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This character, Julianna, has blazing golden hair, and is one of only

two pure-elven characters in the world so blessed. The other elf

factors in the story in a way that is mysterious, dramatic, and

as-yet-unexplained. She is, of course, attractive. (Though being

tabletop this shows up mainly in a very long initial character

introduction and is just assumed afterward.) The actual in game play

stresses her powers and angst. Julianna is the daughter of the highest

priestess in the whole of this land. Her mother was tragically killed

by the main antagonist, a servant of Hell trying to reconquer the land

of the living. She witnessed this event and has extreme guilt,

nightmares, depression, a homicidal hatred of the undead, and a

tendency to manifest all of this by rising into the air and flaming

them. (She, as a chosen servant of the main God of Fire has the

ability to fly and create fireballs.) She retains a magic sword from

her lineage as the daughter of the Great Phoenix, which can be used to

channel her powers and make her proficient in melee. She is also a

potent psionic, with mind bolt, telepathy, telekinesis, empathy and

mind shield-type powers. She was raised by a foster family, but never

accepted by them since she lacked the typical skills they wanted—and

her step-sibling had them. Eventually, she fled and lost control of

her powers for a time from the combined hurt and rage. It resulted in

some, um, violent episodes. And, now she has the extra guilt of what

she's done there to add to the pile.

The main antagonist in the game is the one who killed her mother, and

most of the campaign is centered around her fulfilling (rising from

the ashes to?) her ultimate role as the Great Phoenix. This will

restore order in the land, as the Greats are the only ones who have

the power to stand against Hell itself.

So, barring the current plan of just turning on her at the end and

joining Hell. (Being a lich is fun, right?) What else can be done?

(Note, not sure its very IC for my PC to do that. Ok, it's not at all.

But, what I should say is I'm not sure EVEN Julianna can drive her to

do it.And I was banking on that.)


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