Tommy Jordan

is this the guy you'd want to trust with your computer?

I found out about the infamous viral video "Facebook Parenting" from Facecrooks.com - Dad Shoots Daughter's Laptop Over Facebook Rant was the title.

From there, I checked out the video, and was appalled.

It was not enough for this dude to post this rambling Hicksville pity-party on Youtube, he had to go and post it on Facebook in a childish retaliation.

No kidding, Tommy Jordan shot a computer in a monumental tantrum.

It would've been bad enough if it had been his own computer, certainly a childish way of dealing with anger.

But this was not his property, the computer belonged to his daughter, and I do not take kindly to people going around vandalizing others' property, and that's exactly what this was - vandalism. It shows a complete lack of respect for another person and a violation of their right to own their property.

If someone did that to my computer or anything else I owned, without my express permission, that would be a deal-breaker. No more chances at mending fences, no more relationship, no more them in my life. You just don't go meddling in someone else's stuff let alone stealing or destroying it, even if you're their parent. The exception to this is if you're taking something away from them they actually stole, or shouldn't actually be in possession of such as drugs.

But this was a computer, and he thought it was a cool idea to shoot it up, and put the whole thing up in cyberspace.

So, gotta hand it to Hannah for eventually forgiving her father, and to him for realizing he was in the wrong in taking his anger way too far. After all that and the online reactions, they learned from the experience and were somehow able to work it all out. So sometimes love really does conquer all.

Still, the video and discussions about it eventually got me to weigh in with my reaction well before the dust had settled and the conflict was eventually resolved.

I hadn't got around to expressing myself about this because at that time I had so much else going on. Then I just forgot about it until a month later, when it was brought up on Yahoo Answers.

So, a rant from me was inevitable, and here's what I had to say. It applies to anyone acting similarly in the future.


Mr. Jordan:

You acted just as bad, no, worse than your 15-year-old daughter this time.

Your tantrum was infantile, destructive, and very stupid. If your daughter is really as self-absorbed and sorry for herself as you claim, and her rant indicates, there is a definite family resemblance between you and her when it comes to character traits. The big difference that puts her above you in the mature department is that she was acting like any other foul-mouthed teenaged twit and she did not shoot up your precious counter tops or the broom. You shot her computer and literally blew away hundreds of dollars! furthermore, by boasting via this ridiculous video which you put on both Youtube and Facebook, you waged a vengeance campaign, not simply a frustrated rant like hers, which she apparently never wished you to discover. You, on the other hand, wanted the whole world to see your attempt at humiliating her.

If somebody, even a family member destroyed my stuff, I would be mad at them for a very, very long time. Then putting it out there for all to see in an attempt at public shaming "Look how I just pwned my bratty kid everyone!" is low.

This is a complete lack of control and lack of respect for another fellow human being and their space on your part.

You are just as full of "sh*t" as anyone, and your harping on about how she should sweep every day, come on, man, give me a freakin' break! You, sir, are the one so fixated on his stupid precious counter tops looking just so, then you can darn well take care of that yourself instead of trying to project your priorities on to her.

Yes, Hannah too, needs to respect your space and if she messes up the counter, then she should be the one to clean it up.

But shooting up a computer that does not belong to you doesn't teach respect.

And, I like the name Hannah, but honestly, the way you say it in this video, makes it sound ugly. Angry voices are ugly, but yours is especially so. You should be barred from uttering anyone's name in the throes of anger for life.

I, no, make that, nobody cares about your hard life was in the past or how you dragged yourself up from nothing and worked 24/7, doing seemingly inhuman feats with your nose at the grindstone since you were like 5. Who cares if you became a fireman or a cop or computer tech - or anything else with little or no help from anybody? You can't use that boast to make a claim for either uniqueness, normality, or sympathy. You can't expect to sit on your laurels now and look down on younger generations for having it a bit easier than you. Neither can you continue to work your butt off and still look down on younger generations just because you think they have it so incredibly easy. Well, you can, technically, do these things, but have no entitlement to sympathy or admiration, and you certainly aren't getting any from me.

You don't owe Hanna an apology for feeling angry or hurt at her. You wouldn't even owe her one if you had handled this in a more civilized, classy way, in private.

But you do owe her an apology for shooting her computer, and for this whole humiliation retaliation stunt you pulled in Cyberspace, and you owe those of us in the general public who are appalled by your actions, an apology for this petulant video. You got a lot of support for this absurd sount, but not from here.

Next time you want to fly off the handle, shut up, put the darn gun away, settle down and think before acting out.

Since then, father and daughter have made up, and their relationship became stronger, better, and they both learned from this experience. So, all's well that ends well.


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