Anne Langton

Fanfic: a 5-part mini-series by Lisa Y. Drexel; Star Trek: Voyager;

Information by Pat Pflieger


Anne Langton is abducted from Earth by gray aliens for 300 years and is found in the Delta Quadrant 400 years later by the crew of Voyager, thus making her the oldest on the ship.

A 20th-century psychologist specializing in repressed memories, Anne was sexually abused as a child.

Her education, combined with her telepathic and telephonic abilities, mean that she becomes the ships' counselor.

Chakotay is physically attracted to her, while Tom Paris becomes her close friend and Tuvok guides her as she develops her telepathic abilities. Q is fascinated by Anne and gives her Q-powers;

Anne Langton is worried over by Chakotay, Tuvok, Tom Paris, and Q, who adopts her and confers immortality onto her.

When his wife tries to kill Anne, Q takes her to Olympus, putting Anne under the protection of Ares;

the story is unfinished.


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