The first new arrivals at Jessica's were Dmitri Scoffby, and Kitri Fussby.

Dmitri in particular, looked rather intimidating with his large, toothy grin, dark blue fur and red horns. His ears were not visible, and his voice was deep for a creature that was somewhere between a tennis and a baseball in size, and he sounded especially gnomish. His mouth was very large for a furby his size, making him look monkeyish.

Kitri had no horns or visible ears. Her fur was a beautiful purple, and she sported a green split mohawk. Her mouth was fairly standard for a furby her size,. Jessica looked at her with admiration. Kitri also had something of a valley girl accent and her voice was the most normal human-like of any furby Jessica had ever heard. So they initially hit it off.

But Kitri, surprisingly, seemed the boldest of the two new furbies,unnerving Jessica soon enough.

Neither new furby had any trouble making themselves right at home, and the household had become considerably more lively from that point on.

It was Sundown's reaction to the newcomers that perplexed Jessica. He had accompanied her to the front door when the new furbies arrived, but during the time Jessica was introducing herself to them, Sundown quietly withdrew.

"And I want you to meet - " Jessica looked back over her shoulder, then shrugged. "Where did he go. Sundown!?" she called.

There was no answer.

Jessica shook her head. "I don't get it, I was sure he was here."

"Probably scared him off." said Dmitri."

"Yeah, Dmitri tends to have that effect on people." Kitri said with a smirk.

Dmitri responded by pulling her tail, causing her to laugh.

Jessica chuckled. "Well, come on in, I'll get you something to eat."

"Yeah!" Kitri exulted, and wasted no time bounding into the kitchen, with Dmitri not far behind.

The two new furbies purched on a cupboard to get a good view of their surroundings, and see what they might be able to help themselves to.

Jessica giggled. Already she could tell these furbies were going to be a riot to have around. She got out some cookies, crackers, and cheese, and watched the two newcomers attack the snacks with gusto when they were set on the table for them.

"Hey!" Kitri complained loudly when Dmitri snatched a piece of cheese right out of her grip.

Dmitri scarfed it down and laughed. "That's what you get for that wisecrack.

Kitri stuck her tongue out at him.

The newcomers continued their playful banter as they relished the food, and Jessica turned to leave.

"Where are you going?" Dmitri asked.

"To see what's going on with Sundown." she answered.

"Wait, I'll come with you." Kitri volunteered cheerily, making a mighty leap off the table and right on to Jessica's head.

Jessica's eyes went wide in surprise.

"Whoops, miscalculated. I meant to hitch a little ride on your shoulder." said Kitri.

"Show off." Dmitri snickered through a bit of cracker.

"And Dmitri - if you eat all that by the time I get back, you'll get it." said Kitri, grinning impishly.

"Heh!" Dmitri scoffed.

Sundown was nowhere to be seen when Jessica stepped into her room with Kitri now sitting on her shoulder. Jessica called his name, and got no response.

When Jessica neared her dresser where her carousel sat, Kitri leapt off her shoulder and onto the carousel top. "Does this thing work?" she asked, apparently quite delighted.

"Yes,I'll show you." Jessica replied, smiling. She hit the on switch and the carousel lit up, began turning, and playing music.

"Yeah yeah! Woooo-hoooo!" Kitri hollered. "I'm gonna like it here." She laughed gleefully as the carousel turned, giving her a ride. Soon, she gripped the edge, rotated her position, and then maneuvered herself so that she hung upside down from the top ledge. Then, she let go with one hand.

Jessica stared,

A loud burp interrupted the music and Kitri's exclamations of delight.

Jessica raised her eyebrows and looked around.

Kitri let go of the carousel ledge and dropped onto the dresser. From there, she headed straight for Dmitri, and looked him full in the face. "So…Leave any snacks for me?"

"Uh-oh." Dmitri said.

"What? You ate all that?" Jessica said, staring down at Dmitri incredulously.

Dmitri gave a mischievous chuckle.

