When Mary Sues Collide, Canon Characters Get Clobbered!

This pile of dreck has content not suitable for people under 13.

The claim was that it was just nonsense written for fun, but it's a great example of how fanfic mangles famous fictional characters. In this case, some characters from the Star Wars realm, although not the most famous ones from the original movie, thank goodness. Darth Maul... *Cough cough* "Anakin" "Jar-Jar Binks" Maul" I have to wonder if George Lucas loved his characters at all.

This fanfic does show perfectly how Mary Sues act toward others of their own gender.

I couldn't read it all the way through, so if you can, all the more power to you.



~~ When Mary-Sues Collide ~~

This is nothing but a lot of nonsense - but we had fun creating it! Thanks Maaike for playing along with this silly story!




Maul wakes up in the large bedroom of this strange and primitive room - he senses Qui-Gon and the other Jedi nearby and.... and someone else ...

Elissa walks in the room and gasps at the beauty before her ! (Well, what else would she do?) She walks slowly over to him, to ask him if he needs anything.

The door swings open wildly and slams back against the wall.

“Who the hex do you think you are? He's mine!” Lady Aicha exclaims, rushing over to her beloved, taking his hand and pressing it against her forehead in the ritual manner - “Oh my love”

“What have they done to you!” Aicha says, gently kissing Maul's mouth. The she turns in anger and hissed at Elissa. “I will kill you if I catch you near him again woman!”

She immediately starts treating her consort in the traditional way, using her healing powers on him.

Lord Maul relaxes under her tender care and after a few minutes his even breathing tells Aicha and Elissa he has gone to sleep.

Elissa turned and glared at this strange woman in all her heavy tribal jewelry - glared at this woman who just barged into her house! A moment later the Jedi appeared - Qui and Obi-Wan both with strange and concerned looks on their faces.

“What is going on here?” Qui-Gon asked softly - sensing the strong Force powers in this woman standing next to the Sith Lord. He steps forward and walks to the side of Maul, does a quick examination and is astounded at how much better the Sith actually is. “And you did this?” he asked - looking over this small yet powerful woman.

“Yes Jedi I did.” She smiled. “Lady Aicha - consort to Lord Darth Maul.”

Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan bowed slightly - she looked at the other woman in the room - who refused to bow.

Aicha ignored the woman and instead smiled at Qui-Gon.

“Well Jedi, I see you too are wounded and I sense your pain. Do you wish for me to treat you as well?” she asked. Even though he was a Jedi and the sworn enemy of her consort, Aicha found Qui-Gon Jinn attractive and his calm manner and serene presence filled her mind with a certain peace.

“Thank you, my Lady, that is most kind of you and I gratefully accept your offer.” Qui-Gon answered with a smile, his blue gaze locking with her dark one.

Aicha nodded and, pushing Elissa roughly out of the way, she went out of Lord Maul's bedroom to a room where she could treat Qui-Gon without being disturbed.

The last thing a seething Elissa noticed of her was the jingling of her heavy tribal jewelry.

She turned and looked at the patient - shook her head then looked at Obi-Wan who shrugged his shoulders. He didn't know what was going on either. Elissa walked out of the room and sat on the couch fuming at the audacity of this woman. Time passed .... nothing happened. No sign of Qui-Gon or of “that woman.”

Elissa grew impatient and went back into Maul's room, thinking if “that woman” was his wife then she should be the one checking on him. But she wasn't. Opening the door quietly, she peeked inside to see Maul was awake again, obviously feeling a bit uncomfortable. She walked in and stopped in front of his bed.

“Do you want some more of Qui-Gon's tea?” she asked.

“Yes, I would,” he simply replied, no emotion, nothing to indicate what he felt or thought.

A few moments later she came back in - a large cup of the herbal tea that Qui-Gon has especially prepared for Maul and he took it eagerly, though it tasted awful.

“Her healing wasn't thorough then?” Elli asked.

“No. Her powers must also be weakened here as well.” He sighed softly, looking at this pretty young human female, feeling an attraction he shouldn't for her.

“She's your wife?” Elissa asked, her voice filled with disdain.

“My consort,” he corrected.

“The difference?”

“Our marriage was arranged,” he said taking another sip of tea.

Elissa stood there, wondering what Darth Maul was really saying - his tone indicated nothing more than facts being relayed - didn't he feel anything for this woman?

“Love...” he laughed slightly as he looked back at her, a slight smile on his lips. “Do you think the Sith capable of such things?”

Meanwhile Aicha was treating Qui-Gon Jinn in the other room.

He stretched out on the bed and sighed when her hands moved over his body.

He felt the energy flow through her hands and at the same time he was very much aware of the attraction he felt for the woman who was healing him.

Qui-Gon sighed and closed his eyes, feeling the warmth of her hands on his body. She whispered soft mantras and made intricate signs on his skin.

Gently Aicha put her hands on his wounds without applying any pressure. “Just relax and feel the energy flow through my hands.” she said softly.

He rested back and let himself be carried away by her healing.

When she finished treating him, Aicha rose. “I will come back later and treat you again,” she said.

“Will you stay here for a while and talk to me?” Qui-Gon asked kindly.

She raised her eyebrows, but sat down beside him on the bed again.

Qui-Gon shifted his body into a more comfortable position against the pillows and then looked at her. “So. You are consort to Darth Maul.”

“Yes, I am.”

“Must not always be easy being married to a Sith.” Qui-Gon's voice was compassionate. He sensed the woman was uncomfortable.

“He can be rough, but I can deal with that.” Aicha replied.

Qui-Gon looked at her in silence for a few minutes, then asked softly “Do you love this man?”

Aicha stared at him, her eyes suddenly filling with tears. “I will learn to love him. Our marriage was arranged. Maul has been good to me and I hoped that in time we would find a way to be together and if I gave him the son he wanted, we would find some sort of love.”

Qui-Gon felt her sadness and gently put his hand on hers. “But you are disappointed, aren't you? He is a Sith and he will never let you into his heart completely, although he does love you in his own way. I sensed that when he looked at you.”

Aicha lowered her head. “I know he does. And maybe I am the only one who truly knows him. He is arrogant, he kills without hesitation and yet he has a side only I was allowed ever to see.”

Qui-Gon had still not let go of her hand. “You were very angry when Elissa was treating his wounds. It seems to me you love him enough to be jealous, my Lady:” His smile was a little mischievous.

She could not resist it, she laughed softly and nodded. “You are very perceptive. And yes, I was jealous, I held him in my arms when he was wounded, and he..... I....., oh.. I must go and see how he is.”

Aicha rose again and made for the door. She turned again to smile at Qui-Gon Jinn. “Sleep now. I will come back later.”

Qui-Gon smiled and nodded, his eyelids already drooping, and before the door and closed behind her he was asleep.

Aicha hurried back to the bedroom where her consort slept, still feeling the serenity and compassion that had emanated from Qui-Gon Jinn. She knew he was a good man, whose gentleness soothed her troubled heart.

With a soft sigh she opened the door to the bedroom, then stood absolutely still, her eyes suddenly flashing angrily.

Elissa was sitting on the edge of the bed, her arm under Lord Maul's neck and she was giving him tea.


“Yes, I believe even a Sith is capable of love,” she answered in reply to his question.

Before she could continue though, Elissa heard the door open and somehow knew that it was “that woman” again. She smirked, unable to control herself. She looked quickly at Maul, who also had a mischievous smile on his lips - obviously he enjoyed two women battling it out over him. She turned around and looked at this strangely dressed woman, this consort to the Sith Lord - she looked as sincere as she could make herself look.

“Lord Maul was uncomfortable ... and you were busy.... So I came in and tended to him.” She smiled sweetly.

