Horrors Of The Past My Worst Mary Sue

Originally found at this link, But edited here for language. It was an excellent article but for a couple of f-bombs.


Horrors Of The Past My Worst Mary Sue

by tigerbites

I WAS LIKE 12 OK?! DON'T JUDGE ME. This is beyond embarrassing. This is one of the worst Sues on the internet.

So remember that Mary Sue collab I proposed months ago? I finally got around to it...

Ok so I forget her name, but she's an accomplished magic user who weilds a scythe. Oh and her eyes change color with her emotions. And this is a Lord of the Rings OC... for real. A magic using scythe-weilder. Just... I can't.

Ugh... let's see what I can remember... I'm like 95% sure she was paired with Legolas. But she might have had a thing with Aragorn too. She joins the fellowship in a really stupid way. During that whole "You have my sword. And my bow. And my axe." scene Gandalf basically goes. "Wait! We need one more! This young lady is an extremely accomplished magic user and will be extremely valuable." And this dumbass Sue struts onto the scene like "Don't underestimate me just because I'm a girl." For shucks sake... And she's like 17 too. Because when I was 12 I figured 17 was so old and mature.

She also had this beautiful singing voice, and she could cast spells and enchantments by singing. In fact, she never made it to Mordor, I forget why, but she had to leave at some point. So before she leaves she sings freaking "May it Be" by Enya, which casts some sort of protection spell on the fellowship. It actually hurt my soul to admit that. But then she ends up rejoining them. Idk why.

She disliked those two elven ladies (I completely forget their names. Arwen? Galadriel?) because they were prettier than her, and she might have had a thing for Aragorn. Idk, the memory is pretty fuzzy.

Overall she was liked and respected by everyone, but she still felt the need to prove she was just as tough, if not tougher, than the guys.

I'm pretty sure her original outfit wasn't quite this revealing, like her stomach was covered or something. However, it was still ridiculously slutty and impractical.

Excuse me while I go soak my head in bleach...


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