Warning, adult content ahead.

I've said it over and over, based on what I've seen of anti movements in general.

If it's "anti" it only adds to the problem, it is no solution.

There are anti-chain letters. They are actually chain letters.

There is anti-fandom. It actually consists of people from many fandoms, all doing every kind of annoying thing found in every fandom, especially trolling.

Anti-feminism is no different because of the extremes of MGTOW, and the broader "men's rights activism" movement that is supposed to be called egalitarian and their failure to completely drum MGTOW out of their ranks and refuse to disassociate opposition to feminism with them.

Real opposition to feminism opposes sexism coming from either gender.

MGTOW just oppose women and all out hate western women.

It is sometimes called meninism. Apparently, if a Youtube troll is to be believed, that term was supposedly made up by him and the group of trolls he belongs to, and feminists popularized the term to label 'men's rights activists'.

That is false.

Here's an article on meninism and its origins and meanings.

There are "Men's rights activists" including women among them, who are actually working against feminism to hold on to equal rights, and I don't like the term "men's rights " for the same reason I dislike people using the term "feminism" when they are actually egalitarian. Feminism and meninism are not egalitarian, and those terms should be a dead giveaway that they are not. No gender is superior nor should one be over the other. So they are not "men's rights activists" or MRA as long as they are for equal rights and do not feel one gender is good and the other is evil.

Feminists who claim to be for equality are really not, because they believe in feminism...

There is a group of men's rights activists who are not pro equality, and do view one gender as good and the other as evil.

The true misogynistic men's rights activism movement is:


If you're a woman who thinks you might make friends with other people opposing feminism in a friendly environment that doesn't include men who just want to bang you, MGTOW is anything but. They are a loud and disgusting minority, but they are the male stereotype feminists are always trying to convince society is over-running and dominating the whole world.

The most notorious masculinist subculture is MGTOW, or Men Going Their Own Way to be precise.

If it ever truly started out as an egalitarian movement fighting the sexism of feminism, it went horribly wrong and lost sight of those goals. MGTOW has devolved into a sexist, hedonist collective of woman-hating social justice warriors and perversion.

MGTOW's flawed world views

Face It, MGTOW Is A Cult

MGTOW might appear at the very first glance to be opposition to feminism, but that is because there are still some people against feminism who have not completely rejected anything coming from MGTOW. And they should. Opposing feminism is not hating or even opposing women. MGTOW is.

Like anti-chain letters and anti-fandom, MGTOW isthe very thing it protests, spiralling downward into a 4chan-like subculture of perverted extremists, internet trolls and whiny SJW idiots.

Yes, SJWs. Social justice warriors.

Feminism hates men. MGTOW hates women. Both gender phobic movements are leftist and originated with communist ideology.

Why Men Need To Be Misogynist - a MGTOW video. Misogynist MGTOW is another video fretting over accusations of misogyny.

But if it looks like a snake, slithers like a snake, hisses like a snake, it's a snake.

More MGTow videos:

Misogyny on display. This man is a violent creep.

More misogyny and it comes with the typical obligatory sniping about appearances, including fat-shaming. "This woman" this, "This b***h* that. MGTOW have made a "Women Are Nasty" series, which this MGTOW defends, and as feminists refer to their fellow feminists and other women they hope to ensnare as "sisters" so this MGTOW refers to other MGTOW and other men they hope to suck into their cult as "brothers".

MGTOW don't want romance or relationships with women at all, especially not marriage. Don't let that fool you into thinking you're safe around MGTOW men.

This video exposes the MGTOW mindset.

Feminists imagine misogyny where it does not exist. MGTOW wants people going blind to the true misogyny coming from their cult, and like feminists, they make excuse after excuse to hate the opposite gender.

MGTOW believe "Women DESTROY NATIONS/CIVILIZATIONS". MGTOW believe women never invented anything, as feminists believe women invented things men never gave them credit for.