Aicha simply glared at her and rushed forward to her husband.

“It seems your healing wasn't totally successful, Lady Aicha.” Elli knew that the woman wanted her to get up, away from Maul, but being stubborn, she simply remained on the edge of his bed, smirking.

Aicha looked at Maul, saw him nod his head slightly. “The Force is not the same in this system, My Lady. It must be affecting you as well.”

Aicha didn't want to hear it. She was too angry to listen. “Who is this woman?” she snapped - lifting her chin arrogantly as she looked down at the pretty woman. She was the polar opposite of her in looks, very slender, light skinned, long, curly reddish hair and blue-green eyes. Of her own beauty, Aicha had no doubt, but it was a different beauty, more voluptuous, dark hair and eyes. She didn't think Maul would even be interested in this type - but she sensed it, sensed that he was.

“Elissa,” Maul said, “She and her friends here have ... assisted me.” Maul couldn't say the word “help” - it wasn't in his vocabulary. He took the hand of his consort. “And you will not kill her, My Lady. I forbid it.” He watched as Aicha glared at Elissa then looked upon him surprised at what he had said. “You will do nothing against her unless you wish to feel my wrath.” He stared intently into her eyes then let go of Aicha's hand and took Elissa's hand gently into his. “I am hungry, prepare some food for me and my consort.” He ordered.

Elli looked as annoyed as she felt. She didn't mind making food for Maul, but for her? She grimaced then got up and walked out of the room, closing the door softly behind her.

Aicha was less than pleased with what Maul had done, taking the hand of that woman's into his own. But dare she argue with him about it. She couldn't hold her tongue. “How can you be attracted to that?” she sneered.

Maul smiled. “Why not?” He watched Aicha begin to pace the room in anger, trying to control herself. “Jealousy does not become you My Lady.” He watched her glare at him again and he smiled again. “She is a strong woman - like you. She is also beautiful - like you - though in a different way.”

“What of our marriage vows?” she asked, her anger growing .......................

“I promised I would honour you and respect you, my Lady and I have never broken that vow, nor will I ever. But I find this woman oddly attractive, as you, my beloved, find the Jedi Knight attractive. I can sense it. Or am I mistaken? Hmmm?”

Aicha blushed and dropped her eyes before him. “Yes, my Lord, I find him attractive. But I will never break my vows.” Her voice was soft, yet determined.

Lord Maul smiled a mischievous smile and pulled her near to him on the bed. “I find it exhilarating having two gorgeous women fight over me. As soon as I get back on my feet again....”

Aicha rose and opened her mouth to argue with him, but then found he was teasing her. “I never knew a Sith Lord with a sense of humour!” she said sweetly.

“I did not know you knew a Sith Lord before me.” Maul replied, but suddenly grimaced as a wave of pain and nausea hit him. His body stiffened and he shut his eyes tightly, while his hands grabbed the sheets (hehehe).

With all his might Maul tried to draw the dark side around him to give him strength, but he started gagging and became so dizzy that the room was spinning around him.

“It is all right, I am here. Feel the touch of my hands. I will help you to heal.” Aicha spoke softly and soothingly, she wiped his mouth with a tissue from the bed stand and then her hands gently touched Maul's body.

When she knew healing was enough for the moment, Aicha lay down beside Lord Maul.

He groaned softly and rested his head against her breast, listening to the comforting sound of her heartbeat.

“She is beautiful, this woman, but can she do what I can?” Aicha whispered, still jealous.

“My Lady, she is beautiful and I may even take her if I so choose. However, my vows to you are forever and beyond, as yours are to me, remember that! Since the first night we were together you have belonged to me and I to you.”

Maul shifted his head slightly, his beautiful golden eyes boring into her dark ones. “Remember, my Lady, as I told you before, there is no escape for you. You are mine forever.”

“Yes, my Lord, I remember. But now you must sleep. Your wounds need to heal. I shall stay here with you. Sleep!”

And when a few minutes later Elissa walked into the room again, carrying a tray of food, she found Lord Maul sleeping comfortably in the arms of the Lady Aicha.

Elissa grimaced again, having gone to all that work, preparing food - and there he was asleep in the arms of ... his wife, she reminded herself. “Would you like to eat now, Lady Aicha, or should I just keep it warm for the both of you?” she asked softly, so as to not awaken Maul.

Aicha, smiled - “We'll eat later, thank you.”

Elissa nodded and turned and left, closing the door behind her again, and walking out into the kitchen. As she put the food away, she tried to sort out what the hex had just happened. First, she and her girlfriends had taken in two Jedi and one Sith - agreed to feed them and help the two injured ones recover, provide a roof over their heads, and whatever else they needed. And for what in return ... nothing. Now, apparently, the Sith had a wife - who ever heard of a Sith Lord getting married? Who would arrange a marriage for Maul - Sidious? That sure wasn't in Star Wars. Yet, Elli had the impression, still, despite the presence of this woman, that Maul was interested in her. She had had that impression from the first day he was with them, when they first arrived just over a week ago. Maul had improved quite a bit since then, thank you very much, between her and Qui-Gon.

The back screen door opened and Elli heard the voices of her friends, coming in from Springerville with some much needed groceries. Obi-Wan appeared right on schedule, having no doubt sensed their arrival and quickly took the bags from Kim's arms,smiling radiantly at her. Elli shook her head - not really knowing why.

“So what's new?” Karen asked, putting the bags she carried onto the counter, and beginning to empty them.

“We have another guest...”Elli said - she noted the confused looks on her friends faces - then Qui-Gon, having just awoken from the healing walked in the kitchen.

“Qui!” Karen said excitedly as she rushed into his arms, enjoying his strong arms around her, the feeling of serenity that encircled him. She smiled and kissed him softly on the cheek and looked up just in time to see a woman dressed in strange clothing and heavy tribal jewelry walk into the kitchen.


Everybody went quiet for a moment until Qui-Gon put his strong hand on Aicha's shoulder. “Kim, Karen, may I present the Lady Aicha, Lord Maul's wife.” His lovely blue eyes looked at Aicha with concern, for he sensed something was very wrong.

“Master Jedi, I would speak with you alone.” Aicha said, after nodding slightly to the two women. She turned and went with Qui-Gon Jinn into his bedroom.

“You are troubled, my Lady. Has something happened?” Qui-Gon's warm voice asked.

Aicha put her hands on his arms and her dark eyes looked up into his gentle face. “My Lord Maul has taken a turn for the worse. It seems that the Force storm and this planet are depleting all our powers. I cannot heal him properly...” Aicha's worried voice trailed off. She sank her eyes and then gasped. “Qui-Gon! You are bleeding! You felt it too?”

Qui-Gon put his hand on his stomach, where the blood began to colour his tunic. “Yes Aicha. We need to get away from this planet as soon as possible. You must try to get your husband well enough to make the necessary repairs to the ship. I will help you.”

“I will bandage your wounds first. We need bacta! This primitive planet will kill us all!” Aicha exclaimed frustrated.

“No, I will be fine. First we must get Darth Maul on his feet again and then you can treat me.” And Qui-Gon put his arm around Aicha's shoulder and went with her to the bedroom where Maul slept.

As they entered, both were startled to see the condition he was in. He was sweating and tossing restlessly on the bed. But he opened his eyes and growled when he say the Jedi Knight. “Have you come to gloat Jedi? You will never see me weak!”

“Lord Maul, now is not the time for gloating. Your condition is worsening because of this planet and so is mine. We need to leave as soon as possible. Allow me to help your consort to heal you and then you can repair the ship.”

“I don't need your help Jedi!” Maul snarled but had to lay back on the pillows when the pain and nausea hit him again.

