"Eek! It's A Fairy Sue! Run For It!"



#2185 From: "orianna_15"

Date: Wed Jan 2, 2002 1:23 pm

Subject: Orianna arrives at prince Wendell's castle. orianna_15

Orianna the beautiful princess of the fairies was seated in her golden coach as it slowly drove down the road towards Prince Wendell's castle.

Her long, golden hair was put up and her teairia was placed upon her head.

She was dressed in a beautiful white ballgown and she had on her favorite white slippers.

She yawned lightly, "Are we almost there?"

Her best friend Jessica looked at her, "We're almost there you highness."

Orianna rolled her eyes at her Jessica, "How many times must I tell you Jessica call me Orianna or Ori."

She hated being the princess.

They always made a fuss over her and showered her with attention.

She never had privaciy.

Soon the coach stopped outside of Wendell's palace.

She walked in and looked around until she spotted him, "Hello Wendell. How are you?"

#2186 From: Elizabeth Stalin

Date: Wed Jan 2, 2002 7:34 pm

Subject: Re: 10th_KingdomRPG10th_KingdomRPG Orianna arrives at prince Wendell's castle. lizz_stalin17

psst: Note: Wendell is in a meeting with Alanya, Jess, Dreg, Tiamat, Lelia, Anya, Warren, Wolf, Cleo, Creide, Zarovich, Nix, Fiero, Esmeralia, Zarovich's father and Lord Rupert...um..I think that's about it..In Cleo's room. If she just arrived she probably doesn't know about the present events. (Like the giant that destroyed a good bit of the castle ;) But, I got you covered. I'll just make up a servent or something..to fill her in for now..

BIC: The brunett standing near the door looked at the girl who'd just entered. She stared a minute trying to place her and remember who'd been on the guest list that hadn't yet arrived. The arrival of the elfin princess was enough to startle anyone, aside from Queen Leaffall and her family none of the elfin royalty ever came out of their kingdoms..

'Ah! I know now!' She though and hurried up to greet her. "Welcome, Your Majesty," she said giving a clumbsy curtsy. "Tha'll be th' Princess Orianna from th' Fae family. We got one o' th' guest rooms all ready fer tha' an' Lady Alanya an' her highness Queen Cinderella put me in th' place o' greetin' th' guests.

Can tha' believe it?"

She blushed deeply realizing how bad she was rambling on and then curtsied again. "I'm sorry, miss. I get t' talkin' t' much when I'm excited but I can stop i' I want t'. Tha'll be wantin' t' see His Highness, but I'm afraid he's in a meetin' wi' some other guests.

Tha wouldn't believe th' goins on we've 'ad 'round 'ere. What wi' dragons an' giants an' snow one minute an' green grass th' next. More'n likely that's what they're meetin' 'bout."

She caught herself once more put her hand over her mouth. Removing it she looked at one of the male servents. "Geoffery, get some o' th' boys t' help tha an' take Princess Orianna's things upstairs t' her room. This way Majesty. Most o' th' royalty is i' bed asleep or i' their rooms. There's some as is still up an' about. Th' others is i' th' meetin' wi' King Wendell. I can tell him that tha's 'ere when they break up. Or I can try an' find someone t' keep tha' company. Unless tha' would like t' get some rest."

~The serving girl~

#2187 From: "orianna_15"

Date: Wed Jan 2, 2002 9:00 pm

Subject: Re: Orianna arrives at prince Wendell's castle. orianna_15

"It's quite alright for you to talk. I have a bit of a problem about that myself sometimes and um... I think that I would like to rest a bit. It has been a long time. When the meeting is over will you please tell King Wendell that I am here and come and get me? Thank you," said Princess Orianna smiling.

She used her white silk wings to glide up the stairs and found her room.

Then she laid on her bed and slept for a while.

She looked like sleeping beauty laying there.

#2188 From: Andrew Mowers

Date: Wed Jan 2, 2002 11:22 pm

Subject: Re: Re: Orianna arrives at prince Wendell's castle. tesukuwooshu

OOC: you forgot Feldren, ooooooh! How he;s deeply hurt! (yeah right) Warren looked at Z's father and nodded in agreement. No sooner then he had done this Feldren said to him very loudly "What's up with the the old man?

He not feeling good or something?" Warren whispered to him "shut up." but Feldren didn't seem to care, he went straight to the dragons and held out a hand, though he clearly knew they couldn't touch him. "Howsa, What are you all doing?" Warren growled again in annoyance and glared at the ghost with poison in his eyes. Feldren would have called him a dirty name, when suddenly his eyes grew brighter and he looked around. "Someone's just entered the castle." he said then shrugged. "sorry, I can feel the comings and goings of live ones."

*snip loud arguing among the characters about something else, but they woke up the fairy princess.*

#2189 From: "orianna_15"

Date: Wed Jan 2, 2002 11:32 pm

Subject: Re: Orianna arrives at prince Wendell's castle. orianna_15

Orianna was awoken by all the noise. She quickly got out of bed and made sure that her hair was ok.

