Anacreep Skywalker

A couple of days after Sidious was taken down, a young girl somehow mysteriously landed in the galaxy. She had no idea how she got there, or what would happen. Further complicating things was that she was completely blind, and used a white cane.

She was discovered by Ben, who took her to meet Yoda, who was working with Ocean Elf at the training area.

Ben open the door. "Master," he said, "I have discovered a young girl. No one knows how she came to be here, or what happened. She's not even sure how she came to be here in this place. She is completely sightless. I'm not sure if it was from an accident or birth. She does use a white cane, but unfortunately, it seems to be misplaced."

"Oh, a new cane we can make for her." said Yoda, as he put his sword down and approached the girl. "Yoda I am, and here to assist you any way you require. May I ask your name?"

"My name is Felicity," the girl replied. "I'm only 12. I have no idea how I got here and what happened. Someone must've brought me here. I'm terrified."

You need not fear us." Yoda said, putting a reassuring hand on Felicity's shoulder.

Ocean Elf put her sword down next and also approached. "Hi, Felicity," she said, reaching out to lightly touch the young girl's hand with hers, indicating she wanted to shake her hand. "I'm Ocean. It's frightening being in a strange place." she said gently. "And I second what Yoda just said."

" I don't know what happened to my cane. I do not like rigid canes at all. My cane folds. If I had it with me, I would show you. It is nice to meet you." the girl said.

"Pleased to meet you I am, and Yoda is my name."

"I am seeking counsel from the one who wears a respirator." the young girl said, her heart racing wildly. "I'm not sure how in the world I can find him without the use of my cane. I am absolutely terrified. Where is he?"

The elf suddenly withdrew, bristling. Her tone became less welcoming, even a little annoyed. "Anakin no longer needs a respirator, and he should be around here somewhere. I'll let Ben or Yoda sort that out." she said quickly.

"Where can I find him?" the girl repeated.

The elf heaved a small exasperated sigh which she tried to stifle. Her expression became suspicious and stern.

"Anakin Skywalker that would be. Newly healed, and reunited with his mother he is, and they are all going to have a family reunion day." "said Yoda.

"Can you bring me to meet the Skywalker clan? Where do they dwell?" the girl asked. "I’ve heard tell, that they live on a retired star cruiser.

"Yes, Obi-Wan said.

"There is no Skywalker clan," the elf said, barely able to keep her annoyance under wraps, "It's just Anakin and Luke, father and son. Luke has a sister, but her adoptive father is more of a father than Anakin."

Ben continued. "First, you must bring the child to stand in judgment before the emperor. Unlike his predecessor, but his piercing blue eyes can see one's nature. He shall know if it is kind and pure. By this, he shall tell if this child is worthy to meet Skywalker."

Ocean Elf rolled her eyes in incredulous annoyance. "Well la-dee-dah." she said. "If I was worthy to meet Anakin, she should be as well." She added under her breath, "See into one's nature, my foot." "What was that, Ocean?" Ben asked. "Oh, nothing." Ocean said in a tone suggesting she didn't wish to sass back, but was irritated to near breaking point.

"Yes, Obi-Wan continued talking to the little girl. "I shall take you to the Emperor. You must first stand in judgment."

"What do you mean by that?" Felicity asked.

"Unlike his predecessor, he wishes to keep all visitors and travelers to her galaxy safe. He does not wish them to endure any harm. That is why he must see if you are worthy. If he reaches out his hand to take yours, let him. He is kind, and he will not hurt you."

"The truth he speaks about our new emperor," Yoda added.

"Can you tell me more about the new emperor? Can you describe him to me?" the girl asked.

"He's a tall man," the Ocean Elf began, "with white beard and hair. His eyes are blue. His voice is husky. Once you hear him, he'll be easy to recognize. He speaks calmly and with kindness. I'm sure he will speak to you that way, Felicity."

"I am prepared to stand in judgment if I must. I have also heard tales, but the Skywalker family live on a retired start cruiser. By the way, which one of the Jedi Masters will bring me to the emperor? Is he in a wheelchair like his predecessor?"

"Ben can answer part of that question," said Ocean, "but no, the new emperor uses a walking stick."

"I will take you to him," Obi-Wan said. First, we must try to conjure your folding cane." With this, Obi-Wan fell silent.

"Why does he use a Walkingstick? Felicity asked.

"Why does that matter so much?" the elf mumbled.

"Using a Walkingstick the emperor is, because he is frail and cannot walk well," Yoda explained.

"I am prepared to meet the emperor," Felicity said. "What will he see? She asked.

Tell you, I cannot," Yoda said sadly. "Learn that on your own you must. The emperor will see you now."

By now, Ben had conjured up a new cane, and handed it to Felicity. "Follow me," he said, leading her up along spiral staircase.

Ocean Elf was not far behind, followed by Yoda.

