You may or may not have received a chain forward or a few that were filled with weird looking pictures of what the chain email calls "Walmart Shoppers"

It turns out that the culprit behind these chain letters is PeopleOfWalmart.com.

I had originally thought these pictures were all photoshopped and the whole idea was to make fun of people who shop at Walmart.

I was half right. The intent of these chain letters is to laugh at Walmart and the people who go there.

At least some of these pictures are not photoshopped, but of real people, according to what was said on this site.

Apparently, the meme site PeopleOfWalmart.com obtains pictures of what is in their opinion, the worst dressed, or the most funny looking people they can find in Walmart stores all around the world - or at least, wherever there are Walmarts. Then they post these pics on their site along with halfwittery captions they can dream up to go with each pic.

that's where all those irritating, juvenile "Walmart Shoppers" memes come from.

There is a section on the PeopleOfWalmart site where people express displeasure with their lulzing outfit, and these opinions against this childishness are definitely understandable and justified.

PeopleOfWalmart.com, hypocritically and whiningly calls any such dislike of their site "Hate Mail", as if putting up a bunch of pics of people without their knowledge and permission for the purpose of laughing at how they look, isn't hating, please. It's schoolyard stuff and hate is what's behind laughing at other people's appearances at their expense.

There is no excuse for such stalkerish behaviour, and it is rather disconcerting to think that one wrong outfit you wear to Walmart could get you snapshotted by some dweeb with a camera and your picture ending up on this site.

PeopleOfWalmart.com is not a site about losers. It is a site created and run by losers, for losers.


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