She then walked into the other room and glanced at Wolf sleeply, "Wolf could you please stop yelling. I'm trying to sleep.

Thank you."

She gave Wolf a quick hug and kiss and turned to leave when she felt some thing pull her back.


Hmmm, could it be magic? Nah, just her own desire to be noticed by Wolf, perhaps?


#2194 From: marigold33@...

Date: Thu Jan 3, 2002 3:03 am

Subject: Re: Orianna arrives at prince Wendell's castle. merry627

I'm assuming the princess is in her room at this point: I'll send Rupert for a quick second:

Rupert tapped on the princess's room. He had a servant with him with fresh toiletries and a light snack for the princess:

"King Wendell sends his greetings. He is counsel at the moment but would like the princess to join him for dinner. With that Rupert left to ready the secret chamber for the meeting.

#2196 From: "orianna_15"

Date: Thu Jan 3, 2002 9:48 am

Subject: Re: Orianna arrives at prince Wendell's castle. orianna_15

Orianna was awoken by the taping at the door and she quickly got off the bed, made sure that her hair was ok, and answered the door.

She saw two men standing outside of it, "Yes?"

She had been dreaming of King Wendell and Wolf again.

Oh it was a wonderful dream.

Only in those dreams could she admit to them that she truly did love them.

Altough I think that Wolf and Wendell could see the love that Orianna had for them in her beautiful sapphire blue eyes.

#2200 From: "orianna_15"

Date: Thu Jan 3, 2002 12:17 pm

Subject: Re: Into the heart of darkness...or, Here we go again!! orianna_15

Princess Orianna had walked into the room and smiled, "I wonder if that's the only word that you know. Can't you say any thing else?"

Orianna may have been the kind, gentle, beautiful princess of the fairies, but she loved to joke around.

She crossed her arms in front of her chest, "I'm going to Wolf and you can try to stop me all you want with saying that it is to dangerous, but I'm still going. It's to boaring around here. I need a little excitment."

With that Princess Orianna walked over to Wolf, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply.

She then looks at him smiling and tucks a piece of long hair behind her ear.

#2201 From: Andrew Mowers

Date: Thu Jan 3, 2002 12:40 pm

Subject: Re: Re: Into the heart of darkness...or, Here we go again!! tesukuwooshu

Feldren stared at the princess who walked into the room and went to kiss Wolf. Warren and him looked at each other. "Isn't he married?" Warren whipered to Jess and Feldren in horror.

"Stuuuuuuupid." Feldren commented on her actions. (ooc: Okay, jess isn't in a nighty with a nightcap on her head in my mind anymore. And I don't know what to post, so i'll just go on being bored-A.W.M.)


#2202 From: "orianna_15"

Date: Thu Jan 3, 2002 1:09 pm

Subject: Re: Into the heart of darkness...or, Here we go again!! orianna_15

Orianna turned to look at Feldren and Warren. Then she looked back to Wolf and shrugged, "I could really care less."

She winked at Wolf and she tucks a strand of long hair behind her ear.

She then looks back to everyone, "So can I go?"

#2203 From: Creide_mac_Lir@...

Date: Thu Jan 3, 2002 1:36 pm

Subject: Re: Re: Into the heart of darkness...or, Here we go again!! creide_mac_lir

Creide watched Cleo go, wishing she had something to say to help Cleo through this, but finding herself lost for words as she slipped her hand into Zarovich's.

A few seconds later, her mouth dropped open as she saw the fairy lock lips with Wolf. "Hey, don't you know he's married and they just had a baby," Creide said angrily as she rose up from her sitting position. "And I don't give a damn about polite society and all that other stuff and nonsense!! Who are you to demand going anywhere?"

Creide began to wonder if this was one of those diversions Malachia had planned to disrupt them from finding him and stopping his plans.

Zarovich rose up, a small smile crossing his face as he took Creide by the hand and lead her to another part of the room, while Creide protested mildly. "Come on Z, who does she think she is walking in here and kissing another woman's husband like that? And after all Virginia and little Rose have been through? Then she thinks she's gonna jump in and go with you to rescue Dani and Blaine?? Well, where I come from, the answer is definitely, 'Hellllll no!!!' I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her...and I'm thinking that's pretty far, after wielding this claymore for the past few months!!"

Zarovich laughed, pulled Creide to him, then kissed her deeply. He then broke the kiss, their lips just barely touching. "Creide macLir, I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you. Please, never change on me, Love!"

Creide sighed, then chuckled as she leaned against Zarovich. "You really know how to shut my up Master Androv." Then, with a small nibble on his neck, she added in a soft whisper, "And if she goes, she'd better be able to fight or do something to help....or I'm gonna kick her butt when you get back!!"

Nix, who had been in Z's pocket for all this, poked the two lovers, laughing softly. "Dang!! NeverletmegetCreidemad!!"


#2204 From: Creide_mac_Lir@...