As feminism would have people believe men are the blight in the universe, MGTOW believe women are the blight, and where feminism claims to know men's character, MGTOW claim to know women similarly. Here is a video called a a Primer On Female Nature by a MGTOW. I warn you, the level of ludicrous bullshartery is insanely high.

MGTOW do not see women as fellow human beings, only as nothing more than female genitalia. Money-grubbing, nation-destroying female genitalia.. Privileged and greedy if western. "beautiful" only in an eye-candy way if young/skinny enough, and delicious for screwing without any strings attached in countries outside of those the MGTOW and western women reside in.. MGTOW want exactly what they condemn western women for having - easy access to money, sex, and privilege, without any responsibilities. They make blanket statements about women as a group, judging them all as guilty of avarice and devoid of any motivations beyond self-centredness. They rarely ever make the distinction between women and feminists when they do this, even though there are men feminists, and men who are just as lacking in character as the women MGTOW hate, including especially themselves. They sometimes try to sound as if they are not tossing all women into the bad kettle by putting the word "western" before "women" and that's where their excuse-making starts for their roaming abroad just to get some screw from women who can be much easier to exploit and toss when he's done with them.

MGTOW believe marriage is just a legal form of prostitution and a trap devised by women to trap men into forking over all their money. MGTOW believe rgeanuine prostitution should be legalized. This MGTOW says as much early in his video.

MGTOW don't even want women as friends. They see women as 1. greedy enemies. 2. Sex objects. 3. Both.

"All women Are Whores" says this MGTOW video.

All MGTOW want is sex sex sex, and They believe that everything and everyone can be fixed by their own genitalia. This debunks their own whining complaint that "for men, love is enough, for women, nothing is ever enough".

Sex is the only thing MGTOW believe women are good for, and - only the "beautiful" ones. They are appearance-obsessed creeps who don't want real women, they just want supermodels, the thinner, the more submissive, the better, for their own pleasure.

MGTOW don't believe women should have the choice to say no to sex. That constitutes rejection and victimization to them. They expect women to not just have regular sex either. They expect women do the especially disgusting sort of nasty, otherwise known as oral sex. That's not an option according to MGTOW, it's an entitlement, a demand that must be met without complaint or cringing. MGTOW are always making references to this particular gross sex activity. They're obsessed with it. They don't care if the woman would rather die. And they would never give a decent woman who dared to refuse them on their sex demands the time of day. they believe that if a woman is going to live with a man, especially if he's bringing home most of the cash, then it is her obligation to give him sex, where and whenever he wants it, and the type he prefers, even if the very idea of putting her face anywhere near his pee-pee makes her gag or actually puke. MGTOW are the creeps who would go to foreign countries to screw every unsuspecting "beautiful" girl under the sun. Screw them, then dump them. That's it. That's the MGTOW way to treat women.

MGTOW How To Pump and Dump Chicks Most of the commentary debunking the MGTOW idiocy here is great but for the odd crudeness and one negative thing said in reference to Christianity, I really get annoyed by people who do that. Otherwise, this video has it right when it comes to MGTOW.

Here's another video featuring MGTOW comments.

MGTOW see their own genitalia as being the most important part of themselves too. That's why any complaints about feminism from MGTOW that might start out as "Feminism is bigoted against men." gets quickly dumbed down to "We are expected to worship (female genitalia term)." or "I am a real man. Want to see my (male genitalia)?" Or "Feminists are just mad because they are fat and ugly and can't get any (insert crude term for male genitalia)." they don't call other men sympathetic to feminism "brainwashed" "deluded" "Fools" or even "male feminists" They call them by this utterly stupid and crude term "mangina" showing once again that they only see women as a sex object and not a human being, while the "man" part of that term still allows the man to be called a man. Other crude terms MGTOW use constantly, indicate that sex is all they think about. They don't care about personality. It's all about "t|ts" "tail" or "a$$" "vag/pu$$y" and most importantly their own "d|*k" with them. Sorry, but they literally are that crude. and of course, the girl must have a "beautiful" face and body, not be "ugly" "fat" or menopausal. She must be willing to give him sex but never ever mention what MGTOW consider the dirtiest word in the English language, "marriage".