Before any of them could move again the room seemed suddenly dark and frightening, filled with a menacing electricity.

The Jedi Master and the Lady Aicha turned around to see a hologram of Lord Sidious appear.

“Maul! You have betrayed me. And instead of committing ritual suicide, I have to track you down to another galaxy. Did you really think you could escape me?” The Sith Lord growled angrily and his rage filled the room when he spotted the Jedi. “And it is even worse. You allow a Jedi to be in the room with you and TREAT you? You, who should be out destroying their sanctimonious Order? You will pay heavily for this Maul! You will return to Coruscant immediately where I shall be the instrument of your punishment. And believe me, my young apprentice, you will not die quickly nor might I say painlessly. In addition you will first watch the Lady Aicha die! Return at once and do not make me have to come after you. For there is no place in the universe where you can hide from me. I shall find you!”

The hologram faded and was gone, leaving the three people in the room stunned into silence.

While the Sith Lord had been talking, Lord Maul had tried to rise from the bed to stand and kneel before the hologram of his Master, but his condition was too weak. He had managed to sit up and put his feet on the floor, but then he groaned softly and, bleeding heavily from the torn wounds, he fell to the floor.

Qui-Gon Jinn and Aicha suddenly came into action again and ran to him, carefully lifting him back into the bed.

“It seems to me, my Lady, we have to leave this planet very quickly now. After which we need to consider what to do about the Sith Lord's threat.”

Aicha shook her head, she was trembling violently. “There is no escape for us. He will find us, no matter where we go.” She started crying softly.

Qui-Gon looked down at the lovely, dark woman, then compassionately took her into his arms, where she hid against his broad chest.


Darth Maul awoke with a start - what a nightmare! He turned, not finding his consort beside him. She must have gone out to get something to eat in the kitchen. He was hungry himself and sat up slowly in bed. Lady Aicha's second healing had been more successful, allowing him to go into a deep restorative trance. He was much, much improved - though he sensed distress from Aicha and from the others. But what of this nightmare - that his Master had somehow located him? Tracked him down, accused him of failing him once again. Maul grumbled - he had not failed yet. He shivered slightly, the air was cool here, but he realized it was more of a reaction to seeing his Master in the dream - fear that his Master would kill him slowly for punishment. He could face that, he was Sith, but to watch his consort die at his Master's hands - no. He couldn't allow that to happen. Maul stood, reaching out with the Force as best he could, he was still weakened, but he could sense the Jedi and the women they had all befriended on this primitive planet. Maul grimaced, his Master would no doubt do the same to these women, being involved as they were now. He shook his head, he couldn't allow that either.

Maul walked out of his room, down the narrow hallway and into the kitchen, finding everyone gathered around the table there, including his wife, now in the arms of the Jedi Master. Maybe that part of his dream had been more real than he wanted to admit. Elissa was the first to notice his presence and pulled out a chair for him to sit on. Maul gladly took it, watching her getting the food she had prepared earlier, and warming it up.

“My Lord,” Aicha said softly, pulling away from the Jedi, ignoring Karen's angered looks, as she went to Maul and gave him the ritual greeting. “You slept well?” she asked.

“No, I did not sleep well,” he snapped.

Aicha stepped back. It had been months since she had been in Maul's company, and she had forgotten how he could be. She lowered her head and backed away quiet. Qui-Gon placed a gentle hand on her shoulder.

Elli put the food in front of Maul and handed him the silverware. He took it, taking her hand into his as he did so, knowing it angered Aicha.

“You are obviously feeling better Maul,” Qui-Gon stated firmly.

“Yes I am Jedi,” he smirked as he started eating, watching Elli return with some of the special herbal tea for him to drink. As she put the cup down, he grabbed her wrist and pulled her down into the chair next to him...“I wish for you to stay with me, while I eat,” he said not softly, more like ordering her.

“I have other things to do Maul,” she snapped back, trying to get up.

“You will stay with me!“ he ordered, pulling her back down again. He looked at Aicha, watching the tears well up in her eyes... “Go be with your Jedi, My Lady.”

Aicha rose to her feet, her eyes darting icicles at her husband and Elissa. With difficulty resisting the urge to pick up her plate and throw it at Maul.

He gave her a mocking smile, took Elissa's hand and kissed the fingers. Aicha turned without another word and left the kitchen.

Qui-Gon gave Maul a stern look and stood up to follow her.

“Touch my woman Jedi and I will kill you!” Maul growled at him.

“I would like to see you try, my Lord. However, you know where to find me.” Qui-Gon snapped back and went to look for Aicha.

“Now what was that all about?” Kim asked perplexed.

Qui-Gon found Aicha sitting in the darkness on the front porch. There was only a small light from a storm lamp, but he could see she was crying.

Sitting down beside her, Qui-Gon gently put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her near. She leaned against his shoulder and he heard her soft sobs.

After a few moments she raised her head to look into his kind face. And then Qui-Gon kissed her. It was a tender, loving kiss and he surrounded her with all the warmth and gentleness he could give her. His tongue entered her mouth and met hers.

But with a soft moan, Aicha stiffened and pulled back, breathing very quickly. “Forgive me, I cannot. I did not mean to arouse you and then let you down, but Lord Maul is my consort and I have vowed to be loyal to him.”

Qui-Gon smiled but pulled her back against his chest again, caressing her shoulder.

“How long have you been married?” he asked softly.

“About six months,” Aicha replied.

Qui-Gon gave a soft laugh. ”If you had hoped to find a way towards each other, this is not the way.”

“You are such a wonderful man. If things were different.... if I were not married...” Aicha sighed and nuzzled his neck, enjoying his protective scent.

“I know. And believe me I had no wish to come between you and a Sith Lord. But this making each other jealous and fighting is not going to do any good. If you truly wish to make the best of this bonding, you must return to your husband.”

She murmured something against his neck and rested even closer against him. “I will return to him shortly and treat his wounds. But not just yet.”

Meanwhile a fuming Lord Maul tried to eat the food on his plate, but after a few bites he threw down his knife and fork, rose and, taking Elissa's hand, went to his bedroom.

“Maul, stop dragging me around as if I were an aging labrador.” Elissa snapped angrily.

“A what?” Maul asked.

“Oh, never mind!” Elissa replied and crossed her arms. “Look, what do you want from me? Am I an instrument in making your wife angry? Because if that is what you want me for, I can tell you right now, I won't stand for that!”

In answer, Maul grabbed her shoulders and held her with her back against the wall, leaning his weight against her. His mouth came roughly down on her, kissing her violently.

Elissa put her arms around him and kissed him back fiercely, eagerly welcoming his tongue into her mouth. She raised her leg and put it around his.

Maul grabbed the tresses of red hair and pulled her even closer. But then suddenly he released her and she almost slumped to the floor, her knees to weak to hold her.

“Go find my consort and tell her I need her. Right now.!” Maul ordered and Elissa saw a red haze of anger. “The hex I will! You can find your damned wife yourself! And don't ever kiss me again, unless you want to go all the way!” And pushing him out of the way, Elissa ran from the room.

In the hall she almost bumped into Aicha, who was on her way to the bedroom and for a moment the two women faced each other, eyes flashing.

“He needs you.” Elissa hissed.

“Oh, does he indeed? I take it you were not satisfying?” Aicha answered sweetly.

“I guess I am too much of a woman for him to handle. He seems to like the submissive type.” Elissa snapped back and pushed passed Aicha.

Trembling with rage, Aicha entered the bedroom, where Lord Maul was lying on the bed. She went to his side and silently began her healing.

She noticed the amused look on his face but ignored it.

“You are angry. It affects your healing.” Maul said mockingly but received no answer.