Date: Thu Jan 3, 2002 1:42 pm

Subject: Re: Into the heart of darkness...or, Here we go again!! creide_mac_lir

OOC.. Creide had meant that Warren and the wee ghostie could stay with her and Ilya and watch over the Castle and those within.

Hey...remember, Amaya's sent that Fembot out to get Warren back for Malachia!


#2205 From: "orianna_15"

Date: Thu Jan 3, 2002 1:51 pm

Subject: Re: Into the heart of darkness...or, Here we go again!! orianna_15

"Oh I'm Orianna princess of the fairies. I had no idea that he was taken. Please accept my humblest apoligize. It's just so hard to find a man these days. It seems like they are all taken," Princess Orianna said frowning.

She was in love with Wolf and nothing could change that.

Not his child, nor his wife.

God if he wanted her to she would bare him a child.

The same went for Wendell too.

#2217 From: Elizabeth Stalin

Date: Thu Jan 3, 2002 6:04 pm

Subject: Re: Re: Into the heart of darkness...or, Here we go again!! lizz_stalin17

*The same went for Wendell too.* OOC: She's gonna have a little competition there..Lady Alanya may seem like the gentle quiet time, but no one's tried to take the man she's secretly in love with either..

#2228 From: marigold33@...

Date: Fri Jan 4, 2002 6:19 am

Subject: Re: Re: Into the heart of darkness...or, Here we go again!! merry627

wendell's going to start seeing alayna I promise.

#2241 From: Elizabeth Stalin

Date: Fri Jan 4, 2002 11:06 am

Subject: Re: Re: Into the heart of darkness...or, Here we go again!! lizz_stalin17

I'm looking into my crystal ball and I see a love war in the near future..lol.

#2206 From: Creide_mac_Lir@...

Date: Thu Jan 3, 2002 4:05 pm

Subject: Something's not kosher here!! creide_mac_lir

Creide looked over to Princess Orianna. Her instincts were going off inside her like a three- alarm firebell. "This one is going to be trouble," she thought to herself, "A love-sick lady who wants what she wants no matter what." The way Orianna had kissed Wolf had told more than the Princess was letting on to and Creide knew that such a thing could prove dangerous in a situation like this, but she also knew Wolf loved Virginia and Rose more than his own life. "Well, Princess, I am sorry, but my loyalty goes to Virginia and that little baby. Though in my few short months here I have learned that Wolf and Virginia love each other dearly. It's a shame you can't find a love like that. I know how that feels....it took me 20 years to find that kind of love."

Creide looked up to Zarovich, still in his arms, her eyes sparkling for all to see. "That is also why I don't think you should be going on this mission. It requires speed and trust, and since most of us here don't really know you yet, I'd rather Zarovich be with people we've fought alongside with. I look around this room and know and trust our friends with my own life, and I'd like to know that I can trust Zarovich's life with whoever joins him. Plus, Dani and Blaine need people they can trust, as well. Their lives are on the line, right now.

This has to be done soon."

Creide looked down a bit, then looked to the rest, then back to Mordant. "We're wasting time; time Dani and Blaine don't have."


#2207 From: "orianna_15"

Date: Thu Jan 3, 2002 4:18 pm

Subject: Re: Something's not kosher here!! orianna_15

Orianna frowned and let go of Wolf, "I didn't know that you had a child. I'm sorry Wolf maybe I should leave now. I can't handle seeing you and knowing that I can't have you. You're heart belongs to someone else. Maybe if I had of met you first this would be different, but life is not fair, but that's just the way it is."

With that Orianna fled from the room with tears in her eyes.

She loved Wolf more than life.

With out him there was nothing in life left for her.

She how ever did love Wendell, but she just couldn't tell him.

He wouldn't understand.

How could he understand the love that she had for him.

She knew what she had to do she had to leave and go back to her own kingdom.

Or maybe fall in love with someone who did love her.

Yeah right like she was going to find someone like that.

She might have been beautiful, but love just wasn't something that she had ever experinced.

Wait yes she did love Wolf and Wendell, but they just didn't love her.

#2232 From: "merry627"

Date: Fri Jan 4, 2002 6:48 am

Subject: Virginia meets Orianna merry627

Virginia turned the corner looking for Wolf. She was carrying rose and saw the Kiss Orianna had placed on his lips. Boy was she mad! "What exactly is going on here?" Then she turned to Orianna "and in front of our daughter?"


#2235 From: "orianna_15"

Date: Fri Jan 4, 2002 9:03 am

Subject: Re: Virginia meets Orianna orianna_15

Orianna looked at Virginia, "Sorry I had no idea that you had a daughter, nor did I know that you had a wife."

Orianna then fluttered out of the room to leave wolf wondering why his friend Orianna had kissed him so deeply and passionatly.

#2209 From: "orianna_15"

Date: Thu Jan 3, 2002 4:43 pm

Subject: Orianna has a bit of troll trouble. orianna_15

Orianna knew that she was acting childish so she decided to go back to King Wendell's castle.