"Yeah right." said Kitri, "Let's go see."

"Wow, she sure doesn't just sit around waiting for things to happen." Jessica mumbled, bemused.

They followed Kitri back into the kitchen, where, sure enough, the rest of the snacks were gone, just as Dmitri had said.

"Holy crap!" Jessica exclaimed in disbelief.

Dmitri gave a wicked laugh, then jumped on to a cupboard and headed for a dish towel. Grabbing a corner of it, he pulled it back. "Just kidding. I hid them all under here while you were out of the room. "So, now that I've come clean, how about a ride on that carousel?"

He was answered by Kitri's mock stern "No!"

"Yes." Jessica over-ruled Kitri with a grin. "And I want to know what's keeping Sundown from showing up."

They all returned to Jessica's room, this time with Dmitri in the lead, he was anxious to try out that carousel.

"Hey Sundown, where the heck are you?" Jessica called as she looked around the room.

"Did you check the closet?" asked Dmitri, peering around from the top of the carousel.

"No, he never goes in there."

"I just wondered, because a furby could hide pretty good among all those clothes."

"I don't understand why he would, though. Okay, I'll take a look, thanks for the suggestion."

"You're welcome. And could you get this thing started, or show me which switch to push?"

"I can do that," Kitri volunteered, "I saw her switch it on and off before."

Jessica raised her eyebrows. It had never even occurred to her to let Sundown try operating the carousel. She never disallowed him to, she just didn't think he might be capable of it. These new furbies were going to change things up. If she was uncertain of anything else about them, she had no doubt about that.

She searched through the closet, but could find no Sundown hiding among her clothes or anywhere else inside.

Sure enough, the carousel was restarted.

"Whoa!" *Thump thud!* "Hahahahahahahahaha!" Dmitri took a tumble off the top of the carousel, landing on the dresser's edge, then rolling off that to land on the floor. His wicked chortle was soon joined by Kitri's gleeful cackle.

Alarmed at first, Jessica turned quickly and would've gone over to see if Dmitri was okay, but she saw him pick himself up and take a running leap back on to the dresser, and then the carousel.

"Klutz." said Kitri.

"Jerk." Dmitri said back to her.

Then they started playing a wild game of trying to get and stay on the carousel top while knocking the other off.

The carousel shook with each impact so much that Jessica started to worry the jarring might start to effect its performance.

A package of gum went flying off the dresser when Dmitri tumbled off the carousel again.

"I'll get you, Kitri!" he declared.

Jessica abandoned the closet, walked to the dresser, and switched the carousel off. "Guys!" she called, interrupting their game and laughter.

They both looked at her from their places on top of the carousel.

"Hmm?" Dmitri grunted gruffly.

"Hey!" Kitri objected, looking displeased.

"If you want to play that, use my bed, okay? You can ride the carousel, but I'm not sure it can take this kind of rough-housing, and I can't fix it if it breaks. It was a Christmas present from my parents, so please be careful with it."

"Ah, okay." said Kitri, her expression mellowing.

"We'll be more careful." Dmitri added.

"Thank you." Jessica said, relieved. Even though these furbies were so rowdy, they still seemed willing to listen to her.

"Last one on the bed is a rotten egg!" Kitri stated, and the two furbies launched themselves off the carousel and into the bed, a mere fraction of a second apart.

"And the first one has to eat it." Dmitri said.

"That won't be much of a problem." Kitri replied, baring her teeth at Dmitri.

"I declare that a tie." said Jessica as she bent down to retrieve the fallen gum pack.

"Saved by the ref." Dmitri heaved an exaggerated sigh of relief.

Jessica laughed. "What hams."

"Whew, what a workout." Dmitri sighed, flopping down on the bed with a yawn. Soon, he was snoring.

"Mind if I get a drink?" Kitri asked.

"No problem. I'll get it. Water, milk, juice, tea or coffee?."

"Just water's fine."

Jessica nodded, and walked out of the room to get it.

