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Welcome to the stories section of MTM!

Here, SJW, shipping and slashing are shipped out, character crushes are crushed, shallowness is shafted, Mary Sues/Gary Stus are mocked, dystopias are disliked, pastas are cooked, "alternate universe" character knock-offs of established fictional characters are KO-ed, there is only one earth but many make-believe worlds and settings, and personality and originality are in!

Not your average fiction site.

Away with the likes of SJW such asBrie Larson and her toxic feminist "40-year-old white dude" lecturing/trolling and lame excuses for her horrible attitude.

Shipping is a bunch of crap Yes, finally a site where someone agrees with us on that! Here's to you, Pokemondb.net!



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Our non-categorized stuff may include stories that fit into the above, or not.

Furby stories

Force On The Move Star Wars fan fiction

Fitting Punishment, No Way Out For Cowards

Something's Got To Give

For The Love Of Power

Sarah And Sheldon


Holiday-related stories


Articles On Fiction Writing

Modern Literature is Nothing More Than An Anti-Intellectual Word Salad

Top 10 Lies In Fanfiction

Mary Sue, a character to avoid at all costs!

Mary Sue and Gary Stu villains! Think Slender Man and Jeff or Jane The Killer.

Songfics, UGH!

Why I Stopped Writing Fiction

Fanfiction Cliches

Fanfic Hints


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