As she did this she ran into some trolls.

One of the male trolls walked over to her and carressed her cheek, "What a beautiful maiden we have here guys."

Orianna jerked away from the trolls touch, "Don't you touch me you evil creature!"

The troll backed her against a wall and began to drop rain kisses up and down her neck.

Her eyes grew wide in fear, "Stop it!"

The troll just kept on kissing her neck, "Somebody help me!"

The troll brought his face to hers, "No one can hear your screams my beauty."

Orianna began to cry, "Somebody please help me!"

Just then Orianna heard the sounds of hoof beats.

#2210 From: Andrew Mowers

Date: Thu Jan 3, 2002 4:41 pm

Subject: Re: Into the heart of darkness...or, Here we go again!! tesukuwooshu

Feldren ran to the door after the princess. "WAIT! I'm single!" Warren pulled him back and slapped him across the face. He rather liked being able to physically touch him instead of passing through him. "You're dead stuuupid." Warren said in the exacttone Feldren always did. He didn't look pleased about that, which made Warren even more happy. He pulled the ghost through the air and sat next to Creide. "That's the way to talk to them, girl!" Feldren said approvingly. "You just got to show them who's Boss, that's all!"

"Will you shut up. It's obvious she loved Wolf before he was married, so she didn't know. Maybe you were a little hard on her Creide." Warren said.

"You're pronouncing her name wrong," Feldren said, "And nonsense, the girl is an obvious-"

Warren tackled Feldren and slammed his head into the floor. "Let's try to be a little polite here? Like I SAID she didn't know, and How do you pronouce Creide's name anyway?" Feldren shrugged.

"I'm just a ghost on the floor, not a psychic, stuuuuuupid." Feldren snapped. Warren shook his shoulders so his head cracked into the stone repeatedly.

"Why can't I hurt you?" Warren growled.

"Because I'm dead STUUUUUUUPID!" Feldren yelled. Warren realized they were fighting like morons in front of everyone, and promptly let go of Feldren and sat next to Creide. Feldren got up and stood next to him. "You're an idiot, getting captured by a wizard, and tortured, then coming here, killing a royal gaurd, getting off with that Amaya woman and being kidnaped by The Dreg." he grimaced at the Dreg as he said that. "Stuuuuuuupid."

"Take that back!" Warren growled. And so as you can guess they started wrestling again.


#2211 From: Andrew Mowers

Date: Thu Jan 3, 2002 4:46 pm

Subject: Re: Orianna has a bit of troll trouble. tesukuwooshu

Greythin trotted twards the castle on his trusty steed he named Trustee. He saw a troll Kissing a lovely young elf, and he couldn't help but be jealous.

His face wrenched into a scowl and he spead up. The troll saw him coming and could do nothing as Greythin flipped off him horse and shot it with and arrow. He then turned to the beautiful elf and cocked his eyebrows. "Mind if I take a turn?" (I'll say she slapped him for interest) "OW! But I saved you! Don't you want to thank me? Don't you, come back here! Where are you going!

#2214 From: "orianna_15"

Date: Thu Jan 3, 2002 5:04 pm

Subject: Re: Orianna has a bit of troll trouble. orianna_15

Princess Orianna turned back and looked at the handsome Elf, "Look I'm a Fairy not an Elf. So what I think you should go find yourself a nice Elf woman and merry her. You do not want a fairy like me. Us fairies get to angry to quickly, but I'm Orianna the princess of the fairies, and who may I ask are you?"

#2215 From: Andrew Mowers

Date: Thu Jan 3, 2002 5:20 pm

Subject: Re: Re: Orianna has a bit of troll trouble. tesukuwooshu

Greythin was most utterly unphased by her temper, of her royalty over him. He smiled and chuckled to himself pacing arond her so she couldn't leave. "A fairy." he nodded as if he understood her reasoning why he couldn't join her on her way to the castle. "My Name is Greythin, and what's wrong I'm not good enough for you? Is that it? Because I'm....... An Elf?" He reached behind him and nooked an arrow in his bow then shot it straight into the air. Then immediatly after, he nooked another and sent it soaring after the other in the atmosphere. It Went straight through the other one before it had lost it's speed, and if this wasn't enough he nooked a thind and sent it after the second, slicing it into two also, and a forth. soon there were six pieces of arrow next to them on the ground and Greythin had caught the forth arrow in his hand before it struck the ground. The he smiled. "As for your temper, I have one two, and chances are that I'm faster then you are, though I don't know for certain. Now, your Highness. You may go off to the castle (beware, there's a wall missing on that side there), and enjoy yourself.

Greythin jumped onto his horse and rode past the trolls kadavar to the far side of the castle. There, he stood up on his galloping horse and jumped into a pasing window. He landed (being a lightfooted elf) on his feet, and began walking through the castle (he really didn't even know whose castle it was. There he ran into a little girl.

