Lavender Chelsey

Part 3. Zoe's Tantrum, Blind Rage

From Sarah


👩‍💻At this point, not only was I unimpressed with her writing, but was really annoyed with her as well. Big time annoyed.

From: 👩‍💻"Sarah"

To: 😡"Zoe"

Subject: Re: a letter for you.

👩‍💻I might expect a snippy letter from somebody your age, but before you told me you were this young, I had no idea. But even that doesn't excuse this letter of yours.

I don't appreciate being called a liar.

Try checking out "RNIB" or "CNIB" and "Computers for the blind" on the internet and you'll find sites about computer speech to help the blind. I already told you about that but research it and then maybe you'll believe me.

If I wasn't blind, or didn't know anyone who is, I probably wouldn't be telling you that Lavender is anything but realistic because I probably wouldn't know. Also, I've been around other blind people, who also use computers, white canes, and guide dogs. Without their canes or dogs or an arm to guide them, the totally blind will blunder in a completely unfamiliar place, or make their way very timidly along to avoid crashing into things, people, and possibly hurting themselves as well. The fact is you have Lavender acting in a way that would make anybody wonder just how blind she really is.

I've explained to you that I use a computer that talks. The speech program is JAWS for windows xp. I suggest you look it up. A company called "Freedom Scientific makes it. Google is a good search engine.


From: 😡sassyblackvelvetine

To: 👩‍💻Sarah

😡Sarah....I need not burden you no more with this long e-mail...I hope you can still be my friend....but not criticize my writing as heavily as you have been doing! :-D




😡Zoe: Sarah! I want to stay in your list.....and okay.........I want everybody to interact......

👩‍💻Sarah: *sigh* Okay, then, I want you to keep in mind that, with other characters interacting, and other people writing them, they won't always act favorably to your characters if they don't behave. That is especially true in Avonlea, you know how mean Rachel and even Marilla was with Anne in the beginning.

😡Zoe: its just that I didn't know how this list was going to be run and see Sarah...nobody prasies you in this list...they just...critic you........and never in a pro way but always in a con way

👩‍💻Sarah: Nope, that's not true. You just happened to have some rather glaring errors that needed to be corrected. I know what I'm talking about when I advise you about Lavender and blindness. She's not superhuman, or at least, she shouldn't be in this setting. If you don't know what is appropriate you can ask first.

As I mentioned about Diana's name - that *is* important enough to correct.

😡Zoe: and that just gets me all...mad.

👩‍💻Sarah: I would've thought that what Elizabeth said to Lavender would've made you more mad..Lavender is your character, in a way, your baby - and Elizabeth was pretty hard on her. Though I think Marilla or Rachel would've come very close if they had been the ones there instead of Elizabeth and Miss Stacy. I could've used Mathilda Blewett, and she would've been even worse than Elizabeth. :p

Sometimes people get mad and even hurt when their characters aren't as dear or as impressive to other people, but what I said about Lavender, especially concerning her blindness, wasn't said out of cruelty. I'm not going to apologize for what I said about her, but I am sorry that it hurt your feelings.


😡Zoe: Oh........so that is what you were trying to warn me about.......okayz....I'll be more careful about the way Lavender behaves. NOT! Lavender is a VERY bold character...

👩‍💻Sarah: Boldness is fine, but though Anne herself is bold, along with Gil, even Rachel and a lot of others, they don't behave the way Lavender did. Boldness is good in itself if someone knows how to handle it and Anne is a fine example of that. But there's boldness, and there's being an obnoxious, rude little brat.

😡Zoe: and just because she has more sense of direction than other blind people...

👩‍💻Sarah: Which is a problem right there. It makes her unrealistic. Blind people I've already told you, have some increase in other senses, but to you that's not good enough yet - you have to make her outshine them too...And it just doesn't ring true.

😡Zoe: or people in general doesn't mean that she's weird or unbelievable...

👩‍💻Sarah: Forget the word "weird" I never said she was "weird". And yes, she is unbelievable. if you're blind, you absolutely can't tell when somebody's staring at your dress. For that, Lavender would need to be super-human, super-natural, a psychic, because that goes beyond anything any blind person could sense... Same with the dance floor bit. I wouldn't know she was supposed to be blind if you didn't keep telling me she was over and over.

