Samantha-Ti'Ree Slade Stewart-King

Fiction: "And the Dark Things in Our Minds Can Kill Us," by Nancy Spinks; Star Trek; print zine Fesarius 3 (November 1977); story is a sequel to "A Test of Womanhood" (Fesarius 2).

Information by Pat Pflieger


Human, Samantha was reared on Vulcan, where she was bonded with a Vulcan man

she was the first to tame a Hypno Beast, the most dangerous animal on the planet.

She is telepathic, telephonic, and multi-talented: she sings and plays a Vulcan lyre that was "fashioned by the hand of Sesha The Maker himself" (28).

She was awarded the golden IDIC by the Vulcan Science Academy, and whips up Vulcan delicacies in the galley of the Enterprise.

When the ship meets a race of aliens who feed on psychic energy, Samantha learns that she is descended from an alien explorer who crashed on Earth.

Kirk, Spock, and McCoy stand as witnesses to Samantha Stewart-King's noble suffering.

Before the story is finished, the aliens have made her relive her most agonizing moment in the presence of Spock, Kirk, and McCoy; she leaves the Enterprise in order to recover mentally, and Spock and McCoy lose their "referee."

Samantha Stewart-King is telephonic.


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