Rough Start

This is where our first attempt went off the rails. It was when Anakin was about to take the Ocean Elf to meet Obi-Wan and Yoda.


With this, the masked man, his respirator still obnoxiously loud, lead the elf down a dark passage. Into the heart of a magnificent cathedral like temple.

She followed him silently along, gazing intently at everything.

"This is the Jedi Temple." He said. "We are now entering its heart. In a few moments, you Shell meat Master Yoda. He may seem very old and frail, and he is very old, but when he needs to fight, he ditches his cane, and uses a light saber technique very rarely used."

The elf nodded to indicate she understood.

"I cannot pronounce its name, as it is not in the ancient dialect of my former life. The writing on my chest plate is, however. It translates to his deeds shall not be forgiven until he merits."

This was met with another nod.

"By the way, here is Obi-Wan," the former dark Lord said, bringing the elf before an elderly man about 57 years of age.

Ben carried a Walkingstick and one hand, and had white hair and beard. His eyes were such a piercing blue, but they seemed to see through the newcomer, directly to her soul. "Welcome here." he said.

"I just wish I could get out of this bulky suit! The former dark Lord says sighing through his respirator. It’s so bulky and cumbersome, I can barely move!"

The elf smiled softly up at Obi-Wan. "Hello, sir," she said, "I am Ocean Elf, and you probably knew I was coming before I did."

"Yes dear, he said. I knew you would not be long in coming. Master Yoda will be with you momentarily."

The elf nodded.

"By the way," Ben said with a slight frown.

The elf frowned warily back, eyes beginning to narrow.

"You forgot to remove your shoes."

This made her back go up. "Excuse me?

He went on. "This is a sacred place, and if you do not wish to remove your shoes, we will make the exception for you."

Ocean rolled her eyes. "Not all sacred places make that demand, so next time, tell a newcomer beforehand, okay?" She said coolly, and turned to make an exit.

""I so wish I could get out of this wretched armor!" The former SITH shouted, his voice resounding around the ceiling of the chamber.

"Wow!" Ben said, "never have I heard Skywalker say so much. It seems like he desperately wants to get out of this wretched thing. After all, this poor fellow has been stuck in it for 30 something years. He needs a more supple suit. One that will allow him to move freely. We also have to get that obnoxiously loud respirator fixed. We’ll see what we can do. The medical droids might have some ideas, but does anyone else?" Obi-Wan inquires.

Ocean's head was pounding by now, she'd had enough of Anakin and his suit, and now even Obi Wan was going on about it. Worse still was feeling quite disillusioned and humiliated by Ben's reception. She was not willing to stick around for more unpleasant surprises.

Once out of the temple, she turned and ran back down the halls in the direction Anakin had taken her.

She found the room she had originally been summoned to by Anakin, and it was from there that she planned to make her way back home...Or wake up from the weirdest dream she'd had in a while, she wasn't sure at this point which it was.

There, she took some time to brush away some hot tears that spilled from her eyes, catch her breath, calm down, and then take out her transport device that she was not at all sure would even work in a different galaxy from her own.

But she was still too frazzled to read the display, and even when she found "Earth" on it, she would still have to key in a specific location on that planet to be transported there. Unfortunately, because of the distance, that was impossible. She only had the hemispheres to choose from, and once there, she would be able to narrow it down further.

But she was not feeling prepared to risk landing in some other strange inhospitable place on Earth either.

Ocean pocketed the little transporter, appreciating this quiet time to herself, to help her recover a little from the strange events, and prepare for what she was going to have to do next if she wanted to get back home again.

As Ocean sat, quietly thinking, a little green man approached. He wore a robe exactly like that of Obi-Wan and the former SITH. "Yoda I am," he said, his voice was sort of croaky and raspy, but kindly.

Hi." she responded stiffly, looking warily at him.

"Something troubles you, it does," he said.

"How perceptive of you." she said with a sneer.

"Tell me?"

She shrugged. "Much as I'd like to unload, I don't think that would be such a good idea."

"Watching you I was, when Ran you from the temple. Called after you I did, but hear me you did not. Why is it is not to return home."

"I need to get a better grip on myself before trying to operate my transporter for home. And I'm not sure it could work from here. My home is too far away and something might go wrong. the elf explained. "It was not my idea to come here in the first place. But then, I'm sure you know about that as well."

"Trouble there is on earth." Yoda said.

The elf let herself relax a little, and her tone of voice and look lost its surliness. "There is always trouble on Earth, but not for me currently. I'm just trying to figure out the best way to return."


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