Vienna Troubador

Oh my gosh. What a name! Ugh!



Name:Vienna Troubador



uniform style:White blouse/w black sweatervest over it black pleated skirt,black knee socks,black polished shoes

style of clothing(not uniform):anything fashionable in red and black

Hair color:Blue/black

Hair style:worn straight down stops half way down her back

eye color:Violet

skin color:Bronze


weight:110 lbs

strengths:she is very good in band and she likes to model clothes and will help out anyone who need's it.Vienna also likes to play guitar and sing.

weaknesses:Vienna is a Lousy student and fails her classes miserably she relies on some one to tutor her so she can keep up in her classes she also cries alot annoying everyone around her. she also get's carried away and loses track of time.

Powers:Vienna can telport wich saves her butt since she normally wakes up 10 minutes before school starts.she can also do telekenisis.

Past:Vienna is from a wealthy family and get's her way most of the time but in reality she's feeling sad and alone and see's everyone around her with good friend's making her feel jealous and wishing she could have friends like that. Later on she meet's Seika Kou (he goes to a different school)and they end up together.Vienna Has a band she sing's lead vocal's and plays guitar, and in the school band he play's flute. she just transfered to the school.

**Vienna walked down the hall smiling at all the guy's in sight as she did so she flipped her shiny blue/black hair over her shoulder and licked her lips at a really cute guy from her Band class.

Sneering at the two girls standing a few feet away from her, ugh I can't believe it finally class is almost over and I can get out of here I swear school is such a drag on one's beauty reignment by the time I graduate I'll probably have slight wrinkles to my flawless complexion. And as a Model we just simply can't have that now can we she looked sweetly over at Portia. That would be a night mare replied a girl in Vienna's cliq I should say so snapped Vienna taking out a compact and touching up her make up.*

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