These disgusting cretins simply don't grasp, or flatly choose to reject the concept that human beings are higher life forms than that.

MGTOW, like feminists, also have rape and sexual assault fantasies. They are obsessed with rape. Feminists make up bogus stats claiming 1 in 4 women are raped on campus. MGTOW makes up their own bogus and ridiculously high stats claiming some absurdly large majority of woman fantasize about or actually enjoy rough sex.

I was looking around on Youtube, and watched some other creep totally lose it when he made up a disgusting joke. When it got the rightly cold reception it deserved, he got completely unhinged and went totally bonkers! Soon, he was tossing f-bombs and "Whatever!" "What do you want from me?" "I don't know why you wouldn't like it, it was a joke!" What a cry-baby.

It was a horrible excuse of a joke that went like this, and remember, he was directing this at a woman who was considering making some kind of reaction video about another woman's repugnant attitude.


Proffessor2000: Geeeet her! Go on ahead and Get her. Rip off her clothes. Yank that bra off; Annihilate them panties.... roll around in the jello and...


What were we talking about?


*Scowl* A rape joke. Or at the very least, a sexual molestation joke. Whether or not he would actually physically commit this himself is beside the point.

This is not funny. Sexual assault is no laughing matter. And that he imagined this going girl on girl and expressed this fantasy to a woman without even knowing what her sexual orientation is.


That channel was supposed to be opposition to feminism. Instead, it was filled with commenters who were doing everything to live up to the horrible blanket statements feminists make about men.

MGTOW think it's totally cool to act like the typical shallow, crude misogynistic pig stereotype feminism is always accusing men of being.

They blame this attitude on women, whom they judge as being just as shallow and selfish. and not just the one woman who they cry screwed them over. All women. They are selfish because the women who originally mucked up their lives were selfish, if their sob stories can be believed. Therefore, all women are parasites to them.

women at least have a valid claim to sympathy when some man has cheated on or left them because that man fancies some new eye-candy that he thinks is "prettier" or "cuter" or "more attractive" "beautiful" you get the idea, or simply because his GF/wife won't give him sex every time he wants it.

That girl's version might or might not be true. If it is true, the sympathy is well deserved. If not, then no.

But MGTOW men actually expect sympathy for stuff like this: "She can divorce you if she doesn't like the taste of your come any more." I kid you not, MGTOW have actually said this sort of thing on Youtube.

They expect sympathy/empathy/compassion for that?

Then they go all tough guy. "I don't need women!" They use this victim mantle to excuse their nasty mindset.

Sound familiar?

A lot like - wait for it -


But they are not a fair representation of the male gender as a whole., just as feminists and slutty gold-diggers are no fair representation of the female gender as a whole. Theese extremists are just feminists and anti-feminists, as annoying and useless as anti-chains are for opposing chain letters, and much more vile. And as usual, these extremists drown out the voices of reasonable and real opposition to both gender phobic cults.

In my perusing the internet, trying to find good opposition to feminism, I find some good stuff, but always run into so much idiocy as well.

There are those of us out there who don't give a flying hot crap about anybody's 'manhood' or how he looks or if he's rich.

It is personality that matters. we don't want your lame-arse excuses, we don't care what woman ran roughshod over your heart and made pablum out of it. If you only care about getting some with a "beautiful" woman and masturbating to porn trash, you are immoral, animalistic and repulsive. In short, you suck. buh-bye!

Oh, and MGTOW expect a woman to cook the man dinner every night too. That was brought up by a MGTOW in a video to which some other guy reacted. Unfortunately, the reaction, though great in many places, still indicated belief in the bogus wage gap thing, had a much bigger conniption over the cooking dinner thing rather than the sex entitlement thing, and turned out to be a liberal.


I go looking for opposition of feminism. I find some really good stuff.

But I also find mountains of MGTOW idiocy.

