You Know You're an SJW, Anti-fandom, Anti-SJW, Or Some Other Kind Of Idiot Troll When



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Trolls, General Run-down

Troll Subculture

Troll subculture has invaded so many places on the net and trolls have stupid memes (aka chain letters), buzzwords and behaviours in common.

Trolls are found in and outside of fandoms and fanbases.

sure signs trolls have contaminated any discussion are:

1. Using any and all vulgarity.

2. Doling out stupid appearance-obsessed flames "Ugly", "fat", racial slurs etc.

3. Calling people "gay", "fag", "cuck", and/or making up perverted or just stupid versions of their name or internet handle. I.E. "HappyHippy" being called "HumpyHippo" Donald Trump being called "Donny Dump", Sarah Palin being called "Scarah Palin" etc. Apparently you can take trolls out of middle school, but you can't take the middle school mentality out of them.

4. Calling people "autistic". Trolls actually hate autistics more than they hate whatever fandom or ideology they claim to be against.

5. Stale old meme - referring to anything they hate as "cancer" or "AIDs/HIV", "std".

6. Stale old meme - always going on about how they need "bleach" to cleanse their precious little "safe space" from whatever it is they hate.

7. Stale old meme - the insult attempt "You/she/he/they are living in your/his/her mom's basement/are a failed abortion/are inbred/was dropped on the head as a baby."

8. Stale old meme - "Kill yourself.

9. Stale old meme - Chuck Norris.

10. Stale old meme - "Ur mom".

11. Making multiple accounts using the names of celebrities, including famous classical music composers. You know it's a troll when it goes by the name "Johann Sebastian Bach", "Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart", "Ludwig Van Beethoven", "Franz Schubert", "Frédéric François Chopin", "Franz Liszt", "Claude Debussy", "Maurice Ravel" etc. and then they pretend to be intellectual about classical music interpretation, but will drop f-bombs at the slightest provocation or whenever they get the overwhelming urge to do so.

12. Anyone coming to their defence is also a troll.

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This video sums it all up pretty well.

You Know You're SJW, Fandom, Anti Or Any sort Of Troll When

1. You think you're cool posing as some famous person via stealing their name.

2. You claim to hate one or more of the following: (pick any anime), Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games, 50 Shades, The Walking dead, Game Of Thrones, MLP, Homestuck, FNAF, Undertales - but you're cool with one or more of the following: (pick any anime), Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games, 50 Shades, The Walking dead, Game Of Thrones, MLP, Homestuck, FNAF, Undertales...

3. You claim to be against one or more fandoms yet you're part of other fandoms.

4. See above, plus you act just as idiotic as any of them.

Example: "FNAF (Five Nights At Freddy's) Is Better Than MLP (My Little Pony)"

5. It never dawns on you that there is such thing as a person who dislikes every last one of these trendy movies/shows, book series, and games,

6. You can't say anything about a fandom or anything else that actually requires you to think too hard. This is a direct cause for the following trollish stupidity so characteristic of fandoms, SJW, antis, and other internet trolls in general.

7. You use the same vocabulary as any other 4chan-dwelling troll, including those belonging to whatever fandom/activism you claim to hate.

Examples: "Butthurt" (troll term for someone they think is over-reacting negatively to something) and "weeaboo" (4chan substitution term for "Wapanese" which is their original long-form term for a white or western crazy anime fanatic)

8. You consider it a sin for adults to merely like kiddy shows/lit..

9. You assume people you decide to hate are virgins, and you hate chastity.

10. You believe sex fixes everything, so you say stupid things like "You need to get (insert any euphemism for sex, the more vulgar, the smarter you think you are)."

11. You're hung up on gender. This mental OCD causes you to blame not getting your own way on "It's because I'm a woman/man". or screech about men as being girly or "cucks", or women as being ugly and manly, all based on what you tyrannically expect people to like, how they look, how they speak, what their preferences are. If they're different from yours, your narrow mind accuses them of being the opposite gender to what they are.

12. You can't say anything about a fandom/group without using the way overkilled and stale meme "They are living in their mom's basement." "They are fat/ugly" or some other stupid snipe about appearance and/or any of the following: "They are living on welfare/food stamps" "They are special ed" "They are inbred" "They are virgins" "Their parents were pimps and whores." "They are failed abortions" "They should've been aborted"

13. You can't say anything about a fandom/group without using one of these words at least once: "fag" "gay" the four-letter f-bomb, the four-letter c-word, or any other vulgar troll-speak.

