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I Spy Mary Sue Eyes

We were talking about how Mary Sue and Gary Stu characters tend to have strange eyes that change colour with mood, or develop rings around them or flare completely over into black soulless voids to indicate loss of sanity. *Cough* Jeff The Killer and Jane The Killer. *Cough*

It turned into fun with us giving our characters the Mary Sue/Gary Stu eye treatment.

* * *

BP: "Soulless voids of darkness"? Oy...eyes can be very expressive, and if used well, they can be excellent tools of characterization...but it's so easy to go overboard and just be obnoxious. There's nothing wrong with describing a character as having a sinister glint in his eyes, or having a cold stare, or something like that. But having mood ring eyes? Nope. I can handle an unusual eye color as long as it isn't just ridiculous...for instance, Bez's eyes are kind of a honey-ish brown, like a hawk's eyes. I don't wax on and on about them or describe them in terms of precious stones...if anything, it's just a passing "hawkish" comment, which helps characterize her personality.

Heh...now a Mary Sue description of her eyes...*ahem*

Various characters: *file quietly in to get a better listen, some unable to hide their urge to grin.*

BP: "Her eyes were the color of warm honey, glinting in the morning sun. Predatory, like the falcon, yet they shone with hidden vulnerability, a glimmering portal to her aching soul."

Various characters: *snicker, chuckle*

Bez: *wince* Well SHEESH. Glad you spared me that treatment. I think I might need a bucket.

BP: Heh! You're welcome.

Ocean Elf: ROFLOL! Your experimental Mary Sue description for Bez is making me laugh out loud!

Other characters: *General sounds of chuckles, giggles and snickers*

Ocean Elf: Now, which one of you lot should I pick on?

NT: *Darts away to a corner somewhere*

Ocean Elf: Yeah right,as if.

Monroe: Not me, I already have the Mary Sue hair thing going on.

Ocean Elf: But I don’t go on about it, and your eyes could get pretty dangerous looking.

Monroe: And the same is true for anyone here. *Cell phone rings* Whew, saved by the bell.

Ocean Elf: Yeah right, how convenient. Well, how about you, Ameh?

Ameh? Huh? Oh, no!

Ocean Elf: Oh, yes, let’s pick on you today.

Ameh? Don’t you dare! *Shudders*

Ocean Elf: Ameh’s eyes gazed intently like glistening pools of sapphire, complimenting her golden tresses, the picture of innocence yet hidden beneath was a hint of profound suffering that she alone knew.

Ameh: *Cringes* CUT - CUT! *Cough choke* Urgh I’m going to look for a safe hole to hide in for a while.

Ocean Elf: Hahahahahahaha!

BP: Hahahaha! *grin* Oooh, now I just can't resist giving the rest of my characters the eye treatment.

Bez: *smirk* 

Matrix: *frown* Oh dear.

Sigma: Um, I think I have somewhere to be-

MC and characters: *General outburst of quiet laughing*

BP: Oh no you don't! I'll start with you.

Sigma: *sigh* Lucky me.

BP: *ahem* Her eyes were like glittering flecks of azure topaz, orbs that glowed with tenderness and vulnerability, rendered diamond-clear by the travails of her tortured past. 

Sigma: *wince* That was...something.

Bez: *burst into laughter* That was hilarious! Oh, I might enjoy this. 

Ocean Elf: *Laughing!*

Ameh: *Giggling* Holy cow what a blast!

Ocean Elf: Hehe! And I'm not done with you lot either.

Indy: *Gulp* Oh, no.

Ocean Elf: Oh, yes! *Wicked grin*

Indy had eyes that sparkled like jade with diamonds, but they could do so much more than just dazzle. They were windows to her soul, and they seemed to read the souls of others who met her. Those electrifying gem-like orbs could convey a world of ecstasy or a world of hurt, and they could make a person feel trusted and loved like nothing else. By the same token, they could convict one of the worst crimes in the universe, all depending on how she felt about you. One look from those warm stars could love or save you, while a look with the deepest angry spark could wound or even condemn you.

Indyy: Aaaaaaack!! This is wounded me!

Characters: *Guffaw*

Monroe: Oh my word, I almost feel sorry for you.

Indy: Oh, shut up!

NT: *Giggling with tears rolling*

Ocean Elf: How about another from the Nautilus?

BP: Your turn, Matrix.

Matrix: Would it help if I made my eyes as empirically boring as possible? 

BP: Not much. *mischievous smile* I can make it work. 

Ocean Elf: *Snicker*

Matrix: Well then...*braces self* Do your worst.

BP: His eyes, spheres of darkest jet, glinted with unearthly intelligence, a ring of purest opal splitting the obsidian depths of those orbs that shone with frustrated desire for humanity.

Bez: *laughter intensifies* Oh- this is too much! 

Ocean Elf: *Silently just cracking up*

Matrix: *grimace* Ugh...I think I might be sick.

Bez: Now wouldn't that be something! 

Various characters: *laughter, some knee-slapping*

Ocean Elf: Okay, NT, you're next.

NT: no, no no, please, no! *Tries to run away again*

Ocean Elf: Heh! Do you really think you can just run out of this? *Mind-pulls her back*

NT: Argh!

Ocean Elf: Her eyes were warm, liquid pools of darkness surrounded by a daintily-featured face of ivory. These mysterious jewels glimmered with the wonder of youth, yet possessed a knowledge far beyond her years. They seemed to reach out from her tender, tormented soul deep into whoever looked into her face. In those dark shining depths contained some fathomless mystery that only she would reveal in her own time…But she knew you…Somehow, by gazing at you, she just knew you.

NT: *Cringe* Eww! Gross! Let me out of hereYuck!

Various characters: *Laughter*

Indy: That still wasn't as bad as mine.

NT: Are you kidding? "She knows you" just by looking?

Indy: Well at least you're not condemning anyone to Hades or who knows where with a mere look. I mean, holy crap!

Ocean Elf: *Bursts out laughing, trying to compose self* Anyone else?

BP: And now, for Thande. 

Thande: *starts, frowns*

Ameh: Oh, this will be interesting!

BP: What, you thought you were going to get out of this? It would hardly be nice of me to leave you out.

Thande: How kind.

Indy and Capri Monroe: *Laugh*

BP: Heheh! Well, well, let's see what I can come up with for you...*ahem* Those orbs of golden sapphire laced with fire agate peered out from their caverns of onyx, ferocious conduits to a broken spirit. 

Thande: *remains silent*

BP: No comment, eh? Can't say I blame you.

MC and characters: *Laughter all around*

Ocean Elf: I know you have the sort of hair that could qualify you nicely as a Mary Sue, MS. Monroe, but I'm going to give you the eye treatment anyway.

Monroe: *Wince* Urgh. Well, everyone else managed to survive it, I guess I can too.

Ocean Elf: Her cool dark eyes were nearly as dark as that black cascade of tresses that flowed down her back and framed her face, which seemed intense and aloof all at the same time. There was no telling what lay behind that piercing, sparkling gaze. It could be mild interest, or a burning rage just beneath the surface, but whenever she looked at you with those shining dark stones, she was not looking into space, the one she wanted to deal with, for whatever reason, was you.

Various characters: *Laughter*

Monroe: *Bursts out chortling* Oh, gosh, that's bad!

Ocean Elf: Hehe!


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