Orianna 12: After Her Departure



#4157 From: "merry627" merry627

Date: Fri May 31, 2002 6:04 am

Subject: Drucilla awakes....The trolls watch Message List


Meanwhile .... in another part of the kingdom. Panther was shaking his head at the quick departure of Orianna, Gwendolyn and the ugly halfling of the trolls. Blabberwort was slapping her hand and foot at Burly troll. "Good riddance, I told you those fairies were trouble and good thing she fell for that ogre too. She would have robbed us blind and that baby was half-fairy and ugly. You don't want an ugly child to follow in your footsteps. No half fairy would be allowed to reign in the troll kingdom. Why dad would just roll over in his grave right now."

Panther was biding his time with the trolls. He had plans to see Amaya very soon. He secretly loved her very much. He wished she could see past that villianous boyfriend of hers and see him instead. He studied the mirror and caught wind of screams beyond dragon mountain that howled in the wind from dragon mountain straight to here! It almost sounded like thunder under a brilliant sunny sky! "Blabberwort, have a look here will you?" Blabberwort still teasing Burly troll strolled over in confident strides.

She peered into the mirror. "What the heck is that thing?" She pushed up her metal armor above her voluptous top. "Think I shoud have these enhanced a little?" she asked him. Panther thought he would be sick. "What do you think that is?" he asked.

Burly troll took a gander too. "Hmmm, let me look in Dad's diary... he always wrote everything down."

Burly knew he'd be there a while. The book was in the shoe closet.


#4369 From: marigold33@... merry627

Date: Sun Jun 23, 2002 12:05 am

Subject: Re: >8O~ ENGAGED: Greythin and Feldren at it agai Message List

Orianna was too much woman for you huh greythin :}

#7289 From: "Elizabeth Stalin" lizz_stalin17

Date: Sun May 30, 2004 10:51 am

Subject: Re: Tag: Wendell

Alanya smiled slightly. "I know I have," she said softly and brought her hand up, brushing his cheek with her fingers. She kissed him lightly, not mentioning that she had been jealous and a bit worried when the fairy princess, Orianna had been at the castle during the ball, pledging her love to Wendell.

#8496 From: Elizabeth

Date: Sun Jan 16, 2005 4:14 pm

Subject: Re: OOC: Announcement lizz_stalin17

Okay. It sounded to me in LA's last post that she was agreeing to give up Wolf. Truthfully, I was actually supposed to put Wolf's character back up for grabs months ago, but I felt rude doing so without LA's permission and I was also afraid that someone unqualified to play the part would ask for him and I hate to turn people down cause I feel like I'm being hateful or something.

ANYWAY, the point is that as an original character we really really really have to have Wolf involved in the story - same with any of the other original characters. But I also want them played well.

THEREFORE since Kat's asked for Wolf and I trust her to play him and not, like, totally screw up his personality or have him, like, leave Virginia or something for, say, the fickle fairy Orianna (some of you will actually get this joke).IT IS HEREBY DECREED by the Lizz the Great and Powerful, that the character of Wolf will be portrayed by our very own Kat.^Congradulations. You've been given a brain....er *digs through big blue bag*....or did you want courage? Perhaps it was a heart? Hell, just take the character. *hands her a picture of Wolf in a frame.* Now where are my slippers.....

#8499 From: marigold33@...

Date: Sun Jan 16, 2005 11:21 pm

Subject: Re: OOC: Announcement merry627

ooc: oh yeah I remember that. That was so sickenly cute. :P


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