14. You use the aforementioned words with or without other vulgar suggestive ideas

15. You do the above and you're completely oblivious that doing so while objecting to porn makes you a ruddy hypocrite.

16. You think it's super cool, funny, and original to holler about fandoms or other badly behaving people as "autistic!" "Having autism!" You think autism is a big joke.

17. You think it's super cool, funny, and original to say that some series/genre and its fandom, or any whacked ideology is/causes "cancer or requires a bleach course to counteract it!"

The uncool site Uncyclopedia does the whole "autistic" and "faggot" thing in one of their attack pages.

18. You chime in with agreement to, or defence of such trollish statements, especially when someone else points out how annoying and stupid they are.

19. You confuse autism with cancer with homosexuality because you are too stupid to know the difference.

20. You prove this every time you yell about anyone/anything being any of those in your brain-dead trolling posts/comments/videos/art/rants/etc. and you completely miss the real reason fandoms/activists are so annoying and you are no different.

Good entry, but some of the comments are typically crappy.

Example 2.

21. By doing any or all of the above, you may have upset internet activists from gay rights to disability rights, but you have also joined forces with them and the internet viral cause re-sharers in turning "cancer", "autism", and being gay into huge internet memes.

22. You turned bleach into a meme.

23. You turned "Kill yourself" into a meme.

24. Your videos are as full of these stupid troll-talk memes and obscenities as your posts and the posts of any fanboy/girl.

25. You love memes. Whether you just laugh at/agree with them, spread them, or actually create them, you love memes.

26. Like any other fandom, you think your anti-fandom is just and good while theirs is stupid and unethical.

27. You and the other fandoms have cyber-bullying behavior in common.

28. You and other fandoms have a love of cyber-warfare, trolling, 4chan and all that crap in common.

29. You actually think anything from 4chan is a good idea for fighting other fandoms.

30. You infiltrate and invade other fandom communities to spam, troll, and hack them.

31. You wage harassment/bullying campaigns against individuals, and you incite others to as well. Yeah, CNN, I'm talking to you.

Want proof? Here. This anti-brony encourages people to pick on another individual, going as far as to put the user's Youtube link into his video description and tells others to go gang up on him.

And then there's CNN.

32. You actually think terrorism is a good thing next to whatever fandom or group you hate. You wish Hitler or Bin Laden could be brought back to launch another holocaust/terrorist mass-killing of everybody in any fandom, fanbase, or group you hate. You prove this every time you scream things like "They needed Hitler/Binladen to wipe them out" "They are why we need another holocaust"

33. You turned Hitler into a meme.

34. You actually harass little kids until they attempt suicide.

35. You jeer when you find out they attempted it and were saved.

36. You laugh with glee when you find out someone you decided to hate, actually killed themselves for you.

37. You don't see people as people. You only see them as "Tokens" "people of color" "white" "cis" "trans" and/or walking sexual parts, and you attempt to beat anyone who you decide to hate, down into what you consider their proper places with your special vocabulary.

38. You always see animals as suffering in the presence of human beings. (Your position AKA animal rights/welfare activism, misanthropy).

39. You go on and on whinging about "fat acceptance/body positivity" (cause: food-cop-ism, bullying over appearance and wanting to dictate what people should be allowed to eat, this is a left-wing cause promoted by Peta and other animal rights groups).

40. You go on and on about body shaming, only you don't just stop at "We should stop picking on people because of their weight, hair color or skin tone." You also think sluttiness is beautiful feminine empowerment. (Cause: Feminism trying and failing to disguise itself as anti-discrimination).

41. You hate men. (Ideology/Cause: feminism, misandry, sexism).

42. You hate women. (Cause/ideology: Mgtow, misogyny, sexism).

43. You hate whites - especially of the male gender, and/or Jews, and cops. (Ideology: Black Lives Matter, black supremacy, racism, and feminism.)