"Hello, I'm Greythin, who are you? You'd better be careful running around like that. Say, how'd you like to show me around the place and tell me what's going on?" He asked her.


#2218 From: "orianna_15"

Date: Thu Jan 3, 2002 6:05 pm

Subject: Re: Orianna has a bit of troll trouble. orianna_15

Orianna looked as the Elf left her there. Oh god what was this she was feeling.

It couldn't be love could it?

She already loved two men, she couldn't possibly love a third.

But she did.

God she had no idea where he was going or why she was following him.

She flew through the window and landed on the inside of the castle.

She then walked over to him and knelt down.

Then she brought her lips to his in a deep and pasionate kiss.

She could see the question in her eyes.

She blushed, "Um... I forgot to thank you back there. Well now that I

did. I'm off. Bye."

As she turned around to leave she felt something pull her back.

#2220 From: Andrew Mowers

Date: Thu Jan 3, 2002 6:31 pm

Subject: Re: Re: Orianna has a bit of troll trouble. tesukuwooshu

OOC: pick two endings, eh? BIC:

Greythin's heart thumped heavily in his chest as his lips touched the fairy's. When she broke off he looked back at the child "Could you wait a second?" He grabbed her arm and Pulled the fairy next to him. He leaned his head dangerously close to hers. "Your welcome." he said. Then dropped her. "Well then, join me in the caslte tour? This is....Uh, pardon, what did you mention your name was. Greythin then looked back at the fairy princess. He picked her up and dusted he off and laughed. "You don't think I'm the kind of man that throws myself at fairies, do you. I suppose you'll win my heart in time, but for now, we'll just be friends." He then knelt down to cleo. "Um.... Who live's here? I haven't the slightest idea." wolf

#2221 From: "orianna_15"

Date: Thu Jan 3, 2002 7:05 pm

Subject: Re: Orianna has a bit of troll trouble. orianna_15

Orianna looked at him, "Oh I see you thought that I was trying to get you to fall in love with me. Well sorry I'm not. I just wanted to thank you and I have. I need to get back to Princess Wendell's castle now. Bye."

Orianna then shrunk down to her fairy size and fluttered out the window.

#2222 From: Andrew Mowers

Date: Thu Jan 3, 2002 7:07 pm

Subject: Re: Re: Orianna has a bit of troll trouble. tesukuwooshu

"Princess Wendell? Who's she?" Greythin asked the child. "Hey! Isn't this PRINCE Wendell's castle?" By the look of the child, he could see it was. "Stupid fairy, doesn't even know where she is or who she wants to see, now cleo, WILL YOU PLEASE REPLY!" -love Wolf (happy thoughts)

#2223 From: "orianna_15"

Date: Thu Jan 3, 2002 7:18 pm

Subject: Re: Orianna has a bit of troll trouble. orianna_15

Orianna snuck into her room so quitely that the Elf could not hear or see her, "Stupide Elf. God he doesn't even know where prince Wendell's castle is. He doesn't know that he is in Wendell's castle so he could hardly find me here."

Orianna smiled to herself and laid down on the bed.

Sleep soon found her and she lay there looking as beautiful as Sleeping Beauty had in the olden days.

No she doesn't snore.

Occ: Wolf I think that Greythin could you know find her room. So does he love her too or what?

#2225 From: Andrew Mowers

Date: Thu Jan 3, 2002 9:42 pm

Subject: Re: Re: Orianna has a bit of troll trouble. tesukuwooshu

OOC: Don't worry Orianna. He'll love her, just love takes time. I don't really believe in love at first sight. And Greythin's much to cocky to notice that he himself is in love, not just subject to male hormons.


BIC: *clip*

#2226 From: "orianna_15"

Date: Thu Jan 3, 2002 10:05 pm

Subject: Re: Orianna has a bit of troll trouble. orianna_15

Orianna had woken up and now stood behind Cleo and the Elf, "Right behind you."

Her hair hadn't messed up during her sleep because she hadn't tossed and turned.

She had dreamed of the Elf who had rescued her from those cruel creatures who were trying to rap her.

She smiled her beautiful smile at him.

#2227 From: Michelle

Date: Fri Jan 4, 2002 1:49 am

Subject: Orianna, Greythein, Cleo kephas00@...

"Well, how about that tour, and where'd > that princess go?" Cleo made a face, and then filled her voice in the elf's mind. 'I AM EIGHT YEARS OLD, not seven! And how do you know this much about me. I didnt tell you nothin. What do you know about anything, anyway.'

She looked at the medallion and placed it into her pocket. 'I'll watch over it, and keep it safe. Did you know there is another elf here too. She is very tall too. I like her, are you here with her? Why are you here?' Her voice was going nonstop in Greythein's mind.

Then Orianna walked up behind them, once hearing the womens voice, Cleo rolled her eyes. She didnt much like this one, all she ever seemed to care about was love and boys.. UGH! Cleo felt there was much more important buisness to be done, and all this one cared about was swooning. Cleo took two steps away from Orianna, and then smiled polietly at her.


