Janaris Reed

Fanfic: "After the Fall," by Monica; Highlander: The Series; four-part NC-17.-rated story.

This has Mary Sue, slash-ship, and is especially gross. Like Saraid, She is a High Lander slash Mary Sue, grossly mangling series characters to make them gay for each other, but still involved with her, only the description here is a little more detailed. Ugh!

Information by Pat Pflieger


Janaris is pronounced "Yah-NAH-ris."

Janaris Reed is an Immortal only a few centuries younger than Methos. She carries a katana which is over 1000 years old, part of a collection of at least 40 swords which includes one given her by Charlemagne, himself.

Janaris is desired by both men and women. She is the one Immortal that the Watchers are forbidden to watch: Janaris spotted her Watchers almost immediately, and became so furious that she started causing legal problems for everyone in the organization and drained its bank accounts. She impresses Duncan with her prowess as a fighter, and Methos with her prowess as a lover.

Janaris has delicate hands, but Methos has "seen deadly accurate knives thrown with this hand, necks broken with this hand, and dozens of Immortals lose their heads to a sleek, savagely swift blade gripped in this hand. ... Jana was more than capable of taking care of herself." And she has, killing "one of the best -- and most treacherous -- Immortals in the Game."

Janaris has "flawless deep caramel-colored skin" and "panther-green" eyes. She smells "like Nile lilies and jungle blooms";

Janaris Reed can remember so well the taste of an ale she had in Bavaria in 1521 that she recreates the taste over 400 years later for her microbrewery; she can tell what liquor a man's been drinking -- even to the brand -- simply by sniffing his breath.

In an Internet story unfinished since 1998, Janaris, her mission in the story accomplished, is on the brink of probably being killed by her ex-husband.

Janaris spends most of four stories explaining Methos to Methos, Duncan to Duncan, and each man to the other.

Janaris and Methos first met on the banks of the southern Nile; they wandered through Africa and Europe together, becoming best friends. Methos goes to her after the events in two pivotal episodes of the series; she helps him to realize his physical attraction for Duncan MacLeod.

Janaris was raped by all four Horsemen who pillaged the earth during the Bronze Age, including Methos, her best friend.

Janaris so completely understands that Methos and Duncan are destined to be lovers that as she gives Methos oral gratification (sex), she urges him to pretend that she is Duncan -- and he does.

Janaris' exotic beauty has led to many adventures and misadventures; her panther green eyes have "'gotten me burned at the stake twice, nailed to a cross, hunted as a demon, [and] drowned'". "'True,'" replies Methos, "'but they've also gotten you worshipped, cherished, and respected. Not to mention the number of times they got you laid.'"


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