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This is Orianna's group, and believe it or not, it is still up.




Time passes differently in the nine kingdoms then it does here in the tenth kingdom.

It has been fifteen years since Virgina, Wolf, and Tony has saved the nine kingdoms from destruction, but yet only two years have passed in the nine kingdoms.

Virgina has given birth to two wolf cubs, a boy and a girl.

She had called them Lancelot and Lillianna.

The two twins are now fifteen years old.

Unfortunatly in the nine kingdoms the others aren't as happy as virgina, Wolf, and their two children for a new evil thretens the land and now only Lillianna and Lancelot can save it, but will Lillianna fall for the prince Charming (Wendell) she has been dreaming of?

Will they be able to stop the evil in time to save the nine kingdoms?

Join and find out.


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Welcome to The_10th_kingdom_Role_Playing_game.

I am Orianna the princess of the fairies.

I hope you enjoy your stay in the nine kingdoms.

Beware of trolls, and goblins.

My magic can protect us, but only if you stick close I am afraid that if you wander into the troll kingdom that you shall be done for. :(


Moderator, The_10th_kingdom_Role_playing_game


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