I go looking for opposition to MGTOW that isn't feminist to at least some degree, and come up with only two articles that don't appear to be biased toward one or the other on the surface. I might find more if I searched through pages and pages of results, but it seems to be overwhelmingly MGTOW/meninism sites/blogs/videos railing about the problems with feminism, and feminist sites/blogs/videos railing about the problems with MGTOW.


Happens all the time with every subject.

This article, titled, Why “Men Going Their Own Way” Is No Way For Men To Go, was basically good, but there was some idiocy that needed to be edited out with better stuff replacing it. And there was also stuff missing that I added in. I'm not content with their willingness to give people a pass on doing the nasty willy nilly, nor am I impressed with their references to MGTOW as "virgins" which I replaced with something more accurate and not so assumptive in the negative of virginity. Virginity is when you've never had sex. Well, it's pretty obvious from the way MGTOW talk that they have, and will again if they are sure there wouldn't be some sort of catch, or as they call it "price" for it eventually.

It was originally found here.


The creeping cult of male loserdom

mgtow (Men Going Their Own Way)

In the past few months, Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) has completed its devolution from a sensible philosophy of masculinity into a cult for lonely (edit: men who only want women for sex and nothing else.) While I never identified as MGTOW myself, the old-guard MGTOW blog NO MA’AM (whose owner, Rob Fedders, has become so embarrassed by what MGTOW has become that he’s wiped almost all mention of it from his site) was a huge influence on my thinking; indeed, it was my introduction to anti-feminist thought in general.

The men who created the MGTOW philosophy a decade ago—zed, Ragnar, Rob Fedders etc.—were learned men, who’d seen the horrors of second- and third-wave feminism first-hand. They rode motorcycles, (edit: did the nasty with girls) and read books, sharing their findings via blogs and forums. MGTOW was deliberately conceived as an “anti-movement,” in response to the impotence of men’s rights’ activists, and the “marriage strike“—the most recognizable part of modern “migtow” bleating—wasn’t even mentioned in the original MGTOW manifesto.

As it exists now, MGTOW has become a lonely hearts’ club for the refuse of the male species. Not only are most (edit sex-obsessed woman-hating jerks who also have a thing against virginity) Going Their Own Way personally repellent losers, their “philosophy” is completely wrongheaded. Men Going Their Own Way will never appeal to anything more than the rejects of American society because it’s a philosophy that denies the fundamental nature of human beings (while judging one gender as being completely at fault.)

Here are messages MGTOW conveys on a regular basis.

“Lack Of Sex Can Drive A Man Crazy” - MGTOW


"Marriage is only a trap so women can grab all your money and bleed you dry." -MGTOW

"Women are money-grubbing, entitled, spoiled brats." - MGTOW

"All the beautiful women are not available." - MGTOW

"All the other women are either ugly, taken, or menopausal." - MGTOW

"All women are inherently stupid." - MGTOW

"Women can't be trusted." - MGTOW

"(insert complaint) is what happens when you give women any/equal/more/absolute power." - MGTOW

"Women are not loyal and will turn against their group so shouldn't be allowed to vote." - MGTOW

The world declined after women were given the right to vote." - MGTOW

"All women feminists are fat and ugly." - MGTOW

"The only reason women are feminists is because they are fat and ugly and can't get some (insert crude word for sex or manhood). - MGTOW

"It's not body-shaming to just want beautiful women to oggle and bang." - MGTOW

"Manginas!" - MGTOW (another stupid perverted term for a supposedly emasculated man. It is their dirty term for a male feminist, or even a male who has the nerve to tell them not all women are bad through and through.

Men feminists are p***ified/p***y-whipped/manginas." - MGTOW

"I don't want the relationship. I just want to bang the girls. Yay for sex with no commitment!" - MGTOW

"I really want to turn that lesbo feminist straight!" - MGTOW

"Society has been (stupid vulgar term for female genitalia-ified!" - MGTOW That's their filthy way of saying society has been emasculated.

