Lavender Sue

Name: Lavender Anastasia Blettom Chelsey


Fanbase or fandom: Anne of Green Gables

Age: 12

(going on 2)

Special characteristics: She's blind, dontcha know!? But she can see when you're looking at her dress, and she hauls her partner out on to the dance floor like she can see where it is and where she should be dancing! She also knows everything about everyone, including that Anne Shirley is a selfish, sneaky, lying red-head because she didn't tell Lavender where her dead mother is. Oh, and Lavender saw her mother at the dance in a faint, so she knows she's really alive! And don't forget, she's a poor little blind orphan so everybody else must put their lives and feelings on hold and coddle and dote on her, no matter how badly she behaves.

The fit

The fallout:

Lavender Sue 1 The Blind Fury

Lavender Sue 2 Blinded by Disbelief

Lavender Sue 3 Zoe's Tantrum

Lavender Sue 4 Plot Repair, Anne and Lavender Get What They Need


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