Fanfic: "Bulletproof," by Mishelle; The X-Files; NC-17.

Typical series character mind-mutilation.

Information by Pat Pflieger


Sarah is an FBI agent who catches Walter Skinner's eye; she has the unlisted number of the Lone Gunmen and knows a lot about Frohike's secrets.

"Bulletproof" is basically a lay-Walter-Skinner story which devotes almost as many screens to the graphically detailed sex between Walter Skinner and Sarah Walters as it does to the action;

FBI Assistant Director Walter Skinner becomes, in the presence of Special Agent Sarah Walters, a bumbling teenager in the throes of his first crush, pounding on her apartment door and threatening to "get comfy out here and make a racket" if she doesn't answer it; as they hide from bad guys, she scolds him for not wanting to detail his emotions for her then and there: "So don't even go that route Bud! I am sooooo tired of this stalling tactic that you have so down pat! What exactly are you scared of because I know you have feelings for me." Few would choose the moment when bad guys with guns are standing right outside the door to discuss love, but Skinner is unsuitably cowed.


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