😡Zoe: Elizabeth...well from all I have read about her {I didn't read that one whole e-mail yet} she is very rude.

👩‍💻Sarah: Elizabeth has a mouth on her when she gets angry, so yes, she can be rude. She doesn't beat around the bush. And this time, she was justified, no more 'rude' than any of the other adults in Avonlea would've been to an ill-tempered child in that era.

😡Zoe: Lavender is not rude....

👩‍💻Sarah: Yes, she is. All she's done so far is say mean things to everybody she runs into. And shoving people at a dance isn't rude? Screaming all kinds of catty gossip at innocent people and hurting their feelings isn't rude?

😡Zoe: she is bold...

👩‍💻Sarah: No, she is bratty.

😡Zoe: and she is verysensitive... like Anne.

👩‍💻Sarah: No, she is very sensitive, like you...I see absolutely no similarities between her and Anne at all.

😡Zoe: And I don't see how you could be bashing my character when I didn't even SAY anything bad about Elizabeth YET...

👩‍💻Sarah: This has nothing to do with Elizabeth or what you did or didn't say about her. Pointing out that Lavender doesn't act blind, and lacks manners is not bashing. It's stating facts on the blind issue and an opinion on the general behavior.

😡Zoe: I mean Lavender didn't say anything.

👩‍💻Sarah: Oh, yes she did, she said a great deal...Not to Elizabeth, but she mouthed off at Mrs. Plume, and tore mercilessly into Anne. Elizabeth was there, and she was angered by the way it effected Anne, and Elizabeth has no tolerance for that kind of horrendous and rude behavior. So, she reacted.

😡Zoe: Look Lavender is a blind orphan....people are going to have to be kinder to her...

👩‍💻Sarah: (By this time I wanted to slap her upside the head, rolling eyes and tsking in absolute disgust and indignation, but all I said to her was this.)

Nonsense. She's going to have to show kindness herself in order to get it, blind orphan or not. Anne didn't get any breaks and she was an orphan, and she was kind. Anne didn't have a chip on her shoulder a mile long, or have it out for the world the way Lavender does. If Lavender is going to behave badly, she's going to be treated accordingly. Miss Stacy or Anne won't give her B's on her report card for being blind. If anybody else in Avonlea acted the way Lavender did, they would get themselves into serious trouble with the folks around them. if Elizabeth or Miss Stacy said and did the exact things Lavender did, you would think of them as rude too. Lavender is not getting off easy just because she's supposedly a blind orphan.

😡Zoe: ecspecially Mrs.Plume...I'm going to make sure, she and Lavender have a nice little chat. You obviously are not skilled...

👩‍💻Sarah: (Now my patience finally ran out completely, and I took the gloves off.)

That did it, you are going off the list. What kind of arrogant kid are you, talking to me about skill - when you've made such glaring errors and are only 12? You know nothing about skill.

😡Zoe: look when you qwrite a story there's supposed to be a conflict...not a MILLION!

👩‍💻Sarah: And Lavender has just made it a million and one, so take your own advice.

😡Zoe: Anne already has enough problems with the school and Lavender...and Lavendre's accdient and now you make Elizabeth come into Lavender's life in the utmost disruptive way?

👩‍💻Sarah: Lavender came onto this list and into Anne's life in the most disruptive way. And you godmoded Anne and all other characters into pandering saps for Lavender. No one was acting like adults in that series normally would when faced with this disruptive child, so Elizabeth had to step up to the plate, and then I could provide a bit of an opening to get Miss Stacy and some unnamed strangers to react more appropriately.

Lavender blew into Avonlea like a hurricane.

As for Elizabeth, she didn't start the trouble, or add to it where Anne's concerned. The only conflict she seems to have gotten into is one with Lavender, who started it all, and leaves trouble and conflict in her wake wherever she seems to be.

😡Zoe: What do you think of that?



👩‍💻Sarah: Like it or not, Lavender is not about to be the main character on this list. No character is. Neither is Lavender going to be treated like a star/princess/goddess of Avonlea on this list, not with the way she's been acting. Neither am I willing to put up with your hissy-fitting any more. You are off the list as of now!


End of spat.

I kicked her off the list, then tidied up the scene with Anne to get her out of that dreadful mission of martyrdom to Lavender!


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