Aicha treated him until she felt him relax. She then undressed, switched off the bedside lamp and lay down beside him.

Maul made no move to touch her or lie close to her as he usually did and again she felt her eyes fill with tears. She did not want to give him the satisfaction to know he had hurt her and turned on her side.

“My Lady?” his voice came in the darkness. And when she did not answer he said: “I know you are awake. Did the Jedi take you?”

Aicha turned back and sat up. “How dare you ask me that! You flaunt this...this woman in front of everybody and then you have the audacity to ask me...!!” She took a deep breath. “As a matter of fact, he did not take me. And you?”

“No. It is not the time and the place for all this. We need to leave soon. I had a dream.” And Maul told Aicha about the very vivid dream he had.

“I wonder, Khameir, was it a dream? Or was it a warning?”


Elissa saw only red - furious with Maul for treating her like some toy, to be used then cast aside when the whim suited him. She slammed the door behind her as she went out onto the porch to think, to get some fresh air. Damn him! Yet, she still wanted him like she had wanted no man in her life. His kiss....she thought she was going to faint away right then and there... by the Force she had never felt anything like it. She was jealous of this wife of Maul's who, she noted, he didn't treat any better than he treated her. Arrogant bastard!

“Yes, he is,” remarked a smooth voice from the chair to the right. Qui-Gon sat there in the dark, obviously trying to make some sense out of all these problems himself. “But what can you expect from the Sith?” He looked at Elli and smiled, motioning for her to sit down next to him.

“You like this Lady Aicha?” Elissa asked, looking at him, seeing him smile and nod softly.

“Yes, I feel the Force so strongly in her...” He shook his head and stroked his beard a few times. “I feel drawn to her....”

“What about Karen?” Elli asked, thinking of her friend who had a huge crush on the tall Jedi.

“Karen is a sweet girl,” he smiled, shrugged his shoulders, “but we do not have the makings of a relationship.”

“I think this Aicha is out of the question,” Elissa remarked, “she's married to the Sith.”

“But she is not happy.”

“Who could be with that arrogant ....” she thought of several words, but decided to keep them to herself.

“You...” ventured Qui-Gon softly.

“What?” she looked back at him and shook her head. “I don't think so Qui-Gon - No one could be happy with him!”

“Well, maybe not always happy, but you two are a good match.” He watched her smirk and shake her head. “Lady Aicha is strong, but in conflict. She was raised to be subservient, to obey her father or husband, but her personality is much like your own and she doesn't like being put into a subservient position. Maul knows this, and takes advantage of it.” Qui-Gon smiled softly, “but you on the other hand, you have no such conflicts... I think that is why Maul is drawn to you, Elli.”

“You're saying Aicha needs someone like you, strong but not overbearing.”

“Yes - I believe we would be happy together.”

“There will be no together ... Jedi!” hissed Maul, leaning against the doorframe, arms crossed an angry look on his face.

Qui-Gon hardly moved, he had sensed Maul's presence before he spoke.

“She belongs to me Jedi! She did so ever since I first made her mine and she will never belong to another. I will make sure of that, for I will destroy her rather than see her with a Jedi.” Maul's voice was low and breathy, but all the more menacing.

“It seems to me the Lady Aicha is old and wise enough to make her own choice and if she chooses me, I shall be very honoured and love her until I die.” Qui-Gon replied, his voice equally low.

“You will love her until you die then Jedi, for I shall kill you now!” Maul spat at the Jedi and made a lightning move onto the sparsely-lit porch.

Both men were still badly wounded and yet both were determined to do battle right now.

Qui-Gon jumped to his feet before Maul reached him and parried his high side-kick, while at the same time he struck Maul on the neck.

As the men fought in the soft light of the storm-lamp and the light coming through the open door, Elissa stepped back and covered her mouth with her hand.

She was too shocked to even call Obi-Wan for help, she just stood there, watching.

Qui-Gon made a fast whirl and kicked at Maul's leg, but he hit only the empty space where Maul had been a second before.

His long arms made fast strikes at Maul's body and from the loud groan coming from the Sith Lord he knew he had hit home.

Both men were breathing heavily and had to rest for a few seconds before they could continue, Maul growling with rage and cursing his weakness. He felt how his tunic was drenched with blood and for a moment he swayed on his feet.

But he found his reserves of strength before Qui-Gon did and an evil kick hit Qui-Gon right on the wound on his stomach, sending him flying backwards on the porch, where he lay unconscious.

Maul stood before him, clutching his stomach, his golden eyes spitting fire. He meant to kill this Jedi right here and now, as he should have done before without failing. But before he could give Qui-Gon the death blow, a figure in black rushed passed him and threw herself on the floor beside Qui-Gon, protecting his motionless body.

Aicha reached out her hand to Maul, her eyes wide. “Khameir!!”

And the Sith Lord honoured the cry of his wife and his hand fell.

“Maul, don't kill him, please!” Elissa's voice came from the other end of the porch. Maul turned and with an angry scowl turned and stepped back.

“Elissa! Attend me!” he ordered and went into the house, followed by Elissa.

When Maul and Elissa left, Aicha bent over Qui-Gon and kissed his lips gently. Even in the dim light she saw he was bleeding heavily and her senses told her Maul was in a bad shape as well.

There was the sound of running footsteps and Obi-Wan rushed in, followed by Karen and Kim.

“Oh my Hamgo!” Karen cried, looking at the man she was falling in love with. And there was this woman again, this time with the man she wanted.

“Help me get him inside!” Aicha ordered and the four of them carried the tall, heavy man to the bedroom, where Obi-Wan and Aicha quickly undressed him.

“Oh look at him now!” Aicha exclaimed. “All the healing done for nothing, the wounds are open again and he is losing blood again!”

With the help of Obi-Wan she began bandaging and treating Qui-Gon.

“Your husband did this again. I am going to see to him once and for all.” Obi-Wan said, his voice cold and angry.

“Obi-Wan, don't do anything to him. Without him we can never leave, and this planet is destroying our powers fast.”

But Obi-Wan shook his head and left the room, leaving Aicha alone with Qui-Gon. She caressed his skin and spoke soothingly to him, until he slowly woke up.

“Aicha, you should not be here... it is dangerous for you.”

“Qui-Gon it is all right. My husband will never hurt me.”

“You seem very sure.” Qui-Gon said acidly.

“Yes. I am sure. Every word he said, every emotion I sensed from him told me so.” Aicha replied with a smile and caressed Qui-Gon's cheek.

“Then hold me for a little while longer.” Qui-Gon's deep voice said and he rested his head against her.


At the same time a very angry Darth Maul and Elissa had reached his bedroom, where Maul sat down on the bed, groaning softly.

“Maul, let me look. You are bleeding again. Shall I call Lady Aicha?” Elissa asked worriedly, taking his hand in hers.

“No! You will stay with me. Bandage me!” Maul ordered and let her wash the blood away and bandage his wounds.

When she was done, he lay back on the bed and closed his eyes.

Elissa rose and was unsure what to do. Did he want her to leave or stay?

“Stay!” the breathy voice said, and suddenly his beautiful eyes met hers. “Make love to me.”

A day before she would have killed to hear something like this from Maul. He was so beautiful, so strong - by the Force she wanted him! “No,” she said firmly, still looking into his beautiful red and golden eyes.

Maul sat himself up on an elbow, eyes open in disbelief. No woman had ever refused him before - ever. “What did you say?” he asked again.

“No, Maul, I will not.” She sat on the bed beside him, touched his face, traced one of the tattoo patterns out, wishing it could be more. “You are injured, you need to recover,” she said softly. She turned away, looked across the room.

Maul took his hand and grabbed her chin, pulling her face back towards him. “I said I want you!”

