👩‍💻Twilight is a Mary Sue Series.

There is a strong suspicion that it is just a wish fulfillment story.

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Stephenie Meyer, the author of the Twilight series is interviewed

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Take one girl with the name Isabella (Bella) Swan, which means "beautiful swan"

Add an angsty sparkly vampire named Edward Cullen.

Throw in some guys who are jealous of Edward because of Bella, who has fallen in fainting head-over-heals lust with him.

Give Bella one supposed flaw, the flaw of clutziness in order to try avoiding her being found out for the Mary Sue she is.

Add the female contingent who are jealous of Bella.

Add some more angst and unlikely villains who somehow manage to put Bella in peril from which Edward saves her again and again.

Add Bella and Edward's marriage and child. Make sure to have Edward turn Bella into a vampire, after which, she suddenly seems to get just a little more personality and loses some of her unbelievable clutziness. Toss in a threat to their child which somehow goes away, and top that off with their happily ever after. Make sure to add and stir in as much purple prose as possible.

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