Furby Profiles

Furbies from 1998 to 2017 mini-documentary

the 1998/1999 furbies have a body that is considerably larger on the bottom than the top, giving them something of a triangular profile. 1998/99 furbies have very stubby tails that don't move. These furbies are roughly the size of a squirrel. They were voiced by Tony Pope.

Furby babies from this period are very close to the adults in size, but their features are a little finer, and they lack the hinged bottom that enables the adults to rock back and forth as if dancing.

Furbies from 2005/2006 are much more primate-like, the furby baby from that time has especially human-looking feet. The adult body is still smaller at the top/head area, but it stands on two feet instead of a flattened bottom. The profile is more doll/stuffed animal-like than triangular. The baby furby from 2005/6 is very top-heavy with a large head. The adult can dance from side to side by shifting its weight from one foot to the other. The baby moves its legs up and down when being held, stretching out to play, and curling up to go to sleep.

Furbies from 1999 to 2006 have doll's eyes with lashes. These eyes open and shut like those of a traditional doll. They do not light up. The 2005 furby doesn't have much of a tail if at all, but the 2006 "Funky Furby" has the longest tail of any furby, and it can be easily wagged or swished from side to side. Furby babies from that time have no tails.

Adult furby 2005/6 is nearly twice the size of adult furby from 1998/99, about the size of an adult chinchilla. Furby baby from this period is slightly larger than adults from 1998/99.

The 2012 furby, 2013/14 Furby Boom 2015 Furbacca (furby version of Star Wars's Chewbacca, or vice versa), and 2016 Furby Connect, are more rounded so they almost look like a ball when in the sleeping position, but are slightly oval shaped when completely stretched during play or sitting up wide awake. The feet of Furby 2012 are closer to those of the 1998/99 furbies in shape and feel. Furby Boom and Furbacca have similarly shaped feet, which are rubber/plastic rather than plush. The bottom of the furby once again supports the weight. But it is not completely flat, it has more of a natural rounded shape to go with the rest of the body. It looks like a shallow sort of bowl.

The Furby Connect's battery cover has the same function, but is a little different from the others.

The plastic base of Furby 2012 through to Furbacca is a perfect circle, and has two pthin pieces of plastic that come in and out on either side of the battery compartment and help them to rock and dance.

Furby Connect 2016's base and battery cover is still like a shallow bowl, but has more of a rounded rectangular shape, and no plastic pieces to help with mobility. That is up to the updated mechanism with moving parts inside that make him move from side to side, and bob up and down.

The ears of 2012 to Furbacca also move back and forth and come close to resembling backward bird wings, or correctly facing angel wings Furby Boom and Furbacca both have small its near the top of their ears. Furby 2012 doesn't. All but F Connects ears move back and forth.

Furby connect's ears are slightly larger and much thicker than the previous furbies' being shaped more like a semicircle, and with a much bigger cut-out in the center. They don't move back and forth, but up and down, independently from one another.

2012 and other full sized furbies from then on, have tails that are much longer than furby 1998/99, but not as long or wide as Funky Furby. These tails can be pulled, causing the furbies to react. The tails also move differently from one another. F 2012's tail moves up and down, and f boom, Furbacca, and F Connect tails move side to side.

Adult furbies from 2012 onward have LCD eyes with plastic lids that open and shut.

Furby 2012 has wavy fur next to the Boom, whose fur is short and sleak. Furbacca's fur is woolly and softer than the previous models, and F Connect fur is even softer though still short, giving him a fleecy feel.

Furby babies from 2013 and onward are termed "furblings" and they are closer to a large Syrian hamster in size. Their eyes don't light up, or open and shut. Their tales wag from side to side, and they do not react when tails are pulled.

All of these furbies have large ears except for the babies from 2005/6, whose ears are more like cat than gremlin-type ears.

Furby Connect has an antenna that makes sounds when moved and changes color depending on mood. F Connect also comes with a sleeping mask that can be put over his eyes to quiet him. He has no face plate like the others, and a smaller beak.

