Lisa Cusack

In a weird time/space warp thing, a dead media sue talks to her rescuers, who were centuries too late.

That's too weird for me. But at least it isn't revolting.

Information by Pat Pflieger


Lisa Cusack, in a Deep Space 9 episode, has long and telling conversations with the established characters racing to rescue her, helping each man to come to deeper understanding of himself.

Captain of the Olympia, she crashlands on a planet and has only days to live. As the Defiant races to her rescue, she has long, telling conversations via radio with Bashir, Sisko, and O'Brien, helping each to come to greater understanding of himself. When they reach the planet, however, they discover that she's been dead for 3.2 years, their conversations bounced back and forth through time courtesy of some mighty fine Trek-nobabble. They cannot bring themselves to bury her on the planet, "alone"; they take the body back to DS9, where the crew pays tribute to her at the Trek version of an Irish wake.


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