Orianna 7: Misadventures



#2291 From: Luminous Aphrodite

Date: Sat Jan 5, 2002 10:18 pm

Subject: Holy Freakin Confusion Batman! hailerro

OOC: HOly Cow, three days, six posts in three days over a hundred to read practically. Geez I go on a day trip n then BAM holy hormones batman with the fairies n the elves and ... *shakes head in confusion* Oh yeah, just so you know, Esmeralia being a baby dragon knows nothing of etiquette about NOT eating the King's guests. Esmeralia smelled fairy and took off faster than even Tiamat would have imagined. She beat her little wings hard and hurled through the air until she reached the chamber. Leaping onto the table she galloped over to Oriana and opened her massive jaws...*GULP* The baby dragon licked her lips in satisfaction! Fairy tasted very very good!

OOC: Just a note, just cuz the fairy was swallowed doesn't mean she was digested right away!

Meanwhile: Wolf looked at Virginia. "CRIPES! Huff Puff, you gotta believe me...I did NOT kiss that twittering moth back! Honey, you know I've only eyes, and paws, for you-and little rose." He smiled at his daughter.


#2292 From: Elizabeth Stalin

Date: Sat Jan 5, 2002 10:39 pm

Subject: Re: Holy Freakin Confusion Batman! lizz_stalin17

That baby's got some big jaws! lol! Orianna grew to human size after she got out of the jar. :)


#2304 From: Michelle

Date: Sun Jan 6, 2002 1:50 am

Subject: Fairy's for lunch kephas00@...

Cleo couldnt help but laugh silently to herself when she saw the animal put its mouth around the fairy. She grinned and put her hand to her face. Even she knew this wasnt supposed to be funny. But it was kinda fitting, not that she wanted Orianna to be hurt. Just to see her covered in slime for a little while.

She saw Fiero and began rubbing the cat, while watching the saving of the fairy scene that she was sure would follow. Then grinned, as she realized this wasn't much of a better meeting then before in her bedroom.


#2309 From: "merry627"

Date: Sun Jan 6, 2002 4:30 am

Subject: Virginia and Wolf merry627

Virginia was hearing Wolf's excuses. She was still mad. "Wolves are faithful to their mates, are they? I gained twenty pounds with Rose and its not easy to lose it when I have to nurse. I know you found her beautiful and voluptious. Virginia had tears in her eyes. She had a small bout of post partum depression. She felt fat and ugly all of a sudden. "You are not setting good morals and values for Rose. I was thinking maybe a break from each other would be best."


#2310 From: Creide_mac_Lir@...

Date: Sun Jan 6, 2002 8:00 am

Subject: Re: Virginia and Wolf creide_mac_lir

Creide sat for a moment...dark circles under her eyes, pale as a sheet. Her head was throbbing from all the stuff and nonsense going on, but she couldn't help but chuckle as the little dragon with the BIGGGG mouth gobbled Orianna. She stood, went over to the little one and started to tickle under Esmeralia's chin. "Sorry sweety but you have to spit her out." Being a baby almost, Esmeralia did just that, with a chuckle of her own. As Orianna was unceremoniously dumped out and covered with slime, Creide caught sight of Cleo trying to cover her silent laugh and winked to the little girl, then helped Orianna up, trying to wipe her off.

Then she helped Orianna to a chair and sat back down herself to listen to Wendell. The idea of the ball made Creide's head hurt even more.

Too many royals in one place...OY!!

After Wendell finished, Creide rose and looked to them all. "I have to admit, this ball is a VERY bad idea! I mean, your Highness, your guard is already stretched pretty thin, and now we have the added worry of the trolls popping back up again. I suggest you send for your army to add more coverage to the Castle, and I also suggest you have many of your men dressed as royals. They would be undercover and best able to observe and mingle with your guests, ready at a moment's notice in case of trouble."

She then bowed to them all. "I'm heading back to Mordant and Lara to wait for Zarovich and the others. Please consider what I've said."

With that, she turned and headed out of the room.

As she headed out, she bumped into Virginia and Wolf, feeling very sorry for him, and herself trying to fight off a bad mood. She looked to Virginia. "Ok....as a cop and someone's who been observing people for over 20 years, well, Virginia, you are way out of line to talk like that to your husband without knowing the facts."

