Baby's Failing Heart Hoax

These hoaxes get more pathetic as they go along.

This is a sanguine plea to help save a fictitious dying infant girl.


🤥Meme: A baby girl needs a heart transplant & the phone company is donating $2 every time this is forwarded.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: AOL doesn't have a tracker, and neither does any phone company. So your story is rot.

🤥Meme: (no lie)

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: (Yes, big lie.)

🤥Meme: karma will repay you.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: If you believe in karma, you should really worry about yourself.

🤥Meme: This 3 Week Old Baby is Suffering From A Hole in Her Heart, And Is Near Complete Heart Failure.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Yeah right, and you thought getting people to believe in imaginary trackers and spreading memes would save her?

🤥Meme: Her Parents Do Not Have Enough Money To Save Her Life.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Same old story, just as untrue as the others.

🤥Meme: This Poor Baby Has About 1 Week To Live

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: If she's that close to total heart failure, I'd think she would be hours away from slipping away, not a full week. But your game is trying to get people spreading hoax memes, and you need a bit more time for that I guess. No, you haven't made me cry.

🤥Meme: So All Phone Companies Decided To Have This Fowarded And Every Time its Fowarded 5 Dollars iS Donated To Help This Baby.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: There's no phone company forwarding tracker, and if phone companies really did have a way of tracking and donating, they would be flat broke because of all the forwards, and would have to raise their prices sky high, and even then they would all go under. It's a good thing no trackers really exist to suck companies dry all in the name of trying to save some fictitious sick kids.

🤥Meme: So Help Her.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Help her live on via this meme in an endless loop of causing false sympathy? No.

🤥Meme: SEND This To As Many People You Can Every Foward Helps! GOD BLESS.

🧝‍♀️Ocean Elf: Don't bring God into this!

The only person this meme helps is you to get a laugh at the expense of anyone you fooled. No, I will not send it to anyone, and you can go fly a kite.


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