Self-important Online Jerks

Okay, something that really annoys me is lurkers in a community who post nada until they decide they're going to leave. Then they post they are going to leave, because for some reason they think it's so important to let everybody know.

Why? Just, why?

I don't mean people who were active and enjoying themselves, but can no longer participate much if at all because of whatever life hands them.

It's the jerks who post very little in the way of content other than maybe re-shares and pics, and then suddenly one day "I'm leaving" or "I don't like/am no longer interested in (insert subject) any more so I'm leaving"

This is especially irritating when people just poop out like this when the community is finally showing signs of a little more activity.

oh please.

I mean people, really. Nice to know you don't like our company or our online community becoming active, whichever it is. Thanks awfully...


You nimrods!

Don't expect to be begged to come back, or to even get an inquiry about why you suddenly chose to announce your ever so important departure.

Not gonna happen.

If you don't want to be here any more, then just quit, preferably sooner than later.

As far as I'm concerned, anyone who's just sitting around here doing nothing and doesn't want to be part of this community can exit now without making some big announcement. Door's over that way for anyone else who wants to leave. *points to door* I've had it to here with anti-social people. Have a nice life, see you never, don't let the door hit your derriere on the way out.


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