Black Sylke Khushrenada

A Mary Sue with a very unfortunate name.

Black Sylke AKA black silk. Sounds more like lingerie than a person.

What Black Sylke did to be a Mary Sue was have a crush on a character in a published series.

She was probably named for her black hair and as an attempt to tell all the guys out there, especially Treize K. "I'm incredibly sexy!" Treize Khushrenada being one of many killers in the Gundam Wing anime series.

She wrote a wish fulfillment fantasy in which she's an exotic beauty who marries the "royal" Treize in an alternate setting. Treize was not royalty in Gundam Wing.

She even celebrated "Treize Day" her own invention every 13th of the month. *Shudder!* ('Treize' is French for the number 13.)

Black Sylke had hypnotically swaying hips, lush curves, feline grace, black-blue shimmering hair, causing every male in the room to compete for her attentions, specifically the men who already had significant others. She was said to upstage all the other women present, who looked pretentious or frumpy next to this raven-haired beauty. She had dark luminous eyes that were so hot looking they could melt chocolate at twenty paces.

Nothing other than this is known about Sylke. She's a sex object and a stand-in for a real person who gave the impression that she would've loved to be the biggest dude-magnet, then end up hopping in the sack with her most prized fictional character. But she cannot, so this is as close as she could get.

This was her ONLY purpose, and it resulted in two particularly bad things.

1. She degraded her own character by turning her into a piece of meat for guys to stare at, lick their chops and abandon their own love interests.

2. Canon-sue. Also known as character-mangling, distortion, butchery, perversion. This is one of the worst things being done to famous fictional characters, not that Treize and Une are all that special - just a couple of anime characters. Canon-suing is the dumbing down of famous characters and turning them into sex objects or at least, sex-driven to satisfy a fan's crush.

It is also the dumbing down of any and all other characters in an attempt to make the Mary Sue steal center stage and appear to single-handedly show up the entire cast.

In this case, it was dumbing down of not only Treize from an evil terrorist bent on war, bloodlust and revenge, into a hopelessly pathetic lust-struck puppy-eyed schoolboy sap for Sylke because of her hair and beauty, but other characters got shoved into the scenery more or less as background for this world's greatest love story of all time.

Intentional or not, this can give the impression the writer and her Mary Sue think they are a cut above God's gift to the universe. It is enough to leave many readers cold, and seriously upset other Mary Sues afflicted with a crush on the same guy. The casual fans/readers have a valid reason to be put out. The crushing fangirls don't.

Like the typical Mary Sue, Sylke's relationship with any other female fan-made or canon character was minimal at best, and extremely volatile at worst. She was the main character, and the girls who were her friends, were given much less time than girls brought conveniently in as rivalling plot devices for the purpose of showing her off as the best of them all. Mary Sues typically dismiss or hate others of their gender, who are also written as doing likewise toward them in fanfiction.

she hated Lady Une because she was jealous of her over Treize. She went as far as tear up pictures of Treize and Une if they happened to be standing together, saving Treize's image, but getting rid of Une's. She admitted to splicing together some exerpts from Gundam Wing to make Treize identify himself, then say "Execute Lady Une. She also got really bothered over a Lady Une painting that was put up for auction on Ebay. The reason? She said Une's boobs were too large and saggy. In contrast, her flamers screamed about Sylke's web page as showing Lady Une as flat chested. So it became disgustingly clear what was all too important to these warring Gundam fans.

Railing against the closest female character to a guy within a series is extremely Mary Sue, it is very common for fangirls crushing on some fictional guy to fantasize about the death of their female fictional rival, especially if it is at the hand of the fictional guy they have a crush on. It's really pathetic stuff that makes all of them Mary Sues, no matter how much they deny it.

It's hard to understand why anybody would fall in lust with a terrorist, but there's no accounting for taste, especially among fangirls and their Mary Sues.

Cringy as that is, she was not imposing her Sue on anyone else's role-play/creative writing project. It was her site, and she had a right to put whatever she wanted on it as long as it was legal.

As Black Sylke was very obsessed and overboard with copyright issues, her writing is not posted here.


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