Christine Chevalier

Fanfic: "All Dolled Up," by Melissa Roule; Due South. [2001:]

Benton Fraser, gets utterly butchered via the seductive touch and scent of a Mary Sue, who replaces Meg Thatcher from the series episode in question.

Information by Pat Pflieger


In the fanfic, Christine Chevalier shows Benton Fraser how to accomplish his transformation into "Miss Fraser" for the Due South episode "Some Like It Red."

Christine Chevalier smells like strawberries. Christine is a ballerina who knows Benton Fraser and imagines him as her partner while she practices. When he must become "Miss Fraser" for the episode "Some Like It Red," he calls on Christine's expertise with makeup. Christine knows her Mountie: she knows the story behind every scar on his body. She also knows her Diefenbaker: she brings him Milk Duds.

As Christine works on Fraser who is chaste in the Due South series, her touch arouses him (parallelling a similar scene in the episode "The Deal"); then, in a rather odd little moment (Fraser is, after all, dressed and made-up as a woman), he kisses Christine. Finally, in tribute to her red flannel shirt, Fraser gives her The Compliment (originally given to Meg Thatcher): "By the way, red suits you." He succumbs to the charms of Christine Chevalier.


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