Creide laid her hand gently on Wolf's shoulder as she looked deeply into Virginia's eyes. "That fairy is the most fickle female I've seen in years! She'd kiss a tree if she thought it was a male! So stop this nonsense and hold your husband tight....as I would Zarovich if he were here right now and not in Malachia's land," she ended sadly.

"Virginia, if you hear that I lost my Zarovich....well, remember, she's a 15 year old girl...and not worth losing your Wolf for." Creide turned and left the two to talk, or so she hoped they would.

She entered the bedroom quietly, then took a seat near the fireplace and bowed her head abit as she started to pray. "Please, please, you know I'd give everything to help those in need, but," she swallowed and wipes some tears from her face, "But right now, bring my Z back to me! I love him so much...please! I'd be lost without him!"

#2312 From: "orianna_15"

Date: Sun Jan 6, 2002 10:04 am

Subject: Re: New character!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! orianna_15

Occ: Ok she is pregent by Burly. Definatly not a lice eater! Grosse!

Role playing: Orianna waved her wand and chanted a spell.

When she was finished saying the spell she was free of that dragon scent and her close were dry.

She decided to stick to one guy from now on.

Well she would if she could find the right guy.

She however did love the Elf guy and Wendell.

She gave up on Wolf and decided to try and fix things between him and Virgina.

Wolf and Orianna had been friends for so long and she didn't want to lose his friendship.

She waved a wand and a boquet of flowers appeared on Virgina's bed with a I'm sorry note attached to it and it was signed by Wolf.

Orianna couldn't write like him, but with the help of her magic it looked just like his handwriting.

With that done Virgina and Wolf would be back together in no time.

#2314 From: Elizabeth Stalin

Date: Sun Jan 6, 2002 11:51 am

Subject: Re: Re: New character!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lizz_stalin17

--- orianna_15 wrote:

> Orianna flys out of the Dragons mouth and glares at it.

> She tears off it's wings and throws it out the window.

> Yay!!!!!!!!!!

> The dragon is dead!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uh, I don't think so...That's Luminous's character and there's a rule, no maiming/killing of other characters without their permission first. :)

#2322 From: Creide_mac_Lir@...

Date: Sun Jan 6, 2002 4:07 pm

Subject: Re: Trolls attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! creide_mac_lir

OOC... I'm sorry, but I'm not going along with the troll attack.


#2323 From: Elizabeth Stalin

Date: Sun Jan 6, 2002 4:47 pm

Subject: Re: Trolls attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lizz_stalin17

*Tries to think* Umm..I so don't want to start a fight here..But if I could just make a suggestion.

Umm..perhaps we could postpone the troll attack until a later date? We have so much going on with Mordor and Malachi and Anglacia and Amaya. That's why I'm holding off on doing anything really important with Abigail. I plan on doing some leading posts that show that Abigail is planning something but she isn't acting on it. Maybe you could do a few leading posts that show Burly and Gwendolyn plotting until not so much is happening. I think we're kinda leading to a climax on the Malachi/Mordor thing. Then again we may not be. So please, postpone the troll attack till things are a little less...hectic.


#2324 From: marigold33@...

Date: Sun Jan 6, 2002 6:10 pm

Subject: Re: Trolls attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! merry627

I agree ... I think we have an active enough storyline .. I'm fine with gwendolyn and burly troll and the future ugly baby... the trolls right now are helping Panther get back ... but not to crash on wendell's kingdom .... Malachai hates the trolls but he would use them if he had too... he may later but now he has something else up his sleeve. We can fight the trolls later, okay??

#2325 From: "orianna_15"

Date: Sun Jan 6, 2002 7:28 pm

Subject: Re: Trolls attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! orianna_15

Ok. I already deleted the Trolls attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! post though.

#2329 From: Tiamat Shapeshifter

Date: Mon Jan 7, 2002 5:16 pm

Subject: OOC: Umm... tiamatshapes...

So, what *DiD* Orianna do to Esmeralia so that Fiero and Tiamat can react to it???? *looks confuzzled*

#2330 From: "orianna_15"

Date: Mon Jan 7, 2002 5:59 pm

Subject: Re: OOC: Umm... orianna_15

If you mean the baby dragon she threw her out the window.

