Orianna 14: They Don't Like Her



50 From: Charli Day

Date: Sun Apr 6, 2003 1:05am

Subject: O__O ORIANNA!?!?!




ORIANNA?! She was that little air-headed b|tch in all my LotR RPGs last year!? Ask Neko! I hated her SOOOO MUCH!

In fact, you'll find several Anti-Orianna things in previous posts, such as a song I wrote, and a drawing of my original character (whom was not a MS, thank God) vs. Orianna...

So, some things never change. Yes...many of us here know the bane of Orianna. She was all about Frodo...or Merry or Pip, depending on her mood. She was my character's mortal enemy. It was incredibly fun tormenting her...mwahaha...

Ahem. Anyway...

I'll talk more later, lol. Welcome to the list, btw. And about Lavender from your Anne of Green Gables rpg...I hated her as soon as I read that she was blind and didn't act so. Grar.

Love, Charli, One of the List Mums


Going back in the archives and finding the message Charli referred to, produced this post:

29 From: Charli Day

Date: Fri Mar 28, 2003 6:58pm

Subject: Praise for Neko's Fic and Random Mary-Sue Stuff


Neko, that was a perfect portrayal of the Mary-Sues! I loved it! Hehehehe!!!

Which reminds me...at the bottom of Neko's fic, it said that Orianna smells. (Which she does, mwahahaha...) And I remembered...I have a pair of songs (one that I wrote; an Anti-Orianna/Gweniever song) and one that reminds me of Mary-Sues fighting over a guy, lol.

I have a picture as well that I drew to protest Orianna...which also reminds me! If you have a pic of yourself, please put it up in the photo album section! THere's a section for the Eradicators! Mwahahaha...

Anyway, the first song was called, simply, "I Hate Orianna". It was written a little over a year ago for a quasi-in-character post at a Lord of the Rings rpg at 1:30 AM. Hehehe...

I hate Orianna (And Gwen too! And Gwen too!)

She's worse than cow chips or horse poo! (Yes, it's true! Yes it's true!)

Over her I would prefer a buncha orcish goo! (Ugh! Pee-yoo!)

I just thought that stench was coming from the loo! (Nope, just Ori, MARY-SUE!)

No character there, just copies me and you! (She should get a clue!)

Infatuated with Frodo; it's so obvious too! (Stuck with him like a bad case of the flu!)

We should make an Orianna stew!! (Bad bad taste, Boo-hoo-hoo!)

We all kinda dislike her, the whole damn crew! (Nothing new! Nothing new!)

We'd all love to strangle her until she's blue! (The whole lot of us, too!)

All fairy-hobbit girls belong in a zoo! (Yucky-poo, stinky-doo!)

Now we've had it and we're through! (We're gonna sue!)

So hit the high road, fairy girl, and too-ta-loo!


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