Fanfic: "Buried Secrets," by Buffy19606; Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

Callisto is a Mary Sue from Buffy fanfic "Buried Secrets," by Buffy19606.

Information by Pat Pflieger


"Callisto, vampire slayer, looks just like Buffy, slays just like Buffy, falls in love with a vampire just like Buffy, and has her own tragic, angst-filled relationship with her current love. Just as Angel became demonic in the show, Callie's vampire lover also becomes a demon.

Callisto looks like a "carbon copy clone" of Buffy Sommers (Buffy's mother was Callie's mother's twin), is actually half vampire. However, one of Callie's eyes is grey; the other is violet.

Like Buffy, Callisto slays; as a half-vampire, she became immortal at age 17.

Callisto is half human, half vampire so she "can drink blood ... if I can get to some but I can be around crosses sunlight and holywater."

Callisto has a small gothic cross, slays vampires with a chackram, and reads and speaks 10 languages and can translate a book no one else can read;

In Florida, Callisto has slain worse vampires than Buffy Sommers does in California: "Miami has it's share of vampires, but they tend to be more evil.'"

Callisto, an orphan, witnessed the death of the vampire she loved.

In the fanfic "Buried Secrets," Callisto's tragic end is foretold: she will merge with Buffy the Vlampire Slayer to "create the strongest slayer yet."

Callisto ensures happiness for Buffy Sommers by tricking her into imbibing some of Callie's blood, thus making her immortal and giving her Callie's vast knowledge and brain power, so that she and Angel can always be together.

In an epic battle with forces that include the boyfriend Callisto thought dead, she receives her deathblow and dies in the arms of her current love, "along with their unborn child". Her grief-stricken boyfriend, visited by her "translucent form," commits suicide with her knife so they can be together forever, and the tragedy is complete."


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