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Name: Orianna

Age: 15

What she looks like: long, curly, blond hair with sapphire blue eyes

that shine like two stars in the heavens. She has white silk wings.

She is truly beautiful.

What she is: The princess of the fairies.

She usually dresses in beautiful ball gowns.

She has fallen in love with Wendell White and Wolf.

Personality: She is kind, carring, forgiving, and loving.

She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

She thinks that true beauty comes from with in.

She is both brave and adventurous.

Her mother: Gweniever Fae

Her father: Lancealot Fae

History: Orianna was born to the royal Fae family.

She could fly before she could even crawl.

She could dance before she could walk.

When she was about four she had gotten her first wand.

When she was five she had said her first spell.

By the time she was nine she knew how to use a sword.

When her parents died when she was fourteen she ran away from home

because she didn't want to take on the duty of being the queen of the

Whispering Forest.

She then met Wolf and Wendell White.

Friends: Wendell White, Wolf, Virginia, Tony, the fairies, and the

other creatures.

So am I in?a



When a profile tells you a character is caring, kind, beautiful on the inside, and basically deep thinking, all too often it becomes a case where the reader wouldn't know it but for being told of these "virtues" over and over. How deep thinking and caring is someone when their whole mission is to turn the head of someone already taken? That is Mary Sue.


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