welcome to the All About Mary Sue links page. It is a vast collection of links on the subject of characters called "Mary Sues" or "Gary Stus", pro and con - mostly con. I hope you will find these links helpful and entertaining.

Cynamin's Fanfic Hints

Dark Mary Sues

Vanity Or Writing What You Know?

Writing Believable Characters

A Mockery of a Harry Potter Fanfic (Hilarious!)

October 2000 File: The Definition of Fan Fiction . . .

Drawing The Line Badfic that mentions Mary Sue late on.

Thoughts From A RPer About Character Creation

Who is Mary Sue? by Tara

Example Bio: Mary Sue

Tips, Tricks and General Info for Dear Mary Sue by Meimi

The Problem with Mary Sue by Meimi

Essay: Self Insertion and Mary Sue by Sebastian

Over 20 Club - Mary Sue by Writers University

The Deal Behind Mary Sues by By Rekka-chan and She-Ronin

Meet Sarah by Amy Gordanier

Mary Sue, and why she's not welcome here by Morgan

Mary Sue: Evil In Fanfiction And Roleplay

To Write or not To Write? The Dreaded HL Mary Sue by Pixie

How To Write A Mary Sue Fic - 7 Easy Steps

The Rantings Of A Forgotten Mary Sue

Who Is Mary Sue 2

Who Is Mary Sue And Why Does Everyone Hate Her?

Enter Mary Sue

Mary Sue Must Die

Parody On Mary Sue Parodies

Mary Sue Encounter In A Library

Badfic Mary Sue Interview 1

Badfic Mary Sue Interview 2

Look Out, It's Mary Sue (The title turned out much better than the article.)


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