Those Poor Animals!

From Chovy

News release:

Microsoft is abusing their virtual petz. Many computer users leave their petz without food, water and human contact for days and weeks.

Most petz die of starvation and lack of virtual vet care at 14 days.

Kids bred their virtual petz each time they want and it has created overpopulation. Please, neuter your virtual petz and adopt from virtual shelterz; there you can find homeless dogz, catz, dragonz, horsez, and even unicornz. Please write to Bill Gates asking him to

stop manufacturing petz and stop their suffering.


* *

From Mr. T

Call to Action against Warner Brothers. Please read.

Never before has an issue been so important, yet so little known.

Everyday, cartoon animals must endure torture and suffering at the expense of other people's entertainment. Sure, we all laugh when we see Bugs Bunny slip a stick of TNT into Daffy's hotdog bun. We think

it is so funny to see Tom the cat get stripped of his fur, only to zip it back up in humiliation. Yet never do we think of the exploitation these animals must endure on a constant basis. But do we see the tears in their eyes after the curtains close? Do feel their pain and humiliation?

Probably the animal that is most misunderstood and suffers the most would be Wile E. Coyote. This poor creature's whole existence is based on something he can never attain. Thanks to undercover work, we have found out that everyday, he is lied to. He is told that if he tries hard enough, he can catch the Roadrunner.

It gets worse people. In order for these cruel people to keep Wile E. in control, they starve him. All he wants is to have a meal. No wonder he goes to such lengths to catch such a spindly bird without any meat on it. And then, the worst insult of all, they fool him into thinking that if he uses "ACME" brand devices, he can catch the Roadrunner. Little does Wile E. know that these devices are sabatoged from the beginning.

In closing, how many anvils, exploding cigars, acme rocket skates, shotguns, oversized hammers, destructo-rays, etc... will it take for us to see the truth? How much more can these innocent animals endure? The choice is yours. Only you can educate others about this horrible tragedy.



Peta Page

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