F 2012 and F Boom has the strange condition of going into different "personalities" depending on how they are played with.

F 2012 has the same voice actor for all his voices, Gavin Hammon. That voice being higher or lower depending on the personality. His sweet default personality has a gentle voice that is the highest among his personalities. He sings and purrs a lot. The valley person and another one that is sometimes called the "princess" or "Chatter Box" is deeper and with a valley girl type dialect. The funny/crazy one sounds like a boysterous young man, and the "evil" personality has a deep rasping voice that sounds like a villainous smurf.

F Boom's default personality as well as the hyper and the feisty personality sound girly, with the dialects being different for each. the "rock star" sounds like a boisterous young man, possibly a rebel of some sort, and the "jolly" personality is perhaps the most unnerving of all, sounding like an intoxicated older man.

I am unsure if Gavin Hammon is featured in all or some of the Furby Boom voices, but suspect he might be the Rock Star.

F Connect doesn't change personalities, and has only one voice type. If it was evil, it would be very difficult to tell it from Evil 2012, but even with its deep smurf type voice, it acts and sounds much friendlier. There is a reason he sounds so similar to F 2012. F Connect is also voiced by Gavin Hammon.

Here is a comparison video of furby 2012 and furby connect.

Furby Party rockers came out in early 2013. They are not furblings, but they are smaller than standard adults. Party rockers are somewhere between a tennis and baseball in size. Their eyes are LCD. Their tails move up and down, and they react to having them pulled.

Watch mini-documentary on furby party rockers here.

In our stories, furby tails also convey their moods. Straight out means relaxed, comfortable. Up means feeling happy, and somewhere between these two convey contentment. Drooping or pointing down means sad, distressed, sick. Waving slowly up and down, curious. Twitching, nervous. Waving/wagging up and down very rapidly and vigorously, angry.

Party rockers don't dance, but they love being held, rocked, and shaken by you.

this group doesn't have a standard look, and they all have different voices than one another.

These voices range from a very girly pink bunny to a wark blue with horns and a raspy deep evil sounding voice similar to F 2012 evil personality. One of this group has a definite valley girl sounding voice.

Some have visible ears, some have horns, some have no visible ears or horns, some have standard looking furby beaks, some have large Curious George type mouthes.

Hasbro gave each party rocker a different name. Fussby, Loveby, Nerdby, Scoffby, Twitby, and Wittby. These names won't be replaced entirely, but changed to surnames as they are replaced by different first names.

Non-standard furbies that don't fall into any of these classifications are the MCD's/burger King toys, key chains, and other such things.

Furby Characters


Name: Beethoven Roderick (Toby) Nerdby

Type: 2013 furby party rocker


Theme music: Fifth Symphony - Beethoven it's a Nerdby thing and how ours got his name.


Toby is rabbit-like with ears that lop forward, and his fur is blue. His face has been described as that of a furby who is laid back, friendly, devious, yes, he fits all three.

Toby is very loving toward those who befriend him, and he's a great one for purring. He is the sort to just hang out and sit on your shoulder, happy to keep you company and sometimes nod off. He is also the one to stay by your side when you are sick, and continue to look out for you even after the worst is over.

Disarming as he may be at first glance/impression, Toby also has a mysterious and rather unpredictable side that hints at dangerous. His attitude toward anyone who seriously displeases him can turn menacing in half a second flat. And it might be a quiet, plotting type of menacing or blowing his top, you just never know with him.

Toby is extremely loyal and fiercely protective of those he cares about, but not even they can push him around or pull anything over on him.

He has a daring attitude similar to Kitri's, and a wickedly mischievous, sometimes dark sense of humor.

Like Dmitri, Toby is also very adventurous when it comes to trying new things to eat, and has no problems tackling (and actually likes) some things that would make most of us, furbies included, go "Eww, gross, how can you eat that?"