MGTOW are as obsessed with sex and genitalia as the feminists are.

(Back to article).

One common talking point of “migtows” is that their beliefs represent a completely new take on masculinity: the rejection of male subservience to women, or “(vulgar slang term for female genitalia deleted) worship” as the MGTOW call it. This shows how historically illiterate—and arrogant—they are.

Spiritual and philosophical movements focused on celibacy and the denial of base urges have a long pedigree in human history, from early Buddhism and Jainism in India to the Catholic priesthood, monastic orders such as the Trappists, and quasi-Christian off-shoots such as the Shakers.

While it might inflate the bloated ego of the average “migtow” to be compared to great religious movements of the past and present, MGTOW fails even on that front.

Monks and nuns don’t take the vows because they’re angry at not being able to get a date, they choose their lifestyles because they want to become closer to God.

Aside from avoiding (add: relationships with) women (in actuality being rejected by them), VGTOWs indulge in every vice available to them, from (edit: internet trolling) to (edit: porn) to masturbation (edit: to banging prostitutes or any girl they can just use for sex). Their lifestyles are the very opposite of self-control. (add: they will readily admit they don't want the woman as an equal human being in a relationship,they just want to go bang girls and leave them when they're through. Their excuse for this is self-preservation. They are protecting their life savings, keeping themselves from getting used and thrown away by some woman who must be an evil shallow money-hungry leach by default because she has female genitalia instead of male. (Back to article.)

The “migtow” aversion to interacting with women also has a less pleasant parallel to radical feminism. They hate the female gender as much as feminism hates the male. Like Feminism, MGTOW sees their own gender as victims, and the opposite gender as victimizers. They see this as justifying their hatred and paranoia.

In the 1970’s, extremist feminists such as Andrea Dworkin argued for “political lesbianism,” where feminists only had relationships with other women, regardless of their sexual orientation.

(Insert: Ugh! *Cringe*)

Dworkin’s logic was that since men were oppressing women, feminists who dated men were literally fraternizing with the enemy.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some “migtows” start advocating “political homosexuality” in the future. After all, since women are evil, ball-cutting, divorce-raping succubi, the only safe relationships are to be had with other men.

If you bang a dude, he won’t jam you for child support or falsely accuse you of rape, and you certainly won’t be “worshipping (vulgar slang term for female genitalia deleted)” if you pack fudge (You’ll just be exposing yourself to HIV and drug-resistant gonorrhea, but hey, you gotta take the good with the bad).

The Masculine And The Feminine


More to the point, MGTOW will never catch on for the same reason that political lesbianism never became popular: they both deny the fact that men and women want to be with each other.

“Migtows” redefine all male-female relationships into male servitude of women, much in the same way that feminists recast relationships as men oppressing women. The problem with this is that the relationship between men and women is one of the most fundamental aspects of human existence. As Jack Donovan stated in his book No Man’s Land, masculinity and femininity are defined in opposition to each other; without one, the other cannot exist.

(add: Of course, everyone has the right to choose whether or not to be with anyone, but) The idea that (insert: all) men (edit: should) go it alone or that any form of relationship with women is “(vulgar slang term for female genitalia deleted) worship” is (edit: nothing short of bigotry.) (Delete anti-libertarian jag*)

The reality is that as frayed as relations between the sexes are, men and women still fundamentally want to be together. The most attention-seeking, Instagram-obsessed, passive-aggressive, narcissistic (edit: fangirl for any guy she considers 'hot') obviously desires a man to take her. And despite their whinnying, the average (edit: internet-trolling) “migtow” would go “(vulgar slang term for female genitalia deleted) worshipper” in a flash (add: and waste no time banging her) if a cute, agreeable girl was dropped in his lap.

MGTOW, Will You Please Go Now!


