and all powerful amazon of ritiousness.

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and all powerful amazon of ritiousness.

by biliousneko

Once there was a beautiful girl named Mary. She had long flowing golden hair that shone like the sun on the ocean waters of a distant land, and eyes that glittered like laughing gems hidden benieth a secrete cave and a laugh like flowers opening in spring. She also was an amazon and the best fighter in her village. She loved elves, and vowed that she would mary the hottest one alive.

Only one thing stood in her way, and that was the beautiful priestess, Sue, who's ebony hair fell in perfectly straight locks past her slender waiste, and long pale fingers could call forth magic from times lost effortlessly. She too loved elves, and wanted hot sex with Legolas.

But lo, a third figure stood on the hill above them, red hair surrounding her form like a halo of fire, and blue eyes piercing the souls of any who opposed her. Her name was... um... Kate. She was elven, and the daughter of the highest elf in the whole elf kingdom, and was therefor the most powerful and beutiful of them all, and knew that Mary and Sue both wanted her boyfriend, Legolas.

The three figures drew their weapons and then commenced fighting.

Since none of them had any faults what so ever, the battel lasted years, untill finally, they all died tragically after promising their love to said elf, and then collapsing in a pile of their own beautiful shiny locks of hair as single tears ran down each of their cheaks.

Legolas blinked, then skipped off to a tavern to celebrate the end of the nightmare.

And Orianna smells.

The End.


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