#2331 From: Elizabeth Stalin

Date: Mon Jan 7, 2002 7:42 pm

Subject: Re: Re: OOC: Umm... lizz_stalin17

I'm sorry, but I believe I said this when it first appeared. It's not gonna happen.

Killing or maiming of other characters. Not without that players permission. You may do so to players that you have made up, like guards or henchmen of the enemy, but not to a character played by someone else.

Ask that other player either through private email or


I prefer to stick to this rule because it is that person's character. They have control over that character and some people don't like having their character killed or even hurt it. That's why when doing the post where Jess and Anya were against Mordor I said that Jess loosed the arrow. Weather or not it hits him is up to Mordor.

You can still get back at the baby for trying to eat Orianna and still leave it open for the player (Luminous? I think) to say weather or not the dragon gets hit or whatever.

It's just something I'm piticular about (same goes for the explicit posts rule. They're the only two I really am strict on.). If Luminous Aphrodite comes in and says that she doesn't care if Orianna threw her out of the window that's different. I still like to know she has a say though. It cuts down on arguments.


#2332 From: "orianna_15"

Date: Mon Jan 7, 2002 9:46 pm

Subject: Re: OOC: Umm... orianna_15

Sorry won't happen again. :D

#2334 From: Luminous Aphrodite

Date: Wed Jan 9, 2002 1:43 pm

Subject: Re: Digest Number 500 hailerro

OOC: Thank you Lizz Stalin! I admit I was a lil Po'd that she 'killed' my dragon. I didn't kill her character I just had the baby drag slobber all over her...*see note in last LA post*

Esmeralia was unhappy because she didn't get to eat the fairy. She was even more disgruntled at being tossed out the window and was now hanging on for dear life by her claws to the window ledge. "DRACONI!!!!" she screamed in terror waiting for her 'mother' Tiamat to rescue her.

#2336 From: "orianna_15"

Date: Wed Jan 9, 2002 6:01 pm

Subject: Re: Digest Number 500 orianna_15

Orianna shook her head, "Oh don't worry I'm comming!" She flew down to the dragon and tried her best to pull it to saftey.

"Look I'm sorry baby dragon. Promise not to try to eat me again and I promise not to throw you out any more windows."

She fluttered down to the ground safely and put the dragon down.

She then patted the poor thing, "Oh I'm so sorry. Forgive me?"

Occ: Please don't eat Orianna again.

#2339 From: Tiamat Shapeshifter

Date: Wed Jan 9, 2002 11:08 pm

Subject: Re: Digest Number 500 tiamatshapes...

Fiero just stood there shocked. He couldn't believe what Orianna had just done. he mentally yelled at the dragoness in the other room, He crossed to the window and put his paws on the windowsill, meowing piteously for help.

Orianna shook her head, "Oh don't worry I'm comming!"

She flew down to the dragon and tried her best to pull it to saftey.

"Look I'm sorry baby dragon. Promise not to try to eat me again and I promise not to throw you out any more windows."

She fluttered down to the ground safely and put the dragon down.

She then patted the poor thing, "Oh I'm so sorry. Forgive me?"

With a loud BANG! the door to the meetingplace flew open as a very angry and frantic Tiamat entered the room. "Okay, I'm here." she announced, looking around, "Where's Esmeralia?" Her teeth were bared, and she looked a bit like a mother badger whose cubs had just been threatened. She noticed Fiero and looked out the window he was standing by. There she saw Esmeralia... and that meddlesome fairy.

"What happened here??!!" she asked the feline, not caring who saw her or what they thought of her questioning a cat.

Fiero swallowed hard. He lowered his eyes and hesitantly told her the entire tale using mindspeech.

As the tale progressed, Tiamat's expression grew darker and darker until, finally, before Fiero had finished informing her of what had happened, she shifted to dragonform and flew out the window. She was so angry that she almost forgot to shrink a little to allow herself to fit through the small space. When she reached the ground, she drew Esmeralia to her and glared at Orianna. Smoke trickled out of her nostrils, and when she opened her mouth to speak, it was all she could do to keep from incenerating the fairy then and there. "What is the meaning of this?" she asked acidly.