“I know what you said, Maul,” Elli snapped, “But I will not sleep with you just because you are angry with your wife!” She sat straight up, “besides you are injured.”

Maul shook his head, “why are you so difficult woman?” he asked.

“Because I am!” she replied, squeezing Maul's hand slightly.

The door burst open and Obi-Wan stood there for a moment, seething. Maul quickly stood to his feet, but was still in a lot of pain from his fight with Qui-Gon. He pushed Elissa to the side, preparing to face the Padawan.

“Leave Elissa, I don't want you to get hurt,” Obi-Wan said grimly, fingering his lightsaber.

Elli stepped in front of Maul and shook her head. “You're not going to fight him Obi-Wan,” she said, her voice sounding as determined as she felt. She felt Maul's hand on her shoulder.

Elissa, I do not want you to get hurt either, now go!” Maul said firmly. She heard the click and hiss of a lightsaber being activated and she was scared to death, she saw the look of hatred in the eyes of the Jedi Padawan and knew she had to do something.

Maul stepped around her, determined to stand up to the Jedi. He was not armed, his lightsaber having been taken by the Jedi when they found him.

“Obi-Wan, you will have to go through me first!,” she stated. Yes, she knew she was a laughable opponent, but she was determined not to let these two men fight. She stepped in front of Maul, just as he raised his hand, calling the lightsaber from Obi-Wan's hand with the Dark-Side, she heard the splat of the metal in his hands, and heard him growl in satisfaction and saw the look of surprise on Obi-Wan's face.

She turned and glared at Maul. “Give me that!” she said, grabbing it out of his hand, his face more than astonished. It took her a minute to figure out how to turn it off, which she did, then she held it and looked at the two men, glaring at them. “No more fights tonight!”

Maul smiled, and started laughing to himself quietly. “You can go now Padawan. The decision has been made!” he said. “It seems Elissa has won the battle!”

Obi-Wan was still angry and looked at Elissa expectantly.

“I will give you your lightsaber back when you agree to behave yourself!” she snapped. She watched Obi-Wan turn and leave the room, still fuming, but at least he went. She then felt Maul's hand on her face again, he turned it back toward him, a smile on his face.

“Should half the Jedi be as brave as you ...” he stroked her cheek, “I should lose before I even begin...” He leaned forward and kissed her hungrily.


Meanwhile, Aicha had finished another session of healing for Qui-Gon, feeling his calm and soothing spirit, wishing she could be part of that forever. So different from Maul, so inviting.

“Stay with me Lady Aicha, stay here tonight,” Qui-Gon said softly, holding her hand firmly and warmly.

“Master Jinn...” Aicha started, tears welling up in her eyes again. She was so confused, so scared, so unsure of herself. More than anything, she wanted to stay here with the Jedi, to feel that peace about him. But what of her husband, what of Lord Maul.

“Qui.. just call me Qui,” he said, scooting over in the bed, pulling her down to sit beside him. She did and promptly burst into tears again and fell into the Jedi's strong, comforting arms.

He held the trembling woman close to his heart, feeling her despair, the struggle within. He knew she was afraid. She was loyal to her husband and she loved her husband, he sensed that very clearly, but he also felt she desperately wanted his love, his serenity and his compassion.

His arms held her and he whispered gentle, soothing words into her ear until the crying stopped and she lay still against his chest.

“Aicha..” It took on one word from him and Aicha lifted her head from his chest and reached for his mouth. Qui-Gon pressed her against him, kissing the parted lips with a longing he had never before felt. He felt how she ran her fingers through his long hair, kissing him even more fiercely than before.

He tasted the sweetness of her mouth and his body reacted to her. He moaned softly and his hand touched her breast. She answered his touch and her fingers caressed his naked chest. Oh Force, she aroused him and how he wanted her. He surrounded her mind with his love and tenderness and felt her response.

But then his strong mind touched that part of her soul that belonged to Lord Maul and immediately he pulled back. He was breathing heavily and his body ached for release, but he knew she was not ready.

Qui-Gon looked into the passionate eyes of Aicha and knew she had felt it too. Lord Maul was still too much a part of her. In the few moments Qui-Gon's soul had connected with hers, he had known the passion, he had seen their togetherness and Aicha's love when she held her wounded consort close to her breast and he needed her.

He took a deep sigh and put his strong hands on Aicha's shoulders, then kissed a tear off her cheek. “I love you Aicha, and I will love you forever. But you belong to him still. I do not want you to feel any remorse for making love with me. And also I want you body and soul, and that is not what you can give me right now, can you?” his deep voice said and his gentle eyes met hers.

“I love you too Qui-Gon. But when Maul and I were bonded he became heart of my heart, soul of my soul and I fell in love with him, although he never showed me the love I had hoped for. I long for your love, your gentleness and I think we would be very happy together, but.....” her voice trailed off and she rubbed her forehead. “I am so afraid, I don't know what to do, I don't know what is right anymore... I...”

Qui-Gon took her into his arms again and gently rocked her. “I understand, my love. I should not create this dilemma for you. Let the Force guide you. Follow your heart and do what you must, but I promise you, I shall be there for you if you decide you want to be with me.”

He put his hand under her chin and raised her head so he could kiss her lips. “Remember that now! I am always there for you.”

Aicha nodded silently and hid against his chest again.


Elissa kissed Maul back as hungrily as he was kissing her. Her body was on fire and she could feel his hardness against her.

Her arms pressed him closer to her and she moaned when she felt him nibble, then lick her neck.

“I like your bravery.” he said between kisses. “That is what attracted me to Aicha, she stood up to me, her fierceness, she was so.......”

Elissa gave a soft cry and pulled away from him. He stared at her in surprise.

“Do you realize what you just said? Do you? You love your wife! You take me only because you find me attractive, because I remind you of her!! Damn you Maul!! Damn you!!!” Elissa felt tears streaming down her face and her eyes flashed angrily at Maul.

“You want revenge because she rejected you and finds the Jedi Knight attractive! But I won't be your toy!”

“Love! I am a Sith. Love means nothing to me!” Maul growled angry because his needs were denied and because he knew Elissa's words hit home. Did he love Aicha? And did he find Elissa attractive only because she reminded him of Aicha?

“Oh, doesn’t it? I saw your eyes when she was with the Jedi. You cannot fool me. You love the damned woman. And the fact that you are a Sith does not impress me much.” Elissa fumed and started for the door. Before leaving the room she turned. “I want you Maul, I ache for you, but do me a favour. Come back to me when you got the little wife out of your system!”

Maul stared angrily at the closing door, then slowly sank down on the bed. Damn the woman! Damn all women! Why had his Master chosen Aicha to be his consort? Was she to be another trial to test his strength. Because she sure was testing it now! He made a low sound deep down in his throat and lay back on the pillows.


What the hex was wrong with him! What the hex was wrong with Aicha?? This didn't make sense. Here, his wife had somehow with the help of the Force, found him on this remote planet, and he was happy to see her. But.... his mind couldn't stop thinking of Elli. Damn his Master for forcing him to bond to Aicha - a marriage of convenience for his Master - one of a most inconvenient nature for him. He rolled over on his side, pressed his arm to his stomach, it still hurt, though it was better than earlier. He wasn't healing as fast as he should have, though his attacking Qui-Gon earlier didn't help him any. He reached out with the Force, sensed that damned Jedi - oh he hated him! He hated him even more as he sensed Aicha, in the same room with that Jedi! Perhaps even in the same bed. It angered him that a Jedi was touching his property - his wife. She knew better, yet again, she went to this Jedi, saving his life then healing him, now staying with him. She chose him. The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. But, ironically, he felt he should not do anything about it, at least not yet. Throwing his mind into the Force as best he could, he felt counseled to try patience for a change. Something that did not come easy for the Sith Lord.


