Jessica Sue

while this exerpt doesn't go on at length about appearance or present her as related to a canon character in Harry Potter, the writer of this girl Canon-Sues Snape by making him go all gushy on Jessica. This is not typical of Snape, nor is it believable or even likely.

Originally found at http://fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=1033975

Sure she was sarcastic, but her puns were never meant

to offend him. She was a sweet girl and Snape knew it.

She was perhaps one of the sweetest young women he had

met in a long time, and not to mention the most

attractive one, too. Snape remembered how enthralled

he was when he first laid eyes on her. His mind was

blown away and he felt his jaw nearly dropped to the

floor. And when he saw her smile and speak those first

words to him, he could have sworn he felt himself

float a couple of inches off the floor.


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