#2343 From: "orianna_15"

Date: Thu Jan 10, 2002 5:59 pm

Subject: Re: Digest Number 500 orianna_15

Orianna looked at Esmeralia frightenedly, "She aet me then I flew out of her mouth. I then threw her out the window, but then I had a second thought and flew out to help her. I then flew to the ground with her safely and then you showed up. I'm sorry. I have a really bad temper I guess. She's just a kid and I had no right to blow off on her like that."

Orianna frowned, "I truly hope that she's ok. Punish me any way that you see fit. I have done wrong and I do deserve to be punished."

Tag: Anyone.

#2346 From: Luminous Aphrodite

Date: Fri Jan 11, 2002 2:44 pm

Subject: LA's Band hailerro

Esmeralia curled up next to Tiamat and whined piteiously. She was shaking with fright because she had never had such a scare in her short life. She had

assumed the fairy to be food and when the food tossed her out the window to her death....well, this was one unhappy baby dragon! She pawed at the ground, leaving deep claw marks and steam curled from her nostrils...a small wisp of flame singed the fairy's hair and Esmeralia snuggled back into Tiamat's protective embrace.

#2350 From: "orianna_15"

Date: Sun Jan 13, 2002 11:22 am

Subject: Orianna and Wendell. orianna_15

Orianna fluttered off to find Wendell. She saw him and then fluttered up to him, "Hello Wendell."

She loved him, but she was also in love with the Elf.

Why did love have to be so confussing.

(Tag Wendell.)

#2352 From: marigold33@...

Date: Mon Jan 14, 2002 5:35 am

Subject: Re: LA's Band merry627

Wendell still talking at the meeting immeadiately saw the doors open. The room broke out into cheers and applause and some even took the heroes up on their shoulders and paraded them around the room. It brought the meeting for now to a halt. The room dispersed to hear the amazing tale. It was then that Wendell saw Orianna flutter over. "I'm sorry, Orianna, I don't have time to talk to you right now."

#2359 From: Elizabeth Stalin

Date: Mon Jan 14, 2002 10:16 pm

Subject: Re: LA's Band lizz_stalin17

Tiamat blinked and looked at Jessica, the anger slowly draining from her draconic features. It was a good thing the fairy had already gone. Explanation or no explanation, Esmeralia was not to be harmed. "No, I'm not busy. Why? What's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing really," Jessica said and then smiled. "I just thought you'd like to know that Blaine's back, safe and sound though a good bit confused."

She glanced at the baby dragon and then back at Tiamat. "You're just so mothery."

#2378 From: "orianna_15"

Date: Wed Jan 16, 2002 6:09 pm

Subject: Orianna and the Elf guy. orianna_15

It seemed that Wendell wasn't going to talk to her so she walked over to the Elf.

He was alot more talkitive.

She smiled, "Hello. Look I'm sorry if I hurt you, but you're the one who said that you didn't throw yourself at fairies. I lied I do sort of love you, but I think that we should take our time about this. If that's alright with you."

Her heart was beating fastly.

She had found her one true love.

It wasn't Wendell it was the elf.

She loved him more than any thing.

She had heard of these kind of loves, but had never thought one to

happen to her.

(Tag Elf.)

She had known of her love of him when she had first met him, but wasn't about to admit it.

She would wait as long as it took for him to love her back.

She was not going to fall in love with every man that she saw from now on.

There was only one man for her.

Besides Wendell didn't seem to be in love with Orianna any more.

Occ: Sigh. I have to chose between so many handsome men and there is so little time. Oh well. Hay I think it was for the best. May be now you guys won't hate me any more. :D

(Tag Greythin.)

#2380 From: "orianna_15"

Date: Wed Jan 16, 2002 6:50 pm

Subject: Orianna and Greythin orianna_15


Burrly kissed his beloved Gwendolyn as he felt there child kicking in side of her swallon womb.

Gwendolyn looked in to his eyes with her sapphire blue ones, "So Burrly my love are we planning to attack King Wendell's kingdom or just going to kiss all day?"

Burrly thought for a moment, "Hay why not do both."

Gwendolyn rolled her eyes, "We can't do both."

Burrly looked at the trolls who had gathered around him and told them of his evil plan to attack King Wendell's kingdom.

(TAG Trolls.)


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