44. You hate blacks and/or Jews. (Ideology: white supremacy, racism).

45. You hate "tradcon" which is the mgtow term for tradition and convention.

46. You hate "religion" - (ideology: Anti-theism, especially Christophobia).

47. You're addicted to the "red pill" You're always redpilling someone or something. (If this wasn't originated by mgtow, the red pill has been adopted and incorporated so heavily into the mgtow hive that it is difficult to disassociate the two).

48. you think nothing is sacred except what you continue to go on about - "humour" "free speech"

49. You defend rape jokes.

50. You actually tell rape jokes.

51. You defend jokes that make fun of appearance, blonde/fat/bald/racial etc.

52. You actually tell jokes that make fun of appearance. One of your favourite names you call SJW is "land-whale".

53. You make sad and sometimes perverted jokes on people's names or internet handles. "Killery Clinton" for Hillary Clinton, "Donny Dump" for Donald Trump, "Oral Sex" for Oral Roberts. Yes, I remember seeing that one on usenet ages ago... "Humpy Hippy" for Happy Hippy. 54. You doubledown on the stupidity and/or just whine when you get flak instead of praise and lols for those pathetic jokes.

55. When someone makes a superior comment (referring to SJW as "land-sharks" to describe SJW personality), that doesn't contain the usual worn-out troll stupidity, you eagerly chime into the conversation with a proud proclamation that you use the same trollish talking points as all the others ("I call them land-whales!" a snipe about body weight). Then you can't figure out why the smarter person wants nothing to do with you. Great job advertising you're just another sheeple in the mass of the willfully stupid.

56. You whine and throw fits of name-calling "SJW!" "Over-sensitive (insert vulgarity or appearance-snipe)!" toward anyone who isn't actually an SJW but they hate your small-minded joke.

57. When name-calling occurs, or the subject comes up, all you can manage to contribute to the conversation is a meme that regresses back to elementary school - the "sticks and stones" saying.

58. You actually call for more bullying as a response to SJW idiotics.

59. You go all tough-guy toward someone else for getting offended at something you said, because it isn't cool to care about anyone's feelings, even when they aren't SJW.

60. Then you actually get offended when somebody doesn't like your dumb idea of a joke.

61. You actually think you can do no wrong.

62. And you still don't get why you are poisoning a good cause, or you can't win over more people from varying age groups and demographics to your disgusting sham of a cause.

Third Wave

Reality Checks

1. "Harry Potter, Twilight or The Hunger Games?" "FNAFf, Undertales, or Homestuck?"

Look, just because we don't like Game Of Thrones and 50 Shades doesn't mean we like HP, The Walking Dead, Hunger Games, Homestuck, FNAF etc.. every last one of these trendy movies/shows, book series, and games, is over-hyped, turned into a gigantic meme by fandoms, never appealed here, and just plain suck.

2. Fanbases are comprised of both casual fans, and fandom idiots. Casual fans don't belong to fandoms. Idiots do.

3. Your behaviour makes you a trolling idiot even though you call yourself anti-something.

4. Being part of any crazy and annoying fandom is equally dumb and it cancels out your claim to higher ground against any other fandom you supposedly hate.

5. You are a fandom/trolling idiot.

6. Whenever you and other fan-brats accuse one another of immaturity, perversion, and bullying, you have actually managed to fix it so that you are both right about one another.

7. Just because you claim to think some fandom/sJW is perverted and ridiculous doesn't mean you aren't when you indulge your own fandom/troll cravings.

8. No, you are not a celebrity or famous classical music composer.

9. No, it isn't cool using their names as your internet handles and then mixing in troll-speak with your pseudo-intellectuality.

10. You aren't impressing anyone with a brain.

11. Until you can perform a piece of music or part in a movie/TV show better than whoever you criticize with your stuffy elitist attitude "His interpretation is all wrong, Chopin wouldn't have wanted it that way. I like her performance better!" Put up or shut up.

12. Why don't you just admit it? You can't play/act worth anything. You're just a music/movie snob and critic. Or else put up videos of yourself doing it better than whoever you are criticizing.

13. We're pretty sure you can't.

14. You completely render anything you say to be annoying, tasteless, and worthless every time you spout any of the following stupid memes: "*insert fandom idiots/anyone else you hate* are cucks/fat/ugly/living in their mom's basements/living on welfare/food stamps/failed abortions/should've been aborted/are inbred/need to get some sex/parents must've been whores and pimps".