#2233 From: "orianna_15"

Date: Fri Jan 4, 2002 8:50 am

Subject: Re: Orianna, Greythein, Cleo orianna_15

Orianna knelt down and smiled, "Hello I'm Orianna and who might you be?"

Orianna loved children.

She had a niece who just wouldn't go to any body else, but Orianna.

She loved her niece Kaily almost as much as she would love her own daughter.

That is if she had a daughter.

#2229 From: "merry627"

Date: Fri Jan 4, 2002 6:41 am

Subject: The Secret Meeting merry627

Rupert politely interrupted the group in Cleo's room. He had readied the secret chamber. Wendell stood for a moment and looked at Alayna in new eyes. He took her hands in his. "Be careful, your parents would be most displeased if anything happened to you. I would also bee agony if anything happened to you." He kissed her ever so lightly on the lips and departed with Rupert for the meeting.


#2234 From: "orianna_15"

Date: Fri Jan 4, 2002 9:00 am

Subject: Re: The Secret Meeting orianna_15

Orianna had been standing there the whole time. She had loved Wendell more than Wolf or even this new Elf guy.

She broke into tears, "God how could he do this to me? I love him."

With that she shrunk down to her fairy size and followed him.

Soon they stopped and she grew back to people size.

She looked at him with hurt eyes, "Wendell how could you do this to me?"

She then began to weep again, "I-I love you and you are in love with someone else. I've already been hurt twice today please don't hurt me too."

She buried her face in her hands and wept, "I know I should have told you sooner, but I was scared that you wouldn't love me the way that I do you and now I know that you don't."

#2256 From: marigold33@...

Date: Fri Jan 4, 2002 6:50 pm

Subject: Re: Re: The Secret Meeting merry627

Wendell was in conference on the way to the secret meeting and had completely missed the whole episode. He noticed Orianna being officially friendly to Wolf. She seemed to reveal her true feelings. Wendell and Orianna had been playmates at a young age and he always had admired and looked up to the pretty fairy. He had a huge crush on her for many years. He shrugged his shoulders and moved on. It seemed Orianna loved someone else and they were what they had always been, just friends.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, a love triangle (8)

#2258 From: "orianna_15"

Date: Fri Jan 4, 2002 7:31 pm

Subject: Re: The Secret Meeting orianna_15

Orianna frowned, "Look Wolf. I am sorry I had no idea that you had a child nor did I know that you were in love with Virginia. I have a confession to make. I was just trying to make Wendell jealous. It's truly him that I'm in love with. Sorry, but you have Virginia you know."

Orianna fluttered over to Wendell as fast as her wings would carry her, "Wendell wait. I have a confession to make if you will just give me a moment of your time. I only kissed Wolf to try and make you jealous. The truth is that I sort of... well... you know... oh this just so hard to say. I love you. There I have said it. If you do not feel the same way I understand."

She looked at him and waited panietly for a reply.


#2260 From: marigold33@...

Date: Fri Jan 4, 2002 10:32 pm

Subject: Re: Re: The Secret Meeting merry627

Wendell wasn't quite sure he understood it all. "Orianna, I'm glad you're here. This will have to wait until later. Kingdom duty calls." He quickly gave her a peck on the cheek and kept her guessing.


#2236 From: Creide_mac_Lir@...

Date: Fri Jan 4, 2002 9:24 am

Subject: Re: Re: Virginia meets Orianna creide_mac_lir

OOC...Okay now...things are getting too danged screwy here!! Orianna is answering too many emails that go off in different directions so hows about the following:

1. Orianna kissed Wolf. First, Creide told her off, then Virginia got her hands on her.

2. Then Orianna went off into the woods, almost got raped, then had Greythin follow her back to the Castle, where she took one of the quickest naps on the planet.

3. Then Greythin showed up looking for her WHILE....everyone upstairs were lost and confused and all the usual...not deciding who was going thru the danged portal to help Dani and Blaine.

4. Then Cleo met Greythin on his way to the castle. Now the fickle princess loves Greythin who may, or may not, love her!!! (Holy Hoppin Hormones, Batman!!)

5. NOW....Cleo is talking to Greythin and the way tooo hormonal Orianna sees Wendell kiss Alanya and throws her little hissyfit, all this while Mordant opens the frikkin portal!!


OK...would you slow the heck down, Orianna, and give other people chances to jump in! It would be nice to keep this going along on one train of thought! Sorry, but this is gettting Buggy! ROFLMAO!!!


#2237 From: Creide_mac_Lir@...

Date: Fri Jan 4, 2002 9:33 am

Subject: Re: Re: The Secret Meeting creide_mac_lir

Creide had had enough of this!!! She kissed Zarovich, then walked over to the fireplace in the room, grabbed and empty bell jar, then walked over and grabbed the smaller Orianna and placed her in the jar with the top on this. She then turned and looked to the portal.