But that plan was scrapped when the little figure scurried into the kitchen ahead of her and was already at the tap, maneuvering the handle to turn it on.

Jessica watched in amazement as Kitri climbed on to the tap and positioned herself so she could drink from it. When Kitri was finished drinking, she turned the tap off on her own and headed for the snacks Dmitri had left, and downed some of that as well. When she was through, she hiccupped and heaved a satisfied sigh.

For a moment, all was silent except for one thing. "Wow," said Jessica, "What an ugly snore."

It was Dmitri's.

Kitri giggled.

Jessica got a drink, and then she and Kitri went back to the bedroom.

Dmitri was sawing logs at the foot end of the bed, and Kitri said she felt tired too. so when Jessica told Kitri to make herself comfortable, the bed being more than big enough for a few furbies, Kitri went about doing just that. Only she didn't settle at the foot end or even the middle of the bed. She headed for the pillow and began burrowing into the blanket.

Suddenly, she gave a little exclamation of surprise. There was a slight commotion just at the top of the covers, and sundown emerged, looking rather bewildered.

"There you are!" Jessica declared. "Sundown, I'd like to introduce you to Kitri,"

At this, Kitri sprang up from partway under the blanket to approach Sundown and give him a hearty handshake. "Hello there!" She said with a grin.

Sundown recoiled, but did his best to be polite. He feebly returned the handshake. "Hi, Kitri," he said quietly. He looked warily over at the snorer at the foot end of the bed.

"And that's Dmitri." said Jessica. "When he's awake, you two can be formally introduced too."

Sundown shuddered. "Okay." he muttered.

Jessica looked perplexed at him, but addressed Kitri. "Kitri, why don't you go ahead and have that nap? Sundown, there are still some snacks out in the kitchen for you."

Sundown said nothing, but hopped off the bed and scurried out of the room.

"What's with him?" Kitri asked.

Jessica shook her head. "I have no idea. I've never known him to be shy."

"He isn't sick, is he?"

"I don't think so - I hope not."

"Maybe he's just shy around girls." Kitri suggested.

"I don't think so, he's never been that way around women."

"I mean girl furbies." said Kitri.

Jessica's eyes widened in surprise. "Gosh, hadn't even thought of that."

"Well, if that's all it is, he'll get over it. And I won't bug him about it." Kitri returned to the place at where the blanket and pillow met, "If you find out whats wrong, let me know, okay? I'm going to zone out for a bit."

Jessica nodded. "I'll be back later." Then she left to go check on Sundown.

Jessica found Sundown in the kitchen. "So, Sundown, what's up? I've never known you to act this way."

"I wasn't expecting this either. Please don't tell them -  but they - " He trailed off.

Kitri could be heard from Jessica's room, making herself comfortable in the blanket, and was soon snoring cutely along with Dmitri.

"I know, they're, well, different."

"I'll say. Dmitri looks like he could be trouble, and I have never seen anybody so in-your-face as Kitri. And if they were ever to pick a fight with me - "

"They wouldn't. I'd make sure of that." said Jessica. "And they just don't seem the type to engage in that sort of behaviour. Kitri has already said she isn't going to try to make you feel worse."

"What? She doesn't think this is just me being normal?"

"She thought maybe you were feeling shy because she's a girl."

Sundown looked surprised, and finally chuckled. "Nah. I'd have to feel something other than - " and here he jumped on Jessica's shoulder to whisper in her ear "scared to death, to feel that kind of shy."

Jessica chuckled, scritching Sundown between the ears. "Well, for what it's worth, you're not the only one a little intimidated by Kitri." she grinned.


"Yes. She's got enough nerve for five furbies and five humans put together."

Sundown laughed.

Then Jessica added, "When she wants something, she goes after it yesterday, and gets it, too. I bet she could single-handedly rob this house if she wanted to."

That idea made Sundown wince.