As the trio lead Felicity up the stairs, she began to ponder what would come.

At the top was a door that lead into a massive imperial space.

"There, you will find the Emperor. Listen carefully, as he will call you to approach. said Ben. Reaching the top of the stairs, bend lift his hand. Lifting the heavy wooden latch and opening the wooden door with the creek, then giveing Felicity his final words of parting. "The three of us shall see you soon. From here, you must enter a loan. We can go no further. It is Hugh the emperor must judge, not us."

The elf shook her head in sympathy, then drew in a sudden shuddering breath.

"What is troubling you?" Ben asked softly so as not to disturb the proceeding.

"I'll tell you later." the elf whispered back. When the door closed behind Felicity, she murmured, "Poor kid."

"She will be fine Hanima," Ben assured the elf.

The three went back down the stairs and retraced their steps until they returned to the training area.

Very slowly, Felicity entered the space. The door closed behind her with a loud thawed. Walking slowly down the long Corredor and entering the throne room, she stopped dead in her tracks. Unsure of where to go.

Suddenly, without warning, a cracked and husky voice split the silence, seeming to come from somewhere in front of her.

"Welcome, child," he said warmly.

"I hear you, but I literally can't see you. The room is so big, that your voice is literally bouncing and all directions."

The emperor got up, saying, "I will guide you. Here's my hand." He took one of her hands in his warm ones, and slowly began moving with her toward the throne.

As the old man lead Felicity toward the throne, the girl pondered what would come next.

Gently lifting her on to the throne before sitting down himself, SHEVE, leaned his walking stick against the throne. "Now," he said, "I shall now see if your nature is pure enough for you to meet Skywalker."

Leaning on his Walkingstick, SHEVE sat down beside Felicity. Helping her to turn so that she was looking directly at him, he spoe. "I shall now see the pure nature of your soul. By seeing your nature, I shall tell if you are worthy to meet Skywalker. If I should reach out to you as been instructed, let me."

Sitting in silence for a moment, SHEVE stared intensely at the child sitting before him. As he did so, she could feel his piercing blue eyes going directly through her chest. It was harmless, but she could feel his stare.

She was about to ask him a question when he spoke once more.

"Your nature is indeed kind and pure you are worthy to meet Skywalker for sure" he said.

Standing up and taking her hand in his, he lead her down a passage.

As the old man lead Felicity down the passage, a door opened.

In front of her was another space. Within that space was Anakin Skywalker.

In the mean time, Ocean Elf began training again, and after a few maneuvers with the sword, Ben spoke up.

"Very good, keep it up."

"Thank you." she replied.

"What'w worrying you?" Ben asked.

"I just had a horrible thought. What if the emperor Sheev and I missed the little girl when bringing Shmi back here." The elf came over to Ben and leaned the sword against a wall. "Neither of us saw anyone else but Shmi out there. But what if the girl's state took longer to wake out of - long enough for her to be missed and she ended up wandering around in the desert all night?"

Ben put a comforting hand on the elf's shoulder and patted it for extra reassurance. "Easy, Hanima," he said, looking calmly into her eyes, "I can assure you that is not the case. She was only just brought here, minutes ago. She found herself here in this compound."

"Well, I understand how that feels." the elf hissed, taking up her sword with a frown and brandishing it as she moved back into the room to resume her training. "I'm glad it wasn't us leaving her behind, though."

The sword flew out of her hand and clattered on the floor. "Argh!" she exclaimed.

"Why don't you take the day off, or at least take a break, Elf," Ben suggested.

"I think I will, thanks." Ocean put the sword away and left the training area. She stole away to her room for a while.

Back in another part of the building, "Well? The emperor said. It is my understanding, that you are totally blind, but how?"

"Where is Anakin?" Felicity asked.

"He’s right in front of you," the emperor replied. He spends most of his time in meditation. He is 60 years old now, and I am glad he is healed. Alas, his tail is something of a tragedy. If he wishes, he will tell it to you. Alas, I must leave you now. I have other rounds to which I must attend." The emperor said walking away. The sound of his walking stick echoing.

As Ocean Elf lay on her bed, she pondered about the new arrival. There would be more newcomers, surely, with the swearing in or crowning of the new emperor, whatever ceremony they would hold would likely be very well attended.

But little Felicity's sudden appearance didn't make much sense. Neither did the fact the girl was so keen to meet Anakin. Was she just some fangirl or was there something else going on? Was this Anakin's doing? After all, he had summoned Ocean here as well. The difference being that Felicity really seemed to want to be there, even if she was nervous. Then there was that whole judgment to be deemed worthy to meet Anakin business. Recalling this caused her to scowl.

Unable to rest, the elf left her room and made her way to a room where people hung out for coffee/tea and chat.

"Oh, Elf, we were wondering where you were." Luke greeted her.