15. This says a lot more about you than it does about them.

16. It means you are a bigot, a bully, an idiot, a gutter-brained troll, and you spread stupid trolling memes.

17. Let's break this down.

A. Making fun of appearance is just like racism only with a broader demographic being picked on. Blonde jokes, racial jokes, fat jokes, it all comes out the same, they're not funny and they suck. Saying that all people belonging to *insert fandom* are a certain body shape, skin colour etc. and using that as an excuse to hate them is really shallow and stupid.

B. Doing the "mom's basement" thing is prejudiced against anyone who is actually renting their parents' basement or can't afford their own place or can't live on their own due to some disability, or else has moved back home due to some misfortune your dim brain couldn't possibly comprehend.

C. The food stamps/welfare thing is you hating the poor and thinking you're better than they are.

D. The failed abortion thing as well as the pimp/prostitute thing is a flame against the parents and it's not only stupid, it's tasteless. The parents didn't make the fan-brat a fan-brat, and probably wish their kid would grow out of it. What's more, what in the world did this fangirl/boy's parents do to you, directly? Don't say "They made him/her" because that's just you being stupider than you can help again.

"As for "cuck" well, what's wrong with this word? Let's count the ways this word is among the very stupidest things to contaminate the internet and eat the brains of those who use it.

A. It is a stupid abbreviation of the word "cuckold" which is way out of fashion. Come on. that word died out with Shakesperian english, or it should have.

And that's just for openers.

B. The word 'cuckold' basically means cheat on. So if you've been cuckolded, the "cuck"-sayers are basically implying it's your fault and you deserve derision. This is because they've perverted and twisted the meaning of the word from betrayal to mean a man who "lets his wife/gf" sleep around on him. This judges any girl in his life, if there is one, as a whore, and as his possession. We're supposed to be long past the 1600s, people. Get with the times.

"C. Ever heard a baby belching? They often do that with their mouth open, making a coarse "Uh!" sound. Given the nature of that sound, the word "cuck" makes a perfect onomatopoeia for a baby belch.

D. It is commonly used by mgtow.

E. "cuck" sounds like some idiot can't decide if he or she wants to say "cock", the nasty c--t word, or an f-bomb, so decided to use a word that rolls all these charmers up in one vile little syllable.

F. "cuck" is just another word that belongs in troll lingo and nowhere else.

G. Not only do people sound like vulgar idiots from Hicksville when they use "cuck" it shows they lack the ability to think for themselves and just aren't too bright if they think using a word which sounds this stupid could get them anywhere in an argument or debate.

18. No, it's not about your race or gender. It's because you're acting like a toddler in an adult's body. You are not a victim, get over yourself!

19. No, you are not the next Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony etc. everybody knows they fought real injustice. You, on the other hand, not so much.

20. No, we do not live in a freaking "rape culture" or "black man hell". Stop seeing rape and white supremacy where it doesn't exist.

21. Stop being stuck on gender. You and the SJW brony movements need to cut it all out. So some girls love Star Wars. Fine. So some boys love romantic comedies or cartoons with a lot of girl characters in them. Fine. Live and let live, and shut up.

22. No, there doesn't have to be the same number of girls as boys and vice versa in this or that field/industry/lead role/sport and the reasons for the differences are due to personal preference and marketing, not sexism.

23. Nobody ever prevented or disallowed little girls to imagine themselves as super heroes.

24. Little girls never needed permission from Hollywood to pretend to be super heroes right along with their male counterparts.

25. The idea that girls are so weak-minded that they need female leads in every movie to make them feel empowered, and that guys are so weak-minded that they need "sensitivity training" is utterly condescending and insulting.

26. Racism isn't a white problem, it's a human problem.

27. If you dislike anyone because of their skin tone, including white, even when you are not white, you are a racist.

28. No, you are not oppressed. Stop blaming not getting your own way on skin color or gender.

29. No, you are not an egalitarian if you believe in communism and the offshoots of it - feminism, BLM, mgtow, white supremacy.

30. Feminism and mgtow are sexist. They are misandry and misogyny.

31. BLM and white supremacy are the same thing. They just hate two different colours, that's all.

32. Antifa is actually fascist.

33. Your red pills are unwanted. You fail to see redpilling as just another obnoxious hive mindset, associated with mgtow. Take your red pills and shove them!...Down your throat!