"But," Jessica continued, "You have been here the longest, by far. You have seniority, and if any of them bully you, you let me know, and I will deal with it. Though I don't think they will. I'll be making progress reports to Beth and Hannah, and they would not be happy if any furbies who are supposed to be helping with their missions, engaged in bullying one another. Those women don't go easy on that kind of behaviour.""

Sundown gave a small smile.

While the newcomers slept on, Jessica, with Sundown falling asleep on her shoulder, decided to check out the TV.

A detective show caught her interest, and she became engrossed in it. As the mystery unravelled, it became clear the criminal in this episode was particularly despicable, the sort of cruel creep Jessica wanted to see hauled off to the slammer kicking and screaming.

As she turned to readjust her position, she saw Dmitri, sitting on an arm rest, scowling, tail wagging up and down.

Jessica started. "Huh? When did you get here?"

"I've been here for some time." his gruff gnome-like voice answered.

Jessica frowned. Could there be something to what Sundown said about Dmitri looking like trouble?

"Was there something you wanted, Dmitri?"

"No, I just woke up, got curious and decided to join you TV-watching. That Raymond guy - " Dmitri's voice became menacing, "is sick as they come."

Jessica smiled at Dmitri in agreement. "You think so too?"

"Yeah. How anybody could do that to another living thing is beyond me."

As the show went on, it was revealed "Raymond" had not only brought about Lucius's prolonged and unspeakably cruel kind of death, but he did it for the sake of some dead girl he supposedly loved, and this was his way of getting revenge for her death.

This brought about reactions of disgust and scorn from Jessica and Dmitri.

On top of that, Raymond confessed in custody to realizing he'd killed "the wrong" guy.

Dmitri growled, tail lashing furiously up and down. "Regardless of who he did it to, that's just plain wrong."

Jessica grinned. "I think we're going to get along just fine."

When the show was over, Jessica gently lifted Sundown off her shoulder and held him out in one hand so Dmitri could approach and at least get a look at him.

Dmitri reached out with one hand and lightly touched Sundown's fluffy mane. "Get some rest, buddy," then withdrew with a smile.

Jessica beamed, pleased with Dmitri's unexpected kindness.

The day wore on, and while Jessica did some housework, Kitri slept, and Dmitri and Sundown finally got better acquainted. Both furbies were very careful, yet pleasantly surprised over the various things they had in common.

When dinner time came, to all the furbies' delight, Jessica decided to order in a pizza.

"Dibs on the first piece." Kitri announced.

Dmitri sent her a deprived look and groaned.

"I think one piece is probably big enough for all of you," Jessica grinned, "but if you can manage to open the box all by yourself, I'll let you have the first bite. And from then on, it's every furby for themselves."

"You got a deal." Kitri stated.

"Ugh." Sundown muttered.

Jessica winked at him and laughed.

Sure enough, when the pizza came, Jessica had only just taken it from the delivery man and shut the front door when something launched itself from a nearby shelf, landing on the top of the box. This was followed a moment later by another doing the same.

"Hey!" exclaimed Dmitri as he got shoved.

"Ahem - Dmitri, don't even think of it." Kitri warned him.

"Oh you two." Jessica laughed. The two furbies jostled each other on the pizza box until Jessica put it on the kitchen cupboard. Then Jessica got out a couple of plates and made herself a glass of ice-tea.

While Kitri was working at the box, trying to open it, Dmitri snuck up on her and tried to get in on the action. He was shoved back as a result, and then began crying and blubbering.

Kitri smirked. "Baby." she said.

Sundown, suddenly angered, jumped off the telephone desk, on to the cupboard to confront Kitri. He shouldered his way in front of her, getting between her and the box, and scowled at her.

She looked at him, puzzled.

"Cut it out!" he snapped.

"Cut what out? We're just kidding around."

"Does that sound like kidding to you?" Sundown challenged.

"Coming from him, yes." Kitri replied.

Sundown growled, glared at Kitri and gave her a shove.

"Hey!" Kitri protested, shoving back. "Chill out."