With a soft sigh, and the muffled cries of Orianna from the bell jar, she looked to Mordant then to Z. "Go now Love...and who ever is joining him and Nix, please go now. Dani and Blaine need you both badly....Please!!"

Zarovich nodded, then walked thru the portal and could now be seen standing alone in that dark and evil place. His eyes beckoned to the others in the room to join them, as Nix raised her head out of his pocket, then waved to them, hoping someone would join them soon.

"King Wendell," Creide said softly, as she gave him the bell jar, "I'm sorry, but this one is way too much trouble. If I was you, I'd seal the jar and send this fickle little girl back to her family."

Creide nodded to them all. "I'm going out to find Cleo. Warren, I think your and your ghostie should join me. Ilya will stay with Mordant and Lara and watch over the portal. I'll be back in two hour's time....to wait for my fiance and the others."

With that, she took off, wiping tears from her face as she saw Cleo with the strange elf.

#2255 From: marigold33@...

Date: Fri Jan 4, 2002 6:41 pm

Subject: Re: Re: Virginia meets Orianna merry627

This the most I've been entertained in years otflmao

#2244 From: "orianna_15"

Date: Fri Jan 4, 2002 11:16 am

Subject: Orianna is going to drown unless somebody recuses her. orianna_15

Orianna says a spell to try to get out of the jar, but instead the jar fills up with water.

She tries to swim to the top of the jar to get some air, but the water is even at the top.

She can not breath.

She beats on the jar with her tiny hands.

She then swims to the other side and looks at King Wendell pleadingly.

(Oh god! I'm going to die,) she thought to herself as she began to cry.

#2247 From: Elizabeth Stalin

Date: Fri Jan 4, 2002 11:30 am

Subject: Re: Into the Land of Darkness lizz_stalin17

ooc: Alright, you've been rescued Orianna. BIC: Jessica felt sorry for the little fairy, so before she stepped through the portal she unscrewed the lid and sat the jar down. She was the last to get through and as the portal seemed to dissapear behind them, she turned and looked at her three companions.

"I just hope two hours is enough."


#2248 From: "orianna_15"

Date: Fri Jan 4, 2002 11:41 am

Subject: Orianna flew out of the jar. orianna_15

Orianna fly out of the jar and grew to her people size she then laid on the ground gasping for breath.

That was the closest to drowning she had ever been.

When she opened her eyes she saw the Elf standing over her.

#2252 From: "orianna_15"

Date: Fri Jan 4, 2002 2:32 pm

Subject: Re: Orianna, Greythein, Cleo orianna_15

Orianna appeared behind them, "Hello." She smiled.

She was just so sneaky.

She had snuck in behind them and they hadn't even realized it.

Orianna looked down at her wet clouths then back at the elf, "Um... I had a near drowning experince."

#2254 From: Creide_mac_Lir@...

Date: Fri Jan 4, 2002 4:06 pm

Subject: Re: The Secret Meeting creide_mac_lir

Creide couldn't help but smile at the upstart ghost, then nodded to Greythin and Warren. "I am...well...I was a law enforcement officer in the 10th Kingdom. Then I came here. I suppose I'm now an unpaid law enforcement officer here," she said with a chuckle as she knelt down by Cleo's side.

When she heard Orianna's voice, she frowned a bit, but let it fade quickly as she stood up. "I think it's best we all went to see King Wendell while Anya, Nix and Zarovich work on bringing Dani and Blaine home." With that, she turned and headed to the meeting room, leading Cleo by the hand. "Cleo, hun, you should be there as well. This is your right, since so many things have happened to you without your permission."

Zarovich nodded to Anya as she stepped thru, then sighed a bit as it seemed no one else was joining them at the present. He pointed to the Malachia's fortress. "There, that crack in the wall is our way in. It leads directly to his prison and torture area." A moment later, as they walked, the sounds of screaming could be heard. Zarovich broke into a run, gesturing Anya to hurry, as Nix flew off a head, scouting the area for them. "Pray we make it to her in time....and that Blaine is close by!" As they ran, Zarovich started weaving a spell of invisibility to cover the trio, hoping to buy them some time.


#2265 From: Elizabeth Stalin

Date: Fri Jan 4, 2002 11:22 pm

Subject: Re: Re: The Secret Meeting lizz_stalin17

Alanya looked up at the door looking out toward the hall. There was quite a group gathered there. "The fairy is Princess Orianna," She said to Lelia. Luckily she had missed the kiss placed on the fairy's cheek.

"Warren is the half wolf, Feldren is his ghost, that's Creide talking to Cleo, and Cleo is the little girl. I don't know who the elf is." She smiled as Wendell started in the door.


#2269 From: Creide_mac_Lir@...

Date: Sat Jan 5, 2002 9:14 am

Subject: Re: Re: The Secret Meeting creide_mac_lir

Creide, while being polite and pleasant, for the most part, used the mindspeak gift Zarovich had given her to reach Cleo.

"Cleo, I trust you more than you image. I know you're strong, but if something goes a bit off or such, I would never stop trusting you because of if. Remember, I promised you I was with you in this matter till the end, no matter what."

