Orianna The Fairy Sue

This is Orianna's Profile.

It goes on to tell you how beautiful Orianna is, both inside and out, but the trouble is she doesn't live up to the personality part of the profile, except for being "in love" (infatuated with, teenage crush) with two of the guys from the movie, which was already one big Mary sue Gary Stu story to begin with, being about some made-up descendants of well-known fairy-tale characters.

Orianna is accepted but it seems something in her profile sets off a few warning bells

Very soon, characters are doing their best to Run Away from Orianna because of her behavior.

Then, when it seems things couldn't possibly get crazier, in comes:

Orianna's evil twin Sister Gwendolyn

*Wince* Twins are all too common in fiction, they are as cliche as Mary Sue. Particularly the good twin, bad twin thing.

So, Gwendolyn, what is she? Part fairy, part...Well, it's all there in the profile. Gwendolyn is - well, shall we say - unique - in her make-up, but she is typical in one respect. She is a character brought in as some kind of enemy/rival/nemesis - not of the other characters in the game, but of the Mary Sue. Anti-Mary Sue, plot device.

Gwendolyn's arrival and desperate situation Orianna makes up for her causes what looks like a collective shudder from other role players.

Orianna revises Gwendolyn's profile when she's told she can't bring back a particularly nasty character from the dead.

It soon became clear that Gwendolyn was meant to ally with the trolls and attack Wendell's kingdom. And with Gwen and Orianna being sworn enemies even though they were sisters, the whole thing was probably meant to play out so that orianna would save the kingdom from her evil sister and win King Wendell's hand in marriage, along with the admiration of everyone else in the kingdom.

The attack idea was nixed, but Gwendolyn was allowed to continue scheming with the trolls all she wanted without harming Wendell's kingdom. It was dealing with enough already.

In the mean time, Orianna's misadventures and unrequited crush continued.

Then, thanks to Gwendolyn and a few other evil characters, Orianna ends up in prison with King Wendell and a famous story book character. Not only does she fail to rescue Wendell because she's so busy trying to get him to say he loves her, but Orianna blows a chance at being a hero by not rescuing this character who actually did manage to help Wendell out a little. How sweet.

They all got out, eventually, no thanks to Orianna.

Orianna's continued desperation is met with more attempts at diversion and eventually all the other players can do is laugh it off.

But wait a second, who is Lancelot? Did it not say in Orianna's profile that he was her deceased father? In some scenes he's her brother, or her father it seems, making this very hard to keep her family straight.

With no one able to take Orianna seriously and other characters doing their best to stay out of her way, she eventually had to realize things just weren't going to go her way.

Orianna, still unloved, eventually left the rpg.

She was mentioned now and then after her departure in ways that indicate what impressions a Mary Sue can leave other characters and players with.

If you join Orianna's list, you'll probably get this welcome message

It hasn't gone anywhere. The messages consist mostly of questions about how the game is played and which characters are taken, and spam messages.

Apparently Orianna has managed to become disliked on other rpgs according to a post by Charli


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