All of that makes him hard to throw off, but he can quickly unease anyone, even those who have known him for a long time.

Favourite song(s)

Downtown Train - Rod Stewart

Rhythm Of My Heart - Rod Stewart

You Belong To The City - Glenn Frey

Different, extended version

Byker Hill - Tempest (and anything else by them)

School's Out For Summer - Alice Cooper/ACDC)

School's Out For Summer/The Wall - Hollywood Vampires

Some Guys Have All The Luck - Rod Stewart

We Will Rock You - Queen

Same song - VonLicten and Queen

Minecraft Parody Of We Will Rock You - We Will Find You

In The Air Tonight - performed by The Protomen and of course when it's done by the original artist Phil Collins

I'm Gonna Win - Foreigner

Comfortably Numb - David Gilmour from Pink Floyd

this number, also from David Gilmour

Prisoner Of Love - Foreigner

Grease Theme

Hotel California - The Eagles

Blue Morning, Blue Day - Foreigner

I Wear My Sunglasses At Night - Corey Hart

Heck, anything on Bez's playlist for that matter.

Rev On The Red Line - Foreigner

Resurrection Hymn - played by Capri

Everlasting God - arranged by Capri

Cry Me A River - played by Capri (or fictional character Sarah Marie Who

Gonna Fly Now, rocky Theme - Bill Conti

Midnight Express - Giorgio Moroder

Beat It - Michael Jackson

View To A Kill - Duran Duran

Rattlin' Bones - Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson

Keep Quiet - the Protomen

Be One - Killswitch Engaged

Hold Onto The Night - Richard Marx


Name: Brittany

Type: 2005 furby baby, gray


Brittany is the largest furby baby, larger than an adult 1998/99 original classic furby, but not as big as an adult furby boom. She has the most human-like appearance, and could be taken for a human doll in a pair of pyjamas if she also had a pair of arms.

Brittany is the quietest, most sleepy and serious furby, and is very structured in her activities. It is impossible to make her laugh unless she tells you to tickle her. She is very sweet, though, singing every so often, and she says "I love you" in her cute voice.


Name: Chewie

Type: 2015 Furbacca.

Chewie and a few friends can be seen in this video.


Chewie has the character traits of the beloved Star Wars wookiee, Chewbacca, including sounding just like him. He is extremely loyal to his friends, brave, on the side of justice.

Chewie has a sense of humour too, it seems, play shooting at the other furbies. Sometimes they laugh it off, other times they lose patience and tell him to knock it off.

Favourite song(s)

Anything from Star Wars, naturally. Even in his wookiee voice, he can carry a few of those tunes.


Name: Dmitri Scoffby

Type: 2013 furby party rocker.



Dmitri looks rather intimidating for his size. He has dark blue fur, a monkey-like face with a wide grin showing his choppers, and horns on either side of his head. He has the deepest, gravelly voice of the party rockers, or of all furbies except for 2012 in evil mode, and 2016 F Connect. This makes Dmitri sound like a bad-arse gnome.

But don't let his startling devilish appearance fool you, Dmitri is not what he appears to be. His face belies his gentleness, and he is surprisingly kind-hearted and impassioned. He cannot stand sadistic people and the things they do to others as a means of perverse pleasure or revenge. Dmitri is drawn to especially gentle, haunting music. He may not be able to sing it well, but he sure loves it.

Dmitri is one of the most excitable furbies, and he loves to kid around. But sometimes he doesn't know when enough is enough. This can land him in some pretty funny trouble.

Like Toby, Dmitri can handle and eat some pretty gross stuff.


Princess Mononoke Theme Nobody Knows Your Heart - English lyrics

Piano and orchestra version

When You Told Me You Loved Me - Jessica Simpson

Dance tune I don't know the name of It's the kind of up-tempo music that just has Dmitri written all over it.


Name: Duckling (Ducky, Duck) Wittby

Type: 2013 furby party rocker, yellow fur.