34. You are not cool by hating God or Christians, You are religious extremist by your very act of hating religion, because religion is not a faith in god. It is a set of rules everybody sets for themselves, so if you live by any standards at all, you are religious. Shove your hate on "religion" down your throat as well.


⚠️🔅"I'd tell her that I hope her husband can flare some sunshine into her, but that's just me ;-) - rmp2001

Yeah, just you advertising the fact you can be stupid.

a. Directed toward a woman, this perverted meme can be easily taken as insanely sexist, any leftwing snowflake feminist would have a blast holding it up as an example to go "See? If you're not with us, you're a sexist rube!" Way to shoot yourself in the keister for love of what you believe is a jolly good joke.

B. Directed toward a man, this meme perpetuates the wrong-headed stereotype feminists tout that says men aren't happy unless they can get some tail.

C. To anyone with some class and a functioning brain, it's a lowbrow meme that shows you are clearly out of brain-power and it would've been better if you had just shut up until you actually had something original and worth while to say.

36. Like it or not, some things are and should be off limits as fodder for jokes.

37. No, rape is not a laughing matter.

38. Glib person starts video with "(blah blah blah) and I haven't been raped yet." *Cringe* No kidding, I've seen someone do this. Cut it out! You might think it's a hilarious way to poke fun of the disgusting feminists who cry rape at the drop of a hat, but you are appearing to laugh at people who have actually been sexually abused, furthermore, you could be egging on some degenerate creep to harm you. You have no idea who all watches your videos.

39. Your stupid blonde/fat/bald/racial etc. appearance jokes are just shallow schoolyard bullying drivel, thinly disguised as "comedy". Add the promotion of the leftist food-cop ideology to that equation if it's a fat joke. All jokes of this sort, especially when aimed at an individual, are incredibly small-minded and childish, and not genuinely funny.

40. If you think they are funny, there's something wrong with you.

41. Hating such schoolyard bully humour does not a SJW make, however much the SJW on the left pretend to be offended. They're just as guilty of sniping about appearance when it comes to conservatives or republicans they hate. I.E. referring to Trump as "Agent Orange" and making stupid cracks about his hair.

42. "Land-whale" doesn't make fun of or vent about SJW and their sick agendas. It's an idiotic term that pokes fun of appearance, and speaks volumes more about the anti who uses it.

43. If you want to accurately describe troublesome SJWs, the more intelligent and accurate term is "land-shark". It says something about the SJW behaviour instead of showing you to be a stupid shallow-minded little troll.

44. When someone refers to a SJW as a land-shark, you excitedly reply with "I call them land-whales!" congratulations! You've just shown your inability to think, and you've added childish unoriginality and therefore, suckage to a comment thread. Don't expect non-trolls to want anything to do with you.

45. If you think nothing is sacred, stop talking about humor/free speech as if you think that is sacred.

46. Since your jokes see nothing as sacred/off limits, your jokes are the least sacred thing of all. This means when you put them out there, everyone has the right to pan the heck out of them until there's nothing left, and you have only yourself to blame. Nobody forced you to make a joke that failed. This is on you. Own it.

47. Don't get all offended, though, you make a big thing about not caring about anyone's feelings, so take it like a trooper when nobody cares about yours.

48. Learn to recognize the difference between real feelings VS. phoney ones stirred up by SJW. "Feels VS. Reals" is a stupid meme that judges all feelings as SJW and all robot/troll mentality and "facts" as "real".

50. "Sticks and stones..." Really? How old are you, 7? Please.

When removing SJW idiotics from the equation, yes, names/words can and do hurt, as well as do the opposite. Is someone supposed to go about not caring and not feeling anything - after a bitter argument with a friend or relative - after getting their proposal turned down - after being told they just got laid off - after being told someone they love just died? Or how about getting disowned/shunned by your family? It's rare in North America, but sometimes can and does happen. After all, those are just words, they aren't violent, so by your "sticks and stones" thing, can't possibly hurt in any way.