“I thought you and Maul ....” Karen questioned, watching Elissa storm out of Maul's room.

“That basilisk!” she shouted. She looked at Obi-Wan sitting next to Kim on the sofa, glared at him. He gave her an innocent look back, smiled slightly.

Elli sneered at him and threw his lightsaber back at him as hard as she could - he barely had time to catch it, needing the Force to help him. She stomped out of the living room and went to the back porch and sat down on the bench, fuming.

“How is Qui-Gon doing?” Elli asked Karen, noticing she followed him out here.

“Much better.... I guess.” Karen sat down next to her, shrugged her shoulders.

“You don't know?“

“Lady Aicha,” she spit out sarcastically, “is in there healing him.” Karen's eyes were ablaze with anger just mentioning that woman's name.

“Tell me about it!” Elli sneered.


Early the next morning the girls got up to make breakfast as usual for the guests, though everyone was already in a foul mood. Elissa shook her head as she got out the milk. This was hardly turning out as she thought it would. She slammed the milk jug down and looked up to see Maul watching her as he walked into the kitchen, looking as arrogant as usual. She envisioned slapping him upside the head and smirked.

“Maybe someday you will have your chance, Elli,” he joked. He looked around and into the dining area. “Where is Lady Aicha...” a sinister scowl started growing on his face, “and that Jedi?”

“I don't know, Maul,” Elissa replied turning to go back to the counter.

Maul stood there for a long moment, reaching out with the Force. He didn't like what he sensed. He turned on his heels and marched out of the kitchen, down the hall to the last bedroom where the Jedi was. He pushed open the door with the Force and stood in the doorway, arms crossed - a fierce expression on it as he glared at the two of them.

Lady Aicha woke up with the noise of the door being forced open, Qui-Gon's arm on her shoulder as he gently tried to warn her of Maul's approach. She opened her eyes and looked into her husband's and wished she could die.

Maul sneered. “I wish I could grant you your wish my lady!” He glared at Qui-Gon who had opened his mouth to try and explain that nothing had happened. “Do not even try Jedi... If it were not for MY wife, you would be dead and she is the only one who will ever be able to protect you.

“My Lord,...“ Aicha pleaded as she pulled the covers back, and rose to her feet to speak to her husband, ignoring the look he was giving her. ”Nothing happened with myself and Qui-Gon....I ... I fell asleep....”

“Do not even try to explain Lady Aicha!” he hissed. He saw that both were still fully clothed, and he was sure that nothing had happened between them physically ... but.... “You have been unfaithful to me...” he glared, watching her desperately shaking her head. “In your heart and your soul!” he shouted at her, barely able to control himself from striking her. “You desire this Jedi....” Maul sneered angrily ... “then he is yours. You deserve each other.” He stepped back from her. “We are still married my Lady...and the Sith will still control your homeworld... but our bond is broken.”

“My Lord!!!!,” Aicha cried out in pain as she felt him withdrawing from her... “Please forgive me....”

“Sith do not forgive!” he said turning and leaving her crying in huddle on the floor.


Lord Maul went back to his bedroom. He needed another healing trance and carefully stretched out on the bed again. As he closed his eyes, suddenly the menacing presence of Lord Sidious was there again.

“Maul!! I warned you!! You are still here, even though I ordered you to report to me immediately. And I see your consort has changed sides! I shall enjoy punishing her...... and you!” his raspy voice growled and the image was gone again.

Lord Maul clutched his aching stomach and groaned. He would never let his Master kill his wife, he knew that. Whatever she had done, she was his and also..... no he did not want to even think about that. All he knew was that they would have to get away from this terrible planet as soon as possible.

Bloody hex he needed Aicha! He imagined her healing hands on his body and to his horror he found he wanted her desperately. And he was jealous of a Jedi! That was the worst thing to bear, she had chosen a Jedi over him, Darth Maul! In his arrogance he could not believe this to be true. He growled and hardly without being aware of it, he touched his sudden, unwanted hardness. No consort, not even Elissa to whom he was so attracted. He would have to severe the bonds with her soon or...

He forced his body to ignore his arousal and after a moment his body relaxed and took the cosmic energy to help it regenerate.


Qui-Gon Jinn held Aicha tenderly in his arms, trying to console her.

She was crying uncontrollably against his heart and he surrounded her haunted mind with his compassion and his love.

Slowly she calmed and finally sat up, her eyes still downcast.

“Aicha, I love you so much. I hate to see you hurt like this,” his deep voice said quietly.

“Yes Qui-Gon and I love you too, but...”

“But not as much as you love the Sith.” Qui-Gon cupped her chin and forced her to look at him. “And he loves you Aicha, very much! Did you not sense it? It was very powerful in the air.”

Aicha shook her head. “He said we were no longer bonded. I have to leave now. I cannot stay.”

“What to you mean to do? Aicha, don't do anything stupid!” Qui-Gon said sternly, putting both hands on her shoulders and shaking her gently.

“I will do my duty, Qui-Gon.” Aicha said determinedly. “Do not worry about me, I will be all right. I need some fresh air.” She rose to her feet and left the safety of Qui-Gon's arms.

As she walked through the kitchen to the front door, she met the angry glares of both Elissa and Karen, but no one spoke and Aicha quickly left the house.

Even in her depressed state of mind she appreciated the beauty of nature here. The valley was still deep in the shades of night, while the top of the mountains were already catching the first sunrays.

Aicha walked on along a narrow path bordered by high, thick pine trees.

She breathed their spicy scent in deeply and followed the path until she came to a lookout point. it overlooked the valley and the mountains and Aicha stood still.

The rising sun coloured one rock after another with golden and red tones, while the sky became first a pearly colour, then light blue, and finally the lovely blue you find only in mountainous regions.

All the different colours of the rocks were not shown and the valley was bathing in sunlight as well. The lovely deep green of the trees and far in the distance was a river.

Aicha knew she had failed her consort and her people. Her husband no longer wanted her and in her culture that was the worst disgrace. She would have to return to Thebae in shame where no other man would ever touch her. She would still be married Lord Maul had said, but she had no wish to be a burden to him.

She decided to follow the Thebaean path. Slowly she walked closer and closer to the edge of the rock. Below her was a steep drop, jagged rocks all the way down. Aicha no longer thought about anything. Her mind seemed empty as she moved even closer to the edge.


In his bedroom back at the cabin Lord Maul opened his eyes, coming out of his healing trance with a sudden shock. “Aicha!”

He rose quickly and hurried out of the house. He did not need to look for her, he knew where she was, he sensed her presence very clearly, leading him to her.

With long strides he ran up the path to the lookout point. And then he saw her standing on the edge of the rock.

He summoned the dark side to restrain her and a few fast leaps brought him up behind her.

“Aicha!” his low, breathy voice called out to her. She looked at him, her eyes wide and detached.

“Aicha, come to me at once! Obey me!” Maul ordered. “You will not take your life. I do not allow it.”

Aicha gave him a wry look. “Why not? You do not want me. I have betrayed you as you said. I cannot live with this shame, as you could not live with the shame of failing your Master.” She turned back to face the rocks again, but a panther-like move brought Lord Maul beside her, his strong arms went around her and pulled her back to safety.

Aicha screamed and then with a cry fell into his embrace.

He held her closely to him and his lips came down on her dark head. “Again you are so eager to die, my Lady.”

“You sent me away. And you wanted that woman. There was nothing left for me.” Aicha sobbed.

Maul lifted her chin and looked into a pair of tearful, dark eyes. “As a Sith I am allowed four wives, did you not know that?” He gave her a slight smile. “But dealing with one wife like you is enough for me. Come, we must talk and then we must hurry and get out of here. I had another warning from Lord Sidious. Time is running out for us.”