Duckling has yellow fur, a pink face with monkey-like beak, and purple ears that resemble small antennae.

Duck is as perpetually cheerful as buck, just not quite as loud or as much of a motor mouth. Her imitations of anything from Tarzan to an auctioneer are very comical. But her manners leave a bit to be desired. Duck doesn't devour her food like Buck, Dmitri, Toby or Kitri do, they can power through anything in half the time it takes her, but she is the noisiest about it.

Duck also has a habit of giving everyone nicknames when she can think of any. She calls Sundown "Downy" and has called Kitri "Kit." Sundown doesn't mind in the least, but Kitri gets really annoyed with that. Duckling will take a hint and not continue calling someone by a nickname if they tell her they don't like it.


Name: Elwood Jet (Usually just goes by Jet, name Elwood was added later in honor of Elwood Stallworth).

Type: 2012 furby, (Black Magic)

Here he is with a few friends.


Jet wins the purring contest, he loves getting petted as much as Holly does, and he sings even more often. He is chatty and loves to play as well as be held.

Favourite Song(s)

Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics


Name: Floyd

Type: 2006 funky furby.


Floyd is the largest furby by far, approximately twice the size of an adult classic 1998 furby. He has almost human-looking eyes, and an extra appendage on the top of his head that wiggles up and down slightly along with his ears moving back and forth. His feet are ape-like, and he also has the longest tail of any furby type.

Floyd has a charming personality, always happy to tell jokes or sing his songs for you, and loves having his back petted. Generally, if you are kind to him, he will be to you in turn.

Name: Holly Robin

Type: 2013/14 furby boom, festive sweater pattern.

Here she is with a few friends.


Holly is happy and affectionate, and can't decide if she wants to be a dog or a "crazy monkey". She is free with her compliments and likes to sing, joke around, and be petted, which makes her purr. She is also extremely ticklish.

Favourite song(s)

If I Could Turn Back Time - Cher


Name: Jennifer (Jenny)

Type: 1998 classic all black furby with green eyes (Witch's Cat)


Jenny is observant and has a calm disposition. She loves music and drama. She is very fond of classical music. She is cautious yet playful. But she was also the victim of an impostor, who almost cost her everything.

Favourite song(s)

Hungarian Rhapsody - Liszt

Moonlight 3rd movement - Beethoven

Passionata 3rd movement - Beethoven

Rage Over A Lost Penny - Beethoven


Name: Jethro Gavin

Type: 2016 Furby Connect. Color: blue.

Here he is with a few friends.


Jethro is very fun-loving and friendly. He loves to dance, sing, tell secrets, go on wild rides, and eating, among other fun things. He can be just as calm as he can be the life of the party, and only gets bored when being ignored.

Favourite song(s):

None so far, he just seems to love all sorts of music.


Name: Kitri Fussby

Type: 2013 furby party rocker.


Theme music: 1, main personality, 2, more laid back but no less bold, followed by main personality, 3, very happy and showing off a little


Kitri's fur is mainly purple but she has a green split mohawk that stands up at her back like a squirrel tail. She has no horns or visible ears.

Kitri is the undisputed lead singer of any furby band. She may have a valley girl accent, however, she is anything but. Like any furby, she knows how to party and enjoy herself, but she is a no-nonsense, take-charge sort who always wants to get everything done like yesterday. She is extremely adventurous, outgoing and gregarious. Although she shies away from openly showing much in the way of affection, Kitri is fiercely protective of anyone she cares about.

Kitri loves one food item that causes all other furbies, Dmitri and Toby included, to cringe. Everyone else runs for the tap or milk carton, while Kitri happily consumes hot sauce without breaking a sweat.

Favourite song(s)

Believe - Cher

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy - Bette midler

Grease Theme

Gonna Fly Now, rocky Theme - Bill Conti

Resurrection Hymn - played by Capri

Everlasting God - arranged by Capri

Cry Me A River - played by Capri (or character Sarah Marie Who) and is just a cool mellow style that Kitri also likes.