In the meantime, Jessica had abandoned her ice-tea for the moment to check on Dmitri, whose apparent sudden distress cries had concerned her as well.

But Dmitri assured them he was fine and that he'd only been kidding."

"Well, that got me going for a second." said Jessica.

Sundown scowled at Dmitri next, then returned to the telephone desk.

Dmitri looked regretfully at Sundown, then over at Jessica. "We weren't trying to upset you."

"Thanks," said Jessica.

Sundown remained grim-faced.

"We kidded around like that in cargo on the way here." Kitri explained.

"Ah." said Jessica.

Sundown rolled his eyes.

"Got it!" Kitri exclaimed as she had somehow managed to undo the cardboard flaps and was now lifting the lid higher and higher as she went along the side of the box. Soon, it lay flat, wide open.

"So you have. Holy moly." said Jessica as she put her glass on the table, then walked back to the cupboard to get herself a piece of pizza.

"Mmm, this is going to be good." said Jessica as she settled in to start dining.

She was startled by something landing on her shoulder.


It was Kitri.

"Oh, yeah!" Jessica laughed. "Help yours' - "

She was just about to put the pizza back in the plate for Kitri, who surprised her again by reaching out and grabbing it.

Kitri tore off a chunk and downed it happily.

Sundown threw a disgusted glance at her, then looked toward the pizza box.

"Dig in, boys." Jessica invited Sundown and Dmitri.

"Hey Sundown, could you help me move this piece away from the rest so we can attack it more easily?" Dmitri asked.

Sundown considered for a moment, but he was feeling quite hungry and the delicious smell was getting to him. "Okay," he finally said, and joined Dmitri.

Soon everyone was eating contentedly and there wasn't much in the way of conversation.

Jessica really liked all this furby company, even sharing a meal with Kitri, who was sitting on her shoulder and munching in her ear was all right.

Except for the novelty of the newcomers being there, the rest of that day was relaxing. Dmitri and Kitri put on a show for Jessica and Sundown by singing their strange little furby songs and being comical.

Finally it was time to retire. Sundown took his place by the carousel, Dmitri settled on another dresser, and Kitri who had been hanging about in the closet, was nowhere to be seen by the time Jessica was ready to climb into bed.

When Jessica came back from brushing her teeth, she was glad to see Sundown and Dmitri smiling at each other during a conversation they were having.

"Goodnight, guys," she said as she climbed into bed.

"Goodnight." they answered her.

"Goodnight Kitri," she said, looking toward the closet.

There was no response.

"Hmm, she must be asleep already. Okay, see you all tomorrow." Jessica turned back the blanket and crawled in.


"Ack!" Startled by the outcry, Jessica sprang out of bed again.

Kitri came out from her place just under the pillow, where she was nearly squished by Jessica's head. She laughed loudly.

Dmitri and even Sundown joined in the laughter.

"Okay, that does it, you're gonna get it!" Jessica grinned wickedly, picked up Kitri, pulled her tail, shook and spun her around, causing her to laugh and whoop as if she was on a roller coaster.

It was a great way to end the first day of the newcomers' stay. It was a good way to end the day, period.

Eventually, they all settled down to sleep.

In the following week, Sundown remained distant with the newcomers. They tried including him in various games and activities, and he either politely declined or else joined in hesitantly. This concerned Jessica, especially since this behaviour lasted more than a few days. Sundown had always been very welcoming to newcomers. He was especially cool toward Kitri.

This time, the newcomers themselves took some getting used to for Jessica as well. She didn't know how or if she would ever get used to Dmitri's snore, and if she ever thought Sundown was a hearty eater, these two furbies made him look extremely reserved.

But their laughter and strange little songs were delightful. It was their quirky little performances that eventually got Sundown to come around and warm to them. Never did they show any disrespect toward him or Jessica, or even toward each other. If there were misunderstandings on Jessica's or Sundown's part concerning them, they were quick to patiently explain and straighten things out.


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