Peta Jokes

From Karen

If groups like PETA insist on this "show quality" and comparing

animals to humans, could you imagine if they applied the same to

their children?

Oops, kid not tall enough....bye

Oops, kids eyes aren't blue and hair isn't blond, doesn't meet the

standard, see ya

Opps, kid can't hear that well, get him outta here.

Yes, it is ridiculous, but so is are the ARs. It's just they can't see the forest through the trees.


From: "Jeff Hayes"

Subject: Some PETA Jokes

Q:Whats the difference between an honest PETA member and Mermaids?

A:Mermaids have been sighted

Q:How many PETA members does it take to put in a lightbulb?

A:None they enjoy being in the dark

Q: How do you keep a PETA member suspence?

A: put them in a round room and tell them to find the corner.

Q: What do you get if you cross a PETA member with a Pig?

A: Nothing there are some things even a Pig wont do.

Q: How do you get a PETA member out of a tree?

A: Hand them a saw.

Q:Why did the PETA member cross the road?

A: He thought the chicken was about to be eaten after he crossed the road.

Q: What do PETA members and Snails have in common

A: Both can be tracked by following a Slime Trail



Various contributions:

The official definition for PEta is:

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

They are also known as:

People of the Enraged Triumvirate of Atheists

People for the Elitist Treatment of Animals

Petulant Ecological Terroristic Asinines

People with Extra Terrestrial Addresses

Politicos Eager to Appease

Public Education's Thoughtless Alumni

Pernicious Egocentric Twits of America

Provocateurs Envisioning Tasteless America

Pifflicated Emptyheads Trashing America (or Asia, Africa, Australia)

People Engaged in Total Absurdity

People Eager for Tons of Attention

People Enamored of Total Absurdity

People Exempt from Thoughtful Analysis

Pinheads Espousing Total Asininity

People Endlessly Touting Absurdities

People Emancipating Thick-Witted Apes

Polar bears for Especially Tasty Activists

Parakeets for the Ethical Treatment of Anacondas

And finally for PETA foes:

Populace for the Extermination of Terminal Airheads

People for the Elimination of Terrorist Action

People for the Ethical Termination of Asininity



I can only take credit for the last two. The others I got from some mailing list and don't remember who originally posted them.


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