Stop dismissing actual emotional abuse as nothing with this kindergarten saying. It doesn't solve anything and it makes you look like an unarmed combatant in a battle of wits. It is way over-used and meaningless except for being annoying. Stop acting like childish, shallow jerks spouting out trollish tripe. Grow up and use logic and actual wit to put SJW and their malicious words, actions and ideologies in their place. Instead of trotting out the old "Sticks and stones", point out how SJW are deliberately using words with intent to harm, emotionally abuse and bully. Make it clear how shallow they are by focussing on race and gender, and playing the victim card whenever they think they can get away with it.

51. No, you're not being cool, whitty or funny by putting a pervy or otherwise stupid twist on a person's name or internet handle. I.E. responding to HappyHippy and calling him "Humpyhippy" Go back to elementary/primary school where you belong mentally.

52. No, you don't fight against bullying with more bullying. We don't want bullying back. It never was and never could be a necessary or healthy part of growing up. Bullying needs to go, no matter who it comes from. By calling for bullying, you completely discredit yourselves and your anti-SJW cause, and have become one with the SJW.

53. Virginity is neither a crime nor a sign that someone is a loser. Furthermore, whether someone else is a virgin or not, is none of your concern.

54. No, you're not cool for screwing around. Your looking down on someone for being a 'virgin' suggests you are promiscuous and proud of it.

55. Get your mind out of your pants.

56. Fandoms, SJW, and other horribly entitled brats are not autism, you drongo! Fandoms are cultish. Autism is a mental disorder. It's no excuse for activism/fandom idiotics. It isn't even a good let alone accurate guess as to why fangirls/boys act the way they do. Get that through your thick head. If you can't prove with medical records that someone is in fact, autistic, shut up and drop it! Even if you could prove it, drop it anyway. A disability has nothing to do with fandom mob mentality and childishness.

Ridiculing people for a medical condition/disability whether they have it or not, is discrimination and it's rotten. Fandom stupidity is voluntary. Autism is not. Autistics get help for their valid condition. Trolls and childish idiots just need to grow up.

57. No, cults/SJW/fandoms and their obsessions are not and do not cause frigging cancer! It's such a stale old overkilled unfunny meme that it's literally everywhere on the net. It isn't even limited to trolls. This otherwise great video has one problem, it uses the cancer meme. The real internet cancer is the cancer meme itself. Drop it already!

58. "It is probably cancer though." No. Agreeing with a mindless troll spouting a that and other stupid memes makes you just another mindless troll. People get irritated with "Me too!" posts. This is like that only 100 times more annoying.

59. You're agreeing with or defending anything some troll says won't make you or them right or get people with common sense and functioning minds to start agreeing with you and him/her/it. All you've done is show you are just another trolling idiot.

60. Enough with the freaking bleach already!

61. "That stupid "Kill yourself!" meme - kill *IT!*

62. Kill the terrorism/holocaust-wish meme!

63. Calling derisive gender-oriented names? Really? How old are you? 5 going on 2? Grow up.

64. "faggot"? "Gay"? Oh please. Using those shows you to be: 1. a 4chan-inspired troll, 2. a school kid who may or may not yet have gone through puberty, 3. an idiot, 4. any/all of the above.

65. For a brony to be gay, he would have to be crushing on male pony characters, and most of the MLP characters are female.

66. Calling MLP gay is stupid since the show is not about lesbianism.

67. These two reality checks apply to any fandom and content, so any troll/anti-fan using "gay" "fag" etc. when ranting against anything that is clearly heterosexual, is stupid.

68. No, autism is not cancer.

69. No, neither autism nor cancer are homosexuality, even if there are homosexuals who are autistic, have cancer, or both conditions.

70. None of these do a cult make.

71. Watch your mouth.

72. Using foul language and having a potty-mouth is far less grown up than adults merely enjoying a kiddy show. Trash-talking hypocrite.

73. For all your whining about something being a kids' show/book/series, and how down you are on adults for watching it, you show how childish you really are every time "gay", "fag", "autistic/autism", "cancer/cancerous", and references to bleach and bleach-drinking comes out of your clearly overtaxed brain

74. It is not autistic, cancerous, or gay for adults to enjoy something safe for all ages.

75. It is not a sin for adults to like kiddy shows/lit as casual fans, even avid fans who are level-headed about it as anything else in life.

