Story: "The Elves of the Forest Center," by Pansy, Robert Merry's Museum..

Information by Pat Pflieger


Pansy was 13 when this story was published; she was the author of several pieces -- mostly poetry -- in the Museum. There is no indication that she is the Pansy who went on to publish books for children.

Maia, whose gentleness and kindness are extolled by animals and elves in 1858;

Impressed by Maia's gentle kindness, the king of the elves sends Elfletta, an elf-maid, to live with her;

Lions and tigers carry Maia through the forest to do her chores, and the elves give parties in her honor.

(Almira) Maia's death is witnessed only by the elves who are her friends; with her last breath, she blesses them and dies with a "calm smile" on her face, and "in the sky were a host of angels -- they bore the soul of Maia to its heavenly home." (Pansy 12) at the story's end, she goes from being the beloved of elves to being the beloved of angels.


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