Player Liberated By Term Mary Sue

From Nancy



I have just recently been liberated by the term Mary Sue.

How can one be liberated by a term such as Mary Sue?

It's a long story......

My close friend and I have known a girl for many years now. Her characters are all Mary Sues, in fact she is like a living Mary Sue herself. Scary, but true. I was not familiar with the term Mary Sue until I was surfing around the net and ran into it on a web site. I was overjoyed to realize that my friend and I have not been the only ones to suffer through the mind-numbing experience. Not that Mary Sue is a good thing, but at least I have a name for it now.

A few examples of her Mary Sue-Dom are:

A Gargoyles character who was named Chicago, 1000 yrs. ago. She gets transformed into a human later in her story and Xanatos loves her so much he melds her DNA to hers to make her his real daughter. (the transfer happens within a huge vat of a jell-o like substance.)

A LOTR elf maiden, who is a part of Elrond's line. Gandalf finds her in the woods and takes her to the Shire (why??). She soon finds out that she is Elrond's granddaughter, and is betrothed to Legolas which puts a damper on her budding love affair with Pippen.

A Harry Potter character Bo Dao Dumbledore, who is the great niece to Dumbledore. She is Half english, Half Japanese. Her parents are killed in a magical trap. She is raised in a Buddhist temple in China until she is sent to live with a muggle family. This family just happens to live next to Harry Potter himself. They don't meet until the 5th year at Hogwarts. Where she puts on an R&B concert along with Hermione where they belt out Aaliyah tunes and Hermione sings: "Making playa haters to believers"

But the best of all are her original Mary Sues. Especially Briana Kali......

Briana is the princess in a kingdom that exists on an island within another dimension. Her sister who is in line for the throne spends her days trying to kill Briana, (They have a love/kill relationship, has she says herself). Briana swears that she does not want the throne although, everyone thinks that she would be the better ruler.

All the while she suffers from the teenage angst of who to go to the ball with and which village to burn down next? Oh yeah, her hair is red and white striped like a candy cane......

Fun times, fun times......


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