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From: Senshiko Kazuko

Subject: GyaaaaaH!!!!


In one of my anime groups, there is a repeating offender!! GRARG!

It's p|$$ing me off so much!! Lucky for me, I'm a MODERATOR, so maybe I'll be able to get her to shape up: but for now, I have to suffer the Angelica (arg, Me No Like Name):

Angelica flipped to the next page of notes and said after seeing everyone amazed at her skills, "this next song is by one of my favorite people and his name is George Thorogood and it is called bad to the bone it took me awhile to learn how to play but i did. here i go." Just then she began to play the song and then begins to sing

afterawhile, "on the day i was born, the nurses all gathered 'round

and they gazed in wide wonder, at the joy they had found. the head nurse spoke up, and said leave this one alone. she could tell right away, that i was bad to the bone." As she sings she sounds just like him and after finishing the song she stops and takes a drink of water. She smiles seeing everyone's face enjoying this. she had three more songs to do before she was done and she then looked over and saw the teacher filming this so he could show his other classes later on.

She began to thank about skipping her band class later on in the day because she didn't want to be embarrished. She flipped the next set of notes and looked at the next song and it was the song she wrote about the day her parents died on her last birthday. She didn't know if she could play this song or not but she was going to try.

(note: This person has NOT been playing the guitar for very long >0--%


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