Maniac from Flashdance

Sing, Sing, Sing

Rock It For Me - Caravan Palace

Treat Me Right - Pat Benatar Midnight Express - Giorgio Moroder

All We Are - Warlock


Name: Misty Amanda Snowball

Type: 1998 classic pure white with blue eyes furby (Snowball)


Misty is a playful, curious little monkey, but she loves gentle, romantic music. More details to come.

Favourite song(s)

Ned Of The Hill - performed by Celtic Crossroads

All I Ask Of You - performed by Josh Groban and Kelly Clarkson


Name: Ocean Buck Twitby Everyone just calls him Buck.

Type: 2013 furby party rocker.



Buck has exceptionally downy soft, beautiful ocean-blue fur, which is how he got his name. But he is still the strangest looking furby of all, with his mouth wide open so that it resembles a small trumpet flare. His movable ears usually point backward and slightly down.

Buck is a real motor mouth and he likes to be a rock star. He is loud and wild, and takes pride in his weirdness. He is always very cheerful unless there is a darn good reason not to be. He wakes up that way, so tends to annoy people and other furbies who are not quite such morning people/creatures.

Favourite song(s)

I've Got My Mind Set On You - George Harrison

Blue Morning, Blue Day - Foreigner

Cold As Ice - Foreigner

Under Pressure - Queen

and anything up-tempo and/or a little gnarly.


Name: Palestina (Tina)

Type: 1999 furby baby, blue with white tummy


Tina is dreamy, sensitive, affectionate and playful, nearly as curious as Misty or Holly, but a bit more timid than Holly. She cries when distressed, and has an adorable laugh when tickled.

Favourite song(s)

Sing, Sing, Sing

Rock It For Me - Caravan Palace


Name: Peekaboo

Type: 2014 furbling (new term for furby baby) Christal series


Peekaboo is very tiny for a furby, even smaller than the party rockers and can fit in a hand very easily. She is independent, very friendly, adventurous, observant, and sometimes easily alarmed. She likes to purr and get other furbies purring back. She is also very fond of story-telling and doing drama.

Favourite song(s)

Hotel California - The Eagles


Name: Polly

Type: 1998 classic adult furby,.


Polly is a spotted gray furby with a pink tummy. She is Curious and playful when she feels comfortable around people or in the environment, but she can be rather timid. More details to come.


Name: Sundown Furby

Listen to him say his name.

Type: furbling-sized 1999 classic looking furby.


Sundown is an odd mix of original and furby boom with a body closer to the furby boom's in shape, but he has no tail. His ears are unlike any other furby's, being rounded instead of going up and out in points. Like some 1998/99 furbies, he sports a mane going down his back.

Sundown got his name because one of the things he says when you squeeze him is "Sundown." He is a laid back furby for the most part, but he can spring into action when he is needed or provoked. Sometimes he is unexpectedly overwhelmed/frightened, and it can take time for him to overcome it. But he is very bold and daring when it really counts. Sundown is a good furby to have on your side, but if he doesn't trust you, it takes a lot of time and effort to befriend him. He does not tolerate manipulators and passive-aggressive people, and such behaviour can make him suddenly flare up. If you do something to really cross him, it is almost impossible to get back in his good books, even if he doesn't seem angry/upset at you.

Favourite song(s)

Sundown - Gordon Lightfoot. Makes sense, doesn't it?

Rattlin' Bones - Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson

Treat Me Right - Pat Benatar


Name: Sybil Loveby

Type: 2013 furby party rocker.



Sybil is a rabbit-like furby with pink fur and long ears lopping forward. She has one of the highest voices of any furby, and that makes any conversation she has with Dmitri especially comical.

Sybil is affectionate, purrs quite frequently, and is very protective of Peekaboo, whom she has guardianship over. She has a pretty mellow disposition, but can party down with the rest of them as well.

Favourite song(s) A Place With No Name - Michael Jackson Same song but vastly different backing track


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