76. It is not a crime for adults to enjoy something meant for all ages.

77. Nor should it be.

78. Love to break it to you, but your admiration of anything 4chan is not only disgusting, but a pathetic joke. 4chan is for fandoms and trolls. It was started by an otaku, and it originated bronyism. So if you're against any of these, using anything from 4chan and the deep web shows you to be a tool as well as a troll. Great going.

79. No, telling people to kill themselves is not cool or even right.

80. No, Hitler's holocaust and Bin Laden's 911 attacks were not good things at all. They are not preferable to the fandoms you hate. Hitler and Bin Laden delighted in torturing, terrorizing and slaughtering children among all sorts of people. They would do it all again if they could be brought back, they would even decide in a heartbeat to kill you, then take their time doing it, and have a rip-roaring belly-laugh at your death agony.

81. You laugh at actual suicide attempts by little kids and other people just because they don't like the same things you do. You applaud when those attempts actually result in death. You are the most disgusting, sadistic, soulless, heartless, selfish degenerates on the earth, and your nauseating cause needs to be wiped out. You antis are the very definition for a cure that's worse than the disease.

82. I don't care what your excuse is for making those comments. They suck and show you to be completely without conscience.

83. Because of all of the above, you are a troll and spammer, like any other fandom or SJW idiot.

84. Because of your trolling, spamming, stupidity, and especially your pro-terrorism stance, you are the most pathetic, hypocritical sham movement of them all.

85. your attitude and whole personality sucks.

86. Your comments suck.

87. Your videos suck.

88. Your fanfics suck.

89. Your fan-art sucks.

90. Your rants suck.

91. You're disgusting.

92. You're a hypocrite.

93. You're a disgrace.

94. You're no different and no better than any other internet loser.

95. You are an embarrassment to anyone who wants to oppose SJW/fandom hive mentality with intelligence, class, and at least some level of maturity.

96. You scare off real opposition to fandoms and SJW, or just drown it out with your morass of troll talk.

97. Because of this, you make good and genuine opposition to fandoms/SJW extremely difficult, almost impossible to find on the internet.

98. Much as some of us out there really dislike fandoms and SJW, and sometimes even what they're so into, we won't call ourselves "anti" anything, because we wouldn't associate with the likes of you idiots currently appearing to make up the vast majority of anti-fandoms and anti-SJW on the net.

99. So you say you're anti-some fandom/SJW. That means nothing when you are a troll or part of any other fandom.

100. Even if you say you're not part of any fandom or SJW cause, your trollish behavior shows this claim to be a lie - you are actually part of the anti subculture, which means you are part of the problem.

101. The real problems with fandom and SJW idiots, including yourself, is obsessiveness, hive mentality, groupthink fanaticism and trollish idiocy, causing lack of individuality, originality, and class. All of these combine to make fandoms what they are, cults within any fanbase.

102. You perpetuate memes.

103. You haven't got an original idea in your head.

104. You're a troll, just like those in the fandom(s) and SJW you claim to hate.

105. Your crap looks just like that of any other fandom idiot or SJW, only worse. Because if you claim to oppose them, you should know better.

106. Turn off your computer or smart device, and go find something else to do that might stimulate your brain out of its atrophied state. Then maybe you'll learn to say or do something original and worth someone else's time, and make you a contributing member to society instead of a mindless trolling drone, spewing out putrescent flame memes that are as old and original as dirt.

107. The internet would be better off without your trash.

108. Your computer/tablet/smart device is unfortunately not smart enough to crash when you get the urge to troll, but is still considerably smarter than you are.

109. Congratulations. You have succeeded in torpedoing your own cause and turned it into nothing but a pathetic subculture and parody all in one, and what flak you get, you richly deserve.

110. Spare us all your lousy excuse-making in defence of your idiocy. We've heard it all many times before and are sick of it. You're not capable of coming up with anything new or worth considering, and there's no excuse or justification for your extreme and willing childishness and stupidity.

111. Get a life.

112. Grow up or shut up.

113. If you want to be taken as anything better than any other idiotic trolls or fan-brats, stop acting like/worse than them.

114. Then you need to oppose anyone you see in the anti-fandom doing any of the crap listed in the above. Trolls need to be given a good hard boot out of communities that oppose fandom idiotics.

115. Until that happens, you get no love or sympathy here.


-- Fandoms/Trolls


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