Creide turned a bit, then winked to Cleo, "Besides, I'm starting to get a laugh out of this fairy princess who falls in love at the drop of a hat. She's so spoiled and such a handful. I'm betting that Greythin will have one heck of a time raising her into a proper and courteous lady. Heck, she might actually enjoy falling in love with him....and staying there. Unless, " and at that moment Creide nodded towards the Elven Princess, then back to Cleo, "Unless he falls for Lelia! Who knows, they might make a great team!"

Creide walked over, leaned down then kissed Cleo on the forehead. "There you go, Kiddo. One of my good luck kisses. We'll need it!"

She then rose back up and looked around at those assembled.

#2270 From: "orianna_15"

Date: Sat Jan 5, 2002 10:02 am

Subject: Re: The Secret Meeting orianna_15

Orianna was really confused. She liked the Elf and Wendell, but Wendell seemed to like her and this other girl.

She rolled her eyes, "Love is just so confussing."

She walked over to the Elf, "Hello. Look I'm not sure who I like yet.

It could be you it could be King Wendell. I'm only fifteen for crying out loud. I don't know what love feels like. Truth be it known I have never fell in love in my life. I have always wanted to, but it seems like it's taking forever for me to fall in love. I have fell in lust plenty of times, but love, alas I have never known. So if you do want to win my heart you're just going to have to wait."

With that she placed a kiss on his cheek.

"Sorry if I got your hopes up," she said this with a frown and walked off.

She then walked over to Wendell, "Hello. Look I know you're confused and so am I. Let's just keep that in secreat alright. Fairies aren't suppose to be confused. People think we know every thing and I don't

know about the rest of them, but I don't know everything."

She frowned at this.

She was really, really, really, confussed.

#2272 From: "orianna_15"

Date: Sat Jan 5, 2002 11:03 am

Subject: Re: The Secret Meeting orianna_15

Princess Orianna had been talking to Wendell when she saw Cleo. The kid didn't look at all to happy.

Orianna walked over to her, "Hello. What's wrong? You look so sad."

Orianna tried to comfort the little child.

Orianna wasn't just boy crazy she had a heart of gold.

She couldn't stand anybody being sad.

"Would you like to go flying or something it might cheer you up?"

Orianna asked Cleo.

#2273 From: Michelle

Date: Sat Jan 5, 2002 1:19 pm

Subject: Re: Fwd: Re: The Secret Meeting kephas00@...

Cleo had had enough of people alwasy trying to cheer her up. She wanted for once to be allowed to be angry, the child shook her head no, and turned away from Orianna.

((Heh, no offense Orianna. Just remember Cleo is a kid and likes to behave like one, moody and all.))


#2275 From: "orianna_15"

Date: Sat Jan 5, 2002 4:24 pm

Subject: Fwd: Re: The Secret Meeting orianna_15

Orianna looked at Cleo, "Ok I can see that you want to be alone right now. I remember when I use to be like that of course King Wendell, nor Wolf would allow me to be alone. We were friends and we still are. I would like to be your friend Cleo if you would let me."

Orianna said this with a smile.

Orianna smiled remembering when she use to act like this.

She still did some times.

She was still just a child herself.

After all she was only fifteen.

#2276 From: Tiamat Shapeshifter

Date: Sat Jan 5, 2002 4:35 pm

Subject: Re: Fwd: Re: The Secret Meeting tiamatshapes...

{OOC: Goodness! You would think you can go to school once it starts and then come back home for a nice bout of roleplaying. But nooooo! Chaos and calamity. Oy!}

Fiero groaned as Jess let out the fairy. "Dang!" he exclaimed, his yellow eyes flashing, "I thought I could at least eat the troublemaker!"

Tiamat laughed, "Nope. We must figure out what must be done about our cravings. Now there are two fairies and two elves to be had, but they are off limits to both of us." Her eyes traveled over Greythin, speculating what he would taste like. "But enough. I have to stay here with Esmeralia. You, however, have to attend the meeting with Wendell and everyone else. Use stealth and caution, and try to blend in. Now go!"

Fiero nodded and tried to pick a time when everyone's back was turned. Once the right time arrived, he shifted to his cat form: a black and white Manx(tailess) with yellow eyes. He soon picked up the voices of Creide and that surely scrumptious fairy and padded down the hall.

He entered the room, turning on all his feline charm. "Mrrow?" he asked Cleo, rubbing up against her legs as she sat in the chair.

#2277 From: "orianna_15"

Date: Sat Jan 5, 2002 4:52 pm

Subject: Fwd: Re: The Secret Meeting orianna_15

Orianna knelt down, "Oh what a cute cat." She petted him and smiled, "You are just the cutest cat in the whole wide world aren't you? Yes you are."

She petted the cat and then picked him up and held him in her arms.

"Cleo do you want to hold him?" she asked smiling.

Orianna loved animals.

They were just so cute.


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