"I'm still a bit worn out from the past few days and no good for training right now. So I went to take a rest and didn't feel like doing that either."

"Well, why don't you join us and have something to snack and drink?" Leia asked.

"Thank you." Ocean agreed, and took a seat on one of the chairs nearest to the pair. "I'm glad to find you here," she said, "because there is a newcomer, a little girl, twelve years old. She says her name is Felicity, and she doesn't know how she got here. She also wanted to meet your father, so I assume that's where she is now - if," the elf added with a sneer, "she is judged worthy to stand in his presence."

"What?" Luke's eyebrows raised. "Has Dad gone mad?"

"That's what the deal is - the girl is to stand in judgment and be deemed worthy or unworthy to meet ."

"Who's doing the judging?" Leia asked.

"Your new emperor." the elf replied.

"That's totally cockeyed." said Leia. "What's got into him?"

"Who knows." said Ocean. But I wanted to let you know so you could help the little girl with whatever she might require. I'm leaving after the instalment and ceremony, or maybe even before...So if the girl is allowed to remain with you, you won't be surprised."

"Do you know what she's like?" Luke asked.

"Anxious, keen to meet your father, oh, and she is totally blind. She'll probably remind you of that when you meet her."

"Oh no, not another Lavender." Leia grimaced. "Believe it or not, Elf, we have had fangirls swooshing in here, wanting to see our father, or Luke. Some even want to see Ben or Yoda. But mostly Luke or our father."

"And we had one of those here who was called Lavender. She was also blind, or said she was. She reminded us every chance she got. Only it was me she was after. Thank goodness she got KOed by her own force storm and blew away, just disappeared. So that's probably why this extra scrutiny with newcomers, especially young girls."

Ocean Elf opened her mouth to say something but didn't get the chance.

"You can all ease your minds about this little girl, she isn't here because of a crush on anyone." Sheev came in on the conversation and sat down in another chair. "I don't know how she got here, or what her connection to Anakin is, if there is one. Only he and the girl know anything for sure about that."

"Well, whatever it turns out to be," said Ocean, "she'll be in good hands with you all.

Sheev nodded, and continued. "She looks so much like the daughter of someone I know. Except for the blindness. Little Maryam and her father were killed in a Tuscan raid. Palpatine's orders. Not meaning to upset you," he said, noticing the elf's darkening expression. "If it turns out Felicity is an orphan, one of the options I've thought of was Maryam's mother. But it's too early to know what to do just yet."

"I know I'm not ready to raise a child, but would love to have her stay here until she can reunite with her parents or be adopted by someone." said Leia.

"count me out." said Ocean.

Sheev looked puzzled.

The elf continued. "Much as I like working with kids, Raising a child is not something I'm willing to do, and as soon as your officially installed and the ceremony for that is over, I'm heading back to where I come from. All the best to the little girl and whoever might be out there seeking her."

"Can we at least exchange contact info so we can keep in touch?" Leia asked.

"Yes. I will give you each a business card before I go." she replied. "It contains the direct line of communication to my Mission Headquarters, which is where I spend much of my time when I'm not out doing missions or other kinds of work, or doing things with my family."

"Does that include me?" Emperor Sheev asked.

"If you like," the elf replied. "I have some in my jacket which is in my room. I'll go get them." with that, the elf got up and hurried out of the room.

"I'll see you later too." said the emperor, and he exited the room much more slowly.

Approaching Felicity and taking her hand, Anakin brought her into his meditation chamber, shutting the door behind him. "Sit down," he said.

Felicity did as she was asked.

"Now, how you came here is a mystery, even to me," he said. "By the way, it is my understanding, that you are completely blind in both eyes.

"Yes," Felicity answered. "I was born that way. My eyes are irreparably damaged. By the way, do you mind if I…"

Sensing what Felicity was about to ask, Anakin became slightly stern. "Take careWhat you ask, and to whom," he warned her. "If you are going to ask about my injuries, do not. I will tell you my tail if I wish as the emperor has said. For now, I must learn your story. Now," he said, you’re going to feel my stair penetrating your chest just as the emperors did. I can see your heart, your thoughts, your nature. Sit very still," he instructed. Falling silent, Anakin looked directly into Felicity’s eyes. Noticing the whiteness, he stared deeper.

"Wow!" Felicity said, feeling the stair of Anakin Skywalker penetrating further into her mind. "Your stare is very intense."

As best as he could, Anakin gently silenced her. "I cannot see your nature properly if there is brain activity occurring," he said. "Let me look a little deeper." He Reachied out. "i’m taking your hand, he held onto it, giving it a gentle squeeze.

In her room, Elf rummaged in her jacket pocket and took out her business card holder, removed a few cards and put the holder back. But as she opened the door to make her way back to the lounging room, she saw Sheev coming down the hall and changed her mind. She ducked back into her room and shut the door.