Aicha wiped away her tears and hid against his shoulder. “I did not sleep with Qui-Gon, I swear it, Khameir. I feel asleep, that is all.”

“I know you did not. If I had sensed his seed in you, I would have killed you...... and him.” Maul's voice was steely.

“Will you divorce me now?” Aicha asked in a small voice.

“I cannot divorce you. Since I made you mine the first time, my hormones began reacting to yours, changing a chemical substance in my blood. If I were to divorce you, the chemicals would take over and I would die.” Maul pulled her closer to him.

“Like I told you on our wedding night, my Lady our bond is forever. It can only be severed by death or by an ancient Sith ritual of separation. And I do not wish to severe the bond.”

“But you never loved me or needed me.” Aicha whispered.

“No? Why are you always trying to analyze my feelings? I am Sith, I will not tell you I love you. I have shown you what you mean to me, you have felt it when we bonded and I became part of you, heart of my heart, soul of my soul, remember? You are mine as I am yours, now and forever. Touch my mind and you will know how much I care,” Maul's breathy voice came close to her ear and then he allowed her to touch his mind and she felt his love and his care, embracing her as it always did when they made love.

Aicha sighed deeply and after resting against him for a moment longer, she sat up. Maul smiled that mysterious smile he always had only for her. “Now, if I had wanted to be rid of you, I would not have come here to get you, would I?”

“Maybe it was another test of Lord Sidious, seeing how you as a Sith and I as your wife would react. It would be just like him, torturing you and me.” Aicha's mouth turned down at the corners.

“That maybe so, but you feel love for this Jedi.” Maul replied.

“Yes, I do. But differently, not like I love you. He is peace, compassion, gentleness...”

“All the things I am not.” Maul said slowly.

“And Elissa is also what I am not. Independent, strong-willed, sexually demanding as well.” Aicha said with a little anger still in her voice.

“She is. And I was going to take her.” Maul said and when Aicha looked up with a jolt he nodded. “And then I told her how it was your strength that first attracted me to you. She saw my love for you in that short moment more clearly than you seem to in all those months we have been together.”

Aicha's eyes filled with tears again and Maul pulled her into his arms again and kissed her hungrily, his tongue circling hers until she was breathless and clinging to him. “Khameir,” she whispered and pushed him down, lying down beside him and kissing his mouth, his neck, his shoulders, the smooth skin of his chest and his nipples.

Maul groaned under her kisses and as she hurriedly took off her clothes and began undoing his trousers, he longingly touched her soft breasts again.

“It has been so long, Aicha..” he whispered and pulled her close to kiss her lovely mouth.

“Be careful Khameir, your wounds...” Aicha said but he shook his head.

“Do not worry beloved, but I must have you now,” Maul's voice was husky and with a quick move he pushed his baggy trousers down and positioned himself between his wife's legs, entering her body with a delightful moan. Immediately Aicha felt his mind embrace hers as he pushed his manhood into her.

She held onto him, caressing and kissing him. He thrust fiercely and she saw his clouded, golden eyes close to hers. As he always did, Maul brought her to the height of pleasure and with a soft cry she released, feeling him give her his juices a moment later.


Qui-Gon knew what Aicha had been thinking, his Force senses were strong enough for that. He followed her out to the woods and along the winding trail she had found. He was ready to stop her, when he felt the presence of the Sith - Maul knew as well what she planned to do. Qui-Gon wondered for a moment what the Sith would do - help her or encourage her to jump? Then he felt the Dark Side surge around him and head for Aicha, holding her back from the edge, pulling her to a reasonably safe distance. Qui-Gon was amazed at the power he felt flow by him, even in his weakened state this Sith was very powerful. He hid back behind one of the large ponderosa pines and watched the Sith run up to Aicha and grab a hold of her. It was enough, he knew that they needed one another, though he loved Aicha like he had loved no other. He let go, released it, turned and watched them embrace then turned back to the cabin.

“What happened?” Karen asked, seeing the slightly sad slightly shocked expression on Qui-Gon's face.

“They have found each other again,” he said simply as he started down the hallway to his room. He needed to meditate.

“Wonderful!” Elli hissed as she slammed her tea down on the table. “Now, why don't you all go home!” She stood up and walked angrily to her room, slamming the door behind her.


The next few days the Jedi and Sith worked together to make the Infiltrator useable again, and had almost finished by Thursday night. They all sat together in the dining area of the kitchen, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan discussing some technical issues on the ship, Kim sitting next to Obi-Wan, softly caressing his hand. Karen sat next to Qui-Gon, not holding his hand, though still on friendly terms. Maul and Aicha sat on the other end of the table, not touching in public, though their passions could be heard by all at night. Elli stood in the kitchen, watching and just wishing everyone would leave. After they had made their conclusions, they decided to go out onto the front porch and get some fresh air, Elli stayed in the kitchen, volunteering to wash the dishes, as she didn't want anything to do with any of them. She stood there, frantically washing each dish, scrubbing and scraping, taking her anger out on the plates and bowls, imagining what she could do with the knives....

Then a hand was on her shoulder. His hand. She clenched her fists up into tight balls and took a deep breath, centering herself so as not to turn around and hit him. “What do you want?” she growled.

“I wish to talk with you Elissa,” he said quietly.

“Did you bring your wife?” she snapped back, slamming a glass into the rinse side of the sink, breaking it.

“No, this is not her concern.”

Elissa turned around, pulling her shoulder from his grasp she crossed her arms and glared at him.

“This is not how I thought it would be,” he started. “I did not believe my consort would come for me...”

“What does that matter... you are still married whether she is here or not!”

Maul smiled slightly, “Yes, but that does not mean I cannot have more than one wife!” He saw her slightly shocked look. “I can have up to four wives, Elli, as long as they are treated fairly and equally.”

“Well that part you could do...” she snapped, “you treat us all like crap anyway!” She turned from him and started to go back to work.

“Elli, I know why you are angry... and I do understand it.” He leaned against the counter next to her, looked at her, smiled slightly.

She glared at him again, wishing he would just go away.

He reached up and touched her face, caressed it softly then caught her hand in his other hand as she tried to slap it away. “You are so beautiful Elli... so independent and strong..“ He smiled. Aicha is quite jealous of you, you know.”

“What does she have to be jealous of... she has you!”

“Because she knows I want you too!”

“We can't always have what we want, now can we?” she snapped, trying again unsuccessfully to pull her hand from his grasp.

“I am a Sith Lord,” he said smoothly. “I always get what I want.” He pulled her closer and pressed his lips to hers again and kissed her hungrily for a long moment then pulled back. He sensed she had enjoyed his kiss, but was still angry. “We will leave soon, Elli, but perhaps I will come back for you....” He let go of her and turned to leave the kitchen.

“I'm not going to hold my breath,“ replied turning back to the dishes, even angrier than she was before.


That night Lord Maul held Aicha close to his chest. They had just made passionate love and he caressed her soft skin tenderly.


“Yes, beloved”

“I can sense Elissa is still in your mind. Do you want her?” Aicha asked, not daring to look up at him.

“Yes. I want her. I want to have her body and make her mine. And yet I know I do not care for her. Not like I care for you and need you. I desire her, she is beautiful, strong.” Maul's breathy voice replied softly and even the thought of Elissa made him hard again.

Aicha touched his manhood. “Do you want her for a second wife?”

“No. I will have no other wife. You are the chosen one for me. You know my mind. But somehow the Force sent me to this woman and for a reason I cannot fathom I want her.” Maul gave a soft groan as Aicha squeezed a little harder. “But do you want the Jedi?”

