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Why Anakin Should Not Be Redeemed

(and will never be as far as I'm concerned...)

Catalog of people who committed torture in SW Vader is high on the list of offenders.

Darth Vader's Most Disturbing Acts

Anakin/Vader was never all that good to start with, always with a serious predisposition and potential to go rotten.

Besides my not wanting to make Ocean become a Mary Sue, much less for Anakin/Vader, here is why he just isn't redeemable. He is power-hungry, and a sadist. Even before he took the name Darth Vader, he was insanely jealous and possessive, to the point of extreme domestic abuse and murder. He killed an ex-lover of his then wife Padme because of jealousy. He did it right in front of her. True love, that does not make.

When she was pregnant, he choked her out of another violent jealous rage. These were when he was still going under Anakin Skywalker and are described in the above link.

It escalated exponentially when he became Darth Vader. Also described in the above link.

He has done way too much excruciatingly bad so that it outweighs any good.

Uncle Owen's and Aunt Beru's demise discovered

It was ordered and overseen by Vader.

Anakin Should Not Have Been Redeemed



Jedi Padawan

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He basically killed Mace Windu, killed dozens of Jedi and younglings, and scorched the Jedi temple of all life, planned to kill Sidious, his "friend", to presumably become an even worse Sith Lord, mercilessly killed the whole Separatist Council, basically killed his wife, the selfish reason he did all the former, tried to kill his master, would slay thousands of Jedi during the campaign of the Purge, killed his own Imperial troops for mundane reasons, killed billions of innocents with the Alderaan incident, betrayed his own apprentice twice, while deceiving him the second time, and so much more. But it's ok to say he is forgiven because he saved his own son? After all that, one little action should not have redeemed Anakin.

He still deserved damnation,

Ocean Elf: I completely agree with the above. Unfortunately, this crap was added, wrecking the whole point...!

Graves101: far, far more than Darth Caedus.

Ocean Elf: No! They both deserve damnation, because they both committed torture. There is no redemption from that.

They really screwed up with that business.


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