the middle finger salute, loses her job

World AFP Nov, 07 2017 11:37:50 IST

Article Start:

Washington: Juli Briskman didn't think twice when she gave US president Donald Trump the finger as his motorcade passed her while she was cycling on a road near his golf club.

"He was passing by and my blood just started to boil," the Democrat mother of two, 50, told HuffPost. "I'm thinking, he's at the damn golf course again."

A woman on a bike gestures with her middle finger as she passes Donald Trump's motorcade. AFP

But the obscene gesture, captured on 28 October by AFP White House photographer Brendan Smialowski, who was riding in Trump's convoy, quickly went viral. And it has now cost the single mom her job.

The president had gone to his Trump National Golf Club on the banks of the Potomac River, about 25 miles (40 kilometers) northwest of the White House.

Ocean elf: Already I can see how a liberal mag like Huff Po would spin this, "poor down-trodden single mom VS. huge gazillion$ badarse golf-addicted US president Trump, and he doesn't get impeached, she gets sacked... Oh, and everybody, your private lives are in danger when you make any connections to your employ on social networks! Squeeeeee!" Oh, noes!"

Article: Briskman lives nearby and was out for a Saturday bike ride when the convoy of black SUVs drove past. Smialowski, a veteran of White House motorcades, said he always keeps his camera ready to shoot. "You never know what you might see. You never know what might happen," he said.

Gestures from bystanders, thumbs up or middle fingers, are common. In this case, he said, Briskman "seemed to know exactly who was inside those vehicles".

After the first time the convoy passed her, she caught up again when it stopped at a red light. "What made this particular cyclist unique was her tenacity — once the motorcade passed her, she managed to catch back up and share her feelings again," he said.

Ocean Elf: That just shows what a loose cannon she is over this Trump business. So many liberals became completely unglued after their eight-year hayday under Obama was up and social justice warriors like this forced a Trump victory, because enough people were far more scared of them and of their champ Hillary Clinton than they were of a relatively harmless doofus on the other side of the aisle.

Article: The photo only showed Briskman from the back, unidentifiable, her left arm out and middle finger up. It didn't take her long to realise that she was the person in the photo soon all over the internet and television. She proudly posted it as her profile picture on her Facebook and Twitter pages.

Ocean Elf: The media has not helped this attitude, if anything, they have been encouraging hatred toward Trump, so people like Briskman still think they can and should get away with anything as long as they toss their hatred in 'the right direction'.

Article: It isn't known whether Trump saw the gesture.

Ocean Elf: Who cares?

Article: But it didn't please Briskman's bosses at Akima LLC, a builder that does work for the US government and military.

Three days later they told Briskman, a marketing officer, she had to go. "They said, 'We're separating from you,'" Briskman told HuffPost. "Basically, you cannot have 'lewd' or 'obscene' things in your social media. So they were calling flipping him off 'obscene'."

Ocean elf: Which it was. But yes Huff Po would be sympathetic to Briskman since she is a democrat, and they are a leftist rag.

Article: Briskman and Akima could not be contacted early Monday for comment. But the photograph remained at the top of her social media pages.

Published Date: Nov 07, 2017 11:37 am | Updated Date: Nov 07, 2017 11:37 am

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Ocean elf: The same people screaming hysterically over this don't bat an eye when somebody gets canned for forwarding a joke that superimposes a chimp's face on Obama. that's considered all in a good day's work for "STAMPING OUT RACISM!" Nobody raises a fuss when Trump gets called a gorilla, "Agent Orange" is said to look like he bathes in cheeto dust etc. Bad political jokes are not treated equally, you're more likely to get fired if you're a republican and you tell or spread any joke that liberals can twist and squeeze some sort of accusations of racism/sexism/Islamaphobia out of it, but liberals get away with nearly anything - except for one thing, the f-bomb. Thank goodness there is still one thing most people still seem to agree on as being not okay to some degree.

Remember Ellen Lewin, the professor who sent an "f-bomb you republicans" in a mass emailing to the school because she was so buttburned over a satire piece?

Things don't change much except that liberals have gotten more and more violent and divisive, since then, which is why - Trump notwithstanding, such pathological hatred toward the non-left, should be considered a liability and treated accordingly when they do things like this.

Don't ask me to feel sorry for people who act stupid and then lose their jobs because of it. Don't expect me to go along with the paranoid squeeing that inevitably follows that goes "This is why you shouldn't friend your boss, put your employ on your public profile etc. because your private life ain't yer own no mo!" Bull. When you give a public f-bomb salute, to a public figure - out in public, that's just not private. Whoever happens to witness it has every right to react how they see fit. So if it ends up getting on your network and you get canned as a poor reflection on the company you worked for, too bad, so sad, next time, don't be stupid.


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