Aicha searched her mind and her heart. She still wanted Qui-Gon. Of course she knew that Maul was her love and her life. But she had also sensed Qui-Gon's love and tenderness and she longed for his body with an unfamiliar aching. “Yes, I still want him,“ she whispered. “So what do we do now? Both follow our desires? You said you would kill me if the Jedi made love to me.“

She could hear when he spoke that he was grinning. “Yes, I did, did I not? I hate the thought of you with him. I want you to belong to me only.”

“Khameir! Do you think I like the idea of my husband sleeping with another?” Aicha gave a deep sigh. “Khameir did we ever have a chance, you and I? We were thrown together by forces beyond us. And yet, I love you with all my heart. And also I know you love me, even though you will never tell me.”

“Aicha, I cannot. I am Sith.” Maul pulled her closer to him.

“Yes!! I know! You are Sith. You have no love, no compassion. Yet you came for me when you could have let me die. Why?”

Maul's voice was very soft and deep and he pulled her even closer to his heart. “Do you remember that night when I spoke to you in Zabrak and you wanted to know what I said?”

“Yes of course. And you would not tell me.” Aicha replied with a smile. “I still wonder about that.”

“I spoke an ancient Zabrak mantra that all Zabrak men recite to their brides during the wedding-night. It speaks very much of love and honour. Aicha I cannot be the blushing lover with a bunch of flowers. I will always remain Sith. But be assured I do care for you and my life belongs to you.”

Aicha's eyes filled with tears. How he must love her that he would trust her enough to tell her that. She realized that Lord Sidious would make him suffer if he heard and instinctively her arms held him tighter.

She did not know where his feelings for Elissa would take her, but he had told her he loved her in his own secretive way and that was all she needed.

And again as she slowly drifted into sleep, she heard his soft, breathy voice speaking to her in Zabrak.


The following day, Maul announced that the Infiltrator was ready after spending the afternoon working with the Jedi to finish everything. Though he despised the Jedi, he needed their help in getting the ship ready. He also had a grudging respect for them. He stood out on the porch and looked out for the last time at the beautiful scenery. It was soothing, even to his turbulent soul, and Elissa did have good taste when it came to choosing a place to live. He heard the screen door open behind him and sensed it was Qui-Gon.

“We are ready to leave, Lord Maul,” he said softly turning to go back inside.

“Jedi,” Maul started, looking at the older man, sizing him up, sensing his strength and serenity.

Qui-Gon didn't reply, simply walked back out to the edge of the porch and looked at Maul, waiting for him to speak again.

“You love Lady Aicha?” he asked in a clear, simple tone.

“Yes,” he replied in his own calm manner. “But, I will not come between you and your consort. I will not have her break her vows to you.”

Maul simply nodded slightly, then looked sternly into his eyes. “Perhaps there is something in you that Lady Aicha needs? Something I cannot give her?” He shook his head, unsure of what he was even speaking to the Jedi for. It didn't make sense.

“Perhaps, Sith, perhaps.” He cocked his head slightly.

“Your life is spared only because of her... you understand that.”

“Yes,” he replied. He took a deep breath. “What about Elissa?”

Maul turned and glared at him, this was none of the Jedi's business.

“I do not need another wife... not at this time anyway.” He tensed his shoulders up, despising having to even discuss this with anyone.

“I sensed it too Maul, I sensed the Force leading you to her...If it is the will of the Force, it must be.”

“Not now!” he stated firmly. “Perhaps, once this business is all settled, perhaps then I will come back for her.” He smiled slightly, having a brief fantasy of taking her back to be with him, enjoying making her his.

“Perhaps then it will be too late?” Qui-Gon said softly then walked back into the cabin.


They gathered to say goodbye to the guests, Kim and Obi-Wan were the most upset by all of this, Obi-Wan had asked her to go back with him, but she said no, she didn't like adventures, which is what this would be. Karen hugged Qui-Gon and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek.

Maul stared at Elli for a long moment before walking up to her, ignoring her glaring eyes, she was still mad at him. He gave her a quick, though firm kiss before moving his mouth to her ear. “I will come back for you Elli,“ he said softly, kissing her ear, giving it a quick bite then walking toward his consort.

“Lady Aicha, I would like to have a word with you, please,“ Elli said, startling everyone there.

Aicha looked at Maul, who nodded his approval and started walking back to Elli with Aicha on his arm.

“This is between us, Maul. Not you!“ she snapped, pulling Aicha's arm and leading her to the back of the kitchen. “Lady Aicha, I know that things have not been good between us. I am sorry I took my anger out on you, when I was really angry at Maul.“

Aicha had a surprised look on her face, sensing Elissa's sincerity, sensing this woman truthfully for the first time. She wasn't the selfish bitch that she had thought, she wasn't evil - she had simply been hurt by Maul.

“I didn't know he had a wife, I didn't expect you to come here and take him away.“ Elli sighed. “But he was never really mine to begin with, was he? He was always yours, he will always be yours.“ She looked at the other woman. “And you can't blame me for feeling a little jealous of that fact, Lady Aicha.“

“No, I don't blame you Elissa. I took my anger out on you as well.“

“I hope things work out between you two, though I do wonder about you and Qui-Gon.“ She shook her head. It wasn't her business. “I wish you a safe journey to wherever you go.“ She bowed slightly to her and walked out of the kitchen.


Aicha wondered the same. Maul would leave the woman he was attracted to behind, while she would have Qui-Gon with her.

She shrugged and joined her husband and the Jedi again. Maul stared at her, as if wondering what had been said between the two women. But he nodded and then finally all of them went back to the Infiltrator.

Maul hated the fact of having the Jedi on board his ship, but he had given his word and he had no choice but to let them take a seat.

He waited until Aicha sat down beside him before making a final check. Then the ion engines sprang to life and the Infiltrator lifted off.

All four of them looked at the lovely scenery as they climbed into the atmosphere. Each one had his or her secret memories. Obi-Wan kept thinking about the girl he had left behind. He had fallen madly in love with Kim and wished he could have taken her with him. One day, for sure, he knew he would go back for her.

Qui-Gon looked at the high peaks and the shimmering river in the distance and thought about the woman sitting next to her husband.

He was strong with the Force. He could actually see the bond between them. He saw it shimmer and flare in wonderful colours and he notices also how Maul's hand occacionally brushed over Aicha's. He made it look accidental, but Qui-Gon knew better.

“Show her your feelings, my Lord. Is that not what you asked me this morning? What can you give her that I cannot? Your love. She needs only your love.” Qui-Gon sent his thoughts to the Sith Lord who turned his head slightly, indicating he had heard.

And Qui-Gon also enveloped Aicha with his love and compassion. She immediately turned and smiled at him.

The Infiltrator climbed swiftly and after a few moments was clear of the planet's atmosphere. The lovely blue sky turned a darker blue, then changed into night-black and the stars surrounded them.

Maul cloaked the vessel and accelerated to hyperspace. The sleek Infiltrator roared through her natural habitat, space, towards an unknown future.

Maul could now put the ship on automatic pilot. It would take them at least five days to het back to Coruscant, so all they could do was wait and find a way as Jedi and Sith to live together in such a small ship.


To Be Continued .... Part Two


Disclaimer: Darth Maul, Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi are property of George Lucas and Lucasfilm, Ltd. Only borrowed and slightly abused.

Ocean Elf: Slightly? No. The word is horribly... This crap was so bad that I skimmed some of it and skipped a large chunk just to see where and if it ever ended.


Lady Aicha belongs to Maaike - featured character from her story “For All Eternity.“

Elissa, Kim, and Karen belong to MaulMaus - featured characters from her story “Monsoon.“


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