Meme-mangling Format Explained

Memes are all over social networks and some still get emailed, though not as often as they are re-shared on platforms such as Facebook.

I don't actually communicate with the drips who start these things, but dissect and insert my comments throughout the meme text so that it looks like a chat, and this is to help readers discern if the text is from the meme itself or coming from me or another mangler. This way, people can see specifically which memes are being thrashed, and why and how, here.

I do sound off big time at the hoaxers though I generally don't know who they are. There are a few hoaxes which have been traced to their original source, and I will provide as much of that information as I can get and proceed to rip apart their hoaxes.

In the case of the anonymous trolls who originate and restart memes, I'll sometimes refer to them by the name of the main character in their memes, if those characters have names.

The other way to mangle a meme is to write a story that makes the outcome entirely different from what the troll intends. This is called

foefiction and is not limited to memes.

Then there is the following method for mangling many memes on one page - summarize and debunk one after another.


Dummy Reports

If any hoaxing trolls happen on this site, they'll get the message loud and clear that their memes are stupid and they were particularly detestable for starting them in the first place.

It is also to show anyone who happens to come here, that they can and must stand up for themselves, and stop being afraid of memes and letting them push them around.



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