In the end, Men Going Their Own Way is a passing fad, limited to a few bottom-feeders who would have been shipped off to die on the battlefield in epochs less squeamish than our own. The de facto Marxism of most major “migtow” YouTube personalities—as evidenced by their pathological obsession with (insert: sex and) bashing “TradCons,” their (edit: stupid) term for anyone who acknowledges the natural place of men and women—also renders them useless.

Despite their claims that “there’s no difference between the left and the right,” “migtows” almost never attack the misandrist, feminist left, even though it’s the left who holds all the power in the West. (add: They have utter contempt for Christianity, since it's the in thing to be atheist, and Christianity advocates something MGTOW is against most of all, heterosexual marriage. Back to article.)

Their impotent rage against anything deemed “TradCon”—even though “TradCons” have virtually no influence in society—indicates that “migtows” are just as opposed to the natural order of humanity as the average pierced-lipped, easily “triggered” Tumblr activist.

“Migtows” are the social justice warriors of the manosphere: hysterical, intolerant of criticism, and driven entirely by emotion. Their vision of masculinity is one in which men turn inward, refusing to accomplish anything of value or engage with the world beyond crying on the Internet. MGTOW is no place for men who are proud of being men.

(End of article.

And MGTOW is no place for women either, period. Not even Mother Theresa would meet with their shallow-minded, self-pitying, entitled approval. Their raging hormones and phobia of women wouldn't allow it.

Of course, some batty foul-mouthed internet troll claims meninism is fake because he was among a group of trolls who made up that word to call men's rights activists and then feminists stole his thunder, or something to that effect. He goes by the laughable Youtube handle of EyeofValor. *Snicker* Anything but. And his attitude toward a woman who questions his claims is typical MGTOW and typical troll.


EyeofValor AKA EyeofIdioticNonValor: +Jessica Smith Meninisim is fake. Egalitarian is the world you're looking for.

Jessica Smith: +EyeofValor Meninism is just like feminism. And yes, equality is what I'm for. Not feminism or meninism.

EyeofValor AKA EyeOfIdiocy: +Jessica Smith Meninisim is fake bruv. I was part of the troll collective that help start it. It's feminism and Men's rights activists.

Jessica Smith: +EyeofValor So you're saying that MGTOW is just a big prank like bronyism?

EyeofValor AKA EyeOfStupidTroll: +Jessica Smith Are you braying (edit) stupid? Men's rights activists exist. Not the movement known as meninisim. Read between the lines, some crazy ass feminists just decided to make it a big hit. Because they were lulled into believing it. MGTOW is a Men's rights activist site.

Katie M: +Jessica Smith Seems to me that what was once fake, is becoming real!!.... Meninisim> 🤔

Jessica Smith: +EyeofIdiotNonValor I'm still going to call it meninism whether you like it or not. It's a sexist movement against women, MGTOW/meninism. Two sides of the same coin. So I had you sized up for what you are, a vocabulary-challenged, arrogant, attention-seeking, stupid troll. 'Nuff said. Welcome to the idiot craplist. From now on, you are beneath my notice. Have a nice life - oh, wait, you have to get one first. Sneers and turns back on dumb troll


Call it meninism or MGTOW, it's as sexist as feminism, and the troll's comments in the above should prove the contempt MGTOWs have for women, not just feminists.

Feminism and MGTOW are bitter, hateful, gutter-minded subcultures whom everyone of opposite gender should run from, and everyone of the preferred gender with a brain, conscience and a heart would never embrace if they saw that ugliness for what it is.

You don't have to be meninist to oppose feminism, or the other way around, in fact, it's better not to be either of those. Feminism is sexist, MGTOW is sexist. Both believe in conspiracy theories that claim the world is stacked against their preferred gender. Both claim perpetual victim status. Both refuse to call their own bigotry for what it is and are always looking for excuses to justify it. Neither are excusable or justifiable. Both turn everything into a gender issue/war. Both hate tradition and convention. Neither have ideas that are an improvement to tradition or convention. Both hate "organized religion" especially Christianity. Both want to divorce sex from love and get rid of marriage, believing that would stop mass victimization of their own gender.

Over and out!


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